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Maryland Preppers

by: Chesapeake

Thu Nov 23, 2006 at 07:00:28 AM EST

Welcome to the Maryland Diary.
Say hello and share some news with with your neighbors.
Chesapeake :: Maryland Preppers
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Maryland Preppers | 220 comments
NIH Avian Influenza Study Enrolling NOW
Tue 11-28-06:  National Insititue of Health Avian Influenza Study  -- Purpose of the study seems to be to vaccinate volunteers with several doses of a prototype vaccine in order to create high antibody levels and then use this to create a immunogen made from the antibodies of the volunteers.

Seek link:  http://tinyurl.com/y...

Contacting the NIH about the Study
Call 1-800-411-1222 and ask about study number 06-I-0235. 

According to the newspaper ad:

To participate:  Volunteers must:
Be healthy and 18 to 59 years old
Be HIV negative and not have Hepatitis B or C
Meet criteria to donate blood

As part of the study:

Volunteers will receive up to 4 doese of an investigational vaccine against avian influenza into the muscle one month apart

Volunteers must be willing to donate plasma

Volunteers wil be compensated

Annapolis , experts to testify
Medical and research experts from three state agencies are scheduled to testify to the state lawmakers today--http://tinyurl.com/y...

Will the Washington region be ready?
any DC-suburban Maryland preppers?
just wondering who is out there --MD seems so far behind most states to begin with in pandemic prep.

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

wondering also
Still here in Calvert County and still prepping.

where ARE all the Maryland Preppers?
Seems like we are a very small crowd.  )-:

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

Still Here too..
Hey, i'm over here on the Eastern Shore. Working with the local health department on Pandemic Preparedness for Special Needs Populations.

Still prepping too... Somewhere on the old fluwikie was a list of 9-10 steps of prepping and how one proceeds through them... we've got food and water pretty much covered and illness/sick room are now working on energy needs for cooking and heat... that's a big one... 

[ Parent ]
-good to hear from you again. Your health department is lucky to have you. Keep us updated if there is anything you learn that we should know about.

Heat- that could be much worse for us, the Bay helps a lot to keep the temps moderate down here.

-- anyone else want to say Hello? --

Another Maryland Prepper...
Good Evening,

I am in Montgomery County and though new to Flu Wicki, have been a "prepper" since before Y2K. There doesn't seem to be very many with an interest in preparedness in this area.


Welcome OuldSoldier!
from out Prince George's County way, glad to have you here!

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

[ Parent ]
Good Evening and Welcome
from down south in Calvert County. I have family all over Montgomery County, Rockville, Silver Spring, Wheaton and Gaithersburg....none prepping. Glad to see you found us.

Where is Everyone Else?
Good Evening,

Surely....surely, we can not be the only preppers in Maryland! Where is everyone else?


[ Parent ]
ol' Maryland preper saying hi
I'm buried (NOT literally!!) way down on Eastern Shore in Somerset county near the VA border, out in the boonies.  Been on the Wiki for a long time, since a few months after its birth.  Don't post much, like to keep my head down and the powder dry.  But hit the site several times every day.  Live out on a farm, had two nice ponds for water until a few weeks ago(blasted drought!)  Was a design engineer and inventor for local University until Lymes disease "retired" me.  No kids, but ~ 20 cats and 3 dogs, including one trained to sniff out toxic mold in homes (side biz). 

Ol' solder, you didn't happen to be attached to the 1st of the 75th Rangers did you?  My old unit, many years ago (Nam era.)

There were a few more of us Wikians around in MD, but they seem to have gone underground.

"Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes is just good training for jumping out of perfectly terrible helicopters."

Prepper, not preper
Fingers type faster than mind thinks!

Maryland State-Wide CERT Pandemic Flu Drill
Just found this 2 minute snippet of video showing a drill in Prince George's County (they said it was state-wide though) using CERT volunteers to check on pandemic flu patients (remotely -- using binoculars to read numbers of ill on the front door!)


Can't find a date though.

Pandemics are "Wicked Problems". - Average Concerned Mom

Maryland Pandemic Exercise July 31 to Aug 2
Just found this.  It's worth a look:

Maryland 2007 Pandemic Influenza Exercise (or MD PanFluEx 07) July 31 to Aug 2nd.


"Overview: A 3-day (including a half day nodal* hotwash), multi-jurisdictional modified functional exercise conducted to assess, address, and evaluate a number of health and medical initiatives in Maryland including:

? Hospital readiness for pandemic influenza.
? Disaster modification resulting from increased patients (Surge)
? Alternate healthcare disaster configuration for all hazards
? Alternate site delivery of Patient Surge
? Internal medication dissemination( a Point of Dispensing evaluation)
? Community Emergency Response Team use as a neighborhood epidemiological data gathering and service delivery component (Window Needs Assessment)
? Isolation and Quarantine practice with emphasis on Home Quarantine
? Threshold for institution of Public Health directives
? Communications
o Redundancy equipment
o Interoperability
o WebEOC, Facility Resource Emergency Database (FRED), and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), etc.
? Public information Campaign and Joint Information Center
? Regional and Federal Asset request and processing

Exercise Scenario: A novel Flu virus is identified in the Far East which is quickly spreading by human to human transmission causing severe morbidity and mortality. Initial cases have appeared in California. Cases have been appearing across the country. Active and enhanced flu surveillance in Maryland has indicated only suspected cases which are awaiting confirmation.

Exercise Goals:

Exercise non-pharmacological interventions and community containment strategies to help contain the spread of pandemic influenza - with emphasis on school closing decisions and discouragement of large public gatherings.

Exercise hospital response to pandemic influenza.

Note:  RACES is a group of volunteer ham radio operators!

Pandemics are "Wicked Problems". - Average Concerned Mom

Calvert County
Hello to all
I hope everyone is still prepping and I hope we have some new Maryland preppers.
Calvert County is having a Town Hall Meeting this Saturday,
it's not too late to register, I saw the sign still out today.

I see this Local thread has been bumped to the front page so I wanted to say Hello to anyone from Maryland.

Novavax, Inc. makes roots in Montgomery County
Novavax, Inc. officials, Montgomery County and the State of Maryland this month celebrated the opening of Novavax's state-of-the-art vaccine production facility in Rockville.  

Maryland's Pandemic Plan Update 4/2008
just saw this:



GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

It isn't the complete Maryland Pandemic plan, just the:


I think....

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

[ Parent ]
Thank You
thanks for this update ACM

you're welcome!
Hint to those looking for pandemic prep information in Maryland -- DON'T look on the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's Flu Preparedness Website here:


Their "latest news" on pandemic flu planning was this item, over a year ago:

"CDC Issues Interim Guidance for the Use of Facemasks and Respirators in Public Settings during an Influenza Pandemic"

I think the bioterrorism flu web page is where the more recent information is.


GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

[ Parent ]
Maryland: Home Care and Family Preparedness presentation

I hadn't seen this before either -- it has no date.   Looks pretty decent.  

Side comment -- there's a slide on how much water a family needs, REALLY needs, in an emergency -- for drinking, cooking and sanitation.   A little more realistic than 1 gallon a day.

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

Maryland Professional Volunteers Corps
Just saw this, too:


Winter 2007-2008

The state of Maryland has identified four core priorities for
the coming year. Each of these will receive attention from this office by way of activity and correspondence and all relate to our ability to respond to emergencies.

These priorities are:
Interoperable communications
Workforce development
Community and personal preparedness
Operationalizing emergency preparedness plans

Initial efforts will focuses on community and personal preparedness. I hope you resolve to begin or complete your personal and family preparedness planning efforts. Scrambling for flashlights when the lights go out or bottled water when the well runs dry is not a position you want to be in. Others are depending on you. Don't let yourself and them down.

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

Worcester doesn't buy into Pandemic Meds

SNOW HILL -- Worcester County elected officials heard the good and the bad, then followed a recommendation by the county health officer to not join a Maryland Antiviral Purchase Partnership Program to buy doses of Tamiflu anti-viral medication for storage in the event of a pandemic outbreak.

Rain Barrels........Anne Arundel County
Arlington Echo, Outdoor Education Center


DHMH to Conduct Three-Day pandemic Flu Exercise
BALTIMORE, MD (June 16, 2008) -- A three-day exercise to test Maryland's ability to respond to an influenza pandemic in coordination with the State's healthcare partners begins on Tuesday, June 17, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) announced today.


Avian Flu Drill reveals Curable Illis in University Hospital's Protocol
BALTIMORE (Map, News) - At the height of the pandemic flu drill, the phones went dead, and hospital staff had to rely on handwritten notes.

Howard County to Test Distribution of Medicine
ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (AP) -- Health officials in Howard County are testing how quickly and efficiently they can distribute medicines during an emergency.


Anne Arundel--Pandemic Prepardness Faces Test
Scores of employees of the Anne Arundel County Department of Health and Fort Meade will descend on the county's two hospitals this morning with complaints of fevers, body aches and fatigue in a wide-ranging test of the county's preparedness to face a flu pandemic.


Power Plant to Host Drill
Officials from the Calvert County Department of Public Safety will lead a large contingent of Calvert County departments and agencies participating in a drill on July 15 involving the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.

Maryland's emergency response machine
is among the nation's best---yet remains vulnerable to catastrophe.

FMH emergency planning topic for Aug 6th meeting
Frederick, Maryland
Planning for an emergency situation includes medical care.

Gaithersburg-City's Emergency Plan calls for more communication

High-hazard dams, flood plains, snow storms, workplace violence, avain flu and school shootings......

Calvert County --- revised pandemic flu plan
Calvert County MD Pandemic PLan
Thanks for posting this Chesapeake!

That is a very interesting approach to a plan.

"What Services to Expect From Service Providers" and "What Citizens Need to do for Themselves".

They cover food (two weeks) electricity and gasoline. Also, the possibility of being out of income for an extended period of time (more than 2 weeks?  They don't say....)  

I don't know if people would look at this and read between the lines -- that if there are interruptions to critical services such as getting gas, having electricity, and just having an income, that they may wish to be prepared for slightly MORE than 2 weeks on the homefront.   I think people need to have that part made a LOT more explicit, in order to really pay attention.   Still, this is a very interesting and eyeopening plan, in how much is put squarely on "What citizens need to do For THEMSELVES".  Much more than "Be prepared to wash your hands".

I notice with disappointment the part about schools staying open until there are no teachers available to teach.

"Schools will maintain normal schedules to extent that teachers are available and basic services are operable."

That COMPLETELY ignores the Community Mitigation Guidance and the efforts to try to prevent spread of disease by early, proactive school closure BEFORE 1% of the population is infected.  

It sounds like right now, Calvert County won't plan to pull the trigger to close schools until a certain percentage of teachers are sick.  

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

[ Parent ]
Hello ACM
There is an introduction page to the plan with some related links to help read between the lines.
I would like to see this as a hard copy in the hands of every household in the County.

Our school buses are not owned and operated by the county, they are contracted out to a handful of private owners. They will be the ones most likley to decide when the schools close, for lack of drivers showing up to work.

Nowhere does it say stock up for more than 2 weeks, except for medications 2 weeks to 2 months.
At the Town Hall meeting/workshop our County Health Officer stated that he did not believe in stockpiling. There was not a question and answer opportunity.

Private busses

 Hmmm, brings back memories of Katrina. Business shut down because they could. Municipal governments are not suppose to.

 Good point. I wonder what the buss contract says. Might be cheaper for them to close up shop for the duration.

 BTW  several cities, like mine, plan to deliver medicins using busses and buss routs. The delivery plan is for pandemics, chemical spill, bio hazard, nuclear spill and terroist disaster.

 The county health officer may not believe in stockpilling. Is that the official line or does he practice that at home?


[ Parent ]
county buses
Our county has a few small buses for public transportation. I am not sure if there is a "route" per se. They don't stop along the road they stop at places like the grocery store, library, hospital, senior center, court house and I hardly ever see anyone on them.
I would guess the fire houses and or schools would be used as distribution locations.

To be polite.... the county health officer is a very old man. He has been at this job for over 35 years. He said he did not believe in stockpiling twice, once when he was not even asked the question.
Our luck, he has some good people working for him.

Maryland Gearing up
to Build New 91.5 Million Life_Sci Economic Development Agency

Prince Gerorges Emergency Preparedness Summit
Leaves Questions Unanswered
NEW CARROLLTON - Prince George's County Homeland Security Director Vernon Herron said Thursday that without help from an organized civilian response the county does not have the resources to save all of its residents during a catastrophic emergency.

changed introduction
The link was broken to the old thread, because it's moved on. I put up a new introduction.

Calvert Co.- They are testing the fowl at the County Fair

Brady, who has organized the poultry division for the fair for 18 years, said he has worked at fairs all over Southern Maryland and knows about poultry. Brady said all the entrants need to be tested for Avian flu and the birds are blood tested for other diseases that birds can carry.

Maryland wins national grant to design a smart electricity grid
ANNAPOLIS (Sept. 29, 2008) -- The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) was awarded a $461,793 competitive grant from the Department of Energy to develop the Maryland Utility-Scale Clean Energy Capacity Project. This grant will enable MEA to determine the benefits of a Smart Grid system for Maryland. MEA's grant partners include Energetics Incorporated, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), and R.W. Beck, Inc.  

St. Mary's County schools get visit from farmers

Teams of farmers and other agriculture workers visited several St. Mary's County schools last week to talk to students about where their food comes from and to attempt to correct some stereotypes.

Armed with fresh produce, high-tech tractors, hay bales and some cute goats, the farmers explained that food does not magically appear in supermarkets and that it's up to the younger generation to realize the importance of supporting local farms. They also encouraged students to consider jobs in agriculture.......

Farm to School Program
National Farm to School Program referred to in above story.

Montgomery Co. Health Providers Prepare For Flu Season

With a large amount of vaccine available this year, children and teenagers are the priority in the upcoming flu season and county health officials are confident that those in need of shots can receive them.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 146 million doses of flu vaccine expected nationwide this year is the most ever produced and comes at a time when the CDC is recommending that children between the ages of 6 months and 19 years get vaccinated......

HOWARD CO. - Free vaccinations prep Howard Co. for flu season
"The event is more than just an opportunity to get a flu shot. It's also an exercise in emergency preparedness.".....

Did anyone attend this event?

Charles County names Director of Emergency Services

LA PLATA, Md. (Nov. 9, 2008) -- The Charles County Commissioners last week announced the appointment of William D. Stephens as the Director of the Charles County Department of Emergency Services. Stephens has served as the interim director of the Department of Emergency Services since May 5, 2008.

Stephens replaced Alex J. Naar, who was ousted after only three months on the job. Naar had relocated from Muir Beach, California to assume the position....

Somerset Co. UMES Clinic Offers Free Well Water Tests

PRINCESS ANNE - Homeowners can have their private well water tested during a free clinic Dec. 6 at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

UMES said the two-hour Safe Drinking Water Clinic will be held at 11 a.m. at the Food Science and Technology Building on its campus.

Drinking water will be tested for pH, total Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, nitrates and total dissolved solids. Procedures for collecting the water sample are available with pre-registration before Friday, Nov. 21...

Energy Assistance Money Available in Md. for Low Income

BALTIMORE (Dec. 8, 2008) - Maryland's energy assistance program is expected to provide help to approximately 102,400 households this year thanks to a large boost in federal funding. The state has received $110 million of federal funding for the Maryland Energy Assistance Program, a significant increase from the $35 million in federal funding for the last fiscal year.  

Calvert Co.- Grant to fund emergency items
I found this little paragraph on the third page of my local paper.....

The Calvert County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to accept a grant totaling more than $3000,000 from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency. The funds will be used to hire an emergency planner for the county, purchase side scan sonar to help law enforcement scan waterways, buy replacement motors for the Predator patrol boat, and install a closed-circuit television system,among other projects.

omg it's 300,00 thank you, not 3,000,000

[ Parent ]
Not Pandemic Related
....just would like to share.
Across the Bay from me is Blackwater Refuge, there are a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. They just laid two eggs. Here is a Live Web Cam ...
It is such fun to watch them hatch and grow, especially for the young children and the young at heart.

Now THAT is cool!!! Thanks Chesapeake!! n/t

[ Parent ]
thanks Chesapeake!
We like to visit the Blackwater Refuge with the kids... might have to take another trip there soon!

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

You are welcome
 They have an Osprey Cam also but it is too early for them yet.
We take our canoe there.

Southern Maryland
Amateur Radio Club Helps Red Cross Communicate

Most of us expect that each time we pick up a phone we will hear that familiar dial tone. But, what would happen if the majority of the people in one area tried to make calls at the same time? Perhaps silence...

That is often what happens when there is a disaster that affects many people. The crisis on 9/11 was a good example of how cell phone and land line phones can be overloaded with a surge of calls. All of us would want to find out if our loved ones are safe and out of harm's way, but that could take away the link we have to our volunteers in the disaster area.

The solution the Southern Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross has developed to counter that scenario is to use radio communications. A few years ago our chapter partnered with a local amateur radio club and began a project to have an independent communications network of operators and radio systems to meet just about any requirement we could imagine that would impact our chapter's operating areas.

The Southern Maryland Chapter covers three counties and over 1,000 square miles of land. We are bordered by two major rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. So, how do we cover such a large area? Radios and lots of them...more  

Snow and Eagles
We have 10 inches of snow this morning (so far) and one baby eagle chick at Blackwater.

Howard/Frederick Teens die of flu

2nd Md. Teen's Death Also Blamed on Flu; Officials Urge Shots
The flu-related deaths of two Maryland teenagers in the past two weeks have prompted health officials across the region to urge people of all ages to get flu shots if they haven't already.......

Charles Co. Swan Point.....Maryland first residential wind turbine

SWAN POINT, Md., March 9 PRNewswire -- The first residential wind turbine in Southern Maryland will rise where the Potomac River meets Cuckold Creek near Swan Point in Charles County about 60 miles southeast of the nation's capital.

A draft horse named "King" from a nearby farm will be hoisting the turbine into place. "It's a symbol from one era to another. From horsepower to wind power," says Sheryl Elliott who, along with her husband Ken Robinson, will be inaugurating the first residential wind turbine on their property in Southern Maryland on March 11, 2009 at 12 Noon, EDT.......

Wahington Co., Hagerstown
Opinions differ on department stores offering health clinics

HAGERSTOWN - You already can go to Wal-Mart for your groceries, your photos, your oil change and your eye exam.

What if you could get your sore throat examined or your child's earache diagnosed, too?

That's the concept behind a new health-care trend that has spread across the country in recent years at retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and CVS, and it has local health-care experts sitting up and taking note..............

Flu appears to be ebbing in Maryland
The 2008-2009 influenza season is not quite over, but Maryland health officials say it appears to have peaked and the number of new cases is on the wane.

"We expect lower levels of flu throughout the rest of the month of April, but it should finally be over by the beginning of May," said Rene Najera, an epidemiologist with the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

This flu season has been milder than last year's, Najera said, and he credits the design of this year's vaccine.

"The vaccine strains were a better match" for the viruses actually circulating for most of this season, he said. "Last year, they were a complete mismatch."......

comment-Did anyone get the Flu this season?

Perdue battles bird flu in Kentucky
Stout quarantined the farm, which produces hatching eggs for Perdue Farms Inc. He said some 20,000 chickens have been euthanized.


Measles Outbreak in Maryland
Rockville, MD (AHN) - A measles outbreak in Maryland believed to have been caused by an unvaccinated adult who returned from foreign travel to China has created concern.

Although measles has largely been eradicated through vaccines in the United States, health officials say a fourth case of measles, rubeola, has been diagnosed in Montgomery County since Feb. 16 and those infections were the first there since 1993.

The officials suspect that all the cases are related to an unvaccinated adult who came down with measles after a trip to China. He, in turn, infected a co-worker. Another adult and an eight-month-old child have all come down with the disease since then.

Officials have already contacted anyone they know was in the vicinity of the people with measles, but they are now asking anyone they haven't contacted to come forward to seek testing and preventative treatment.

Montgomery County officials have issued a statement asking anyone who was in the Shady Grove Hospital Emergency Department or the Short Stay Unit on the following dates and times to call health officials, if they haven't been contacted yet:

April 5, from 8 p.m. to April 6, 2 a.m.
April 6, from 4 p.m. to April 7, 5 a.m.
April 7, from 3 a.m. to April 7, 10 p.m. (in the short stay unit of SGAH)
Measles is a highly infectious disease that can be spread by coughing, sneezing and direct contact with secretions from an infected person.

No cases of swine flu in Md. so far

BALTIMORE (AP) Maryland health officials say there were no confirmed or suspected cases of swine flu in the state as of Sunday afternoon.

But the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is monitoring the outbreak closely, and officials don't believe there's much chance Maryland will be spared.

There have been 20 confirmed cases of swine flu in five states so far, and the United States has declared a public health emergency. The Americans who've been confirmed to have the disease have all recovered or are recovering. Mexico is the epicenter of the outbreak, with 86 deaths and 1,400 people sickened.

Maryland health department spokesman David Paulson says health professionals around the state are being asked to monitor people with flulike symptoms and send in fluid samples for testing.

It's prompted some store restocking on our family's part today.  Also getting some bagged nice soil to mix with the clay I have in my garden.

Given the "milder" version in the US so far, I'm curious if Mexico has many cases not severe enough to tell their doctors down there.
In other words, I'm praying that their CFR is not 6% or so, but much less...

[ Parent ]
Hey baltprep

We recently adopted a second cat, went out and bought more cat food.

I recommend "claybuster".

[ Parent ]
University of Maryland offers swine flu facts online
The University of Maryland has set up a Web site that lets the public and health officials monitor the latest updates on the swine flu outbreak.

As of Tuesday, state health officials said there were no reported cases of the swine flu in Maryland. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there were a total of 64 cases in five U.S. states. They include California, Kansas, New York City, Ohio and Texas, up from 40 on Monday.

To prepare for a potential outbreak of the virus in Maryland, the state opened the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Swine Flu Operation Center in Baltimore on Monday. It has begun working with area hospitals should the swine flu present a health emergency for residents.

The University of Maryland Health Science Human Services Library contains the latest information from the CDC and the World Health Organization, as well as travel and safety tips.

-------Library link

BWI Flight from Mexico held after 2 report illness
Two passengers on an AirTran Airways flight from Cancun are being examined by medical officials at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport after the crew notified the airport in flight that they were ill, airline and airport officials said..........

6 probable cases of swine flu in Md.
Just saw that, too
Going to make some final preps tonight, then hope for the best.  For federal employees, I sort of hope OPM decides to issue more guidance than their current "avoid sick-looking people."

[ Parent ]
Swine Flu Scare at World Bank After 'Probable' Case Identified
A Maryland man who works for the World Bank and traveled to Mexico this month has been identified as a "probable" victim of swine flu, authorities said, and about 80 of his colleagues are being asked to work from home while officials determine whether they should be tested as well.  

4 Confirmed Cases Of Swine Flu At Univ. Of Del.
Public health officials have confirmed four cases of swine flu among University of Delaware students.

In addition, six more probable cases involving UD students were identified Thursday morning, and those samples forwarded to CDC. This brings the current numbers to four positive for swine flu and 12 probable.  

Maryland taps advisory board to help guide swine flu response
Maryland has tapped six physicians to advise the state on health-related issues concerning the possible outbreak of swine flu in Maryland.....

Maryland shuts 4 schools over flu fears
Four Maryland schools have closed due to suspected cases of swine flu, as new cases of the virus have been identified across the region.

Gov. Martin O'Malley issued a public health emergency and ordered the closing of Rockville High School in Montgomery County, Montpelier Elementary School in Prince George's County, Folger McKinsey Elementary School in Anne Arundel County and Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore County. Each of the schools has reported at least one case of suspected swine flu.  

Governor Martin O'Malley Declares Public Health Emergency
Press Release--
Baltimore, MD (May 1, 2009) - Governor Martin O'Malley has signed an executive order declaring a public health emergency for Maryland in an abundance of caution to prepare for swine flu in Maryland. The Governor also announced a new statewide public and private school policy based on advice and guidance of the CDC. Based on new guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and discussions with governors on a conference call today, the state will close any public or private school and cease all extracurricular activities for up to 14 days in the event a student is deemed "probable" for the H1N1 influenza virus....  

4 More 'Probable Cases' Of H1N1 Flu Surface In Maryland
BALTIMORE -- Health officials announced that four new suspected cases of the H1N1 flu virus were identified on Saturday, bringing the total number of suspected cases in the state to 15, according to Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene spokesman David Paulson. None of the cases have been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and no one in Maryland has been hospitalized because of the virus.

One of the cases that surfaced on Saturday involves a teacher at the University Park Elementary School in Hyattsville. On Monday, the school will become the fifth to be closed in the state due to the virus......

Md. receives kits to confirm swine flu cases
Maryland health officials have received kits from the federal government to confirm swine flu cases in the state, officials said Sunday.

But it may take a day or two before they can start doing their own tests of the state's 15 probable cases, according to David Paulson, spokesman for the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Officials must "run confirmation tests" with the kits sent by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. he said......

CDC confirms four cases of swine flu in Md.
Four of Maryland's 15 probable swine flu cases were confirmed Monday afternoon by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The confirmed cases include a student from Millford Mill Academy in Baltimore County, two Baltimore County adults and a preschool-age child from Anne Arundel County.......

Sixth Md. school closes due to probable swine flu case
A sixth Maryland school has closed after a student was diagnosed with probable swine flu infection.

Vansville Elementary School is the fourth Prince George's County school to be closed for 14 days after a possible H1N1 virus infection was reported, according to health department officials. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended that schools close for two weeks and cancel extracurricular activities when swine flu is suspected.

Prince George's school officials decided to close Vansville on Monday night. "The goal was to try to make the announcement before the 10 p.m. news broadcast to get the information out to parents," said schools spokesman John White.........

Local Health Department Information
I visited all the county health department websites in Maryland. Every one has a link or a reference to H1N1 Flu on their front page. Some devote most of the page to it, some just a mention and a link to CDC or WHO.
I think I have posted this before but here it is again. A link to every county health dept. Baltimore County and Baltimore City is a broken link but you can get to it from where they send you.

3 Pr. George's Flu Cases Linked to Karate School
A top Prince George's County health official said today that three of the four probable swine flu cases in the county appear to be linked to an after-school karate program in Laurel.........

Md. Reports 21 Confirmed Cases of Swine Flu
State health officials say there are 21 confirmed cases of swine flu in Maryland.

The number was reported on Thursday, and is up from the four cases that had been confirmed earlier this week....

DHMH looking for "flu fighters"
BALTIMORE, MD (May 8, 2009) - Under the direction of Governor Martin O'Malley, the flu-related health emergency status of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's (DHMH) will soon transition from an around-the-clock Emergency Operations Center activation to an extended and expanded flu monitoring and surveillance system.

"Our primary concern remains the safety and public health of Maryland's families, and we will continue to do all that we can to monitor H1N1 on their behalf," said Governor Martin O'Malley. "The H1N1 flu virus still poses a threat for the foreseeable future and so we have expanded and extended Maryland's unique monitoring systems for the rest of 2009 and as long as necessary to protect our citizens."

In addition to expanding the usual flu monitoring systems, the DHMH Division of Communicable Disease Surveillance is asking the members of the public to become "flu fighters" as part of its one-of-a-kind Resident Influenza Tracking Survey system. Maryland is the only state in the country to have such a program that invites any resident to help the state monitor flu-like illness on a weekly basis. People can sign-up to become a "flu-watcher" at www.marylandfluwatch.org.  


Maryland ICU Patients Connected to Remote Critical Care Staff
The First Maryland eCare Hospital goes 'live'

WASHINGTON, May 14 PRNewswire-USNewswire -- Starting Monday, May 18,
Maryland intensive care patients will be connected by voice, video and data
lines to specialized physicians and nurses at a tertiary care referral center
130 miles away. A year after announcing six, independent Maryland hospitals,
with a $3 million grant from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, were joining
together to provide state-of-the-art critical care to their patients, the
first hospital, Calvert Memorial Hospital in Prince Frederick, Md., is fully
online with the sophisticated care system...........

Md. has 33 confirmed swine flu cases, health officials say
Maryland health officials said Monday that the number of confirmed swine flu cases in the state has risen to 33.

Karen Black, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, said all 33 people have recovered, or are recovering.

Worldwide, the swine flu virus has sickened more than 8,800 people in 40 countries, including 76 deaths, as of Monday. In the United States, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said 46 states have reported more than 4,700 confirmed and probable cases

Maryland Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene


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2 More Maryland Swine Flu Cases Reported
Maryland health officials say two more swine flu cases have been confirmed, bringing the state's total to 35......

Two confirmed cases of swine flu reported at Patuxent High
Calvert County public schools sent an e-mail to parents and the media today saying that two Patuxent High School students have confirmed cases of swine flu, or the H1N1 virus.

A press release accompanying the letter said that the Calvert County Health Department confirmed the cases.


Well hell, it's now in my backyard.

Copy of email/letter sent out to parents
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Maryland Has 37 Confirmed Cases of Swine Flu
BALTIMORE, Md. - Maryland health officials say two more swine flu cases have been confirmed, bringing the state's total to 37.
Health department spokeswoman Karen Black says all have either recovered or are recovering.


3 Cases Of The H1N1 Virus Confirmed In Baltimore
Baltimore City health officials say three cases of the H1N1 virus formerly referred to as swine flu have been confirmed in Baltimore City.

Officials say none of the three people infected were school-age children.

One of the patients is currently hospitalized.......

Welcome to the Maryland Influenza Surveillance website
Here you will find the latest information on flu activity in Maryland.

Md. fears swine flu rebound
ANNAPOLIS - State health officials, concerned that the swine flu could return in a more dangerous form in the fall, are considering cross-training lab employees so they have enough staff available for testing.

"If it comes back in a more virulent form, we have to be ready," Health Secretary John M. Colmers said in an interview last week.

Officials at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are considering how to increase the number of scientists at the state health lab in Baltimore who are able to process suspected swine flu specimens, said Frances B. Phillips, the state's deputy secretary for public health........

China Quarantines Teens, Teachers From Md.
Twenty-one students and three teachers from a Silver Spring private school who flew last week to China for a weeklong tour have been confined to their hotel rooms, quarantined for possible exposure to swine flu during their flight from the United States.

The group arrived in Guizhou province in southwestern China on Friday for an "extended study week," one of several such excursions from the Barrie School, which stresses experiential learning.

Government officials quarantined the students and chaperons at a hotel in the city of Kaili because a passenger on the plane was suspected of having swine flu. Students have been permitted to converse through the open doors of their hotel rooms, to write e-mails and to talk on room-to-room telephones, but not to leave.........

Hotel California
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'

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Maryland Swine Flu Cases Rise To 61
Maryland health officials say the number of confirmed swine flu cases has risen to 61.

Health Department spokesman David Paulson says 15 more cases have been confirmed over the past 10 days. Of the 61, the spokesman says five have been hospitalized, and all five have either recovered or are recovering.


that is the whole article, short and sweet

5 swine flu cases at Md. rabbinical college
BALTIMORE (Map, News) -
Maryland health officials say the number of confirmed swine flu cases has risen to 83, including five new cases at a Baltimore County rabbinical college.....................

Seven more flu cases confirmed in Maryland
Health officials have confirmed five cases of the swine flu at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Pikesville and two in Worcester County, the first on the Eastern Shore. None were serious or required hospitalization, officials said. They bring to 83 the number of confirmed cases of what scientists are calling the H1N1 virus in Maryland since the outbreak began. Nationwide, officials have confirmed 11,000 cases and 17 deaths, though authorities believe the actual number of those sickened is much higher.


More info on Worcester County
SNOW HILL -- Two Worcester County residents have contracted, and since recovered from, the breakout strain of influenza commonly known as swine flu.............

Lab tests from the state's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene confirmed the two local cases of the H1N1 virus. Worcester health officials said one of the people diagnosed was an Ocean City Elementary School student. The child has been kept home since the diagnosis and will return to school when a doctor allows it, Goeller said. She said the school was sending information about the situation home to parents........................

Maryland now has 83 confirmed swine flu cases, said DHMH spokeswoman Karen Black. She said Maryland's first cases were announced April 29. Prince George's County so far has the most confirmed cases, with 27. She said state health officials expect more confirmations of swine flu in the weeks and months to come..........................

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Officials: More workers, money needed for swine flu
ANNAPOLIS - Health officials say they could have to rely on volunteers and federal aid if faced with the emergence of a swine flu pandemic this fall................

Our most important focus now is when it comes back in the fall, will it be coming back in a more virulent form? And we have to be prepared for that," state health Secretary John M. Colmers said during a briefing for members of the Senate Budget and Taxation and Finance committees on Tuesday......................

Maryland had 115 confirmed cases of swine flu in 11 counties and Baltimore city as of Monday. Eight cases have been confirmed in Montgomery County. No swine flu deaths have been reported in the state.


Worcester swine flu cases rise to six
SNOW HILL -- Three more Worcester County public schools students and another county resident have tested positive for the H1N1 virus -- otherwise known as swine flu -- bringing the total of confirmed cases up to six.

News of the four additional cases comes less than a week after the Worcester County Health Department announced that two residents -- one adult and a student at Ocean City Elementary School -- had contracted the virus.

In a letter released to parents Wednesday, Superintendent Jon Andes confirmed the four cases at "various schools in our system," which he later described as being in "four different locations" in a phone interview. School officials and the health department declined to name the schools affected by the new cases.......................

Swine flu finds its way to Allegany County
CUMBERLAND -The number of confirmed cases of swine flu in Maryland increases daily and includes Allegany County's first patient, according to local and state public health officials.

Statewide, confirmed cases grew from 137 on Wednesday to 174 on Thursday, according to David Paulson, office of communications, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Paulson said the bulk of Maryland's cases are in Prince George's and Montgomery counties. No cases have been confirmed in Garrett County, he added.

The person who contracted the flu in Allegany County is now home and recovering, according to Dr. Sue Raver, health officer for Allegany County. Raver would not provide the date the illness was confirmed or the duration of the hospital stay. A health department spokeswoman said that Raver was concerned that any such information could possibly lead to the identification of the patient.......


Md. health officials probe flu outbreak at city juvenile center
State health officials reported a flu outbreak at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center in Baltimore on Wednesday evening and are conducting tests to determine if six youths have swine flu.

"We have six confirmed cases of flu - confirmed by rapid testing," said David Paulson, spokesman for state's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. "We do not know if it is seasonal flu or the H1N1 (swine flu) variety."

Paulson said that as of Wednesday, Maryland had more than 250 confirmed cases of swine flu.

Three cases of swine flu confirmed at city juvenile center
Three teenagers at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center have swine flu, state health officials confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Another 18 youths at the facility are reporting flu-like symptoms. All 21 are being treated and have been separated from the rest of the institution's population, said David Paulson, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In addition, two staff members at the facility have complained of flu-like symptoms and have been told by officials to stay home......snip......

Officials have confirmed 305 cases of the virus, known as H1N1, since the outbreak hit the United States in April.
These confirmed case numbers are jumping around alot.

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Cases have Jumped
Seems like the case numbers have jumped.

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cases jumping
Hello alwaysprepared
Yes, every time I stumble across "official" case numbers I am surprised.

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Two local universities report cases of swine flu
WASHINGTON - The University of Maryland and American University have confirmed cases of swine flu, according to memos obtained by WTOP.
An employee at The University of Maryland has since recovered, and all public areas potentially affected have been cleaned and disinfected. Another employee is sick with an influenza-like illness, and as a precaution, is currently recovering at home.......

Md. Confirms 334 Cases Of Swine Flu
Maryland health officials say they've confirmed 334 cases of swine flu in the state.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene spokesman David Paulson said Friday that this number likely represents just a fraction of cases since not everyone with flu-like symptoms is being tested anymore.

Paulson says the number of confirmed cases has risen steadily...........

Woman is 1st in Md. to die of swine flu
An elderly woman from the Baltimore area is the first person in Maryland to die of swine flu, health officials said Tuesday.

Officials did not name the woman, who died Monday, or give her age or hometown. They did say she suffered from a serious underlying medical condition in addition to the H1N1 influenza virus.......................snip

To date, 370 cases of the swine flu have been confirmed in Maryland. That figure is likely a fraction of the total swine flu cases statewide. Many people who become ill with flulike symptoms are not tested and recover within a week's time, much like seasonal flu.

Thanks for Posting That!!!
Thanks for posting that. I haven't heard about the first death in Maryland. The media hasn't been covering the H1N1 as I would like. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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you are welcome
and I agree, I wish the State was more forthcoming with the information.

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Maryland case count at 414
The CDC has the Maryland case count at 414.

Kansas 117 cases 0 deaths
Kentucky 119 cases 0 deaths
Louisiana 153 cases 0 deaths
Maine 61 cases 0 deaths
Maryland 414 cases 1 death
Massachusetts 1287 cases 1 death
Michigan 468 cases 2 deaths
Minnesota 537 1 death
Mississippi 114


D.C. Area Health Officials See Rise in Summertime Flu Cases
Hospital emergency rooms and doctor's offices across the Washington region are reporting a higher-than-normal number of flu cases during a time of year when such infections are rare, a signal that the H1N1 virus continues to spread.
Officials at Inova Health systems say they have treated more flu cases during a single week this month than during the peak week of flu season in February. Many of those being treated are school-age children, officials said.
There are 567 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Maryland. Officials reported the first H1N1-related death last week. The victim was an elderly Baltimore area woman who also had underlying health issues. There has been one death believed to be connected to H1N1 in Virginia, where there were 224 confirmed cases as of last week...........

Big Jump
That is a big jump from the last post.  

More Cases:
An outbreak of swine flu led the directors of Sandy Hill Camp in Cecil County this week to send roughly 200 campers home about halfway through a two-week session.Flu is seasonal and usually hits in the winter.) The new virus swept quickly through the overnight camp. During the first few days, six campers came down with flu-like symptoms (later confirmed as swine flu in two kids) and were sent home. On Saturday, six more campers got sick. All campers and staff on the two-week session had their temperatures taken the next morning and four had fevers. Nine more campers developed symptoms by Sunday night. With 10 percent of the kids sick and who knows how many others exposed, the session was called off and everyone went home Monday.


more from story
Not to worry, reads a letter sent to parents planning on sending their children to later sessions at Sandy Hill this summer. No one was seriously ill, the directors wrote. And the rest of the sessions this summer will go on. In fact, a one-week session that began Sunday is underway and so far no campers have gotten sick.

Not to worry, Not to worry.
Not to worry, not to worry, we just have a pandemic on our hands.

I can't believe the way people act when we are in a Pandemic.  

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CDC Case Count 591------July 2
Kansas 117 cases 0 deaths
Kentucky 130 cases 0 deaths
Louisiana 183 cases 0 deaths
Maine 82 cases 0 deaths
Maryland 591 cases 1 death
Massachusetts 1308 cases 3 deaths
Michigan 484 cases 7 deaths
Minnesota 576 1 death

No summer relief from swine flu in Md.
Health experts warn against complacency as H1N1 spreads

........During the last week of June, the state confirmed 166 new cases - the highest weekly total since the first cases were confirmed here May 4. And officials believe that for every confirmed case, there are many more that go unconfirmed as the sick either don't seek medical treatment or are refused testing. Based on its mathematical models, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as 1 million Americans have been sickened by this pandemic flu since the outbreak began..............
.........Rene F. Najera, an epidemiologist with the state health department, said Maryland is now in an "acceleration phase" of the flu and he expects the peak to hit soon. He said "herd immunity" will force the flu to slow its pace.

"We'll hit a critical point where so many people are infected or recovering that it will be hard for it to jump from one person to the next," he said.

Cunningham said she expects cases to stay steady before increasing this fall................

Crofton resident quarantined in Singapore
After an eight-hour flight from Tokyo to Singapore, Ron Bajor was informed by Singapore health officials that a fellow airline passenger had been diagnosed with swine flu.

Since the Crofton resident had been seated within 10 rows of the man, he was ordered to spend the next seven days in a Singapore quarantine facility - or stay even longer in a Singapore jail cell.

.............Bajor said the cockroaches, moths and lizards that roamed freely around his tight quarters were the only living company he had during his weeklong stay.

"You'd wake up in the middle of the night and there would be bugs crawling on you," he said. "I tried to find the cracks the ants were coming in and fill them with toothpaste."

Even more distressing than his bug-infested room was realizing he might be infected ......................

.......There have been 591 confirmed swine flu cases in Maryland, one death, and 13 outbreaks in schools and camps involving adolescents, according to state health officials.

Health officials confirm second Md. H1N1 flu death
A second Maryland death been linked to the H1N1 flu, state health officials said Wednesday. Officials would give very few details about the death, saying only that the person was younger than 65, a resident of the Baltimore metro area and had a serious underlying medical condition that contributed to the death. ..................
..........."Because of this, we want to make sure that people with underlying medical conditions who are more prone to complications check in with their healthcare providers if they develop influenza-like illnesses."

Officials confirm third H1N1 death in Maryland
A third person in Maryland has died from swine flu, health officials said. Officials did not name the person, or give a gender, age or hometown. The person was an adult from the Eastern Shore who health officials said had a serious underlying medical condition in addition to the H1N1 influenza virus...................
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 732 swine flu cases statewide as of last week, although that may be only a fracture of those infected with the virus

new link
for some reason the baltimoresun link goes to the ChicagoTribune
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Two children at Harford camp test positive for swine flu
Two children at a camp in Harford County have tested positive for the H1N1 influenza virus, commonly called swine flu, the county Health Department announced Thursday.

The children are recovering, officials said, and several other campers with flu-like symptoms are being monitored.


Susan Kelly, the county health director, informed officials of the steps taken to mitigate the spread of H1N1 at camps throughout the county, and in particular at Camp Habonim.

"We know H1N1 is circulating and we are going to see more of it as we move into fall," she said.


Five students at MICA diagnosed with probable swine flu
Five students in a Maryland Institute College of Art summer program have been diagnosed with probable H1NI influenza infections, commonly known as swine flu, a college spokeswoman said Friday.
The Health Department notified MICA of the probable infections Thursday afternoon, and an e-mail was sent to parents, faculty, staff and students that night, Murray said. As of Friday morning, no new cases had been reported, and the five students were recovering, Murray said.
The only recommendation was to isolate the five students," she said.

MICA's building services staff was instructed to sanitize surfaces such as elevator buttons more frequently. Sanitizer was also available at guard desks, college offices and in dining facilities.

Week after week, there are more cases at different summer camps. These are examples for people in health care to show what will happen this fall when children come back to school.

Local Students Quarantined Due To H1N1
BEIJING - FOX 5 has confirmed a group of local high school students and some adult chaperones are under quarantine in Beijing, China because of the swine flu.

Twenty two students and two chaperones are on a trip sponsored by the Confucius Institute at the University of Maryland.

The entire group was detained by Chinese officials after passenger's temperatures were checked upon arrival in china.
It was later determined that student has a strain of the H1N1 virus.

He's spent a number of days at a Beijing hospital along with several other students and a chaperone who developed swine flu symptoms.

Meantime, a group of young volleyball players from Maryland was just released from a Beijing hotel Monday after being quarantined because of exposure to the H1N1 virus.

UM School of Medicine Leads Early Trials of H1N1 Flu Vaccine
The University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Vaccine Development will lead one of the nation's first studies of an experimental vaccine designed to prevent the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus.
The clinical trial will enroll as many as 1,000 healthy adults and children at 10 centers nationwide to evaluate the safety of the vaccine and measure its ability to stimulate immune responses to the H1N1 virus.
"Our VTEU is now one of just eight in the country, and it is the only one in the mid-Atlantic region,"
All participants in the trial will receive two doses of vaccine three weeks apart. The response after one dose versus two doses will be compared. The trial also will evaluate two strengths of the vaccine to determine which strength is required to stimulate an immune response that is most likely to protect people against the H1N1 flu.
The eight VTEU sites that will participate in these H1N1 vaccine trials include the University of Maryland School of Medicine as well as Baylor College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Emory University, Saint Louis University, Seattle Group Health Cooperative, the University of Iowa, and Vanderbilt University. They will be joined by Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and Duke University Medical Center.

Md. Reports Fourth Swine Flu Death, Eighth in Region
Maryland state health officials on Friday reported their fourth swine flu-related death. The latest victim is an adult from the Eastern Shore.

Unlike others who have died from the virus, officials said, this person does not appear to have an underlying medical condition or risk factors. But, the investigation is continuing.

The state does not provide the name, age or hometown of the patients who have died.



...hard to snip when there is not much there to begin with...

Maryland Health, School Leaders Hold Swine Flu Summit
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Health and education officials from across Maryland gathered in Annapolis on Monday for a swine flu summit.

The Secretary of Health - rather than school superintendents - will now make the decision to shut down schools. "Protocol is that the Secretary of Health has the authority to close schools because this is a health issue."
Maryland's Health Secretary said, just like the seasonal flu shots, the additional swine (H1N1) flu vaccines would be voluntary

University of Maryland--Swine flu hits campus again
The university's third suspected case of swine flu broke out on the campus yesterday, a university vice president said.

Vice President for Student Affairs Linda Clement said the victim has left campus, though she would not confirm the person's name or connection to the university.

Several students said the victim was an incoming freshman living in Cumberland Hall who was a part of the Scholastic Transitions Educational Program, a four-week institute to prepare students for the academic rigors of college.

The students said the program was cut two days short in response to the illness

State Records Fifth Flu Death
Maryland health officials have reported the state's fifth death associated with swine flu.

An adult from the Washington suburbs who had other medical conditions has died.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene declined to release further details about the person.

Department officials say more deaths are expected with swine flu and seasonal flu.

The death was reported on a day when hundreds of dozes of a potential swine flu vaccine arrived at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  Clinical testing on the vaccine begins Monday.


State and school officials plan for potential outbreaks
With the 2009-10 school year less than three weeks away, faculty and staff at Baltimore County public schools have more to worry about than leaving summer behind and dusting off lesson plans.

After all, swine flu is still out there.
"We have had some meetings about it," said Charles Herndon, a spokesman for the Baltimore County school system. "Ultimately, this is going to come from the state and the county."
The guidelines include that a student suspected of having H1N1 be "isolated from other students until their parents can come pick them up," Lyle said. And, "they will be required to be kept out of school until fever free for 24 hours and off any antiviral medications."
Lyle said school closings remain an option, and the decision rests with the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the state superintendent.
The state's first H1N1-related death was June 23. A second Maryland death was attributed to the virus July 8, followed by another on July 15 and another July 23. Those are only the deaths, though. The actual number of swine flu cases in the state is in the hundreds.

As of Aug. 3, Paulson said, they had accounted for 779 confirmed cases.

But, as of July 24, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, along with the CDC, is no longer tracking the number of swine flu cases because, Paulson said, numbers have become meaningless.

"Part of the reason for a count is to find out where the flu is," Paulson said. At this point, health officials already know that swine flu is "virtually in every corner of the state."

Maryland reports sixth death from swine flu
Maryland health officials reported Thursday a sixth death associated with swine flu. Officials would not release details about the death, except to say it was an adult from the Washington suburbs with an underlying medical condition.

Health officials taking requests from swine flu vaccine providers
In anticipation of a mass vaccination campaign against swine flu this fall, Maryland health officials are communicating with doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals about the details of administering a vaccine to nearly 3 million of the state's most vulnerable residents
Officials created an online database Friday to take requests from family doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals that would likely give the inoculations.
We are shooting for the end of September to have the providers lined up and ready to go and to have the seasonal flu campaign under way," said Frances Phillips, the state's deputy secretary for public health services.

Health Officials: Schools Won't Close Due To Swine Flu
As the school year begins in the next few weeks in Maryland, state health officials say new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control will mean that schools can remain open even if a student or staff member gets the swine flu.

Fran Phillips, deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene told WBAL News that health officials have, "had more time to see how this virus (H1N1) is behaving and to have some level of assurance that is not so potentially deadly...to warrant the kinds of school closings we had in the spring."

Philips says health officials believes closing schools is not necessary in most cases.

"Our goal is to keep the schools open," Phillips said.


Swine flu prep puts focus on seasonal vaccine
This is an article from delmarvanow, worth a read.

Two at summer camps had swine flu
Summer camps in Gaithersburg came to a close this week, but not without a few reports of the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu.

"We've had two, one was a camper and one was a counselor," said Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Michele Potter. "They were out one week each as advised by the [federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.] No problems afterward."

The Gaithersburg camper participated in Camp Endeavor, a day camp for 11 to 13-year-olds at Bohrer Park, Potter said. The counselor led Camp Activ8, an outdoor camp also for middle schoolers at Lakelands Park Middle School.

Child Swine Flu Trials Begin In Md.
BALTIMORE -- Dozens of children received the new swine flu vaccine Wednesday during clinical trials at the University of Maryland School of Medicine after no red flags were reported from adult testing.
Experts said the best-case scenario for the upcoming flu season is that about 10 percent of children in Baltimore will get the virus and about 40 percent will get it in the worst-case scenario.

The vaccines are for children ages 6 months to 18 years old. Study officials said all children will get two shots.
The vaccines will be available to all Maryland children this fall.

Maryland Records Seventh Swine Flu Death
Gov. Martin O'Malley on Monday announced an elderly person from the Washington suburbs had become Maryland's seventh fatal H1N1, or Swine Flu, victim. He also said the state had become the first in the nation with 100 percent voluntary participation by hospitals in a "biosurveillance" program aimed at quickly identifying possible flu outbreaks...........

Center seeks young children for Swine Flu vaccine trial
Frederick, Md.
To protect people against the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, the Pediatric Center in Frederick needs volunteers to participate in clinical trials of the vaccine.

The Pediatric Center is one of five sites where the University of Maryland is conducting trials of pediatric vaccine. The trial needs more patients between the age of 6 months and 35 months.

Enough older children have signed up, said Nancy Wymer, University of Maryland vaccine study nurse, but the need for younger children is great...............

Prince George's Schools Swine Flu Plan
Mass vaccinations, isolation rooms for sick kids and online classes. It's all part of the emergency plan in Prince George's County schools to deal with the swine flu.

One of the biggest things you notice inside the school is all the hand sanitizers. They are everywhere, a cheap and effective way to kill germs.............

In its emergency plan, Prince George's County schools have contingencies to give kids lessons online and send meals home to kids on reduced or free lunches if schools are forced to close...............

While he would not give specifics, Shell said if a school began to see large clusters of infection, or a large percentage of students get sick or are absent, then closing schools may be considered. In the front lobby of the school, a worker sprays down the windows and doors.....

Md. Gov. Calls Seasonal Flu Shots a 'Patriotic Duty'
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) on Wednesday said it was residents' "patriotic duty" to get seasonal flu shots in coming weeks to make it easier for health officials to determine if outbreaks are related to H1N1, or swine flu.


UMD Not Sweating Suspected Cases of Swine Flu
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- The University of Maryland is reporting 64 suspected cases of swine flu, but the school isn't panicking.

Officials said they expect even more students are ill, since the flu plays schools like dominoes.


UMD: 150 Cases of Flu Likely H1N1 Strain
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Nearly 200 UMaryland Students Infected With Swine Flu
COLLEGE PARK, Md. - A flu outbreak at the University of Maryland is getting worse Tuesday night, with school officials saying nearly 200 students have been infected with what's believed to be swine flu.

In an effort to stop the spread of what is presumed to be an outbreak of H1N1, the University of Maryland has broken out the surgical masks. .....................

[ Parent ]
Gov. targets students in H1N1 outreach
The Diamondback
Like many other college campuses, the number of potential swine flu cases at this university is growing - more than 600 as of Friday - inciting government officials to hype up their outreach efforts.

[ Parent ]
Over 600 flu cases reported at D.C.-area colleges
..................The highest number of reported cases of flu-like symptoms is at the University of Maryland College Park, which reported 435. It is followed by the University of Virginia, which is reporting 95, and Georgetown University, which is reporting at least 50 cases..........

Anne Arundel County H1N1 Forum
Residents urged to protect themselves from swine flu
County holds forum to answer questions
By ERIN COX, Staff Writer
Published 09/15/09
To fight the spread of swine flu, Dr. Jinlene Chan returns to the very basics. Let us, she urges, revisit the concept of the human sneeze.

Joshua McKerrow - The Capital
Dr. Jinlene Chan of the county Health Department gives a presentation on swine flu to county residents Monday night urging them to prevent the spread of swine flu through common sense techniques to limit the spread of germs.
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Pasadena Residents: Make $63/Hr Part-Time!$63/hr part-time jobs open. Requirements: Just a computer. Explore now... A giant photo of a sneeze filled the projection screen behind her, the light capturing a plume of virus-infected vapor spraying several feet.

"This is really the key message for all of us tonight: prevention," Chan said a few slides later, explaining that proper sneezing and coughing etiquette - plus avid hand washing - will go a long way toward warding off the flu pandemic.

"Some of these are simple, and they're common sense, but they work," said Chan, an acting deputy health officer for the county Health Department.

As influenza season sets in and hundreds of college kids across Maryland are reporting flulike symptoms, about 40 people gathered last night at Anne Arundel

Community College in Arnold for a county government forum on swine flu preparedness.

A panel of local health officials, school representatives and emergency management leaders assured citizens that Anne Arundel has a swine flu plan in the event of a catastrophe. But residents were also encouraged to prevent the spread of swine flu by protecting themselves and others.

Sick people "should stay home, minimize their exposure to others," County Health Officer Dr. Edward Van Oevern said. "Part of the concept is everybody is kind of a team player here. You want to help not only yourself, but also everybody else. That even applies to people, traditionally, who go into work - they soldier on - and people admire them for it. Now is not the time to be a hero. If you're sick, stay home. Take care of yourself, take care of your co-workers."

The H1N1 virus, which causes the swine flu, brings the same symptoms as the seasonal flu viruses that arrive each fall. It's also treated the same way, and people who get sick will likely be unable to distinguish between swine and seasonal flu, officials said.

Although swine flu is similar in severity to the seasonal flu, it affects a much younger population and "so many people are susceptible to it," Chan said.

H1N1 virus is causing about 97 percent of flu cases tracked by health officials, but there is no way to estimate how many people may contract the swine flu this fall.

"I don't think anyone has ventured a guess," said Dr. Kelly Russo, an infectious disease specialist with the county Health Department, adding that the swine flu pandemic is unlike any pandemics that preceded it.

Public health officials warned residents to protect themselves from infection, and advised those most at risk to get both a seasonal flu vaccine and one of the newly developed H1N1 vaccines.

"The good news, and there is good news, is that most people who do get sick don't need hospitalization and they recover quickly," Chan said.

As compared to avian flu, swine flu has been "much milder and much more like seasonal flu. ... A lot of these common-sense, practical ways of preventing infection really are the way to go."

Residents came to last night's forum armed with queries, asking who should take the vaccine and what school officials have done to protect children and keep sick kids out of school. Mostly, they tried to understand how concerned they should be about the severity of the pandemic.

"I'm not really a fountain of knowledge, I'm a really a fountain of questions," county resident Dallas Usry said after leaving the forum. "We have five grandchildren, and we do a lot of baby-sitting ... we need to be aware of this. I'm carrying a handkerchief more than I used to."

School officials reassured worried teachers and parents that they're doing what's necessary to prevent panic.

"With more information, apprehension declines," County Executive John R. Leopold told the crowd.

Last night's forum was the first in a public outreach to educate residents and calm nerves about swine flu. Leopold urged citizens to create a swine flu preparedness plan for their families by making arrangements for child care or asking employers about telecommuting if someone in the family catches H1N1.

Betti DiMiceli, of Bay Ridge in Annapolis, peppered the panel with questions.

DiMiceli does emergency planning for her community, and she worries about the people who don't pay attention to the warnings or consider themselves invincible.

"This is one possible emergency that hasn't been explored because it's so new, and it's so vast," she said. "I'm completely prepared in my home."

DiMiceli turned to a friend who teaches in a public school and joked that she'll have to avoid her until flu season ends.

"I'll just call you!" DiMiceli said, "On my Purell-wiped phone!"

For comprehensive information on the county's swine flu preparation, visit www.aacounty.org.


H1N1 Survivor
H1N1 Survivor Speaks To WJZ Reporting
H1N1 almost killed Ron Lalich.

A deadly flu virus is once again rearing its ugly head in our schools, hospitals and workplaces.  The H1N1 virus or swine flu appeared last spring then quieted over the summer.

"I was so weak. Dizzy, blurred vision," said Lalich. "Throughout that night, I realized I was deathly ill.  I mean, I realized it anyway, but it got even worse."

The Baltimore County resident contracted the highly contagious virus from his grandchildren.

Hospitals like St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson are preparing for the worst.
"It is so devastating.  I would stay away from crowds, eliminate the possibilities as best I could.  They say wash your hands, of course," Lalich said.

The federal government issued a warning to small businesses to prepare to operate with fewer employees this fall because of the inevitable spread of H1N1.

Rules For Swine Flu Vaccine In Maryland
..............Dr. Phillips says the first to get the vaccine will be children with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women and health care workers who will be dispensing the vaccine in the clinical setting.

There will be no cost for the vaccine when it is administered to the public. The federal government has paid for the production of the vaccine. Local health departments will be offering clinics at no charge. The vaccine provided to schools will also be at no charge. However, Dr. Phillips says there may be a small administrative fee, which would be covered by insurance, when the vaccine is administered by private providers.

While research is still being done, Dr. Phillips says she expects healthy adults to need only an initial swine flu shot and no booster shot. However, she says, it is likely that children will need a second dose of the swine flu vaccine. ..............................

Due To Swine Flu, State Raises Level of Employee Leave Policy
WBAL News has learned that Maryland State government employees have been notified today that the State now has been moved into the Level II of its Pandemic Attendance and Leave Policy.

Level II gives State agencies greater flexibility in permitting employees to telecommute, to follow more relaxed return to work standards, and to access the Advanced Sick Leave Bank..................more


Pharmacists to discuss role if swine flu pandemic breaks out
Montgomery County
With flu season approaching and suspected cases of swine flu springing up, 100 pharmacists will prepare to put themselves on the front lines of a possible pandemic during a workshop at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy next week.

The program, which will be held at the school's satellite campus at The Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, filled up within three days of opening and there is a wait list of approximately 200 people, said Dr. Lauren Angelo, clinical assistant professor at the School of Pharmacy.
It is being co-sponsored by the county's Department of Health and Human Services, its Public Health Services division and its Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response program.

Girl, 13, hospitalized with H1N1 flu, double pneumonia
A 13-year-old Baltimore girl is in intensive care at the University of Maryland Medical Center with the H1N1 virus, according to her aunt. ........................
Destinee Parker, who is in the eighth grade, became ill in school Monday and was taken by her parents to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with double pneumonia, according to the aunt, Ernestine Parker. She was transferred to UM, where she has been on a ventilator and in critical condition, ...................................

Baltimore-area youth dies from swine flu; first child death in Maryland
A Baltimore-area child with an underlying health problem has died of swine flu, becoming the first youth death in Maryland from the H1N1 virus, state health officials said Friday.

Midshipmen Quarantined With Flu Symptoms
Academy Taking Steps To Prevent Spread Of H1N1
The U.S. Naval Academy has set up a temporary isolation unit and quarantined dozens of midshipmen ...........

As of Monday night there were 33 mids in unit converted from an existing athletic facility in the academy's dormitory.................

About 75 midshipmen were isolated at the peak of the quarantine, Cavanaugh reported. About 4,400 midshipmen live, work and sleep in close quarters.............

City girl, 14, who was hospitalized with swine flu dies, aunt says
14-year-old Baltimore girl who was hospitalized last week with double pneumonia and swine flu died Tuesday afternoon, according to her aunt..........

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued a report Wednesday announcing the state's ninth death related to swine flu, saying the Baltimore-area youth had no apparent underlying medical conditions pending further investigation.................

Maryland has reported nine deaths linked to swine flu, including two of children under 18. Since June, state health officials have reported 198 hospitalizations due to illness related to swine flu.

Destinee Alicia Parker
Destinee Alicia Parker was an aspiring artist who loved animals, Lil Wayne and scary movies. She and her two sisters were known as the "Parker Posse" at Montebello Elementary/Middle School. And although she was healthy, she died of swine flu Tuesday night................

[ Parent ]
Md. School To Close Over Swine Flu Cases
LAUREL, Md. -- St. Vincent Pallotti High School in Laurel has informed its students that it will be closed on Wednesday due to some confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus...

Anne Arundel to start swine flu vaccinations
The Anne Arundel County Department of Health will distribute its first batch of H1N1 vaccinations free of charge to county residents today and Friday. The Health Department has received about 1,400 doses of the nasal spray vaccine for the H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as swine flu, for distribution to county residents. The vaccines will be available at the Annapolis Health Center, 3 Harry S. Truman Parkway, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Call 410-222-4896 for an appointment, which is required..................

Hospital: Kids Not Welcome As Visitors, For Now
Washington County
Kids are no longer welcome as visitors at hospital in Western Maryland. At least for the time being that is.

Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown has implemented restrictions that limit hospital visitors to 18-year- olds and older.

The age restrictions are part of an effort by the hospital to avoid the spread of the flu.

The hospital administration says the ban on children visiting patients at the hospital will remain in place for the duration of the flu season.

The only children under the age of 17 who will be allowed in the hospital will be patients.


Maryland's Tough Choices With H1N1 Vaccine
Harford County
The children at St. Margaret Elementary School in Bel Air appear healthy, yet as many as 30% of their counterparts at the middle school campus fell ill last week......

Harford County's Deputy Health Officer, Dr. Yngvild Olsen, says the county's entire supply of 700 flu-mist vaccines will go to children at those schools.
"The combined number of students between the elementary and the middle school would match that number 700 that we got, and we really wanted to do a complete school and not partial schools," said Olsen................


Swine flu vaccine supply arrives
Carroll County

The Carroll County Health Department plans to give the H1N1 flu vaccine to a select number of people Friday who are vulnerable to getting the swine flu and considered to be a high priority by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ............


US school swine flu event shows vaccine challenge
LANDOVER, Maryland, Oct 9 (Reuters) - A U.S. government media event to promote H1N1 school vaccinations on Friday included VIPs, cute kids and a phalanx of television cameras -- but only one in five children at the school had proper parental consent to get immunized........

But 80 percent of the student body were ineligible for vaccinations due to missing paperwork during the day-long swine flu clinic........

Federal officials did not want to discuss the turnout. It underscored the challenge facing the U.S. government's $6.4 billion immunization effort which involves the widespread use of schools as vaccine clinics for the first time in a generation..........


Hospitals Make Policy Changes Due To H1N1
BALTIMORE -- Many Maryland hospitals are changing their visitation policies as a result of the swine flu outbreak....

Washington Co. confirms first swine flu death
HAGERSTOWN -- Public health officials have confirmed the first swine flu death in neighboring Washington County.


Montgomery Co. holds Wednesday swine flu clinics
ROCKVILLE, Md. - Montgomery County is turning Wednesdays into H1N1 vaccine days. ................

The clinics Wednesday, Oct. 14 will be held from at the following locations:

Dennis Avenue Health Center
2000 Dennis Ave., Silver Spring, Md.
Piccard Drive Health Center
1335 Piccard Dr., Rockville, Md.

Large Crowd Turns Out for Swine Flu Vaccinations
An overflow crowd converged on a Montgomery County H1N1 flu clinic in Silver Spring on Wednesday morning as hundreds of residents sought an early opportunity to get vaccinated.

"We're busy, more busy than we thought," said site commander Cindy Edwards of Montgomery's Department of Health and Human Services. "We haven't had a chance to breathe." .......................

[ Parent ]
Baltimore-3 officers in city homicide unit diagnosed with swine flu
Three officers in the Baltimore Police Department's homicide unit have been diagnosed with the swine flu, though two have been cleared by doctors to return to work, the agency's chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said this morning...........

Pr. George's Immunizes Adults Against Swine Flu
GREENBELT, Md. - Prince George's County will begin immunizing adults against swine flu Thursday afternoon at Spring Hill Lake Elementary School. ........
Health & Wellness Fair
October 15, 12-4 p.m.
Springhill Lake E.S.
6060 Springhill Drive
Greenbelt, Md.
This clinic focuses on adults who are most at risk for H1N1: pregnant women, adults who care for infants, people 18 to 24 years old, and adults 25-64 who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Prince George's County will start in-school vaccinations next week for elementary school children through the sixth grade.

Baltimore--1918 epidemic sent many to final rest on Flu Hill
Hearing the terrifying stories in my childhood about the 1918 influenza epidemic that took the lives of about 5,160 Marylanders propelled me as an adult to learn more. While both of my grandmothers told me their versions of the agony, it was Sister Mary Stephanie Hanley, my fifth-grade teacher, who knew how to capture the mind of a 10-year-old.

Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage
Maryland may receive just half its expected supply of the swine flu vaccine for October, state health officials said Monday as they scrambled, along with hospitals and other providers, to confront a projected shortfall.

As H1N1-related hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise, people have flocked to health department clinics to get inoculated, waiting in lines that stretched several hours. Meanwhile, in Baltimore County, officials have canceled several clinics because of a lack of vaccine.

Recent Graduate Dies From H1N1 Complications
GLEN BURNIE, Md. -- Students at North County High School in Glen Burnie are mourning the loss of a recent graduate who, according to his family, died from complications of the swine flu......................

official death
Maryland State has not listed this young mans death as H1N1. They have the death count still at 10.

[ Parent ]
It's official now
Md. health officials report 2 deaths related to swine flu
The deaths were unrelated adults from the Baltimore region with no underlying health problems. Officials confirmed that one of the deceased was Walter Brooks Jr., an 18-year-old graduate of North County High School in Glen Burnie, who died last Wednesday........................


[ Parent ]
Calvert County
Calvert Health Dept School Flu Initiative postponed due to inadequate vaccine supply....................

3 Howard elementary schools to get H1N1 vaccine
The largest school-based swine flu immunization effort in the Baltimore region will begin in Howard County today, when the first of more than 3,000 students will receive the sought-after vaccine.

The county plans to immunize 1,300 students at three elementary schools this week and an additional 1,800 students at two high schools next week with injectable doses. ......................................

13th Swine Flu Death
Maryland health officials confirmed another swine flu death Friday, bringing the state's tally to 13 deaths associated with the H1N1 virus. Because of privacy concerns, officials would not give details other than that the person who died was an adult from the Baltimore area with an underlying medical problem. ..................

H1N1 vaccine clinic watch this week in Md.
H1N1 open and public clinics may be starting to form in your area. Stay tuned to your local county health departments as clinic schedules are subject to change due to vaccine availability. Your family doctor may also have limited supplies of the recent shipment of H1N1 vaccines.

Listed below is some information regarding known H1N1 vaccination opportunities according to Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Carroll Co....Saturday swine flu clinics canceled
H1N1 mass vaccination clinics scheduled for Saturday at Northwest Middle and Winters Mill high schools were canceled because Health Department officials said there wasn't enough vaccine available.

Larry Leitch, county health officer, said the clinic set for Tuesday at the Agriculture Center, off Gist Road in Westminster, is still set.

"It's subject to getting the vaccine," Leitch said.

Friday and Saturday H1N1 vaccine clinic watch this week in Maryland
As clinic schedules are subject to change, please stay abreast of the most current information by keeping in tune with your local county website. Current information regarding the newly scheduled Friday and Saturday clinics for this week appears below....................

Woman may be swine flu fatality
Authorities await word on Charles resident's death

State and local health officials said Thursday they are awaiting confirmation of whether a Charles County woman has died from complications of the H1N1 virus.........

O'Malley emergency order allows paramedics to give swine vaccine
Gov. Martin O'Malley issued an emergency order Friday to help speed immunizations once more swine flu vaccine is available in Maryland.....................
The emergency order is essentially a bureaucratic necessity and isn't as alarming as it might sound. Maryland and other communities are ramping up for what they hope will be plentiful supplies of vaccine later this month. ..................................

H1N1 vaccine clinic watch for week of Nov 9
New clinics are always being scheduled; and clinic schedules may change due to H1N1 vaccine availability. Please stay abreast of the most current information by keeping in regular contact with your local county health department's website...............
to see list

Swine flu kills 6 more people in Md.; all had underlying conditions
State public health officials said Thursday that six more people have died in Maryland in the past four weeks of swine flu, bringing the number of deaths statewide since the pandemic began to 19.

All six were adults with underlying health conditions. Three were from the Baltimore area, two were from Western Maryland and one was from Southern Maryland. No further details were provided by the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. ..............................

Maryland Interactive H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Locater Map
30 Deaths.......?
Total Maryland 2009 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 11/20/09 @ 12:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 30

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 16
National Capital 6
Eastern 2
Western 4
Southern 2

By Age  
Adults 25
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 71% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases


Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 787

[ Parent ]
Total Deaths 34
Total Maryland 2009 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 11/30/09 @ 12:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 34

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 18
National Capital 7
Eastern 2
Western 5
Southern 2

By Age  
Adults 29
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 71% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 915

Md. officials report first two cases of drug-resistant swine flu
Maryland health officials are reporting the state's first two known cases of swine flu resistant to Tamiflu.

Johns Hopkins Hospitalannounced Wednesday that the two patients were treated there and have been discharged.


Drug-resistant swine flu reported in Va. and Md.
[ Parent ]
Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths 35
Total Deaths 35

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 18
National Capital 8
Eastern 2
Western 5
Southern 2

By Age  
Adults 30
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 71% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 940

Governor O'Malley: Swine Flu Vaccine Available To All

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says the swine flu vaccine is now available to all Maryland residents.

The vaccine is available at county health departments Tuesday and will be shipped to pharmacies.

H1N1 vaccine could be arriving at Md. pharmacies next week
Area pharmacies could begin to receive swine flu vaccine supplies as soon as next week, as Maryland opened up vaccinations to all residents Tuesday and people descend on big-box stores for holiday shopping..............
Stores like Walmart have been waiting since September for orders to arrive in some places, including Maryland. In other areas, the store has been able to offer the vaccine to at-risk customers............................
A Target spokeswoman said the company has not received notice that supplies have become available for its Maryland stores, but the pharmacies are registered to offer H1N1 vaccines when the product becomes available here. Giant Food said its pharmacies have no plans to carry the H1N1 vaccine................................

Maryland toatal deaths at 37
Total Maryland 2009 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 12/11/09 @ 5:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 37

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 19
National Capital 9
Eastern 2
Western 5
Southern 2

By Age  
Adults 32
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 71% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 968


Anatomy of a Pandemic.....WETA public broadcasting
Ray Suarez reports on the H1N1 influenza outbreak, examining the ways that the U.S. and world governments are fighting it, the development of a vaccine and how it compares to such past pandemics as the 1918 flu pandemic.


Doses of swine flu vaccine for young children are recalled in Md., Va.

Affected are certain lots of single-dose syringes for kids 6 months to 35 months old made by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur. It's a voluntary, nationwide recall. .....................
Maryland Health Department spokesman David Paulson said the state has received 10,300 doses of vaccine from the affected lots. They went to 48 providers, though not to any local health departments. Officials don't know yet how many of those doses have been used, and they did not immediately provide information on where the affected providers are located. ....................

Maryland total H1N1 deaths at 39
Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 39

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 19
National Capital 10
Eastern 2
Western 5
Southern 3

By Age  
Adults 34
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 81% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 968


Maryland H1N1 deaths total now at 41
Total Maryland 2009 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 12/23/09 @ 3:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 41

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 19
National Capital 11
Eastern 2
Western 6
Southern 3

By Age  
Adults 36
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 81% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 969


Maryland H1N1 Deaths Total 43
Total Maryland 2009 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 01/12/10 @ 1:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 43

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 21
National Capital 11
Eastern 2
Western 6
Southern 3

By Age  
Adults 38
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 81% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 969


Teen Paralyzed After Getting H1N1 Vaccine
CECIL COUNTY, Md. -- A 16-year-old boy in Maryland was paralyzed from the chest down after getting the H1N1 flu vaccine at school, a doctor said.

In December, Robert Beckham lost feeling in both his legs and was rushed to Baltimore's Sinai Hospital, Baltimore station WBAL reported......................
Shafrir said Robert is being treated for a rare condition called transverse mylitis in which a segment of Robert's spinal cord was destroyed by his own immune system.

Transverse mylitis is a disease that can occur after infection, but in this case, Shafrir said it was a medically unpredictable reaction to a vaccination that's being given in schools all over the country............

Maryalnd H1N1 Associated Deaths Total 44
Total Maryland 2009 - 2010 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 03/03/10 @ 2:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 44

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 21
National Capital 12
Eastern 2
Western 6
Southern 3

By Age  
Adults 39
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 81% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 1060


Maryalnd records 45th Swine Flu Death
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says it reported the death of an adult from the Baltimore area to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday. The death occurred within the last week.......

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths
Total Maryland 2009 - 2010 H1N1 Flu Hospitalizations and Deaths
Posted 04/01/10 @ 2:00 p.m.
Reported since May 1, 2009

Total Number of H1N1 Associated Deaths

Total Deaths 45

By Region  
Baltimore Metro 22
National Capital 12
Eastern 2
Western 6
Southern 3

By Age  
Adults 40
Pediatric 5

Where relevant information is known, 81% of all Maryland H1N1 (Swine) flu deaths have involved pre-existing underlying health conditions.  

Total Number of Hospitalized Cases 1087


Maryland Makes 2-1-1 Crisis Hotline Permanent

Governor Martin O'Malley last week signed Senate Bill 527/House Bill 693 making 2-1-1 Maryland, an information and referral line, a permanent system. He said the new law will allow the hotline to continue to provide thousands of Marylanders with vital resources each day.
"Last year, 2-1-1 Maryland answered more than 240,000 calls around basic needs like food, shelter, eviction prevention, utility assistance, H1N1 flu shot services, and more," said Mark S. Furst, president and CEO of United Way of Central Maryland. "2-1-1 Maryland is part of a national movement to create a seamless 2-1-1 system across the United States to serve as a social utility, barometer of need, and partner in crisis response and disasters. This bill helps ensure 2-1-1 Maryland remains positioned to be part of that national system."..............

I'm still here.....
Still checking the news and checking in with Flu Wiki.

Glad to see an old friend! :-) n/t

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Free Canning Jars
I have 6 cases of wide mouth quart jars and 6 cases of wide mouth pint jars that I need to find a new home for.
I live in Calvert County.
I would put them on Free Cycle but I have noticed lately that the same people are grabbing up items there, I think to resale, I don't want them to be resold, I would like to see them used. Reply if interested.  Thanks.

It's now 2013, Is there anybody OUT there...
"Is there anybody OUT there?"  Pink Floyd had the right question there.  Are there any preppers in MD (especially DelMarVa) OUT there?

Time moves on, people's interests change.  People come, people go.  And sometimes people come full loop and are back here again after long years of absence.  

It's lonely being a prepper.  There are realistic concerns about security if people start chatting locally, in real time, about their plans. But there is also something to be said for chatting about the local situation, the local flu moves, things that just don't hit the newspapers, but things that we need to know.  

Only by chatting here, in relative obscurity, can we hope to meet others of like mind that both share our interests, and share our concerns.  So, speak up, "Is there anybody OUT there?"


next door in WV

Prudent People Prepare Properly

"better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!"

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