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Finding Local Preppers

by: DemFromCT

Thu Apr 10, 2008 at 07:39:11 AM EDT

Open this diary to find preppers and information in your area.
DemFromCT :: Finding Local Preppers
Start an Area Prepper Diary and I will link to this table (links are in blue, black means no diary link - check here to see what exists already). Include Local Preppers or Area Preppers as a tag.

(international version - do the same and I will build a table)

Australia and New Zealand


Scandanavian preppers and http://fluwiki.no

United Kingdom

Finding Area Preppers - USA

StateState StateStateState
AlabamaHawaiiMassachusetts New MexicoSouth Dakota
Alaska IdahoMichiganNew YorkTennessee
ArizonaIllinoisMinnesotaNorth CarolinaTexas
ArkansasIndianaMississippiNorth DakotaUtah
California IowaMissouriOhioVermont
Colorado KansasMontanaOklahomaVirginia
DelawareLouisianaNevadaPennsylvaniaWest Virginia
FloridaMaineNew HampshireRhode IslandWisconsin
GeorgiaMarylandNew JerseySouth CarolinaWyoming

Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and other territories.

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a glitch might make you re-log on with older diaries n/t

No glitch this time round. Thanks for the diary. n/t

[ Parent ]
Non State groups?
DemFromCT or any one else,

 Are there any group/ tribal representatives?

 Deaf community

 Amish - PA and eastern groups

 Amish - WI and Mid west groups

 Indigenous peoples of the U.S. continent
 (Mattaponi, Nasmond, Cherokee, Shawnee, etc,
 list: http://www.native-languages.or...

 Indigenous peoples of the U.S. territories -
 (Guam, Marshall Islands, Somoa, U.S. Virgin Islands,etc)

 Indigenous peoples of British Columbia.


 Note: all apologies if I got somethign wrong. No disrespect intended to any group or peoples.


anyone can start any group they want
if there's interest.

[ Parent ]
No point of contact for many of the tribal groups, etc.
If any one does,
 Please pass the fluwiki info along and or start a group.

[ Parent ]
I can't figure out how to do this
When I get on the other diaries, they are from, like, 2006. I'd like to start diaries for South Dakota and Nebraska, since I'm right on the state line.

literally start diaries for SD and NE
the older ones were created back then by local residents, but soome have fallen into disuse.

once you start em, I'll link 'em.

[ Parent ]
Dem, can we keep this diary
on the front page? It's about to fall off and I think it's good to keep it visiable. Thanks.

United we stand: Divided we fall

and btw, it's always available in the left hard Subject box under Local Preppers

[ Parent ]
Minnesota preppers
Ok, I think I may have started a Minnesota preppers thread, with any luck. After so many years hanging around, I may have actually done something... or maybe not, I'm not technically proficient with this format.

With the State of Minnesota taking many positive steps to make sure they are ahead of the game when it comes to pandemic flu, I can't believe that we are among the last to have a dedicated thread! I look forward to posting the links I have to the monthly newsletters detailing Minnesota's response to the pandemic challenge, and to talking to other Minnesotans who are actively preparing themselves to handle any and all  emergencies that may come our way.

A long time Flu-wikian from just outside the Twin Cities.

Virginia diary had been removed
so I started a new one.  Here's the link:

To calm the wife buy cases of chocolate, to calm the husband buy cases of booze, and to calm the children...... heck the booze and chocolate should work.

Corrected link to new diary
is http://www.newfluwiki2.com/sho...

The link in the table has been updated.  Thank you for re-starting this diary, Oremus.

[ Parent ]
Nevada Prep
Wondering if there are any Nevada prep sites around. I am out in the Pahrump, Nevada area

Nevada preppies
Although the state does not have a large population, are there any preppers in Nevada that would like to keep in touch, etc.

NV Preppers
Hi Gary!  Me me me!  I'm over here! Las Vegas, that is.

Also, anyplace for preppers with disabled/special needs family members?  Would like to hear the ideas of other people in the same boat.  

Nevada Preppy
Well that makes two of us in the state,,,,a small beginning for sure.  

[ Parent ]
Gosh, Gary...
Being from CA, and having visited NV on numerous occassions, I never really believed anyone actually lived there! All I ever saw were out-of-state license plates...  LOL!!  < I say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course! > ;-)

[ Parent ]
NV Preppers
Interesting that it's not more.. with all the Mormons in the state. The only preppers I've found around here so far are Mormons, trying to educate the public.

The local (Northwest) Costco does carry a lot of stuff geared to the Mormon prepping consumer, such as large buckets of Morning Moo, wheat, etc. And they do have those "Emergency Food for Health" buckets that are going on the Costco website for about $85, at the store for about $70.  

The Costco web site also has several variety 6-pk combos of freeze dried fruit, veggies, and TVP.  Shipping is included in the list price. I don't really know how it compares to Honeyville Grain.

Calling Any Colorado Preppers!
I hope some from Colorado will show up.  I believe I am the only one in this state prepping.

NV Preppers
Today I went to a local Smith's Food and Drug in Las Vegas.  Whoever is running it seems to know about flu prepping, because during the H5N1 scare a couple of years ago, this store manager was selling food preps by the case in the store. Stuff like cases of tuna, mandarin oranges, fruit cocktail, chili, chicken soup, etc, at a pretty good price.  

Well, today I happened to go to that store, and there was a handmade sign on the doors saying that for one week starting Sept 9, they would be having a "by the case" sale. Don't know if this is the only Smith's around here that does this.

I can't help but wonder what grocers and food product companies are being told by the government about H1N1, especially after hearing about the NY mortician's association who were given some unbelievably high estimated casualty rate by the CDC a week or so ago.  Today the figure 90,000 estimated deaths was released to the public.  I think the morticians were given something much larger than that. I do notice little subtle hints being dropped around press releases about having two weeks of preps on hand, and making arrangements for your kids if schools close.  The problem is, they are so subtle about it, nobody notices unless they're tuned in already.

New diary for Florida Preppers
is here


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