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Flu Prep 19 (XIX)

by: Bronco Bill

Thu Nov 23, 2006 at 10:02:48 AM EST

Bronco Bill :: Flu Prep 19 (XIX)
From Flu Wiki 2
Forum: Flu Prep XIX
08 September 2006
Bronco Bill – at 00:16
Continued from here
DennisC – at 19:03
Today, I got a bunch of those low wattage high light output fluorescent light bulbs. I am replacing some of my incandescent bulbs. The idea is to keep my electrical load low in case I have to use a generator later.
To be honest, when I have multiple bulbs in a fixture, I keep one incandescent since the fluorescents take a while to “turn on”.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 19:18
Carrey in VA, you probably already know this, just want to remind those who might not, to open your 200 oxy absorb pack & split it into smaller packages & reseal in airtight containers, like glass jars in order to keep them fresh. Don’t open the pack until you have the jars ready to fill! Be sure you don’t just stick them in a plastic container (like Rubbermaid or Tupperware or regular ziplock bags) that might not really be truly air tight since the whole purpose is for them to suck air! If they’re not airtight, they’ll absorb air through any looseness of the plastic lid & bowl until they loose their potency.
Texas Rose, I put one oxy ab in the bottom of a canning jar & then fill with my dehydrated foods & seal and set on the pantry shelf where I’m checking them weekly for any sign of mold, since I’m new to dehydrating too!
MAinVA – at 00:30
Texas Rose, if I’m correct the whole point of dehydrating is to make them shelf stable. I’ve also used my oven to dehyrate ground beef [25 lbs so far!] and a recipe out of Silver Palate cookbook called “Comforting Beef.” I put the dried product in small glass canning jars with an oxygen absorber. So far so good! I’ve had then on a shelf now for over a month and they appear fine. I’ve used one of the earlier jars of ground beef to make several casserols and it worked beautifully. Think I may follow your lead and do some carrots since, for some reason I’m not finding a lot of canned carrots in my grocery store!
deborah – at 10:38
I have my dehydrated veggies in canning jars, stored on the shelves. As long as you keep them in a dark, dry place, that doesn’t get hot, you are ok for at least a year if the foods are completely dry. For anything longer, you want to add oxygen absorbers or vacuum seal the jars to maintain quality and freshness.
An inexpensive option for a dehydrator is the American Harvest snackmaster by Nesco (no, I don’t own their stock or have any financial interest in this company or its products). I bought one in Walmart for $33 when it wasn’t on sale, so I imagine you could get one for much less if you timed a sale right, or looked in a resale shop. For a basic version, it works very well, and has temperature settings that let you dry anything you want with it while making sure the food is safe to eat.
One thing that has helped me is blanching veggies in my microwave. It is fast, and I don’t lose any nutrients in water. For carrots, I shred fresh ones, put the shreds in a plastic freezer bag, or a glass bowl that I cover tightly with plastic wrap. A minute or two is all you need, depending on the quantity.
I can dehydrate blanched carrot shreds in a few hours, juicy things like tomatoes take much longer. A timesaver is to get bags of frozen veggies from your local stores when they are on sale, then add them directly to the dehydrator with no need to blanch as that was already done before the foods were packaged. They will already be cut up in the sizes you like too. This will cost more in most cases than buying fresh would, but the cost isn’t really that much more, plus you save on prep time. And sometimes, the cost can be much less, like with corn for example.
Once my foods are dry, I store them in glass canning jars. The ones I want to store long-term go in 1/2 gallon sizes with an oxygen absorber. The ones I use frequently (to enrich meatloaf, casseroles, soups etc) go in quart jars. Anyway, this post got much longer than I expected, so excuse my long-windedness, hehehe. Don’t give up on the dehydrating effort, it really does pay off and it totally worth the work involved.
History Lover – at 12:36
I know this is very trivial, but I thought I would add it anyway. I was at Wal-Mart today, and they had those small battery operated hand-held fans on sale for ten cents each. I bought a couple extra (I always carry one in my purse), because if the power goes down, and you don’t have enough of the large battery-operated fans, these can give you some relief in the heat.
Oremus – at 12:38
I just opened a carton of UHT milk with best used by date of 16JUN06. Tastes great, no degradation as far as I can tell. I bought it last December.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 12:43
History Lover & Oremus, thats two good pieces of info to know — I’m on my way to Wallyworld in just a minute to return some mini storage cubes I ended up not needing (yep, I said that) so I may check on those fans. I’ve used the milk for cooking but I try to use it up by end date or near it so it’s good to know that date can be stretched if stored correctly!
Green Mom – at 12:51
Where do y’all get the oxygen absorbers? Ive been using silica gel packs, but they draw out moisture, not oxygen. Ive also been using recycled pasta sauce jars for dehydration. I did some tomatos the other day that came out quite nice. The potatoes not so good-but I didn’t treat them first. Fortantly, It was only a two potato test run.
DennisC – at 12:55
I get mine at Honeyville
100 for $5. I also use them to get my powdered eggs. Good company and fast delivery.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 12:59
http://tinyurl.com/l... for $5 with $4.95 or so shipping on anything you order!
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 13:01
make that $4.49 shipping anywhere in US.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 13:04
Yep, what DennisC said! I just checked over on ebay and there’s an auction set up with buy it now for 100/$14.95!!!! OUCH!
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 13:15
By the way, here’s some oxy info:
from this website: http://tinyurl.com/m...
Number of oxygen absorbers needed: We [Walton Feed] sell 500cc absorbers. They will absorb 500+ cc of oxygen. A #10 can holds 13 cups or very roughly 3300cc. Air is 21% oxygen. So that empty 3300cc #10 can actually has about 683cc of oxygen in it. If you take a full cup of beans it takes about 0.375 cups of water to bring the water level up to the top of the cup. I’ve found this to be true with most of the whole seeds I’ve measured including wheat and rice. This figure is important because it also tells you how much air is in the can when it is full of seeds - 37.5%. With a #10 can full of these products, you now have about 256cc of oxygen left in the can. If you are canning a powder you probably have less air than this but foods like macaroni would have more. Already you can see that one 750cc absorber should do the job nicely, in fact it’s a bit of overkill. A 300cc absorber would also do the trick. We use one 500cc absorber in each of our #10 cans as we’d rather have a bit of overkill than a little oxygen left in the can should the absorber become loaded. Actually, on the cans, this is a lot of overkill as the absorbers we use now actually have more than twice as much oxygen absorbing capacity as what they are rated for.
DennisC – at 13:22
Another O2 trick is to use CO2 from dry ice to fill you container and push out all the air- CO2 is “heavier” than air. But be warned you can explode containers if they are sealed. I do use it to fill some of my “buried supplies” but they are 35 gal things and I just put a piece of plastic over the vent hold so that any expanded gas can push it up. I come back the next day and seal the vent and bury my container.
DennisC – at 13:23
13:22 oh that should have been vent hole and not hold….. the keys are close on this keyboard…
nopower – at 13:25
HBO has a documentary that is airing about Hurricane Katrina. Lots of footage from the event shown day by day. Very moving. The interesting thing I just saw was on several houses it was spray painted “Hope is not a plan”.
I really like that saying. Alot of people I talk to about BF say they hope there will be a vaccine or they pray that there won’t be a pandemic. But in the end, I truely believe I am the only one that will take care of me and my family.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 14:10
Nopower you should post that comment on the great quotes thread!
NEMO – at 15:44
Well, this is a first. I keep losing most of my internet connectivity from Direcway (satellite). I can get my email, go to anything google and get on the WIKI!!! That’s it so far!!! Is someone trying to tell me something?? This is the fourth time this has happened in the past month. It’s that way on all our computers and will fix itself again (hopefully!) but at least I can get to the wiki!!!
NauticalMan – at 15:55
Hope is not a plan should be the official motto of Fluwikie!
tjclaw1 – at 16:00
“Hope is not a plan.” That should be the used for a panflu public awareness campaign.
Dennis in Colorado – at 20:13
Today’s prep:
I picked up the two Brinkman lanterns from layaway at WalMart. They work well as-is from the box. I’ll try the solar charging capability tomorrow. I do note that the instructions for them have one line whited out: “LED indicator on back of lantern turns off automatically when battery is fully charged.” I conclude that the LED will not turn off. There is another instruction to not charge the battery for more than 24 hours.
There were no more Brinkman lanterns on the shelf; all shelf space in that area is now given to Coleman lanterns, of all types.
I also bought 3 large boxes of kitchen matches; specifically for the kerosene lanterns (I have three of those) and for the fireplace.
MAinVA – at 22:03
DH just tested the inverter we bought last week at WM. While he is a retired engineer, I know nothing of how these things work. Goal was to see if he could run the refrigerator off of the car [or is it the car’s battery?] Anyway, he found that it worked and we are both thrilled. We do not live in a place where we could have a generator; however the car is parked right outside the kitchen window, so this is a match made in heaven!
FWIW, I feel that I’m just about finished with prepping, primarily because my intuition is telling me we are running out of time, not for any other reason. In other words, my majorly large run to the grocery, Sam’s and Super WM last week may have been a sort of “topping off.” I think we will continue to buy water almost every day, and will also consider every extra hour and day in the same way as Dr Navarro: “God’s Gift of time.”
Texas Rose – at 23:16
MAinVA@2203: My gut is telling me the same thing.
Thanks for all the info about oxygen absorbers. I can see I’m going to be ordering some PDQ.
09 September 2006
Chesapeake – at 07:51
I got this link from another site and thought I should borrow it. You can download or just read some important books. I downloaded “ Where there is No Doctor” http://tinyurl.com/h...
HillBilly Bill – at 09:05
I have 7 quarts of soup beans with salt pork in the canner and another big pot to eat and share this weekend. I hope to convert a lot of our bags of dry beans to canned beans this fall. Like others, I really feel an urgency to all of this.
Petticoat Junction – at 11:28
OK, wierd. NPR (National Public Radio) just had a big on-air promo for the selection of emergency crank radios they have for sale online. Sure, there’s a connection re: radio, but I have been listening to NPR since they started in the 70′s and have NEVER heard anything like that until this morning.
I did look at our WalMart yesterday for the Brinkman, but the guy working the dept (seemed to be a crochety manager type, not a high school kid) said they don’t carry them. They did have that Swiss lantern for $22, but I only had $5 and was using that to get a couple of bottles of behind-the-counter kids’ cold & flu meds.
MA in VA and TX Rose, I feel the same way, but am stuck right now with extremely limited prep funds (which is sending my PPF way up every time I look at my daughters). I spent $25 last week and $25 yesterday and that was pretty much the end of the funding for this month. :o(
• However* I have to say that I did pretty well with that money yesterday. If you have a CVS pharmacy near you, go check out their 75% off summer/camping clearance. I spent $25 but got (well, obviously) $100 worth of:
Tabletop grills (hibachi for $1.75 and round grill for $3.75) Coleman stove propane canisters ($1.75 for a 2 pack!! I bought the last three sets) MatchLight charcoal ($1.75 for a 7.7 lb bag…I bought the last 6) Grill baskets down from $4 to 99 cents
I feel much better about being able to cook…now I just need to find $$ to get more food TO cook.
KimT – at 17:15
My Hy-Vee store is having a 20% off sale for all meat you can fit in a sack, I think I will stop by and pick up a lot of hamburger for dehydrating tonight. Stopped by Sportsman today and made sure I have all the connectors for the propane canisters, picked up a bunch of misc things, dutch oven supplies, hand warmers, emergency blakets for the windows and more supplies for my water filters and I stopped at the church rummage sale and they had a bunch of candles and some camping pans, a big thick wool blanket and it was a sack sale too, Got everything at the church for $3.
Prepping Gal – at 18:01
HillBilly Bill – at 09:05
I too feel that we’re on the eve of some major event whether that’s pandemic or whatever. I topped up my supplies today just in case. Wanted to get some lamp oil but DH’s car broke down (he’s refitted a v8 into a 78 Jag but there’s a fuel problem) so right in the midst of shopping I had to stop and go to get him. So I grabbed a half dozen 105 hour candles because I couldn’t find the lamp oil (huge store) quickly. Anyway grabbed some more large bags of milk powder and day to day stuff and I feel we’re set. This is the first time I’ve felt I needed to be prepared to not leave the house at any given minute. I hope so much that this is some subconcious reaction perhaps to 9/11 but it’s there. Not panic mode but definitely prepared mode. Stay close to home over the next 24 to 96 hours folks.
anonymous – at 18:04
Thanks for the CVS tip Petticoat - I’ll check them out tommorow.
KimT - When you say “Sportsman” I assume you are talking about “The Sportsman’s Guide”. At first I was jealous because I would love to have one by me, then I realized I would buy way too much stuff if I didn’t have to pay shipping and could window shop.
I had to put a 20′x30′ tarp on the back roof because we discovered a leak during the daily rain storms. Just waiting for some roofers to come and give us quotes, they are still working roofs from hurricanes two years ago down here in South Florida. On the bright side, I have a nice tarp for collecting rain after the roof is fixed!
EnoughAlready – at 18:19
Our well holding tank sprung a leak. Not big, but a leak all the same. I have been wanting to increase the tank size anyway. Just thought I’d add this to the ongoing list here today of things going wrong. So, Monday I’ll call the well guy to come do the work.
lady biker – at 18:52
I have had a heavy load on my mind lately, and I’m trying to fix it. I was reading an old forum that is closed here and it was about money and preppiing. I know in my heart that I can’t save the world. I am prepping for family cause to me family will always come first but there is a lot out there that I wish I could do and from the looks of this website so does a lot of others too. I have come to the conclusion that I’m gonna buy some five gallon buckets, once I get to a fairly comfortable level with my preps for my family. then I’m gonna fill these buckets with large bags of rice , beans, soup mixes, and things that I might wish I had if I was starving or my family was. Maybe just maybe I can help someone who might really need it, I know my neighbors will and I will only help once but it’s a start. what do yall think? will it work????or will I be killed?????
Oremus – at 19:25
lady biker – at 18:52
Not to get into a religious discussion, but my ethics are influenced by my religious beliefs, so in regard to helping your starving neighbor:
Biblical Scripture, Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25 verses 31 to 46 and also the widow from the first book of Kings, Chapter 17
I know I am mortal, and I believe that I will stand before God and have to account for all my actions in this life.
Petticoat Junction – at 19:44
Lady Biker, my husband and I had the same discussion the other night (even as we were trying to figure out how to find another $10 to buy beans for our own family, lol). We both feel strongly about putting together some Rubbermaid-type boxes with some basic preps and foods and keeping them aside to give to those who need them when tshtf. I keep thinking of one single working dad and his pre-teen son, in particular, so lots of easy ‘bachelor’ foods in their box.
Somewhere I remember reading a thread or at least discussion(s) about putting together ‘prep gift baskets’ and have been thinking I need to go back through the archives and find it again.
I’ve also seen suggestions to have some preps like that which are easy to give away, if the need arises, so you can hand them out to…whomever…to try and keep them from going for more of whatever you have stored, so I guess there’s always that way to look at it, too.
KimT – at 20:14
anonymous – at 18:04 Sportsman is a hunting and camping store a few miles from my home. I discovered this spring, just opened up last fall. My Boyfriend gave me a half hour because he needed to get home and go to bed, works the night shift..but he knows me better then that and I was easily there an hour and if he hadnt looked so darned tired I would have been there longer. I was planning on practising with my dutch oven, but was invited out to eat at the folks. I had been avoiding them of late, hadn’t figured out a way to tell them I was sick and they hate it when I bring up the bird flu to them.
I have mom looking up in the family geneology the years 1916–1920, she said she will look deeper but already knew that a lot of healthy young men in Kansas died in 1918 & 19 and they were not in the military at the time. I asked her to look for journal entrys…this may help break the ice with them and get them to prepare more.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 20:26
Lady Biker, you’ve touched on something that is very relavant to all of our discussions — everything we consider, in the back of most of our minds, we consider for others as well.
I think you won’t be killed if you do your gifting quietly — anonymously. I would not even use buckets necessarily, unless you must leave the gift where raccoons might get into it. Leave your food gift (if you include non-food products, keep them separate from the food stuff outside of the bucket or whatever you’re using.
And you’re right you can only do so much — enough food to get them by until they can get to the help that they need like their own family, or medical help from somewhere. I believe in tithing on the gross of our income so I try to tithe or ‘gift’ out a 10th or more of my entire store of supplies, meaning I also let go of the luxury stuff like the good soap, and the chocolate!!
I will mention this…..I’ve found it easier to set up an emptybin near my pantry door & sort of toss in things as I put new stuff in — it helps me keep my rotation running smoothly & it hurts less than trying to pull stuff out of your preps later to give away — you get sort of panicky when you do that. Doing it gradually day by day or week by week, makes you feel good seeing the gift food grow, while not feeling like your own family’s food is being ‘robbed’. I guess it’s just all in my head but it balances with my heart that way & makes it easier to do.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 20:27
I wanted to share an idea with you that I’d forgotten about from Y2k. I learned back then (and haven’t practiced since) using wax paper on countertops, several layers if you need it, to use to protect the countertop as you’re preparing food. You can wad it up and throw away without having to wipe the counter with water every single time — great for crumbly things, but will work for wet foods too, just use more — it’s sooooooo cheap that it makes it reasonable to use it.
DennisC – at 20:58
Just putting this over on this thread to avoid News thread “clutter”.
There was mention of the NOAA radio service. It is around 160 MHz. NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information directly from a nearby National Weather Service office . NWR broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day.
It should give emergency warnings during times of problems. Good in case you are not tuned to the weather channel or have no TV service. The give a warning signal so you know something is “up”. If you go to the site you can find where their stations are. Most major city areas are covered. THere are lots of people that sell them (25-$100) or so. You can also get scanners (for police, fire and so on) that have it built in. (I got mine from Radio Shack, but lots of people sell them)
another good “emergency service” for the average person is the emergency email service (free public service item).
You put in your state and county and they send emails to warn you of bad weather, terror threats, hazzards, bad driving conditions, and such items. I use it to keep me aware of snow storms in the winter.
heddiecalifornia – at 21:11
Question on prepping — water.
I was wondering if instead of buying water to store, if it is possible to just can it in canning jars — I have lots and lots of empty jars and sealing rings and tops, etc. and it occurred to me I could just fill the jars from the tap, put on the lid, and boil them for 15 minutes in the canning pot.
Also could do this later over a campfire to ‘can’ rainwater and such if regular water supplies are iffy.
I have never seen this suggested anywhere, but it seems to me to be a real possibility — is there any reason this would not work? thanks for any opinions —
10 September 2006
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 08:12
Someone did mention doing just that on a thread somewhere, but we’d be the luckiest people in the world if we happened upon it again….they didn’t go into detail, but I made a note of it & realized that I have boxes of jars stacked to the ceiling that don’t have food in them right now and probably they all won’t so water would be a great choice to fill them. Wonder how long you’d have to process water?
tjclaw1 – at 08:25
Here are the instructions for “canning” water, which I got from Consumer’s Guide:Preparing an Emergency Food Supply Storing Water Supplies http://tinyurl.com/k...
Q Can I ?can? water at home to prepare for emergencies?
You may use home canning methods to stock water for emergencies, but it really is unnecessary. The directions above for using clean containers and chlorine treatment are just as suitable. Canning refers to putting boiled water in jars, covering with a two-piece metal home canning lid, with screwband, and processing the submerged jar in boiling water for a specified number of minutes. Container size for canning will be limited by the size of your boiling water canner. Also, glass jars are required for home canning lids and the weight of these filled jars will be an issue. They also are subject to more easy breakage (the glass) and rusting (the lids) during disaster situations. However, if you want to ?can? water for storage, follow these directions:
The boiling water canner must be deep enough so that the filled jars will have 1 to 2 inches of water boiling over the tops of them during the processing time. It must have a rack in the bottom and a lid. Prepare home canning jars by washing in hot , soapy water and rinsing well. Keep warm until ready to use. (You can do this by filling with clean hot water, or submerging in warm water in your boiling water canner.) Prepare lids for use by following the manufacturer?s directions on the package.
Bring clean, potable water to boiling. Fill into the warm, clean jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Adjust prepared lids and process in boiling water for 10 minutes. (Start timing the process after the water in the canner comes to a boil around the filled jars.) At the end of the 10 minute process, remove jars from the canner and place on a rack or towel out of cool drafts. Allow to sit undisturbed for 12 to 24 hours, until cool and the lids have sealed.
Green Mom – at 10:28
Prepping Gal at 18:01-
Why do you say “stay close to home for next 24–96 hours”? Is it 9/11 anniversary, or do you know something……?
I’m feeling really jittery as well, but I have nothing to base it on.
Wolf – at 11:08
Real low on cash for the next couple months, but based on a recommendation here at fluwiki (forgive me, I can’t recall the source) I bought the Sony ICF-36 Portable AM/FM/TV/Weather Radio for $25. Had been looking for a shortwave receiver, but the technical aspects of the antennae requirements dampened my enthusiasm (let alone the $$$). This little radio is highly rated, uses little in the way of juice, and seems pretty goof-proof. I’m with those who believe it’s better to have more ‘primitive’ preps that you’re comfortable in using, than more elaborate preps that may confuse the bejeebers out of you - even on a GOOD day, let alone when tshtf. Thanks to whomever posted the radio info - much appreciated!
KimT – at 13:38
I tink I need to go shopping again. The pig thread has me nervous.
Need much more pet food for my critters and more porpane.
OKbirdwatcher – at 13:46
Wolf at 11:08 -
I think that was Eccles recommendation :-? Thanks Eccles! Wolf, may I ask where you got your Sony ICF-36?
Wolf – at 14:27
OKbirdwatcher @ 13:46: Eccles is a good guess, however, just can’t remember! Followed the link to Amazon, purchased from Target through Amazon site. Not sure if they have it in the bricks-and-mortar stores.
Patc – at 15:50
You guys are probably going to think I am crazy for putting this on this thread!!! I also think knowledge is preparation. I hope I do not offend anyone who does not believe in God, I do not mean to do that!!! Some of you probably already know this one; there is a website called fulfilledprophecy.com. They also look diligently at world events. I found a lot of things I did not know(have been studying BF for a year now). Most of you probably already know this also but the US and the world is demanding every cow, hog, horse, sheep ect., be tagged so they can be traced. There is a lot of other information there that could be helpful. (Some people think 2007 is going to be the starting point of the Tribulation.) I also told them about fluwiki.
OKbirdwatcher – at 15:53
Wolf at 14:27 - Thanks!! I’ll check it out.
Green Mom – at 18:17
Patc- why 2007?
silversage – at 18:42
Petticoat Junction – at 11:28
Thank you, for the tip about the CVS clearance on BBQ stuff. I got 2 pack coleman propane canisters for 69 cents!! 69 cents for two!! I got all they had. The other CVS near me had nothing but I couldn’t be happier!!
Patc – at 21:14
A peace treaty is to be offered to Israel.
Oremus – at 22:23
package of 16 AA batteries for a dollar at dollar tree.
Texas Rose – at 22:57
Went Target for a litter pan and discovered there were camping supplies on clearance. I was able to get one of those collapsible 5-gallon water jugs for a couple bucks. Also got mess kits to go in the BOBs for a few bucks each.
We made a Costco run, too. I figure we’re good for food for at least 3 months now, if we don’t ration, longer if we do.
Eduk8or – at 23:13
Ever since I shared the pigs dying in China information with hubby, he’s kicked his side of the preps (heat, electric, water & fuel storage, defense, & a Plan B) into high gear. He’s found a farm auction near-by on Friday that has the PTO generator he’s looking for so he’s planning time out of the field to head over there and see if he can get it bought. He’s called and ordered the installation of another large diesel storage tank for stockpiling diesel for the tractors, as well as some solar pumps for the cow pasture water supplies.
He dug out our shotgun from the back of the closet, cleaned it, and then made a note to buy ammo for it while it’s on sale for hunting season..
I just found out from his mom this week-end that she’s putting up more jelly, applesauce, and tomato sauce than she normally would in anticipation of needing them in the upcoming year for “whatever” reason. But I know he was going to talk to his folks about bringing our family and preps to their house (since we’re in a very visible location just off a 4 lane highway) in the event of public unrest as well as the possibility of his brother coming back to the farm with his family if TSHTF.
So all in all…a good prep week-end, even if it wasn’t my work directly!! :-)
tjclaw1 – at 23:21
I’ve been busy canning the last month. Lots of salsa, some dill relish, jams, pie filling, and fruits. Will be doing some tomatoes, applesauce, and apple butter yet. If I can get my pressure cooker in order, I want to can some beef stock from bones I’ve been storing in my freezer from the last cow we had butchered. I’d also like to do some mushroom stock and vegetable stock. If I get stuck eating lots of rice I at least need it to have some flavor!
11 September 2006
EnoughAlready – at 00:31
went to COSTCO today. bought a case of rice drink, several bags of dehydrated fruits, Flax seed oil capsules and Omega 3 pills, and a case of v. sausage. oh, and 2 huge cans of tomato paste… one of which I am dehydrating now to make tomato powder. Looked at those survival buckets, then came home and looked at them online. They are actually 1/2 price at COSTCO, and seem to be relatively nutritious. There are 55 meals in there that serve 5 people each. Comes out to be about $1.80 a meal. I didn’t get the buckets, but I do think they are a good deal.
Texas Rose – at 01:12
D’oh! I never thought about using those big cans of tomato paste for dehydrating! Drat. I may have to trek back to Costco.
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 14:27
Did the website say anything about the lawsuit over those survival buckets? Do you think that’s why they were half price??
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 14:32
My prep for today was to contact Ronco & tell them that they messed up my order — I’d ordered 2 food trays in smoke color, and Herb screens.
They sent me 2 clear food trays that were broken & a whole new dehydrator with 5 trays of it’s own(in clear)!!!
When I called to ask for a return label for the extra dehydrator, they messed up the ‘reorder’ & wrote it for only 1 tray so I had to call (and hold and hold and hold) to get them to increase that to 2.
Returning some things to WalMart, so I’m also going to purchase 2 of their large clay pots for that outside cooler thingie!
giraffe – at 15:04
What outside cooler thingie, workin’-on-it?
Mari – at 15:10
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 14:32 - If you’re talking about the pot within a pot cooler that has wet sand in between the two pots, it will do a good job cooling in low relative humidity situations (e.g., not more than 30% during the hot hours) during the summer. I wouldn’t count on a temperature difference of more than 30 F on the hottest days, however.
Chesapeake – at 15:17
Here is a link explaining the pot inside a pot cooling method. http://tinyurl.com/f...
I’m-workin’-on-it – at 15:27
That’s the one!
Snowhound1 – at 15:37
Enough Already or anyone else….do you have a link for the online site for the “survival” buckets? I looked at costco online and couldn’t fine them. I was thinking that it might be something I might be interested in for “longterm” food storage for my kids at college. I did find information regarding the lawsuit, and it has to do with not enough calories in each bucket for 3 months for one person. I would be happy if it contained enough calories and food for one month.
Closed and Continued - Bronco Bill – at 17:17
These threads fill up pretty fast…this one is closed and the new thread, Number XX, is continued here
Last relevant post copied to new thread
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