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Flu Wiki Emergency Email Test...Jan 2009

by: Bronco Bill

Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 16:00:00 PM EST

It's that time again. The FWEET email test...

The FWEET email was sent out at 12:10pm EST on Jan 17, 2009.
Make sure your SPAM filters aren't blocking Flu Wiki email
Bronco Bill :: Flu Wiki Emergency Email Test...Jan 2009
By now, you should have received your email if you're on our address list.  We went about it a bit differently this time around...instead of warning you ahead of time to watch for the mailing, we thought we'd surprise you with it. Just keepin' y'all on your toes! :-)

If you haven't signed up, send your current email address to any one of the Mods in the Contact blox on the right and your name will be added for the next mailing, sometime in April.

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The following emails were returned unopened!
Blue Coyote
S. Albert

Great job, BB
There are times when I'm in a hurry and just grab a quick glance at the threads list to see if I can wait and read later after work, etc.  Knowing we have such a wonderful alert system makes life more peaceful.  Thanks for all you do.
I was happy to see that we had our quarterly test.  Tests are good.  May the real thing stay far away and we have tests forever.  Great Job BB.

There was an attachment on my e-mail. I didn't want to open it because it wanted to save to my computer. What is the attachment, and is it safe?

tjclaw1---I didn't attach anything to the email. The attachment is probably the FW logo in my signature. It's the same logo as in the upper left corner of the site. Shouldn't be any problem...I'm not an infectious kinda guy! :-)

[ Parent ]
Geeze BB,
These email tests and I don't seem to be connecting. I'll get the update in my profile. Thanks.

United we stand: Divided we fall

BB, Thank you.
Bronco Bill,

 With the temporary outage last month its good to know we have a backup system.



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