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New PPF poll - July 09

by: DennisC

Wed Jul 15, 2009 at 12:56:38 PM EDT

For newbies- we have sometimes asked for people's "personal pucker factor" PPF.  It give an indication of people's "fear factor".

How do you fell as Belgium mobilizes troops to hand out masks, Argentina closes congress, vaccine makers are reporting problems, death counts are creeping up......

DennisC :: New PPF poll - July 09
What is your PPF now?
1 there is no flu problem – it is all a mistake
2 OK so a few people in another country have a few
3 people in town have it, no worry,I wash my hands
4 Friends and family have the flu
5 I am ordering MRE, some of those Honeyville eggs
6 I will make one more trip to the store for rice
7 I am going to stay home today
8 I am starting to SIP (shelter in place)
9 I am turning away friends from my door
10 I will turn off the lights before the riot...


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Almost ready to SIP
I already live mostly "remote" and go to town only twice a week for groceries, church and the mail unless I am teaching.   But I am starting to "finish up" my preps.  My feeling is that it will start here in about a month. I have cancelled my "live class" for the fall and will only be doing online classes for the fall.  

By the way- did you know that one of the most contaminated common objects is a grocery cart handle- I will be wiping those off starting today.  (a doctor's tie ranks right up there also)

Be Prepared

Are stores providing a means
to wipe off the cart handles?

A doctor's tie??? Should they stop wearing them?  

[ Parent ]
Shopping carts . . .
The stores where we live all provide cannisters of wipes that are available in the area where you pick up the shopping cart.  I've been using them for months.  I also carry sanitizer with me in case they're out of the wipes.

Doctors should have stopped wearing ties long ago - I've never seen my doctor in a tie - come to think of it, the doc I had before we moved up here in 2004 and got a new doc never wore one either.

[ Parent ]
Grocery stores here
The Kroger and Albertsons that I shop at both provide Clorox towlettes at the door and recepticles for the used ones. Only once have I found the towlette dispenser empty. So we're lucky there. I have only seen a couple of people beside myself use them.

2 of our docs wear ties.


"History never looks like history when you are living through it." ~John W. Gardner

[ Parent ]
We've been wiping carts for years now.
And tables at restaurants, and trying to use sleeves to open doors, etc.

The one time a year or so ago that we didn't do it, we caught the flu and were miserable for several weeks. We had the GI problems with it, like this H1N1 flu. It was a bummer!

We only go into town maybe once a week.

[ Parent ]
I don't just wipe them down-
I pull out extras and COVER the handle. As those dry and start to fall off ... go back to the meat department where there are more and put fresh wet ones one, again! -k

www.EmergencyHomePreparation.org -- A 'card-catalog' style of prepping information.   -

[ Parent ]
Exposed but escaped
Two of my kids were exposed to H1N1-09 through two seperate church camps.  Neither caught anything nor did anyone in our home.  If something had happened I would have kicked myself.

All local cases that I've heard of have been "mild," even those not treated with tami.  "Mild" meaning mild for the flu ... they felt like death warmed over but I was told by those that had experienced real seasonal flu before that they had felt much worse for a longer period of time with seasonal strains than with H1N1-09.  Perhaps with school out the exposure amount is low enough that infection is containable by the human body's own response.  I'm clueless.

I am however evaluating each and every extracurricular activity my kids are in.  I can't keep hubby from working ... legal obligations and we have to feed and house our kids.  He is being more careful.  So am I when I have community contacts.

The closer it gets to the start of the school year the more I become concerned.  I have the capacity to SIP but will I catch the triggers early enough?

This month I'm topping off some of the supplies that I've allowed to get low.  Next month, barring any unforseen circumstances I'll do the comfort foods.  I'm concerned but coping.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

I started the PPF thing long ago and I've always been pretty much in the middle, thus my name, but my ppf is up higher than ever.  BUT I think it's more in anticipation of the fall.  I'm really worried about the fall.  Found out my sister and two of her kids in Florida have swine flu, youngest caught it at a day care and now it's burning through the family since they are stuck at home. Health and Human Service orders.  

It is really starting to spread
in Central Florida. My husband is seeing a whole lot of cases now. He just had a mild case himself. It started ramping up about two weeks ago here.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
I'm at UCF mojo and sick...
...several student assistants had it first.  Both described stomach problems and 'pink eye' mostly just tired.  Is that the symptoms you all had?

[ Parent ]
Hi there neighbor
Hubby had a temp, achy muscles, and a sore throat a bit over a week ago, very mild sx which seemed to clear up then yesterday a return of symptoms with a high temp, major achy muscles, bad cough with sore throat and fatigue. He started on Tamiflu and feels a bit better today but still very tired. He has been seeing a range of symptoms and severity. So far he has not had any cases that have needed hospitalization.
I sure hope you feel better soon.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
I feel motivated to prep as fast as I can!
I also feel so many other things such as learning much about how much a control freak I am in the midst of something I have NO control over so there are times of very real fear.

I'm angry at: our doctors because I have to tell them things that I expected them to know, at our government because I had too much expectation that they, too, would give us more information regarding preparedness, how bad it is, or isn't, in other areas of the world and what we can realistically expect in the fall.

I also feel very alone because when I make one step forward in trying to educate my small family, someone says something to knock that advice two steps back. I feel like I'm the only one worrying and doing anything to ready our home for what might or might not come in the fall. I feel like I have no one to talk to about the emotions I'm feeling without being labeled a loony.

Finally, I feel frustrated because (and I realize this is part of the control issue I've discovered) no one can definitely say A/H1N1 spreads "X" fast and "Y" deadly. There are so many conflicting reports and stories. What to believe, what to believe.


"History never looks like history when you are living through it." ~John W. Gardner

I expect the fall to be the real beginning of our problems. Be it high mortality or just a high infection rate, I expect to see school closures, deminished services, overwhelmed health system and so forth.  

Our Church
I would really like to see some changes in the way our church service is handled!  We have a new pastor, hasn't really officially taken over but in a couple of weeks he will.  Some of my family members quit going years ago because it's too "touchy feely".  Shake hands with everyone around you when we start, everyone holds hands for the Our Father, shake hands again for the Sign of Peace, and don't even get me started on Communion and everyone drinking out of the same cup!!!!

We did what we had to do to finish up the school year but we're done now and we may not go back in the fall.  I can watch each Sunday's service on TV a week later so that will have to do until they wise and knock off the touch feely stuff!

Not silver or sage, just a blend of colors!

[ Parent ]
I know where I'm going!
Yes, I know I'm going to H e ! ! for that one, but in my household we all know where we're going to end up.  


Not silver or sage, just a blend of colors!

[ Parent ]
I was thinking about that too
Perhaps those cultures where they bow to each other but don't touch have the right idea.

[ Parent ]
More to think about
Just read Dr. Woodson's posts on Monotremes site and sent my ppt up another click.  

[ Parent ]
Can you give me a link for this please?

Thanks. David

[ Parent ]
here it is

Starting about page 44-45, actually, the whole thread is scary.  

[ Parent ]
originally found on Flu trackers
Then I found it on Pandemic Flu Information.
Here it is:

Pandemic Denial and its Consequences

This is a radical thread. It is appropriate for FT members only.

An influenza pandemic outbreak occurred upon the earth in the early months of 2009. Since then, it has spread across the world and has been mild in some respects but severe in others. What is clear is that this pandemic has the potential to become as severe if not more so than the 1918 Spanish Flu.

It is not possible to say with certainty whether the novel H1N1 strain will follow the severe course of the H1N1 Spanish Flu or not at this point in time but there are many indications that it might. It is not necessary for me to elaborate on the reasons it might for the Illuminati but nonetheless below I digress in this regard.

Given these uncertainties how should the prudent women or man respond? That is really the question. We cannot rely on our governments or doctors to advise us.

We can only rely on our own judgment to guide us and when we are dealing with an issue as complex as this, to be able to rely on our own judgment means that we have taken the time and effort to inform ourselves about the pertinent issues. These are complex, scientific, dense, and difficult to understand issues, as those of us who have tackled them know only too well.

Speaking now to those who have done the pandemic due diligence irrespective of whether it was with respect to H5N1, the 1918 H1N1, or the current novel H1N1 in my opinion we are on the verge of a catastrophe.

I don't wish to justify my view to you. You can track my comments across the Internet both on FT and Fluwiki if you wish to understand my thought processes and what has lead to my statement above.

I am not interested in hearing from those of you on this site who agree with my view. If so, then by God you better be or get be ready for Armageddon.

Rather I invite those who disagree with me to post their opinion. It is my greatest hope that I am mistaken. Help me out here.

What we are witnessing IMO is a slow motion catastrophe that will in the end deal a terrible blow to humanity. As the WHO said last week, H1N1 is unstoppable. As I have pointed out on this site, there will be no efficacious vaccine available until December and then in very small quantities. The same is true the world over. What's more this vaccine may not even work. The virus may have changed so much antigenicly that what we make today in the vaccine lab will be ineffective for tomorrows pandemic strain.

In the fall, the novel strain will probably have obtained both the 274 NA and 627 HA polymorphisms that make it both Tamiflu resistant and well adapted to reproduce within the mammalian upper respiratory tract. The results of these two changes will make the virus significantly more severe than it has been to date.

These are of great concern to me and the much maligned influenza prophet, Dr. N. However, these predictable genetic changes may may well be accompanied by two others. Within the novel strain are a couple of other polymorphisms that are currently inactive due to the presence of stop codons. During the 1918 Spanish Flu these PMs were associated with increased lethality of the virus. Should these two stop codons be replaced with functional genetic sequences, the novel strain will become even more lethal than it could be with 274 and 627. IMO, it is likely that this will occur and when all four horseman become active the result will be terrifying.

What we are seeing is a slow motion human catastrophe. We on FTs are really seeing it but those in the general public are not. They are ignorant of the danger. They do not know that the novel strain continues to spread exponentially in both the northern and southern hemisphere.

They do not know about the 274 sequence found in the HK case and what it means. They do not know that the CAR and CFR continues to rise in every country within the northern hemisphere despite the onset of summer. They are not being told of the carnage occurring in South America, Australia and South East Asia.

We though know because we are an international group of informed people. Intelligent and well educated people who are interested in this topic. Some of us have been interested for months while other have been interested for years but what makes the difference between us and the others is that we have paid attention to what is happening on our own rather than depending on our government to inform us.

I have now told you what i think and from both the mind and the heart. What I want to know is what you think is happening?

How concerned are you?

Please take a moment to express yourself below for the benefit of all those who frequent FTs. Be honest. What do you really think? What steps are you taking to survive? Yes survive. For if you, the informed among humanity are doing nothing to survive this catastrophe then we as a species are surely lost.

Grattan Woodson, MD
The Doctor

[ Parent ]
thanks for the link and post
I haven't seen the carnage (hyperbole) he talks about.  We may not be being told but deaths are hard to cover up on such a widespread area.

Dr Woodson hasn't affected my PPF yet.  Of course, I've been waiting for H5N1 for so long that this H1N1 really has to become about ten times more severe for it to bump me up.

To calm the wife buy cases of chocolate, to calm the husband buy cases of booze, and to calm the children...... heck the booze and chocolate should work.

[ Parent ]
Thanks for the link

[ Parent ]
Resistance for those already infected?
One small reason to be optimistic is that there is clear 1918 evidence that the earlier "mild" infections led to some protection for the same people infected with a later strain. So if 20-40% of people get the mild H1N1 now or in the next few months, and some are also resistant for other reasons, a core of people will be able to work while others deal with the millions of deaths.  

[ Parent ]
but then it may not
it may or may not give resistance and as for caring for others, notice:

notice that in Argentina:
"10% of the deceased are doctors and nurses "

our health system will be stressed big time

Be Prepared

[ Parent ]

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