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Not Bird Flu But Close May 08 .....

by: Tempest

Tue May 08, 2007 at 09:27:02 AM EDT

Looks like we might be getting into Dengue/Chik season again.  Post your news stories that don't seem to be H5N1 news, but might be notable or possibly related.
Tempest :: Not Bird Flu But Close May 08 .....
Things like Chikungunya, Dengue, overcrowded hospitals.  Lot's of other stories that might obscure H5N1 diagnoses, or stories that point out difficulties in dealing with H5N1 could go here too.
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link to previous installment of Not bird flu but close (5)

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Farmed Fish Fed Contaminated Material
WASHINGTON -- Farmed fish have been fed meal spiked with the same chemical that has been linked to the pet food recall, but the contamination was probably too low to harm anyone who ate the fish, federal officials said Tuesday.

The Canadian-made meal included what was purported to be wheat gluten, a protein source, imported from China. The material was actually wheat flour spiked by the chemical melamine and related, nitrogen-rich compounds to make it appear more protein rich than it was, officials said.

After pigs and chickens, the farmed fish mark the third food animal given contaminated feed. The level of contamination is expected to be too low to pose any danger to human health, said Dr. David Acheson, the FDA's assistant commissioner for food protection.

It wasn't immediately clear if any of the farmed fish entered the food supply. However, Acheson said at least one firm's fish were still too young and small to be sold. Investigators were visiting other U.S. aquaculture farms that used the contaminated feed. Farmed fish typically are sold for direct consumption or for stocking lakes and streams.

The head of a St. Louis company said it brokered a deal to import nearly 353,000 pounds of the Chinese wheat gluten that went directly to a Canadian aquaculture feed ingredient company called Westaqua. Listings for Canadian fish meal producers include a company called Westaqua Commodity Group Ltd.

When reached by telephone, the president of Westaqua Commodity Group Ltd. , based in Vancouver, British Columbia, declined to talk about the matter.

"I can't talk to you about that today," Kelly Mills said, adding: "We're not talking to the press about this issue."



Oregon hatchery fish got tainted feed
Here's another article about the possibility of melamine in the food chain:


The chemical at the heart of a massive pet food recall has turned up in fish hatchery feed in Oregon.

Melamine, which is used to make plastics, was detected in fish feed at the Marion Forks Hatchery in Idanha, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Tuesday.

The tainted feed was used as a starter diet for young salmon and trout at Marion Forks, near Detroit Lake. The same lot of tainted feed was sent to six other Oregon hatcheries: Willamette, Gnat Creek, Big Creek, Cole Rivers, Butte Falls and Leaburg. Farmed fish are usually sold for consumption or for stocking lakes and streams.

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Mystery fever cases solved

May 8: A day after the presence of the bat virus was confirmed in the blood samples of three people killed of a "mystery fever" in Nadia, the health department set up a control room and asked the district administration to send daily reports on the situation there.


Health officials treating those suspected to be infected by the Nipah virus have been asked to take special protection. "They should wear protective dress. Special masks, gowns, caps and gloves are being provided," Bakshi said.


The infection, which is believed to have afflicted at least 30 people in Nadia, was initially suspected to be a new strain of dengue. But blood samples of three of the five who have died of the fever since February tested positive for Nipah at the National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

Europe: Warning as tick diseases on rise

Diseases spread by ticks have seen a rise over the past few years.  The public has been warned to take extra precautions against ticks as the warm weather heralds a peak in numbers of the blood-sucking parasites.

It follows a huge rise in the number of cases of Lyme Disease in Scotland, and encephalitis amongst travellers to mainland Europe, spread by ticks.

Both infections are severely debilitating and can be fatal.

A decade ago there were just 10 cases of Lyme Disease in Scotland, but last year that figure had risen to 177.

On the continent, tick-borne encephalitis is also on the rise, and is now endemic in 27 countries.


Sorry ... but this was weird to the point
of being surreal and setting off all kinds of graphic pandemic nightmares.

Texas "body farm" site on hold due to vultures



A Texas university's plans for a site to study decomposing human remains have been put on hold due to fears that vultures drawn to the "body farm" may pose a danger to nearby aircraft.

Texas State University in San Marcos, 175 miles (280 km) west of Houston, has been looking for sites for a forensic research facility for months, but has run into opposition from residents, and now, the local airport.

Vultures, known locally as buzzards, are large birds native to the state that eat carrion. They circle around in the sky, often in groups, when dead meat is spotted.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

Central Java: Dengue Situation
Dengue outbreak kills three in Central Java
CILACAP, Central Java: Three people have died in a dengue fever outbreak that has affected more than 200 people in Cilacap regency, Central Java, over the last five months.

"The rate of infection is higher than year. Last year, for example, only one patient died and 37 people were affected," Mariah Chilfati, head of the communicable disease prevention unit at the Cilacap Health Office, said Wednesday.

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

Ooops, forgot link
Java Dengue


Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

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Kazakhstan: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
One 24-year-old patient hospitalized and deteriorating with CCHF, a tick-spread disease.  Tick control measures are being implemented in the immediate neighborhood.


This is highly infectious and comes up on Google with biological weapons.  Yikes. 

...The virus is rather fragile and does not survive well outside the host. It is rapidly killed by ultraviolet light. It is very stable in the tick vector and infected ticks remain infected throughout their lives. The disease is found throughout the range of its tick hosts, a band across the Old World stretching from Central Asia and the Ukraine to the Congo and Central Africa...


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Nipah in India
Ribavirin for treatment of suspected Nipah cases
The anti-viral drug ribavarin, which was widely used in Malaysia when Nipah struck there in 1999, is being used in Nadia to treat the suspected cases. Health officials here said ribavarin, a tablet of which costs around Rs 75 [USD 1.84], will be given to the 30 patients down with fever at Betai village and in Krishnagar. Their blood samples have been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, for confirmatory tests.

Of the 30 patients, 20 are from Betai, close to the Bangladesh border, about 150 km from Calcutta. Nadia chief medical officer Mrinal Kanti Biswas said the decision to procure ribavarin was taken following advice from
experts at the Pune institute. "We are buying the drug from Hyderabad and will distribute it free to those who show symptoms of the affliction or run
temperature for days," said Biswas.

A 3 member medical board has been set up to monitor fever cases being reported to hospitals and health centres in the district. Suspected patients will be kept under observation in isolation wards. Besides a district hospital in Krishnagar, Nadia has 4 subdivisional hospitals and 7 block hospitals.


Tapas Majumder, the first victim from Betai, had been to the neighbouring country on a business trip in February. "He was running a temperature within days of his return," district magistrate S Meena said.

The virus, 1st detected in Malaysia in 1999, has since been known to strike only 2 other places, Bangladesh and Bengal. It killed 105 of the 265 patients in Malaysia, 18 of 30 in Bangladesh in April 2004, and [75 per
cent] of the 66 it infected in Siliguri in 2001.

(byline: Rabi Banerjee)

communicated by:
ProMED-mail rapporteur Joseph P Dudley, PhD

[Ribavirin (Virazole) is a nucleoside analog considered to have broad spectrum antiviral activity against several DNA- and RNA-containing viruses. It is relatively toxic and accordingly its use has been restricted. Notably it has been used in life-threatening respiratory syncytial virus infection in infancy, against certain exotic viruses such
as Lassa fever virus and more recently Nipah virus, and in combination with pegylated interferon against certain genotypes of hepatitis C virus.

Although first synthesized in 1972 its node of antiviral activity is unclear. Among other effects, ribavirin monophosphate is a competitive inhibitor of cellular monophosphate dehydrogenase which results in reduction of GTP (guanosine triphosphate) pools in treated cells. The use of ribavirin for treatment of the symptoms of suspected Nipah virus infection in patients in West Bengal with undefined fevers seems a rather extreme responds at this juncture. - Mod.CP]


Russia: Congo-Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever
Two people diagnosed with CCHF, while this week 300 people came for treatment of tick bites.


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Tennessee: mysterious rash among 6 teenage girls in jail
Rash has unknown cause.  Girls were treated and released from the hospital into custody of their parents.


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Indo. DBD. Magetan.
RSUD Magetan Kebanjiran Pasien DBD

MAGETAN -- MIOL: for a last week, the Daerah Public Hospital (RSUD) Dr Sayidiman Magetan was with the patient of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD).
At least 30 patients were treated in the hospital.
Director RSUD Dr Sayidiman, Dr Harry Susanto that was contacted by the Indonesian Media, on Saturday (12/5), said in fact be with or exploded the DBD patient in RSUD.

"The number of rooms in the hospital indeed very limited, so as to have the patient that until was treated in paths," he said.
According to him, the last position jumpah the patient who was treated in RSUD Dr Sayidiman Magetan numbering 10 people.
"Generally they came from the Kota Magetan Subdistrict," he said.
In the meantime, information that was received by the Indonesian Media mentioned most patients came from the Banjarejo Village, Kecamatan Ngariboyo, that is as many as 12 patients, where seven patients came from one RT that was same.
Responded to this matter, Dr Harry Susanto said the Ngariboyo Subdistrict was the area of the person who has moved to the city.
His resident of most immigrants.
"If only his resident wanted to pay attention to the cleanliness, the spreading" of the "virus that was spread by mosquitoes could be prevented," he said.
Touched on the RSUD capacity Dr Sayidiman, Harry Susanto said maintenance space of the child was as many as 24, that then including for the maintenance of the mother.
Whereas the amount of maintenance space, the installation treated inap (Irna) in this RSUD numbering 177 rooms, including isolation space.
"So still not all that many if wanting the health service and the maintenance was increased."
We were still being waiting for the fall of the budget in order to increases the capacity of the hospital capacity, he said.
The jump of the number of patients who was treated in the hospital, he said, also because the awareness of the community about the health that was cheap as well as the ease of the service in the hospital, increased.
"Because the poor family received the ease got the maintenance, was sick just a few people at once ran to the hospital," he said.

I am not like other birds of prey....

Unidentified disease - Nepal

Two members of a family have died while seven others been in serious conditions due to an unidentified disease in Dhading District, some 50 km east of Kathmandu, website thehimalayantimes.com reported Sunday. Three-year-old Kanchhi Maya Tamang and her uncle Top Bahadur Tamang died from the disease on Saturday. Seven other members of the same family are undergoing treatmentin hospital in Kathmandu. Meanwhile, Chief District Officer of Dhading Ram Sharan Chimoriya said: "A team of health workers from the District Public Health Office has been sent to the site." Earlier, one person died of similar disease in the area with symptoms like vomiting, foaming from mouth and falling unconscious a week ago.)

Two stories on DBD in Pematang Siantar
From 5/11/07


Dengue fever was contagious in P Siantar, 2 people Meninggal

Pematang Siantar (SIB) the Plague of dengue fever (DBD) was contagious in the Pematang Siantar City, 21 people were treated in the hospital and information finally was talked about already three died. Three casualties died was acknowledged as the resident of the Banjar District, the resident Street Nias and the resident Street Parsoburan. Was like this it was reported the cadre of the party to DPC PDI Perjuangan P Siantar

  Sekretaris DPC PDI-P, Ronsen Purba SH when being contacted in his office in Street Ahmad Yani, Pematang Siantar, on Wednesday (9/5) permitted the three casualties DBD to be reported by the cadre of the party to his side.

In the meantime the tracing of the SIB reporter in RS Harapan Street Lapangan of the Atas Ball already twenty-one casualties DBD (Dengue Fever) was treated intensive, two including dying Franky Simbolon and Jose Panjaitan (3) the resident Street Nias. Director RS Harapan Dr Usman Ginting through the staff Adm B br Manik was contacted by SIB in his office, on Wednesday (9/5) permitted enough residents of casualties DBD to be treated intensive.

The data was received by SIB the resident who was attacked by DBD since April-May Cindi Sitanggang (14) Street Lapangan of the Atas Ball, Rina Siahaan (16) Street Nias, Ente Lina (30) Street the series, the Gurning Ester (27) Street Sisingamangaraja, Maria Juliana (9) Street Lapangan of the Atas Ball, Shanti panjaitan (5) Street Melanthon Siregar, Bonita Situmorang (4) Street Lapangan of the Atas Ball, Irene Rajagukguk (24) Street Nias, Puteri of Shingles (13) Street Marihat, Daniel Sembiring (16) Street Marihat. Stanleg Hutabarat (3) Street Melanthon Siregar, Jantika Panjaitan (7) Street Nias, Andri Tarigan (7) Street Sibolga, Christian (23) Street Asahan, Happy Haloho (28) Street Melanthon Siregar, Yemina Panjaitan (6) Street Nias, Stephani Siallagan (4) Street Parsoburan, Franky Simbolon, Wahyu Simanjuntak (3) Street Nias and Sri Ayumi (7).

From 5/13/07


Already 30 people was attacked by BDB in P Siantar, 3 people died.
Pematang Siantar.  saw increasingly the brightness of the DBD case in the P Siantar City, Dinas Kesehatan carried out the asphalting action (fogging) in areas of the DBD danger and free giving of dust abate to be put into water basins. But the most potent action was to sever the breeding link of these mosquitoes.

  that was said by Kadis Kesehatan Dr Ronal Saragih to SIB, on Thursday (10/5). Officially Kesehatan P Siantar since April 2007 now already 30 people were attacked by DBD and 3 people including dying, but 1 person who died not only was caused by DBD but has had the other illness.

  officially Kesehatan, said Ronal Saragih in fact immediately descended to the field when having the community that was attacked by DBD carried out fumigation. Beforehand carried out fumigation in several serious certain points terjangkit him DBD and like the day, on Thursday (10/5) carried out fumigation in 2 places that is in Street Nias and Street Parsoburan. In 2 places was that terjangkit DBD. Tindakan fumigation will be carried out continuously.

  moreover the Kesehatan Service wrote to all the available hospitals in P Siantar so that immediately handled when having the affected DBD community in the time 1 24 the hour but also must report to the Kesehatan Service. Likewise to all the Community Health Centre gave dust abate free to masyarkat to be put into water basins, he said.

  in the problem decided the proliferation link of Aedes Agipty mosquitoes also was needed by the role of the community by means of 3 M. (drained, closed and buried) his flooded places water because in this place the occurrence of breeding of these mosquitoes. When having the community that was attacked by DBD might not be restless and frightened, but immediately took medicine to the Community Health Centre and drank medicine penurun hot. Gave drank with the portion that often for the time being just went to go to the doctor certainly when being attacked by DBD could be overcome quickly, he stressed.

Fish disease in Wisconsin lakes,
suspected in Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Mississippi River.  Viral hemorrhagic septicemia or VHS does not pose any health threat to people who eat or handle infected fish. However, it can kill a total of 25 game fish, bait fish and panfish. "This is a major fish health crisis," Mike Staggs, fisheries director with the DNR....

  ...To prevent the spreading of the fish virus, emergency rules had already proposed effective April 2007 to prohibit boaters and anglers from moving water and live fish, including minnows, from one waterbody to another, according to the DNR.


Sheesh, can't eat imported (or homegrown?) farmed fish, now game fish are threatened.  Must get soybean seeds and extra gardening tools.

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Meningococcemia - Phillipines
Hospital closed temporarily after meningo scare

The emergency room and pediatric ward of Amang Rodriguez Medical Center (ARMC) in Marikina CIty were closed temporarily on Saturday after the hospital received a three-year-old patient diagnosed with meningococcemia.

Mark Alfonso was brought to the hospital early Saturday by his parents from Cainta, Rizal after suffering from fever, cough and convulsions.

Dr. Mary Jane Pangitan later detected violet rashes on Alfonso's body and found out that the boy was suffering from meningococcemia.



Description of meningococcemia:

Correction: Philippines n/t

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Smart dengue virus fights antibody
hat-tip Dutchie

Smart dengue virus fights antibody

Pranesh Sarkar

KOLKATA, May 14: With many Kolkatans developing an antibody to fight the dengue virus after being afflicted by the virus at least once in the past two years, the dengue virus is now getting smarter by changing its genetic arrangement to beat the antibody.

This alarming fact was noticed by the city-based virus unit of the Indian Council of Medical Research. Scientists who are working on the subject said this could lead to a major problem as the dengue virus with the new genetic arrangement is likely to cause more haemorrhage that makes dengue fatal.

ICMR scientists, who prefer anonymity, said they observed the change in a few cases last year and would carry out the study on a large scale if the disease raises its head this year, too.

They said as changes are taking place in the sequence of genetic arrangement, the gene appears like a new strain of dengue virus that can easily beat the existing antibody.

?If one suffers from dengue once, the antibody to counter the virus in future develops in the patient?s body.

?But as soon as the virus with a different genetic arrangement enters the patient?s body again, known as dual infection, haemorrhage starts because the existing anti-body fights the new virus.

?The situation in Kolkata could be alarming because every year, many people here develop the anti-body after being afflicted by the commonly circulated dengue virus,? a scientist said.

?There are four dengue serotypes~D1, D2, D3 and D4. All these serotypes have different genetic arrangements. And the change is taking place in the genetic arrangements of all the serotypes,? he said.

?For example, the genetic arrangement of a dengue serotype is A-G-T-C-A-T but after its self-mutation, the genetic arrangement of the same serotype becomes A-G-C-T-T-A (where A stands for Adnosine, G for Goanine, C for Cytosine and T for Thianine). With the change in the genetic arrangement, it becomes tough to isolate the virus and this causes fatal haemorrhaging fever,? a scientist said.

The fight against dengue is almost impossible after changes are observed in the genetic order of the virus. Mosquito control appears to be the only way to counter the disease, experts said.

I am not like other birds of prey....

Suspect HIV patient dies in Medan
I'm posting this because it's just odd and weirdly silent about all useful information. He was hospitalized on the 12th. No symptoms mentioned. Wasn't suspected HIV. Then the next day (the 13th) he dies. Blood work shows he was HIV positive, ergo he is said to have died because of HIV. Case closed.


Patient Suspect HIV Kembali Meninggal.
It was other that the patient suspect the HIV/AIDS that was treated in RSUP HAM died, on Sunday (13/5). He was a man was 40 years old the Medan inhabitants.

This man entered last May 12. Originally the man's illness was not expected suspect the HIV, but when being checked his blood evidently contained this deadly illness virus.

This man was afterwards accommodated for the night in A. Namun space of the Longing installation the life of this man remained only several days. On Sunday early afternoon (13/5) this man had finally died it was suspected resulting from the condition for his illness that was heavy.

With the death of this man then had 13 people more the patient who still was treated.

Mongolia: 2 illegal Chinese gold miners arrested after cyanide found in drinking water.
Mining waste water containing several thousand times the acceptable limit of sodium cyanide was disposed into the water treatment line of Khongor soum, in Darkhan Uul municipality, the State Emergency Agency of Mongolia reported on Friday. The waste water, which also contained mercury, poisoned the drinking water of the community of 5,400 people after the water treatment system broke, and threatened to leach into the Kharaa River, which flows into Siberia, the agency said...Artesanal miners known as ninjas are ripping up streams in the Mongolian grasslands in search of gold. ....


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

KATHMANDU- dysentery
Not likely bird flu, but it does have a few common symptoms. (Nepal)

KATHMANDU, May 14 (Xinhua) -- At least four persons have died of and over 40 are suffering from dysentery that has spread in some villages of Rautahat district in central Nepal in the past few days, The Himalayan Times reported on Monday.

  According to the daily, the entire village of Patharabugharam in the district, some 100 km south of Kathmandu, is reported to have been affected by the disease. Some 24 persons who are critically ill have been taken to Ghodasahan and Motihari of India for treatment, the report said.

  Birendra Karki, an official at Gaur Hospital in the district, said a team of health workers would be sent to the affected area soon.


Be Prepared

California: cat with plague (Yersinia pestis) in Hart Flat, Kern County
...The cat is responding well to antibiotics...


Must be a pet, or they would have euthanized it, I'd think. 

(I have registered at this site; not sure if others can use this link.  I didn't have to log in.)

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Plague is more common than you might think
It happens regularly in rural areas of the southwest U.S.  People even catch it from infected fleas every year.  It's pretty easy to treat now, unlike 100 years ago.  Generally 100% survival rate for people who get to a doctor and take antibiotics in time.

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

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Mysterious deaths of hundreds of Goats

The veterinary surgeon and the Lecturer was ready Membantu
the Death of the Goat in Cilongok


Dokter Hewan in Banyumas and the lecturer the Unsoed School Of Animal Husbandry was ready to help the Service of Peternakan and fisheries to express the cause of the death of hundreds of goats mysteriously in the Kalipondoh Village and Manggala, Desa Karangtengah, Kecamatan Cilongok. "We were ready if the service ask for helped," said the veterinary surgeon Dwi Prabowo, the management of the Association of the Banyumas Veterinary Surgeon, yesterday.

  the lecturer the Unsoed School Of Animal Husbandry, continued he, also was ready studied and researched deeper towards the case of the death of the goat in large quantities this. The normal lecturer handled the problem of the health of the animal had six people. If being asked for by the thinking contribution and his power, they were ready, "the Peternakan Service and fisheries really informed, then we together researched further. I still could not give the academic explanation because of not yet knowing his case in depth," said the health lecturer of the animal in the Unsoed School Of Animal Husbandry.

  from information appear at first glance, said he, the cause of the death of the goat could be expressed fast, the origin had seriousness from the related agency to study and researched. The resident also openly must explain the condition in fact. "If his information will be able to be because of poisoning, researched his food, as well as the condition for meat and his environment.
His problem could diurai," he revealed.

  if his assumption poisoning, said he, could be traced to the contents rumen him (food that has entered the front-Red part stomach). During still on the front stomach, the element of the cause of poisoning could be detected, he added.

  the other cause could be researched. For example from the source of food as well as the condition for the place environment of these goats was maintained.

The Bingung resident

As being reported the case of the death of the goat has in the Karangtengah Village taken place since half last year. The goat that died hundreds of tails and hindered to the other village. The confused resident because as far as this is concerned the related service did not yet announce results of his research, in fact already five times came to take the sample and to give counselling.

The resident asked the assurance of the cause of the death of the goat because of results to determine the further step, that is continuing to maintain the goat or to change to the other side job. Anang Agus Konstrad, the DPRD member from the Cilongok Subdistrict asked the Service of Peternakan and fisheries to be more sensitive to this problem.

"His incident for a long time and was repeated, so as should has been handled. If results of the research still could not be announced, why did not take the academic or the veterinary surgeon by the hand. The resident must be immediately given by the assurance of the matter of his cause," he said.

  after being known by his cause, continued he, the breeder was again re-educateed. If necessary, there was the injection of capital to disturb the goat again. Important was to be built and given by counselling concerning the healthy raising method, including giving the understanding to the resident around non-the breeder in order to take part in maintaining the health of the environment. "The B DPRD commission this year has agreed to the allocation of the purchase of the prospective goat in APBD around Rp 250 million. Partly could be distributed to them," he said.

didn't close bolding. Sorry.

[ Parent ]
Hi gardner. Cilongok was declared an
area where bird flu was potentially endemic, according to an article posted back in January.  http://www.newfluwik...

It is located not to far from Jakarta.

[ Parent ]
Muntaber. One dead of uncertain cause, attacked hot.

Muntaber touched Tambakserang

BUMIAYU - Muntaber that originally only attacked the Legok Village, Kecamatan Bantarkawung, Brebes, currently attacks four pedukuhan in the Tambakserang Village. As a result, one resident of the Tengah Hamlet, Desa Tambakserang, that is NY Murti (50) died.

  the data that was received in the local subdistrict office, casualties died on May 13 around struck 21,00. Before dying, casualties could receive the maintenance in the Bantarkawung Community Health Centre, before finally was reconciled to a hospital in Bumiayu. Because his condition increasingly worsened, casualties's family broke brought came home, through to finally died.

Now belasan the affected resident muntaber was in three pedukuhan. Respectively in the Lelegok Hamlet, Teguh (1.5), the Support (13 months), NY Lesi (42), NY Wahyudi (45), and Yeyen Nur Aeni (12).

  whereas in the Sukasari Hamlet was Praise (20 months), the Diamond (2), Lulu (9 months), Farid (12 months), Riyan (13 months). Whereas in the Karanganyar Hamlet, Riska (2.5), and Tarhari (60). All the affected resident received the handling from the village midwife, and at this time has been stated recovered.

Needed Dibuktikan

The head of the doctor's Community Health Centre Apriyono EP through the official survailen KLB Muhamad Silahudin, justified the existence of the illness muntaber that attacked belasan the resident in the Tambakserang Village. "We have descended to the location. Apart from giving medical treatment also gave counselling to the resident," said he.

From results of the survey in the location, the incident still could not be in Tambakserang classed as the extraordinary incident. "The resident who was attacked differed the hamlet, and not at the same time," he said.

About the resident who died also must be proven. Because, from results of investigation was received by information that, before experiencing diarrhoea, casualties more previously were attacked hot.

"Casualties were treated in a hospital in Bumiayu because of the hot illness that was suffered by him, after that just was affected by diarrhoea. So, whether casualties died resulting from muntaber must be it was proved further," he said.

According to Silahudin, beside the environmental factor and the behaviour of the life was unhealthy, the emergence muntaber in the Tambakserang Village more tended to be caused by the food factor.
That was based on casualties that in general still the age of the child. "As far as this is concerned we were still carrying out the analysis concerning the plague muntaber that happened in the Tambakserang Village," he said.

Epidemic in Gabon - probably chikungunya

Libreville, the capital city of Gabon, has been hit by an epidemic which has claimed more than five lives among the 5,500 reported cases with about 300 new cases being added to this toll daily. The epidemic started about four weeks ago when cases of a strange disease were being registered in hospitals of Libreville and Owendo ) 


Authorities in Gabon Wednesday began spraying insecticide in the capital to stem the spread of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus, which has emerged in the country for the first time.

The World Health Organisation-aided programme will carry on for a year in the capital Libreville and may be expanded to other regions if they are threatened by the virus, health ministry official Medard Toung Mve told AFP.

The mosquito-borne virus has been traditionally present in eastern Africa, southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

It causes fever, headaches and muscle pain, and gets its name from a Swahili word meaning "that which bends up" because of the arthritic-type symptoms that leave victims stooped. Most patients however eventually recover.

A total of 5,500 "verifiable and probable" cases had been registered over a month in and around Libreville, Toung Mve said.

"Until now we have not recorded a single death which could be attributed to the virus," Toung Mve said.

In 2006, a chikungunya virus epidemic hit 40 percent of the population -- about 300,000 people -- on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. It claimed 254 lives either directly or indirectly.


UK: TB in nursery school staff member and her 3 children
Screening is to be offered to all children at Gorseinon Infants School, Swansea, because after testing certain classes, 3 students were found to be infected with TB. 

...Now, as a result of the screening we have carried out, we have reason to believe that TB has been passed from the member of staff to children in the nursery classroom where she worked. "This is very unusual. We believe that the adult must have been unusually infectious. So, we are extending screening to children in the infants school where she worked as a dinner supervisor..."


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Viet Nam: Hep. B vax use suspended after death of 3 infants
...The WHO-approved vaccine is made by LG Life Sciences Ltd. of South Korea, and it is distributed worldwide....

WHO is investigating.


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Japan: Measles outbreaks in universities
An outbreak of measles has forced some schools and universities in the Tokyo area to close temporarily for fear of the highly contagious disease spreading further. More than 10 times the average number of adults were reported infected in the first four months of the year, an official at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said on Thursday...

... Yoshinori Yasui of the NIID said that samples suggest the number of patients runs into the thousands, with infections focused on adults in the capital aged 20 to 24.


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Virginia has confirmed that flu-like virus (Noro?)
Virginia Department of Health has confirmed that flu-like virus

  spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Health has confirmed that flu-like virus which sickened 23 people at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, leading them to place one ward at the hospital into a state of isolation, is Norovirus. According to a spokesperson, six patients and two visitors, 14 staff members and one physician have become ill with diarrhea, vomiting and fever, so far. We're being told that Unit 3 East has been placed in isolation and standard precautions are being taken to avoid further spread of the illness. Look for much more on this story on WAVY News 10 at Five.

After a spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Health confirmed that it was Norovirus that sickened 23 people at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, preventative measures are in place to keep the virus from spreading. "We're doing everything we can to reduce the chance of the virus being in other places in the hospital," said VBGH Administrator Dr. Ray Troiano. Dr. Troiano said that the unit has been thoroughly cleaned with bleach solution and patients are doing well. The hospital is encouraging everyone to abide by strict handwashing policies, and staff on the affected unit are wearing gowns, gloves when dealing with patients. For now, no children are allowed to visit Unit 3 East where the outbreak began.)

Be Prepared

Dengue in E. Kalimantan

The DBD Masih case Be Tinggi.
  DKK Datangkan Pakar in Microbiology.

  BALIKPAPAN?Meningkat him the case of the illness of Dengue Fever Dengue Fever (DBD) in the Balikpapan city apart from being caused by the condition for the weather that still tended rain, also because of being not so fast him the identification of this illness.

"Memang the condition for the weather like rain and hot at this time, made the spreading of the DBD illness appropriate to be guarded against, because the development pinched mosquitoes was very high during ini," said Dyah.

Moreover this was also caused, not all that terdeteksi him the sign of the DBD illness in the available fever patient.

"Saya still suspected, because of the shortage of the management against the patient DBD, or the occurrence of the mutation of the virus that had the strength increased to attack immunity of the patient's body, especially being seen from so fast him the decline in the number trombosit that ada," clear Dyah.

Like the case of the death of the pupil TK, Gladys just recently, that the number the level of trombosit him descended until 20 thousand drastically, also could be caused by the virus capacity that attacked increasingly increased.

"Apalagi with the condition for the lay community at this time, in fact the just educated person had difficulty to medeteksi the DBD illness available, so as to be needed by the expert to can mengindentifikasi him exactly and cepat," he explained.

At this time according to the data from DKK, was recorded by 47 cases with three casualties died, and in general the casualties died was the age 4-6 years.

Because if the identification towards this illness fast was carried out, definitely help to the patient DBD as soon as possible could be carried out.

"Kalau previously always the patient DBD was marked by the existence of red spots in and around skin, or the condition for the limp body, until vomiting blood, but the condition like this no longer could be seen in the patient, knew-knew already in the condition for dengue fever shock syndrome (DSS), that could cause kematian," he explained.

In order to guards against the case increase of the death resulting from this DBD illness, his side will come back carried out refreshing about the management of the handling of the DBD patient for the doctor and the official of the health, and will bring the expert in the microbiology field about this DBD illness in.

"We will invite several experts from several universities like UI and Unair (the Airlangga University) Surabaya, especially that was related to the problem of the identification of the DBD illness, especially the expert mikrobiologi," clear former Kasubdin Pelayanan Kesehatan (Yankes) DKK this.

Hoped with the existence of the socialisation to the doctor and this medical official, it was hoped the handling of DBD illness casualties could be minimised.

"Saya continued to have not been bored appealing to the resident to continue monitored pinched available in their respective house, and if having the resident must eradicate him with 3 M. plus, that is draining the bath, buried second-hand things, closed the place of the water reception, as well as scattered abate if being gotten jentik," pungkas him.

Unidentified illness kills one in central Hungary

A mysterious illness has attacked 15 members of a Hungarian family, killing one of them Saturday, reports nol.hu.

A 49-year-old man from Kecskemét, a city 50 miles south of Budapest, and 14 others in his family were admitted to Kecskemét County Hospital Saturday morning with high fevers and flu symptoms.

The man's condition worsened and he was transferred to the intensive care unit where he died that evening.


Same location as infected poultry processing plant...
hat-tip to ukmum on CurEvents.

The infected turkey meat exported to Bernard Matthews in UK came from a processing plant in Kecskemet.

nothing left to do but :) :) :)

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Same place as where BMatthews got theirs? Hmmmmmm n/t

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

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More on family in Hungary
...Several members of the family are serving in the army, and one of
them has served abroad.

The family is being quarantined in the hospital's internal medicine
ward No. 2, which was closed off Sunday [21 May 2007] morning.
Patients are not allowed to leave their rooms, and doctors are
required to wear protective attire...

One of the 14 patients is in serious condition.


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

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Hungarian army
Wikipedia says that Hungarian ground forces are currently serving in Afghanistan and Kosovo -- they also do peacekeeping work, though, so they might possibly be somewhere else, too.


Proud FAF-er.

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Paralysis in Cattle
This is in Central Kalimantan.


Dozens of Sudden Paralysis cattle.
Sekda Order Distanak Immediately Cek the Field.

Pulang Pisau  ? Dozens Of tails of the cattle livestock belonging to villagers Talio the Upstream [Talio Hulu] and Talio the Estuary [Talio Muara] of the Pandih Batu Subdistrict sudden paralysis. Was not yet it was known certain whether his cause. So, the local resident was forced to cut off his cattle before dying.

His case it was reported to Sekda Regional Government Pulang Pisau (Pulpis) H Esganda was Fragrant SP MM and DPRD Pulpis H Edy Pratowo SSos Chairman when carrying out the working visit (kunker) to the Village Kantan on the Pandih Batu Subdistrict, last Friday (18/5).

When it was confirmed around the illness that was suffered by the resident's livestock to, H Esganda was Fragrant SP MM and Plt Kabag public relations and Protocol Setda Pulpis M. Akib SKM MSi said, the report was given unofficially but continued to be responded to by the government.

His side will ask for the related agency that is the Pertanian Service and Livestock Breeding (Distanak) Pulpis immediately did kros the cheque to the field and mengindentifikasi the illness that was caused. "Laporan orally already I received during the visit to Pandih Batu, but officially belum," he said.

Touched on by how many livestock that died resulting from the illness, Sekda did not yet know definitely the reason for the report that was sent orally that was then incomplete. "I even did not yet know how many livestock that died, if yesterday was reported not yet there are those that died. The livestock were in general attacked by the plague disease,? he said.

Results of the analysis of information of several residents around, this livestock was sick because of the existence of the change in the climate transition and the weather as well as the influence of his rise and fall the river water. "Saya has been reported by the Sub-district Head Pandih Batu H Supardi around this illness. If many that died meant to have entered the extraordinary incident (KLB) and needed us sikapi," more Plt Kabag Humas and Protocol Setda Pulpis M. Akib SKM to this newspaper reporter.

To one of the staffs Distanak Pulpis, Sekda in the opportunity to ask this immediately to be reported to Kadistanak Pulpis and results in order to be reported this morning. "Sampaikan this condition and if could tomorrow morning has had results of the indication penyakitnya [disease]," Sekda words stressed.

The representative Regent Pulpis Darius Yansen Dupa said, this condition must be immediately responded to by the related agency.
If not fast was responded to, then was worried by his spreading could increasingly capat. "Harus as soon as possible was responded to well, we were frightened his spreading spread. Later could make worried the cattle breeders in sana," he said.

Capuchin monkey dies of plague at zoo

Back to Story - Help
Capuchin monkey dies of plague at zoo By ERIC W. BOLIN, Associated Press Writer
  19 minutes ago

A capuchin monkey at the Denver Zoo has died of plague and officials are trying to prevent an epidemic by isolating the primates and treating them with antibiotics.

Zoo officials learned late Friday that the 8-year-old animal that died Wednesday tested positive for the flea-borne disease, according to a zoo statement.

More than a dozen squirrels and at least one rabbit have been found dead of plague in the City Park area just east of downtown, which includes a golf course, the zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature of Science.

The monkey, which was acting lethargic, was found dead by a zookeeper. Zoo veterinarian Dr. David Kenny suspects the primate ate the carcass of an infected dead squirrel.

Plague is common in Colorado during this time of year, but it usually occurs in rural parts of the state, where it's sometimes discovered when entire prairie dog colonies die off.

[remainder of the article can be found at link]

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

Helen Branswell story: xdr TB discussed at general meeting of the American Society for Microbiology
..."What is known amongst the technocrats is somehow not getting out to the general public," admitted Dr. Peter Small, senior program officer for tuberculosis with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
"The fact is that tuberculosis is killing someone every 15 seconds. And an increasing percentage of those cases are resistant to the drugs we have for treating them."...

While 37 countries - including Canada - have reported cases of XDR-TB, as it is called, experts admit they have no clear idea of how many cases exist worldwide...

"It's no longer a question of whether we can afford to have laboratories in those countries. We can't afford not to have good laboratories in those countries," Berkelman said...

Another urgent priority brought to the fore by XDT-TB is the need to strengthen infection control, said Dr. Karin Weyer, of the tuberculosis research and policy unit of South Africa's Medical Research Council. Patients with extensively resistant strains are both a risk to other patients in hospitals and to hospital staff.
Weyer admitted that in the context of XDR-TB, respiratory masks and personal protective equipment for health-care workers - unaffordable luxuries in many parts of the world - are now "essential."...


TB is a threat because it's airborne, changes to remain transmissable, and people travel a lot nowadays.

xdr tb= multiple drug resistant tuberculosis

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Summary of DBD in Wonogiri in 2007

Casualties was killed DBD Menjadi 8 people.

Wonogiri- Wahyuni (9), the daughter from Mukiyo in the Pelem Desa Watangrejo Village, Kecamatan Pracimantoro, Kabupaten Wonogiri, it was reported died as a result of being attacked by the illness of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD). Therefore, casualties were killed resulting from DBD in the Wonogiri Regency since January-May 2007 totalling eight people.

  Section Head Kesehatan of the Regency (ET AL) Wonogiri, the doctor AUG Jarot Budiharso MKes, justified the case of the death resulting from DBD that fell on casualties, Wahyuni. Beforehand, casualties were treated in RS Maguan Husada Pracimantoro, but his spirit could not be rescued.

  although the frequency of heavy rain that descended in the Wonogiri Regency tended to decrease, but had the DBD attack trend still raged.

  Suyono from the team fogging Sub Dinas Pemberantasan of Penyehatan Lingkungan infectious diseases (P2MPL) ET AL Wonogiri, on Wednesday (23/5) said, to respond to the fall of continuation casualties, his side carried out investigation epidemologi (PE) and was followed up by fumigation (fogging). "From January to this May 2007, we did fogging in 186 locations," he revealed.

The head Sub the Eradication Service of infectious diseases (P2MPL) ET AL Wonogiri, the doctor Widodo MKes HM said, fogging was carried out selectively whenever produced by PE showed positive had the attack DB. for the DBD control, the resident was asked for active carried out the movement of the eradication of the mosquitoes nest (PSN) routinely and together.

The aim is, to kill pinched-pinched mosquitoes so that the development cycle of mosquitoes could be interrupted. His method by closing and draining the water reservoir as well as burying places that could become the expansion media pinched-pinched mosquitoes. "PSN became the method was most cheap and effective to deal with DBD," he stressed.

To the community's active community carried out the PSN movement routinely and together, the figure pinched his mosquitoes was low and was avoided from the attack of DBD. Menurut Widodo, during January to April 2007, the number of residents who was attacked by DBD reached as many as 231 people, seven including dying. The resident's death rate resulting from DBD jumped 120 percent compared with the same period in the chess wulan first last 2006. Because, for four months in the beginning of last 2006, casualties were killed resulting from DBD in Wonogiri only three people.

DBD in Grobogan

Dengue fever was Still being guarded against.

GROBOGAN- Although the decline in the number of dengue fever sufferers happening (dB), the DBD case in Grobogan still must be continuing to be guarded against. Following the death of one of the DBD patients from the Karangasem Village, Kecamatan Wirosari, Kabupaten Grobogan, Dika Feriyanto (10).

  kadinas the Health of the dentist Palti Siregar MKes went through the Head of Sector the Prevention of the Eradication of the Illness and environmental Sanitation (P2P and PL) the doctor the jeweller the Space said, his side received the report on the sufferer died after being treated in RS Panti Rahayu, last Monday (21/5). He explained, casualties died after entering the dengue fever phase shock syndrome (DSS), where the condition for his health at that time weakened resulting from the virus attack and finally was not helped. Casualties entered the hospital on Thursday (17/5).


  generally, according to the jeweller, the DBD case in Grobogan during February-May experienced the decline. Nevertheless, the service continued to ask the community to guard against this illness. "We continued to observe the development of the DBD case since February-May. His trend experienced the decline," explained he.

Moreover, Dinkes also carried out prevention efforts to not happen continuation casualties. One of them took the form of the spraying action of the mosquitoes nest in this region.

He added, there were several places that still were susceptible to the potential for the spreading of DBD. Di Antara -nya Kecamatan Purwodadi, Pulokulon, Karangrayung, Klambu, Geyer, and Wirosari. Therefore, was hoped for by the resident around carried out the eradication of the mosquitoes nest (PSN) routinely, although at this time rarely has rained.

"Although with the condition for the weather like this the community continued to be asked to be on the alert. Do the pattern of the healthy life. Despite rarely has rained, at this time still pancaroba," he said.

Singapore: Dengue epidemic could happen if trend is uncontrolled: Minister of Health

SINGAPORE: An 85-year-old retiree died from dengue shock syndrome on 28 April after being warded at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital three days earlier with symptoms of breathlessness, vomiting and fever.

More cases of dengue have since surfaced.

The latest figures from the National Environment Agency (NEA) show that there were 210 cases last week, the highest reported number this year.

And NEA said foreign workers such as construction site workers, clerks and nurses accounted for 35 percent of reported cases


I have been searching Singapore news for several days since news of a Indonesian worker died in Singapore recently, with some conflicting info about whether it was bird flu related.  The Health Minister was talking about hospital over crowding. There was also news of some 2000 Singapore Armed Forces being trained for policing duties with special identification to allow them to conduct search and arrest operations. This appears to be in anticipation of some extraordinary level of social unrest. I do not believe you need 2000-strength to deal with 'terrorism' as ostensibly stated.



Singapore, of course, is a neighbor of Indonesia and an air travel gateway.

You want perspective. I want perspective. Let's talk. We don't have to agree on every thing. If we do, one of us is redundant.

Dengue in Demak Regency, Cent. Java

Five Bulan Terakhir 26 sufferers DB

Demak - for five last months, the number of dengue fever sufferers (dB) in the Demak Regency enough. In the note in RSU Sunan Kalijaga, was gotten by 26 patients who took medicine because of being affected by this illness.

Till yesterday still was gotten by three patients that treated inap. Director RSU Sunan Kalijaga the doctor Singgih said, during 2007, was gotten by 26 patients DB. Mereka was spread from several subdistricts, most of the Karanganyar and Sayung. In January was gotten by five sufferers, in February (5), in March  (5), in April (8) and in May (3) the patient. From the number a person died in January.

The sufferer who died came to the hospital already in the critical condition, so as could not be helped. However other succeeded in being cured after receiving the medical maintenance. According to his speech, this illness was resulted in by the dengue fever virus that his spread was carried Aedes Agypte mosquitoes.

These mosquitoes more liked to breed through clean water. Therefore, the condition for water in Demak that contained the lime was not more supportive his development. Usually, the sufferer dB because tertular by the sufferer from the other area.
Or because they worked in Kudus and Semarang. Because, two areas were known as endemic DB. Dia suggested to the community so that always drained the water basin as well as buried second-hand potential things accommodated water.

Dengue fever outbreak in Jakarta

Health authorities are warning travelers of a dengue fever outbreak in the Jakarta region. Since January, the Indonesian capital's health agency has recorded 45 deaths among the 13,107 cases of the mosquito-borne fever. The outbreak has been declared an "extraordinary occurrence" by Jakarta Gov. Sutiyoso. The country also has been handling a continued outbreak of bird flu, which has caused 77 deaths since 2005, mostly in the provinces of West Java, Jakarta and Banten.

In other developments in the area, the Federal Aviation Administration announced recently that it had downgraded its rating of aviation safety in Indonesia because of serious concerns about the government agency that oversees civil aviation. About 120 people have died in recent months in a series of accidents and serious incidents in Indonesia. For more information: www.faa.gov/safety/programs_initiatives/oversight/iasa .

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

Respiratory treatment by paramedics crucial, study says

Allowing paramedics to treat people suffering from severe respiratory problems by inserting breathing tubes and administering intravenous drugs could save 20,000 lives a year in North America, according to new Canadian research.

You want perspective. I want perspective. Let's talk. We don't have to agree on every thing. If we do, one of us is redundant.

Possible Measles, Boston (India connection)
BOSTON -- There is fear of a measles outbreak at Boston University.

A student who traveled from India to study at the university's Charles River campus has been diagnosed with what doctors believe is a case of the highly contagious viral illness.

The 20-year-old woman had not yet attended any classes.

Her first symptoms were a cough and runny nose, followed by a rash with a high fever.



Plano [TX] -duck plaque
concerned resident reported dead and sick Muscovy ducks on the shore side of Big Lake Park in Plano [TX]. Jamey Cantrell, Animal Services manager for the city of Plano, said the ducks in question were tested and found to have acquired duck virus enteritis, or duck plague, a naturally occurring common internal virus that Muscovy ducks are highly susceptible to. Mr. Cantrell said the virus cannot be transmitted to pets or humans but warns residents who find dead or sick ducks not to touch them, and to call Plano Animal Services at 972-769-4360.)


Be Prepared

Odd report about Dengue in Semarang.
This seems odd, in that they're noting an increase in patients but no increase in requests for trombosit. I've no clue what it means. I just find 'em, toggle 'em, and post 'em.


The Request Trombosit Normal
  Pasien dB Increased

Semarang- Although the case of dengue fever (dB) in several hospitals showed the increase, but the request trombosit in UTDC PMI Kota Semarang was still normal. In a last week, the request trombosit revolving 35-41 pockets of blood.

Kabag Humas UTDC PMI Kota, Dr Sherly Y Ariawan said, did not yet have the jump of the request trombosit that was significant. "Stock was still sufficient, was different from the jump of the request trombosit last February, reached 72 pockets/the day," he said.

Till Monday (28/5), still were gotten 13 pockets of the group's A blood, 6 pockets of the B group, 41 pockets of the group of O. "Kekosongan happened in the AB blood group."

Usually, trombosit just was made if the request was put forward. His article, from one pocket of the measurement blood donor 350 cc that was processed, produced 30 cc trombosit that only could remain three days since the production period. "His process needed time 4 - 5 hours, because of having the process of the solution to the component."

Nevertheless, at this time was gotten the machine haemonetic for the process apheresis that began to be made operational in May, where from one pendonor could be produced maximal 450 cc trombosit.

Meninggal pre-schoolers

In the meantime, in RS Roemani, since early May till Monday (28/5) were gotten by 102 patients that underwent treated inap.

According to the RS public relations, Syaifullah, last April was recorded by 112 patients, whereas in March 120 patients. In general 75% the sufferer was the age of children.

In RS Telogorejo, early May till yesterday was recorded by 98 patients dB that was treated. Last January was gotten by 86 patients dB, increased to 103 patients in February, afterwards 75 sufferers in March, and rose to 110 sufferers in April.

"For the last three months, 8 sufferers dB died," said Rusmini, the staff RS Telogorejo public relations.

In the meantime, a pre-schooler was 4 years old was named the daughter, the resident Pedurungan Tengah, died resulting from dB on Sunday night (27/5).

The village head Pedurungan Tengah, Edhi Muljanto said, at least his five residents underwent treated inap as a result of DB. Namun just this time emerged fatalities.

Dengue in Tangerang

The DBD patient in Tangerang Terus Bertambah, RSUD Penuh
Tangerang (Antara News) ?

the Patient deman bloody dengue fever (DBD) in the Daerah Public Hospital (RSUD) Tangerang, Banten, continued to improve in a last week, in fact several patients were forced to be treated in the path because of the limitations of space in the hospital.

  from Antara observation in RSUD Tangerang, on Tuesday, all the bed has in Seruni pavilion space been full was occupied by the patient DBD so as some others were treated in the founded path the case.

  the patient DBD that is treated in this hospital now reached 62 people.

  especially in the Seruni pavilion as many as 45 patients must experience the medical maintenance intensively and they most got the infusion of blood as well as food for children.

  the pre-school patients, the majority got the colleague of parents or their family for 24 hours so that could facilitate for the service and help of the maintenance.

  to help the maintenance, then the RSUD side increased the medical staff that originally only six people were increased to eight nurses so that the service becomes better.

  in the meantime, the Head of the Catatan Medis Installation and Pelaporan RSUD Tangerang, Tety Mustika said at this time the number of patients DBD continued to improve drastically that came from various areas in this territory including from the north coastal region (Pantai Utara) Tangerang.

  however just as his side will carry out anticipation towards the patient's increase drastically by providing hall space on the floor of two RSUD biggest in this area.

  in the side's note of RSUD Tangerang since January 2007 till at this time was recorded by as many as 1,741 patients and that died totalling 15 people from being varied the age.

  whereas the most patient died in February 2007 then namely five people from 408 patients who got the maintenance.

  although in April as the peak of the proliferation of mosquitoes aydes agepty, that was regarded as the animal penular the DBD illness but the patient who was treated by as many as 302 people.

Dengue in East Kalimantan

The community was asked to clarify the Fogging Procedure.
DKK  Hanya Semprot Daerah that was Positive DBD.

  BALIKPAPAN?Langkah preventive that was carried out by the community to guard against the spreading and the eradication of Dengue Dengue Fever mosquitoes (DBD) with did fogging focus in a self-supporting manner or private enterprise's side was hoped for clear his procedure.

?Karena at this time many of private enterprise's sides or the agency in the community that carry out fogging focus, despite in this area was not yet found by the positive case of the illness DBD,? said Section Head Kesehatan of the City (DKK), drg Hj Dyah Muryani to Metro, yesterday.

He admitted, the implementation fogging that was spread out by the community in order to anticipate the spread of the DBD illness and combat Aedes Aygipti mosquitoes, must follow the condition for the implementation fogging this.

?Karena if DKK did fogging, definitely in this area must have the positive DBD case that had the certificate from the hospital, and was carried out by the official who was trained, especially in mixing the fuel and insecticide that ada,? he said.

Because, in pencampuran this might not be carried out at random, if his chemical was abundant could cause the effect, whereas if definitely can not kill these mosquitoes.

And if having private enterprise's side that will do fogging in the community, definitely must have the recommendation from DKK, as well as the recommendation pest control.

?Untuk so, we also made an effort to begin to control private enterprise's side that did fogging was not in accordance with permission and the provisions that berlaku,? more Dyah.

And the effectiveness fogging that was carried out, could kill mosquitoes in the area 200 square metre, and before fogging minimal gave information to DKK or the closest Community Health Centre.

In the meantime, from results of discussions in coffee morning in the town hall, yesterday, was named although experiencing the decline in the case of Dengue Dengue Fever in the fourth week this May was compared from the month beforehand, that is from 135 cases became 125 DBD cases.

However the DBD death rate till the fourth week this May still was staying high with the figure 4 deaths, whereas the month beforehand only 3 deaths.

It was for that purpose, the government side of the Balikpapan city was not henti him appealed to the community to guard against the DBD illness.

?Ini continued to have to be responded to serious by the community that DBD still could menyebar,? revealed Sukaryanto came back.

  he added the DBD problem was one of the subjects of discussion in the meeting coffee morning this, and eventually DKK also will continue to carry out steps in the socialisation and the DBD eradication like with fumigation or fogging.

?Tapi the resident continued to have to maintain the surrounding environment, in order to do not have the pool of water that became the place of breeding mosquitoes.

Or in other words continue to carry out 3M (Bury {Mengbur}, Menguras, and Close{Menutup}) ,? Sukaryanto words.

Goat die off in Ponorogo Indonesia

Dozens of goats in Ponorogo died Mendadak

PONOROGO -- MIOL: Dozens Of local goats property of the resident of four villages, that is the Lembah Village, Purwosari, Sukorejo and Sukosari, Kecamatan Babadan, Kabupaten Ponorogo, East Java, was found died suddenly in a last week.
Till at this time was not yet known by the cause of the death of these goats.
In the Lemahabang Village, RT 01/RW 01, the Valley Village, all the local goat numbering three tails belonging to Muhrosun, 45, died suddenly on Sunday (20/5) and on Monday (21/5).
In this neighbourhood association in this week had as many as 12 goats that died suddenly.
Muhrosun said before dying these goats showed the sign that almost same.
"In their one day not doyan ate, not strong supported the body and the head."
Terkulai limp, sometimes cramps while biting the lip.
His death could be fast and suddenly, said Muhrosun, on Tuesday (22/5).
It was further that Muhrosun explained, his one property goat was sold to the goat trader because of being found contracting the sign that was same like the goat that beforehand died.

"Sold by me to the trader before dying."
If the price in the healthy condition could reach five hundred thousand rupiah per the tail, currently only was sold by me one hundred thousand per the tail.
I did not want the loss, he stated.
According to Muhrosum, the death of the goat suddenly this disturbed the resident in this village.
"If certain food poisoning this goat mouth berbusa if dying."
However this time not, in fact several goats could disuntik the official of the animal, he said.
He said the official of the animal then did not explain the cause was sick and the sudden death of these goats.
Muhrosum added several residents chose to destroy goats that were sick by means of menyembelih and buried him.
"We worried was affected by the plague," he added.
Tukimon, 45, the goat trader, when being met in his house in the Lembah Village, Babadan, explained in this week indeed often was encountered by the goat that died with the unclear cause.
However, he denied if buying these goats to afterwards his meat was sold to the market.
"Bought by me but was destroyed by me."
It was frightened of being affected that anthrax, he added.

The section head the Health of the Sub Dinas Pertanian Kabupaten Ponorogo Animal, Andy Susetyo, during it was confirmed, on Tuesday (22/5), said his side has carried out the checking of the field, indeed had several goats that were acknowledged by villagers the Valley died suddenly.
According to the official from the Section of the Health of the Animal, his side still could not carry out the inspection accurately because of being not found the carcass or meat from the goat that it was reported died in a manner aroused suspicion that.
The "goat that died has been buried, whereas that was other has been cooked his meat, so our side could not carry out the inspection and knew exactly how many the goat that was said died suddenly that," he said.
Andy Susetyo mentioned the temporary assumption of the goats died because of food poisoning, not because of the plague.
"Could be the goats ate the leaves lemtoro that still was young."
However we were still carrying out the inspection again, he said.

I am not like other birds of prey....

A different article - same story
kamping = goat (to do a search)

Liputan6.com, Ponorogo: Hundreds Of goats belonging to the resident in four villages in the Babadan Subdistrict, Ponorogo, East Java, in a last week died suddenly.
Before dying, usually the goat experienced the same sign, that is appetite decreased, limp, as well as cramps.
Resulting from the death of the goat suddenly, the resident claimed restless.
Till Tuesday (22/5), was not yet known whether the cause and the illness that attacked their kept animal.
Some residents finally be forced menyembelih and sold the goat with the cheap price.
The priest Sjakir, Kepala Sub Bidang Peternakan Regional Government Ponorogo, admitted to not yet receiving the report on the existence of hundreds of goats belonging to the resident who died suddenly.
However the Priest said, his side checked and researched the death of this goat.
He also made a plea to the resident in order to not sell the goat that was attacked by the illness.
This in order to prevents matters that were not wanted, moreover that caused a loss to the consumer.
22/05/2007 12:56
Caption: Before dying, usually the goat experienced the same sign, yakti appetite decreased, limp, as well as cramps.
Up to now was not yet it was known certain whether the cause and the illness that attacked the goat.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Dengue in Demak Regency

The sufferer dB rose 20 of Persen
NL six died Dunia

Demak- the Figure of the sufferer of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD) in the Demak Regency, this year increased quite sharply.
In January- in May was recorded by 80 sufferers, six including dying. Kasi Pemberantasan of infectious diseases in the Kesehatan Service of the Regency (DKK) Sri Hartanto said, the number of year sufferers showed the increase 20%. In 2006, the number of sufferers 141 people, now for five months in 2007, the amount 80 people. Some of the they received the maintenance in the hospital and the community health centre in Demak. Whereas another part was treated in the Kudus hospital and Semarang.

  in his note, the sufferer dB that died totalling six people. That is, four residents Mranggen, a resident of the Thunder, and the other person the resident Wedung. The spread sufferers in several subdistricts. Most from Karanganyar, Mranggen, Guntur, Bonang, and Wedung.

  RSI Nahdatul Ulama Demak Director the doctor Nunuk Sri Lestari said, in five last months was gotten by 35 patients treated inap. A person among them, Budi Wibowo (3), the resident of the Tambak Siklenting Village, Desa Wedung, died. Casualties were treated in April in the critical condition. He was carried to the hospital when vomiting blood. We have 'tried maximal to give medical help.'

Be on duty at Kebersihan

  the jump of the number of sufferers treated inap in this hospital, continued he, was in April. In January was recorded by four patients, in February (7), in March (6), in April (11), and in May (7). Now in RSU Sunan Kalijaga, was gotten by 26 patients dB for 2007. In January had five patients, in February (5), in March (5), in April (8), and in May (3). A patient in this hospital also died in January.

  Director RSU Sunan Kalijaga the doctor Singgih made a plea to the community to maintain the cleanliness of the environment. The illness dB was caused by the dengue fever virus that his spread through mosquitoes aedes aegypti.

  this mosquitoes kind, according to Section Head Kesehatan of the Regency (DKK) Demak the doctor H Budi Suprijatno, happier to breed in clean and clear water. Whereas water in Demak often contained the lime and mud. The condition for water that calcified will turn off pinched-pinched these mosquitoes, so as the potential for the proliferation in Demak relatively small.

Uptil now the DBD spreading more, because of the import from the other area. For example, the resident who worked in Kudus and Semarang was bitten by mosquitoes there. He just felt when coming home to Demak. We 'carried out fumigation in areas that we the look needed fogging.' Pihaknya also served the request from the resident who wanted his area to be sprayed.'

CHINA - Yunnan - ca. 100 people infected with encephalitis
China speculation ... Yunnan province in the south borders on Burma/Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam ....

Google-translated from Chinese:

Yunnan - Nearly 100 people infected ECM
May 29, 2007

[Sun Newsletter] Shidian County of Yunnan Epidemic encephalitis B outbreak of the epidemic and has been there for nearly 100 people infected.  There are still dozens of people were hospitalized, including some children.  Yunnan authorities sent an expert team to investigate and assist local.  Xinhua reports, Shidian County hospital last week to receive nearly 40 encephalitis B patients currently in the hospital admitted more than 30 people, and more patients in the local village clinics for treatment.  The hospital said a female staff member, of patients admitted to hospitals is not all of the ECM patients nor the Xinhua News Agency reported so much, some of these people only symptoms of fever and their blood samples were sent to the Baoshan City for further examination.  Shidian controlled Baoshan City, near the Myanmar border.

Conventional infectious diseases not reported

Yunnan health department officials said that Yunnan Provincial Health Department has sent Shidian County, including most experienced specialist pediatrician, an expert group, mean that patients with a certain number of children.  Ministry of Health officials said that this year, China's meningitis epidemic stable, the situation is normal.

WHO information officer in China Weidian, epidemic encephalitis is not a communicable diseases reported to the Standing Orders, China every year, the disease not SARS or avian flu claimed.


Proud FAF-er.

Southern Vietnam reports more dengue fever infections
Vietnam's southern region experienced 10,551 dengue fever patients in the first five months of this year, a year-on-year rise of 30 percent, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute on Wednesday.
Of the patients, 10 have died of dengue fever. Weather conditions in the region and local people's habit of storing water in containers at their houses favor the breeding of mosquitoes, the disease's transmitter.
Local healthcare agencies are asking residents to frequently clean up environment around their accommodations, mainly by keeping water containers close and clean and killing mosquitoes and their larvae, the institute said.
In 2006, Vietnam faced over 77,800 cases of dengue fever infections, including 68 fatalities. Up to 84 percent of the infections and 91 percent of the deaths were reported in the southern region.
Source: Xinhua

I am not like other birds of prey....

the Plague of dengue fever in Jakarta up until this fifth month was still worrying.
The DBD sufferer in RS Tarakan Belum Berkurang
Indosiar.com, Jakarta - the Plague of dengue fever in Jakarta up until this fifth month was still worrying.
According to the Section Head Keperawatan Rumah Sakit Tarakan Jakarta Pusat Dwi Sulistyowati on Tuesday (29/05/07) the number of dengue fever patients has in the Tarakan Hospital shown the reduction in the number of patients became 80 people.
Although the previous day still was recorded by 99 sufferers of dengue fever dengue fever.
Although today entered 4 new patients, 19 patients have for a long time been stated recovered and was permitted to come home.
In the meantime from results of observation of the Team of Indosiar Coverage of several patients still occupied maintenance spaces on the second floor and 3.
However most of the patients were treated in the class 3 hospitals including being placed in the fold bed.
The number of mature patients was still dominating maintenance spaces compared to children's patient.
Till today the Special Capital District Regional Government does not yet reduce the status of the Luar Biasa Incident (KLB) after almost 2 plague months of dengue fever haunted some inhabitants.

I am not like other birds of prey....

Dengue in Sragen, in police officers' family housing

The family of Police affected DBD, Barracks/Dormitory Smoked (Fogged).

SRAGEN-Karena had the affected member of police's family the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes attack the cause of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD), all the houses in police's barracks (Aspol) the Mageru Village, Sragen, yesterday at once was smoked (fogging). Originally Eprami Mukti Wibawani (20), the daughter Aiptu Prayitno, was treated four days in RS Dr Oen, Solo, because of being attacked by DBD.

"After several days were treated in the hospital, I currently recover," said Eprami EM was met in the Mageru barracks of Village police, Kemarin.

  worriedly DBD cause mosquitoes attacked occupants of the barracks, yesterday immediately was carried out by fumigation. Two officials were mobilised to eradicate mosquitoes with fumigation. when fumigation was carried out, all the occupants especially the mother of the household and the small child, stepped aside rather far.

Beforehand, Rio Endra Cahya (9) the resident of the Jetis Village, Mojosari, of Kelurahan Sragen Kulon, early last May also was attacked by this illness. The class student of III SD Negeri 19 Sragen the couple's child Widodo and Warsini had undergone the maintenance in RSIA Sarila Husada Street Veteran, Sragen.

After the sufferer recovered, around the house remained at the sufferer was smoked killing medicine pinched-pinched and mosquitoes.


The DKK head Dr Djoko Irnugroho appealed to the resident to be on the alert against the mosquitoes bite. Because among the mosquitoes the possibility aedes aegypti the DBD cause.

The resident was appealed to always maintain the cleanliness of the environment. Places that were suspected of breeding him mosquitoes, must be cleaned.

"Anticipated the mosquitoes attack, will be more effective was carried with the movement of the cleanliness of the environment out," said Dr Djoko Irnugroho.

Several hospitals currently establish active communication with DKK. Jika had the positive patient suffered DBD, immediately was reported to DKK.

The DKK side afterwards responded with did pegasapan in the location of the illness outbreak. The eradication must be fast and exact, so that the spreading of mosquitoes aedes aegypti immediately could be anticipated.

Dengue in Semarang

The patient dB Meningkat, 22 Meninggal

Semarang- the Movement of the Eradication of the Nyamuk Nest (PSN) with 3M (Drain, Menutup and accumulated) ought to be carried out routinely, not only from time to time then. This was said by Section Head Kesehatan of the City, the doctor Tatik Suyarti MKes, on Wednesday (30/5), responded to the increase in the number of sufferers dB in Semarang.

  was based on the available data, was recorded by 1,764 sufferers dB since early January till May 28. From this number, 22 sufferers died.

"This increase was connected with the season transition, but still could not be acknowledged as the Luar Biasa Incident (KLB)," he said.

  the jump of the sufferer happened last February, reached in the 500's the person. As his prevention, PSN efforts with 3M very effective. "Yes, if only was carried out just once no use. Minimally a week very much."

He added, the community must adjust with PSN continually. Will be better if being added abate or maintained the eater's fish pinched mosquitoes.

Not Jaminan

Fogging or fumigation currently not the guarantee dB was lost, because mature mosquitoes will die, now jentik him still continue to ada. Jika uptil now had the community that thought ask for fogging to Dinkes was difficult, this matter was denied by Tatik.

"Not make more difficult, but for fumigation indeed must have several procedures that were followed, because Dinkes will carry out epidemiology investigation, including among them counselling from the local community health centre. Moreover spraying without the PSN movement also it was felt will not be effective."

  Dinkes also trained the spraying company that often to the field in order to be not carried out at random. Moreover, the observer pinched even more was made effective, because currently take by the hand you PKK, as well as the supervision from several non-governmental organisations to monitor the activity.

  now the number of sufferers dB in RS Telogorejo experienced the jump. The staff these RS public relations, Yasmin explained, up until May 29 the sufferer dB that was treated reached 111 people. "In fact the previous month in the same date, the number of sufferers 104 souls. Up to the end of April, the number of patients 110."

Added, the patient dB that came to RS Telogorejo with the stage 3-4 generally come from outside the city or reconciliation from the other hospital. "Da that finally had died."

India Jail
Two Lucknow Jail inmates die of illness

Express News Service

Lucknow, May 30: Two inmates of the Lucknow District Jail, Riyaz Ahmed (85) and Anjum (27), died on Wednesday. Riyaz Ahmed died while he was on his way to the hospital, while Anjum died at the Balrampur Hospital.

Anjum, a resident of Hussainganj, had been arrested by the Lucknow police on February 3, 2007 in connection with a murder case, while Riyaz Ahmed, a native of Fatehpur was arrested on charges of fraud by the investigating team and sent to jail on April 20, 2007.

Family members of Anjum questioned the jail authorities on the conditions under which the prisoners were kept. They even tried to block the Hussainganj crossing, but their attempt failed after the police team arrived at the spot.

Later, Chief Medical Officer KK Singh removed Jail Doctor MK Gupta for negligence of duty. Speaking to Newsline, Singh confirmed that Dr Gupta had been replaced by Dr MR Kureel.

According to information, on Tuesday evening, Anjum complained to the jail authorities that he was suffering from fever, following which he was given medicine. ?When Anjum did not wake up on Wednesday morning, inmates immediately informed the jail administration,? a source in the jail said. Senior jail officers sent Anjum to hospital at around 5.05 am. Later, several inmates of the Lucknow jail raised voices against the jail administration and the jail doctor. When the administration requested them not to create a scene, the inmates complained that Anjum was not the only person suffering from illness. Another man Riyaz Ahmed is also in a bad condition. The jail administration then immediately made an arrangments for sending Riyaz to Balrmapur Hospital at around 10.00 am. However, Riyaz died on his way to the hospital. Later, Anjum too died at the Balrampur hospital.


Philippines - meningococcemia
Meningo claims another victim in Taguig
05/31/2007 | 08:01 AM

The deadly disease meningococcemia claimed yet another life, with a resident of Signal Village in Taguig ending up its latest victim.

Radio dzBB reported Thursday morning that the victim, initially identified as Melchor Elisan, died shortly after being brought to the Rizal Medical Center for treatment.

It cited sketchy reports from doctors at the hospital Elisan exhibited symptoms of the disease, including high fever.

The dzBB report said doctors at the Rizal Medical Center tried to have Elisan's body brought to the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila but the San Lazaro Hospital rejected it.

Instead, the Department of Health's infection control unit recommended that Elisan's coffin be sealed immediately to prevent the disease from spreading.

Health officials also instructed doctors to administer vaccines to Elisan's relatives to prevent them from contracting the disease. - GMANews.TV


From CDC website:

Is meningitis contagious?

Yes, some forms of bacterial meningitis are contagious. The bacteria are spread through the exchange of respiratory and throat secretions (i.e., coughing, kissing). Fortunately, none of the bacteria that cause meningitis are as contagious as things like the common cold or the flu, and they are not spread by casual contact or by simply breathing the air where a person with meningitis has been.


more dengue
Dengue attacks 11-y-o daughter of a former Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, who's on trial for corruption. What are the symptoms of Dengue, anyway? Does it cause a headache? -- I imagine it does, since it causes everything else to ache. This poor kid first had a fever and a headache, and the doctor suspected laryngitis (??), then when she didn't improve in a couple days and in fact got worse, they took her back and the doctor suspected DBD or Typhus. Lab tests say DBD, apparently.


The daughter the Youngest Child of Rokhmin Dahuri Attacked by DB

Bogor, CyberNews.
Syifana Afiati (11 years) the daughter of the youngest child former Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, Rokhmin Dahuri, was treated in RSU Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) Bogor, as a result of being attacked by the illness of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD).

"Was based on results of the blood inspection in laborarium, the doctor said Syifa was affected by DBD," said your mother of Syifana, NY Figoselfi Anas to Antara when accompanying his daughter in space treated inap the child, the Jasmine pavilion, the room 407, RSU PMI Bogor, on Thursday.

The class pupil 6 Negeri Polisi primary schools 1 Bogor this was treated in RSU PMI since Tuesday morning (29/5), after beforehand diperiksakan to the doctor in this hospital. The doctor afterwards suggested so that, Syifana was treated inap in order to be able to be given by the maintenance intensively.

"Originally the doctor suspected Syifa of being affected by the sign of typhus or DBD, because that was carried out by the blood inspection in the laboratory," he said.

Results of the laboratory inspection of mentioning Syifa was affected by DBD. "Saya just knew results laborium tonight him, because on Wednesday early afternoon (30/5), I attended the session" of the "continuation Sir (Rokhmin Dahuri-red) in Jakarta," he said.

According to him, Syifa was sick since Thursday (24/5), after attended the session of the continuation of the case of the assumption of budgetary fund corruption of the Kelautan Department and fisheries, that dragged Rokhmin Dahuri as the defendant, on Wednesday (23/5).

"At that time, Syifa angry and disappointed to witness his father becoming the defendant in the meeting. The next day, his body was hot and his head had a headache. The doctor suspected Syifa of being affected by laryngitis and menyarakankan if in his two hot days did not yet descend, so that diperiksakan came back," he said.

Because the temperature of the Syifa body did not yet descend also, then he diperiksakan again to the doctor on Saturday (26/9) and till Monday (28/5), the Syifa health was not yet restored also. "Moreover, on Tuesday (29/5), his condition appearance rather descended. After diperiksakan to the doctor, was suggested to be treated inap," he said.

Since Syifana was treated in RSU PMI, on Tuesday (29/5) of many sides that visited him in the hospital, beginning with the family, the teacher's staff in the Institute of Pertaian Bogor (IPB), the Rokhmin alma mater and Figoselfi Anas, and the principal, the teacher, as well as Syifana friends in the Negeri Polisi PRIMARY SCHOOL 1.

"When the principal and teachers Syifa came here, I had not been because of attending the meeting of the father in Jakarta," he said.

He admitted, his activity to be in charge of the house, visited Rokhmin in resistance, attended the meeting, gave the lecture, made him every time could not accompany Syifana in the hospital.

"We by turns were on duty at Syifa. If I had the other affair, that was on duty at Syifa was his older brother, Rachmania Kannesia or the servant," he said. The session of the case of the assumption of fund corruption non-buggeter DKP in the Tipikor court in Jakarta, at this time still in the stage of the witness's inspection.

Alert against Smallpox
Kolkata-An alert has been sounded along west Bengal's border with Bangladesh following reports of smallpox outbreak in Rajshahi district in Northern Bangladesh. The reports however, are yet to be offically confirmed.


United we stand: Divided we fall

That would be news. Possible, I suppose, but also likely is that it is monkeypox. Similar, not the same, milder.

After successful vaccination campaigns throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the WHO certified the eradication of smallpox in 1977.


[ Parent ]
From what I understand the last federal quarantine of a patient in 1963 was for Smallpox..read that somewhere, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that is what it was for.

[ Parent ]
it was rampant in India and took a whole team
of eager young health workers and physicians to go into the rural areas and help eradicate through inoculation of contacts.

Some of those idealistic young docs then went on to head the agencies we freely criticize ;-)

[ Parent ]
Smallpox jitters after 28 years
The Telegraph
Calcutta, India
Friday June 1, 2007

Smallpox jitters agter 28 years
A staff reporter

We recieved communique from the foriegn ministery yesterday about the outbreak of smallpox and measles along the boarders of Bangladesh and Myanmar," a health department offical said. "Any passengers from these two countries with fever and rashes will be secluded and tested.
"We will not seal the borders until final confirmation of the outbreak is recieved," chief sectetary Amit Kiran Deb said. District magistrates and chief medical officals of health in evry district has been alerted.


United we stand: Divided we fall

Lost documents shed light on Black Death
June 1, 2007

For centuries, rats and fleas have been fingered as the culprits responsible for the Black Death, the medieval plague that killed as many as two thirds of Europe?s population.


Experts now believe that the Black Death is more likely to have been a viral infection, similar to haemorrhagic fever or ebola, that spread from person to person.

clark is a big proponent of this theory
it's pretty intriguing.

[ Parent ]
I've wondered about it myself...
And Dr. Scott reinforced my thinking about fleas/ticks in winter. It makes sense, but I always thought Bubonic Plague was viral anyway, and could pass easily H2H...

[ Parent ]
wikipedia lays out the arguments
on both sides.


"The majority of historians support the theory that the bubonic plague caused the Black Death. Nevertheless, counterarguments have developed."

[ Parent ]
Chikungunya(??) in Klaten

The illness was similar chikungu him emerged in the village gatak.

Klaten - the Illness that his sign was similar chikungunya him has attacked dozens of residents of the Gatak Village, Desa Sekarsuli, of Kecamatan Klaten Utara, in a week in recent times. They who were attacked experienced the high fever, emerged the red spot, and felt hurt in the body pivot. Several affected residents claimed could not beraktivitas because foot and their hands were sick when dige-rakkan.

"Originally only several affected residents. Later, almost all these RT residents were also attacked," said Mulyani, on last Friday (1/6).

  this illness at first was contagious in the west of the village.
One or two residents were attacked. Further, the resident RT other also affected. Dozens of people in four RT now are attacked.

  he admitted to spending Rp money 300,000 to take medicine.

However, because confused also did not recover although already to the doctor, he then drank the herbal tonic. In fact, continue to his illness was not lost.

"Setelah a week, the feeling of hurting in the pivot began to decrease and the red spot was lost," he said.

"This illness not the hair look. It was male, the woman, parents, and children terjangkit."

  NY Wiryo, the resident RT 2, said the inhabitants of the village did not know the illness whether actual was contagious. "He emerged suddenly and spread quickly from one family to the other family," said he.

  this case has been reported to the village office, but as far as this is concerned did not yet have the action from authorised apparatus.

Scotland and US:Midwest: squirrelpox and squirrel fibroma virus
...It is true to say that we do not know for definite how related the
virus, that is causing disease in the UK red squirrel population, is
to the squirrel fibroma virus described in Michigan, but equally we
have no evidence that they are one and the same virus...


Squirrels as food?  Maybe not. 

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

I got one in a few years ago with a terrible case
of the pox/fibroma.
He was a fighter but did not make it.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
we must have it here, too
Funny, I had a squirrel I watched with a tumor just like that.  It was huge, I don't know how he even was able to walk.  I guess we have it in my part of Michigan.  You are right, squirrels are off the menu now.

It is probably a good thing
to be aware of things to look for if it comes down to hunting or trapping yard animals. Rabbits get something similar as well as tularemia which is rare in florida. Pox is rare in squirrels in central florida too.

There is also something else that causes lumpy bald areas in squirrels and that is warbles from bot fly larva. This is pretty widespread.
Here is a page that has pics and these squirrels would be ok to eat as this will not affect the meat portion of the animal.

If things got really bad and you trapped a squirrel with lumps and you see an open  hole in the middle of the lump it probably is only the warble of a larva which does not go into the meat of the animal and it will be safe.


Here is a grub I removed from a bunny. He did fine.
Pretty gross.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
Here is a better pic
of what you probably saw in your squirrel.
This would be ok to eat after you skinned it.
Very common.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
Yet another good reason to be a vegatarian! n/t

[ Parent ]
But I always thought...
...squirrels were made of Vegamite!!! Doesn't that sorta make them VitaMeatAVegamin?

[ Parent ]
Seriously though
If things did get bad especially in the city, these might be good things to know.....Not much to hunt among those highrises except a few local bits of wildlife.
I live on a lake and am counting on a lot of perch, crappie, and bass dinners to supplement in case of the worst case scenario.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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FDA: Throw away toothpaste made in China
Check your preps for the toothpastes listed in this article!!

POSTED: 7:21 p.m. EDT, June 1, 2007


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government warned consumers on Friday to avoid using toothpaste made in China because it may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze.

Out of caution, the Food and Drug Administration said, people should throw away toothpaste with labeling that says it was made in China. The FDA is concerned that these products may contain diethylene glycol.


Officials said they are primarily concerned about toothpaste sold at bargain retail outlets. The ingredient in question, called DEG, is used as a lower-cost sweetener and thickening agent. The highest concentration of the chemical found in toothpaste so far was between 3 percent and 4 percent of the product's overall weight.

"It does not belong in toothpaste even in small concentrations," said the FDA's Deborah M. Autor.


The alert says the agency found DEG in three products manufactured by Goldcredit International Trading in China. The products are Cooldent Fluoride, Cooldent Spearmint and Cooldent ICE. Analysis of the products revealed they contained between 3 percent and 4 percent DEG.

The agency also found the chemical in one product manufactured by Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemical Co. in China. Analysis of that product, Shir Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste, found it contained about 1 percent DEG.

This makes me so angry
I had to toss two hundred pounds of dry dog food because of the recalls and now am not stocking up on it till all this shakes out if it ever does. I added it to the last minute list which I hate having to do.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
We had 50 pounds of dry cat food
I've started keeping all my receipts for my preps, just in case. In this case, I'm glad I did...I returned all the cat food to the store, and they refunded not only my purchase price, but gave me 10% over for my hassle!
Cat food will be one of my last preps, too. Not many people at the last minute, will think of their pets' needs!

[ Parent ]
And now this
Texas lab finds pain medicine in pet food

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating a Texas laboratory's finding of acetaminophen in dog and cat food, an agency spokesman said Monday.

"We're very interested in being able to test these samples ourselves to determine the levels of those contaminants," said FDA spokesman Doug Arbesfeld. "What's significant is these things are there. They don't belong there."

The pain medication is the fifth contaminant found in pet foods during the past 2 1/2 months and can be toxic or lethal to pets, especially cats. It is not known if any animals became sick with acetaminophen poisoning, or died from it.

"We were looking for cyanuric acid and melamine, and the acetaminophen just popped up," Donna Coneley, lab operations manager for ExperTox Inc. in Deer Park, Texas, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review yesterday. "It definitely was a surprise to find that in several samples."


Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
More from article
The contaminants were found in foods that are not among the more than 150 brands recalled since March 16, Coneley said. The highest level of acetaminophen was found in a dog food sample submitted by a manufacturer, she said. Coneley declined to identify the company but said its officials were given the results "well over a month ago."

That company should have -- but did not -- notify the FDA, which first learned of the acetaminophen findings after pet owners posted lab reports on the Internet, Arbesfeld said.

"With any poison, it's the amount that matters." said Dr. Wilson Rumbeiha, a Michigan State University pathologist who is working with the FDA on the pet food contamination investigation. His lab has screened for acetaminophen but found none, he said.

The highest level of acetaminophen found by the Texas lab -- 2 milligrams per gram of dog food -- is a large amount, Rumbeiha said. That is eight times what a 10-pound cat could safely consume, he said.

However, a 20-pound dog would have to eat more than 6.5 pounds of food in 24 hours to be poisoned, unless it ate the same contaminated food daily, Rumbeiha said.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
Fever (Malaria?)
Fever spreading: One dies in Thirumarady
Saturday June 2 2007 13:03 IST

KOOTHATTUKULAM: The death of a person due to pneumonia at Thirumarady panchayat near here has spread panic across the panchayat.

KP Jacob, Koovakkal House, Mannathoor, died in Lissie Hospital, Kochi, on Friday. Jacob, who had been admitted to the Medical College, Kolenchery, was later removed to Lissie Hospital.

More than 300 patients were admitted to various hospitals at Koothattukulam on Friday. Meanwhile, one malaria case has been reported from Palakuzha panchayat.

Rathan, a native of Orissa, who is working with a gloves manufacturing company here, reportedly sought medical assistance.

A team, led by medical officer of Pampakuda Primary Health Centre (PHC) IK Savthri, that visited the fever-affected Navolimala at Thirumarady found out 150 patients in 248 houses.

Around 82 fever cases were reported from Pampakuda PHC on Friday. Similar cases were also reported at Deva Matha and Cooperative Hospitals.

Government Hospital, Koothattukulam, witnessed a high inflow of patients.

A meeting of the health officials has decided to start fogging and spraying of pesticides in Thirumarady panchayat from Monday.

They will conduct study classes and campaign in different parts of the panchayat, the medical officer said.



Malaria - Pneumonia

Woman Wants To Know What's Killing Birds Boston
Bellingham woman has found several dead birds in here yard, but she said officials can't tell her where they came from or how they died.

NewsCenter 5's Sean Kelly reported that Lisa Cavossa said she has found 11 dead birds since Memorial Day weekend on her front and side yards.

"There's 11 dead birds in my yard. I'm a little worried about it," she said......


Be Prepared

I've been finding lots too.
I'd say about 6 or 7 dead birds in my yard in the past few weeks.  They don't have any signs of trauma on them.  I'm thinking west nile virus.

[ Parent ]
where are you (state??)

Be Prepared

[ Parent ]
Heads up folks
Comment:  Please see my post above titled "Fever (Malaria?)" from last Saturday.  Both it and the article below is concerning basically the same area, see maps.  By now I would think they should have some idea what this disease is.  Maybe not.

Fever spreading in Piravom
Thursday June 7 2007 13:52 IST
PIRAVOM: With fever spreading in Piravom and nearby panchayats, around 525 patients sought medical help at the Out Patient section of the Government Hospital at Piravom on Wednesday. Nearly 95 patients were admitted to the hospital.

??No case of chikungunya was detected at the panchayat. But the blood samples of some patients having symptoms of chikungunya were collected. The samples will be sent to the Virology Laboratory, Alappuzha, for detailed examination,?? Medical Officer Beena Mohan said.

A medical team from the Primary Health Centre, Ramamangalam, has found out that the number of fever cases were on a high in Nechoor and Thottathimala areas in Maneedu panchayat.

The team conducted medical camps at various places in Piravom, Ramamangalam and Maneedu panchayat.

A special team, led by Deputy District Medical Officer P A Krishnan, visited the area and conducted study classes.


Here's a map:


Rise in fever cases in Kottayam
KOTTAYAM: Even as the authorities continued with efforts to contain the spread of fever, the district reported 6,154 new cases yesterday. Kanjirappally and Mundakkayam continued to top the list and accounted for more than 2,600 of these cases.The number of cases reported from the low-lying areas of Vaikom has been hovering around 600 for the past few days. The number of fever cases reported since June 1 stands at 14,722 in the district, the authorities said.


Comment:  There were 2000 ducks that died in Kerala province/state in the middle of May, 2007.  They tested negative for birdflu.  Here's an article:

Monsoon season has started in this region and from what I have read there is always a significant uptick in "viral fever" cases: malaria, dengue, waterborne diseases.  Good chance this is all that is happening, but I believe anytime there is a surge at hospitals such as these it is wise to pay attention.

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Okieman, this is interesting.
It seems to me that is an awful high number for fever cases, which if I remember, surpasses last Dengue season.
Is that correct?

Hmmm. 2000 ducks die, and tested negative for birdflu. What we have here,imo,is false negatives. This is indeed something to watch. How many of those people are H5N1 positive? The 6 million dollar question.

United we stand: Divided we fall

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Thanks for the heads-up! Will keep a watch- n/t

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73000 Cases in five days
Kerala health minister under fire
Wednesday, June 06, 2007 04:20:45 pm

No sooner did the monsoons hit Kerala, than a viral outbreak has the state in a death grip. Questions are now being raised about the lack of prompt action coming from the Kerala Health Minister, P K Sreemathi.

Media reports suggest that in just the last three days 11 people have succumbed to viral fever that has been unofficially confirmed as Chikungunya. But the state health department is yet to confirm the deaths.

Since January this year 7, 80,000 viral fever OP cases were reported, and in the last five days alone there have been 73,000 cases.

The outbreak, especially in the Travancore region of the state has seen over 10,000 people being admitted to various government hospitals across the state. But locals claim many have succumbed to the fever due to the lack of immediate medical attention.



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Is it just me, or does it seem
worse this year? Or is this typical. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around those numbers. It's a very good thing Dengue is not H2H.
Since I am not fimiliar with the region the article is talking about, is this place in the hot zone for H5N1?

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Same questions, Cottontop
but no answers.  :(

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94000 Chikungunya, one week
Kerala In Chikungunya Grip, Thousands Affected
Friday 08th of June 2007 About 94,000 people in Kerala have been affected by fever in the last one week while about 7,000 patients have been identified with mosquito-borne chikungunya fever, according to the state health department.

'About 7,000 patients have now been identified of having mosquito-borne chikungunya fever and I will not say none has died,' Health Minister P.K. Sreemathi told reporters here Friday.

Six fever-related deaths were reported in Pathanamitta Friday.

Reports from Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Ernakulam districts indicate that around 40 people have died due to high fever in the last three weeks.

Kerala's central districts like Kottayam and Pathanamthitta were among the worst affected, accounting for nearly half of the affected. However, northern districts like Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasargode are said to be the least affected.

'The need of the hour is a joint campaign with the help of all social agencies and we have called a meeting of these organisations on June 11,' said Sreemathi.

The government is holding an all-party meeting Saturday where more concrete measures to tackle the disease are expected to be taken.

It has asked private hospitals to open special wards for patients suffering from fever and to submit a list of the number of patients arriving for treatment.


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I realize that there are millions of moquitoes, and if there is an infestation of them, those numbers are valid. It's just hard, as I said before, to wrap my mind around those numbers.

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African Swine Fever-Georgia (not US)
Georgia has offically notified OIE(Office International des Epizooties; World Organisation for Animal Health) of 11 outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) in pigs. This is the first ever occurrance of the disease in Northern Europe(location described elsewhere as southeast Europe/southwerst Asia)


United we stand: Divided we fall

Please be aware
Comment:  I have been following this now for a few days.  I have seen more than one article which mentioned that the government had not made a statement confirming that chikungunya was the predominant disease in Kerala state.  Rather the answer has always been that it was "viral fever".  They definitely believe the diseases there are mosquito borne.
Below are a few articles available in english.  I have seen not one article which mentions influenza.

Sunday 10th of June 2007Chikungunya Toll 40 In Kerala, Army Teams Pressed
Sunday 10th of June 2007 The death toll from chikungunya in Kerala touched 40 with five more deaths reported Sunday, as two army teams and one from the navy began efforts to contain the viral fever in the worst affected districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta.

Fresh deaths were reported from Trissur, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam districts, while more than 100,000 people in the state have been reportedly affected by the disease with south and central districts being the worst affected.

Chikungunya is a viral infection, which spreads through the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The patient complains of fever with excessive body pain and the disease can be fatal too.

Two army teams from the Pangode unit here reached Amboori in Thiruvananthapuram and Pathanamthitta, while a 24-member naval team from Kochi began its work in Pampady in Kottayam district.

Some personnel of the teams started fogging insecticides while medical experts began treating the affected people.

The defence teams were expecting supply of medicines. Senior health officials from Delhi were also expected to visit the affected areas.

At the campsite in Amboori, a spokesman of the army team said they were doing routine health check-ups to decide if a patient should be admitted to a hospital or given medical aid.

With the spread of the diseases taking alarming proportions, the state government Thursday sought help of the armed forces and Defence Minister A.K. Antony immediately agreed to the demand.

An all-party meeting held here Saturday decided that a week-long cleaning campaign programme across the state would be launched on June 12 and all political parties, social organisations, National Cadet Corps, scouts and guides would help in the effort.



Naval medical teams leave for Kerala
Kochi, June. 10 (PTI): Two medical teams from the naval base here on Sunday left for Kottayam and Idukki districts, equipped with medicines, pesticides and fogging equipment to help the Kerala Government contain the spread of chikungunya.

Two teams from the army are undertaking a similar mission in Thiruvananthapuram and Pathanamthitta districts, a navy statement said.

Surgeon Commodore S K Mohanty, Command Medical Officer, is coordinating the activities from Kochi on behalf of the Southern Naval Command.

Each medical team from the navy includes two doctors, one of them a specialist, four medical staff, six non-medical staff and two members for handling pesticides, it said.

The teams will treat people suffering from other ailments besides chikungunya, and carry out the spraying of pesticides and fogging in places as required by health authorities in the two districts, the statement said.



Kerala seeks Army help to contain fever
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JUNE 9 (PTI) ? Kerala government has sought the army medical teams? assistance to cope with the spread of a viral fever to many parts of the state that has claimed at least 36 lives.

Defence medical teams from Secunderabad and Chennai are expected to arrive in the State tomorrow on a request by Kerala.
government as fever-affected patients continued to pour into hospitals, especially in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts.
After an all-party meet convened to discuss the situation, Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan said information from the two worst-hit districts, including media reports, put the casualty at 36.
According to official sources, Defence Minister A K Antony has offered to make available the Army?s help to tackle the situation based on a request from state Health Minister P K Sreemathi.
A State-wide cleanliness campaign with the co-operation of political parties, medical fraternity NGOs and defence personnel would be launched from June 12. The campaign would focus on mosquito-control, removal of wastes and curb on use of plastics.
The government offered to release more funds for hospitals to purchase medicines and step up facilities to deal with the fever. One month?s free ration would be provided to people in affected areas.


No case of chikungunya in Tamil Nadu so far: official
Chennai, June. 10 (PTI): Appealing to people not to panic over reports of chikungunya in neighbouring Kerala, the Tamil Nadu Government today said that no case of the fever has been reported in the state so far.


Necessary medicines have been stocked in all hospitals and a separate wing with adequate beds has been set up at medical college hospitals to treat chikungunya patients.

People have been advised to keep their surroundings clean to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and asked to immediately approach a nearby hospital in case of fever, the statement said.



According to the CDC website:

How is chikungunya virus infection treated?
No vaccine or specific antiviral treatment for chikungunya fever is available. Treatment is symptomatic--rest, fluids, and ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, or paracetamol may relieve symptoms of fever and aching. Aspirin should be avoided

No deaths, neuroinvasive cases, or hemorrhagic cases related to CHIKV infection have been conclusively documented in the scientific literature.


Okieman, please, please, keep
us updated on this. I can't help but get a litle spooked by seeing "100,000." This just seems really bizare.

United we stand: Divided we fall

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Tracking panflu has really raised my awareness-
about all kinds of diseases in different parts of the globe.

If 100,000 Americans came down with this, there would be all kinds of screaming-this has not made any of the MSM that Ive been able to tell.

I'm with Cottontop-100,000 is a scary number.  And with symptoms so similar it would be soooo easy to have a flu outbreak and it be missed or misdiagnosed.

Not to mention the fact that 100,000 people are suffering from a rather nasty sounding disease.

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I agree with Greenmom ;-) Tracking panflu
really has increased my awareness diseases in all parts of the world. I am getting an edumacation for sure! ;-)

I just don't know what to think. This is definately knew to us. I know it is for me. Dengue/Chick. numbers have never been this hight that I know of, even in reading past epidemics, numbers were not this high. Guess I'll go get some painting done.

United we stand: Divided we fall

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Interesting Article
Chikungunya affects Kerala's healthcare status

Thiruvananthapuram, June 11 (IANS) Kerala's status of having one of the best healthcare systems in India has received a severe blow in the past one year due to the outbreak of chikungunya viral fever in the state.

Last year, more than 100 people died during the outbreak of the mosquito-borne viral fever in the coastal districts of Alappuzha, Kollam and Ernakulam.

The present outbreak, which has seen more than 40 people die in the past two weeks in the south and central districts of Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and parts of the capital city has raised questions about how good Kerala's healthcare system really is.

According to sources, more than 100,000 people are down with fever in the south and central districts of the state and the disease is now spreading to the northern districts as well.

Public health expert and chairman of Health Action by People, an NGO, C.R.Soman told IANS that the present crisis occurred because Kerala was living on past glory of excellent public health status.

"It was in 1930 that the country's first primary health care centre started functioning in Kerala's Neyattinkara area and due to concerted efforts at all levels, Malaria was eradicated by 1970 from the state. We failed to carry on with the good work and hence the present situation is so bad," Soman said Monday.

Ironically, Kerala's health indicators are often said to be at par with those of developed countries. The state has the lowest infant mortality rate of 14.1 per cent as against an all-India average of 70.5. The birth rate for Kerala is 15 per cent while for the rest of the country it is 23.8. Similarly, the death rate is 6.4 as against 7.60 for the country. With regards to life expectancy also Kerala leads the rest of the country with 70.9 for males and 76 for women as against 61.8 and 63.5 respectively in the country.

In order to tackle the chikungunya outbreak, for the first time in recent history, the state government requested the Centre to deploy armed forces in the state and the army responded positively.

"The need of the hour is not the Indian Army. People must start practicing cleanliness and make better sanitation efforts at the earliest," said Soman.

He put part of the blame for the present crisis situation in the state on the excessive media coverage of the issue.

Soman said with the media reporting almost every fever case and overplaying the issue, the doctors are on tenterhooks and are admitting every patient who comes with fever whereas a few years back most of these patients would have been treated as out patients.

"In these hospitals, those affected with dengue and chikungunya have to be isolated because if the aedes mosquito bites an affected person, it can carry the disease to others in the hospital. Government hospitals do not have the infrastructure to isolate these patients," a doctor said on condition of anonymity.

Soman said authorities should take the help of epidemiologists and entomologists to conduct studies to ensure that vector control measures are taken within the next three to four years to prevent any more epidemic.


Comment:  This outbreak is probably worthy of examination by governments around the world since it has some of the same characteristics of a rapidly spreading influenza epidemic/pandemic.  In one of the news articles I posted earlier, they mention that the government is providing a months worth of rations to the citizens.  The logistics of this would be worthy of examination.  Also, there is a significant military presence which has been mobilized to provide medical care and mosquito eradication assistance.
The health care facilities are overwhelmed and they are having difficulty providing isolation space for the patients.  How medical care is provided to such a surge of patients and the coordination with the military is also worthy of observation.  All of these issues, (plus probably much more not being reported), probably have equivalents during a modern influenza pandemic.  There are lessons to be learned here.

Okieman, what a great article.
Took me awhile to read it, but it's just what I needed to wrap my brain around this. I know have a much greater understanding of this, and questions answered. It seems as if this season, it's the African strain, as last year, back with a vengence.
Alot in that article is so eerie of pandemic flu, and last season, Chik was only epidemic, as is this season. Imagine my surprise to see they called it epidemic, not pandemic. The crash it had on the economy, hospitals, hcw, jobs, families, sounds like pandemic.
Thank you for helping a "challenged cottontop." I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO READ THE ARTICLE THAT OKIEMAN HAS POSTED. A BETTER UNDERSTANDING IS WHAT WE NEED. No I wasn't yelling. I'm stressing a point. It's education we need. Now I don't have to try not to panic when I see 100,000 more infected with Chik. ;-)

United we stand: Divided we fall

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From the paper linked up above:

Chikungunya is caused by an RNA alphavirus belonging to the family Togaviridae. The virus encodes 9 genes, consisting of coding sequences for non-structural polyproteins (precursor for nsP1?nsP4 proteins), structural polyproteins (precursor for C, E1?3 and 6K proteins), and polyadenylation site, flanked by 5´ and 3´ sequences4 (Fig. 1). E1 protein correlates with the serological response in human hosts5 and also modulates penetration of the virus in the mosquito species.6
  Genetic analyses and historical accounts suggest that the chikungunya virus originated in tropical Africa,7 and subsequently evolved into 3 distinct genotypes?the East African, the West African and the Asian genotypes. The Asian genotypes have a high degree of nucleic acid sequence homology among themselves, but the African strains exhibit wider sequence diversity, 7 and have been shown to undergo genetic micro-evolutions even during the course of an epidemic.6 Prior to the 2006 epidemic in India, the 3 genotypes were restricted to the geographical areas denoted by their names. Experts suggest that virus strains isolated from the 2005 epidemic in the Indian Ocean islands,6 and the strains that are currently circulating in India 8 have evolved from the East African genotype. The past outbreaks in India were caused by the Asian genotypes. The African genotype, as suggested recently, arrived in India 5 years ago.8 Researchers are trying to find out how the virus sneaked in, why it lay dormant for 5 years and what made it erupt in 2006.

Questions I have:  Since this is a RNA virus which appears to have some ability to mutate/change during the course of an epidemic, could this be the reason for such rapid disease transmission?  Could it have gained the ability to be passed human-to-human and bypass the mosquito vector route?  Is it possible that since influenza and chikungunya are both RNA viruses they could have traded some genetic sequences while in a common host? 

I am not a virologist.  But are these valid questions to ask?  Are these things possible?  I would appreciate it if anyone has some amount of expertise in this matter to comment.  Thanks.

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neither Chikungunya nor Malaria
The thing I noticed in the RSOE article I posted was:
"It is neither Chikungunya nor Malaria"

So if it is not Chik..... then what?
what choices are left?
I wished I knew the symptoms.

Be Prepared

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mysterious fever - India - 2000 people
  RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary

2007-06-14 12:13:43 - - India

GLIDE CODE: -20070614-11861-IND
Date & Time: 2007-06-14 12:13:43 [UTC]
Area: India, State of Karn?taka, , Sindhuvalli



Following reports of outbreak of a mysterious fever in Sindhuvalli village, Dr. Nagarathna, Health Officer, Primary Health Centre, Kadakola, visited the village on Tuesday and conducted a general health check-up of the residents. She opined that the large number of residents in Sindhuvalli village could have suffered from fever due to virus. Blood samples of 50 residents of the village had been taken and sent for testing. Persistent fever and its spread from one to another are signs of virus infection. It is neither Chikungunya nor Malaria, the official disclosed to the media. More than 2,000 residents of the village are affected by the fever, with about three or four in each family suffering from the mysterious fever. The situation is persisting for about a month now. The number of afflicted persons is constantly on the rise. Many are completely bedridden. As the fever is spreading widely, the scared residents are sending their children away from the village to relatives in other places, rendering the schools in the village empty. Although the suffering persons were treated by local doctors for the past 15 days there was no relief. A mobile medical check-up van from TVS Motor Company and another from Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashram are the only help available to the villagers. As these vans stop at pre-specified spots, it has not been possible to treat the bedridden patients. The entire village is stunned and an eerie silence has engulfed the place.

Infected: 2000 persons


Be Prepared

more on Sindhuvalli village

The death of 40-year-old Sakamma at Sindhuvalli village has only deepened the mystery: Is it chikungunya, as the villagers tend to believe it is?...

The villagers maintain that the doctors came here only a day ago, in response to a month-old request for medical help!
They even suspect drinking water is contaminated with drain water, ?which may have caused Sakamma?s death?. ...

Be Prepared

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Worth watching
Thanks DennisC for posting info on this.  I have been following the situation in Kerala state for a while now and there is something which has not felt right about it to me.  The over all assumption has been this is a Chikungunya epidemic, but I do not believe there has been an official recognition or statement to that effect.  I posted an article about the Sindhuvalli village "mystery fever" on the june 3 diary here  http://www.newfluwik...

I believe this situation deserves attention.  If not for the questions about the disease, then for the lessons to be learned concerning a rapidly spreading illness which debilitates a large proportion of the population, and the collateral issues which arise.

[ Parent ]
Please be aware that Sindhuvalli village is in Karnataka state, which is east of Kerala state where the large outbreak of "viral fever" is occuring.

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yes, something is happening
It seems to be spreading. And you are right (your other posts) that it is too fast for most endemic things and too fast for TB.  It sure sounds like something new.

The thing I notice is that there are now a few deaths after a month.  That is almost the right timing for a BF thing. The bad thing is that if it has spread to 2000 in two months, that would put the R0 around 2 to 2.5 or so assuming about a week or so incubation.  What ever it is- it is not good.

Be Prepared

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You can get something, even at the doc's office
Back to Story - Help
3 hepatitis C cases linked to NYC doctor 1 hour, 23 minutes ago


Authorities urged 4,500 people who were treated by an anesthesiologist to get tested for hepatitis C, saying three patients may have been infected as the doctor gave them anesthesia.

The city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said Thursday it was mailing letters to everyone at risk and noted that the liver-damaging disease cannot be spread by casual contact.

Three people treated by the doctor in August were diagnosed with hepatitis C in recent months, the health department said. Laboratory tests suggest they were infected while getting intravenous anesthesia drugs during outpatient procedures, according to the agency.

Authorities have not identified the anesthesiologist. A state Health Department spokeswoman, Claudia Hutton, said the agency had not established "that the doctor is guilty of doing anything wrong."

The doctor has had a medical license since 1977 and "does not have a history of spreading infection," Hutton said.

City authorities said they were contacting everyone treated by the anesthesiologist while he or she practiced at 10 different medical offices in New York City, from Dec. 1, 2003, to May 1, 2007. The doctor has stopped practicing during the investigation, the city health department said.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

Dilbert on Pandemic Business Productivity

Well, someone is thinking about it.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

seagulls Bahamas
Reports surfaced on Monday [18 Jun 2007] that dozens of seagulls were found dead in waters near Sweetings Cay and on nesting grounds near Lightbourne Cay. Both Cays are located near Grand Bahama Island. Witnesses reported that the birds did not show signs of trauma. On Tuesday [19 Jun 2007], the Bahamas Department of Environmental Health Services (DEHS) confirmed receiving reports of the incident. DEHS has neither seen nor collected the birds, but has reported the information to the Department of Agriculture. DEHS chief public analyst asks the public to immediately report any additional dead bird sightings. He notes that there have been similar dead bird reports in previous years. The source reports that it attempted to contact the Director of Agriculture in New Providence but could not reach him for comment. No further information was provided. An additional witness contacted the source on Wednesday [20 Jun 2007] and reported a dead seagull that was floating in the Lucayan waterway.)


Be Prepared

Seagulls and Chik
Yikes!  As the seagulls fly (pun intended), that's very close to my house.  Too close.

I have a question re: the apparent epidemic in India.

Are Chik and Dengue the same thing?  If not, is it possible that it's a Dengue epidemic?

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Nepal - sounds bad
Thirty-five children have died of an unknown disease in Kalikot district over the last two months, according to the Kalikot District Public Health Office (DPHO). Local leading media group's website THT Online reported on Monday that in Khin of Kalikot district, some 380 km northwest of capital Kathmandu, the children got cough in the beginning followed by fever, chest pain and finally died after profuse discharge of blood, Katak Mahat, a health worker at the DPHO said. A mobile health team was sent to the region to bring under control the disease, which has gripped over 1,000 children there, he added. Katak, who returned from the affected area to the district headquarters in connection with controlling the epidemic, said although the epidemic was not brought under full control, the situation was not so serious. Some health personnel have stayed behind and medicines left there to control the epidemic, he added. Local newspaper The Kathmandu reported the same case last week as 30 kids in Khin of Kalikot district died of a diarrhea epidemic between May 16 and June 21. Most of the dead belong to dalit communities, belonging to lower caste. The outbreak has also spread into the neighboring villages.)


Note: it isn't likely to be BF but recall that cough and diarrhea are the first clinical sign of BF:

Be Prepared

SARS survivors regain physical health but mental health toll lingers for some

Helen Branswell, Canadian Press
Published: Monday, June 25, 2007

TORONTO (CP) - Many of Toronto's SARS survivors largely regained their physical health within a year after their brush with the new disease, but for some the psychological toll of their illness lingered for months after their recovery, a new study reveals.

The authors suggest the finding underscores the need to build psychological support services into any planned response to a major disease outbreak, whether that is a flu pandemic or some other new disease.

The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that 33 per cent of studied survivors reported a significant decline in their mental health a year out from their recovery.

And at that year anniversary point - when the followup formally ended - 17 per cent of patients in the group still had not returned to work.


FL-60 Ducks Found Dead Along Lake Monroe
SANFORD, Fla. -- Florida Fish and Wildlife are still trying to figure out what's killing dozens of ducks in Seminole County.

A total of 66 dead ducks have been found along Lake Monroe in Sanford. The bird flu has been ruled out. Scientists suspect currents disrupted the birds' bait fish supply.

Officials are hoping a necropsy will provide them with some answers.


Be Prepared

Hundreds of dead seabirds found along U.S. SE coast
CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - Hundreds of dead seabirds that washed up along the Southeast coast in recent weeks apparently starved to death, but experts don't know why.

The deaths of the birds - similar to gulls and called greater shearwaters - have wildlife officials worried about possible changes in the ocean that could have affected the fish that the birds usually eat.

"It's got a lot of folks talking and wondering," said Jennifer Koches, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "Is this a canary in the coal mine issue? Is there something that serious going on out in the ocean that it should be causing us serious alarm?"  An estimated 1,000 of the dead birds have been found from the Bahamas to Florida and north to the Carolinas, said Craig Watson, a wildlife biologist with the Fish and Wildlife Service.......

The birds, which feed on small fish, nest on islands off southern Africa and then migrate north during the summer to the ocean off Canada. Most of the dead birds are juveniles that were born this year."It does look like they are starving to death," Watson said. "They are extremely malnourished >/b>."  The winds on the ocean could be pushing the birds off course where they find less to eat, he said.


Be Prepared

On my Fla wildlife rehab list
people who do birds have been posing about starved shearwaters coming in at an enormous rate. A few months ago it was gannets.All are thin and starved.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Barcelona Struggles on Day 2 of Blackout
Two days without electricity. No air conditioning, no elevators, no traffic signals, no computers, no fuel pumps. Now what would happen if this lasted, oh, say 6 months?

Jul 24 03:47 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer


BARCELONA, Spain (AP) - Shops operated with gas-powered lamps, traffic lights remained blank and courthouses turned to battery power Tuesday as Spain's most cosmopolitan city faced Day Two of a major power outage.
The blackout began Monday morning, hitting public transport, hospitals, homes and businesses, affecting 350,000 customers in all. Power company Fecsa-Endesa said 80,000 customers were still without power Tuesday, but hoped to get 50,000 of them back up soon.

Firefighters reported a flood of calls from people stuck in elevators, and police officers were sent to major intersections to direct traffic.


Nursing home manager Alberto Vargas said he forked over $4,150 to rent a generator for 5 days from a neighboring province because they were sold out in Barcelona. He was worried about keeping medicine fresh and making sure his 120 residents didn't fall in the dark.


The outage began when a substation cable fell, causing a chain- reaction failure in as many as six other substations and a fire in one


"What has happened is very serious. It gives you the feeling that the country is not prepared,"

Viral fever - Nepal

Viral fever has spread in Saptari district and rural areas of Mahottari in central Nepal in the past week, local media reported on Wednesday. At least 150 people are suffering from the disease in Saptari, some 200 km east of Kathmandu. The patients complain of headache, cold and high fever. Some of the patients are also suffering from diarrhea, the report said. According to the report, the situation has worsened due to the absence of health workers at the sub-health post in the district. In flood-hit Mahottari district, some 130 km south of Kathmandu, the number of viral fever patients visiting hospitals and health centers has gone up in the past week. Most of the rural areas in the district are in the grip of the disease. Most of the patients visiting the district hospital in Jaleshwor have fever, health worker Anita Sharma was quoted by the website as saying. A sudden surge in the mercury level and polluted water may have caused the spread of the disease, said the head of the district hospital, Dr Pawan Thakur. "The viral fever may develop into kala-zar and typhoid if patients don't get timely medical treatment," Thakur added.) 

yes, here is more
you may want to change to the newer "not bird flue" thread here-

here is the current situation as I know it-

July 26 - The number of patients, especially children, suffering from viral fever and malaria has gone up at Panchthar district headquarters Fidim within the last week....
patients coming for treatment is nearly 30 per day. Following this congestion, the patients have been occupying the stairway and corridors of the hospital building....

They  show symptoms like headache, cold, fatigue, sore eye and communicable fever, he said. Meanwhile, patients are even crowding local medical shops in search of treatment.


a nepal newspaper.

Be Prepared

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Sorry, I always have trouble finding the Not Bird Flu thread n/t

[ Parent ]
me too
Yes, "they" keep on putting in new ones.
I also have lots of trouble finding the PPF thread.  I cannot even search for that one since the key term is only 3 letters.

Be Prepared

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Here's the most recent "Not Bird Flu" thread
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If we start a brand new Rumor thread
and if we all undo any bolding in our signatures or anywhere else, maybe it will cure this bolding problem that's in both recent rumor diaries.  But every poster should check for bolding before posting or it will start all over again.  The tiny size can be grown but bolding is forever.  Even retroactive.  >:-(

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

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I just checked the most recent Rumors diary
There's no problem with 'bolding', but there is the same problem with tiny print due to an open-ended command in someone's signature.

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However, Jane, upon seeing this full diary
You're right! I see it now...BOLD!!  I'll start a new Diary and see where we go from there...

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