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India, Bangladesh: March 25, 2011 to ...

by: AlohaOR

Fri Mar 25, 2011 at 12:44:03 PM EDT

This diary is to discuss the situation in India and Bangladesh. Post your stories and discussions here.
AlohaOR :: India, Bangladesh: March 25, 2011 to ...
Previous diary can be found here.
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March 25: 67 H5N1 outbreaks in poultry


  • Satabdi poultry farm, Shibpur, Bakergonj, Barisal
  • Ripon Chandra poultry farm, Shibpur, Bakergonj, Barisal
  • Shamim Ahmed poultry farm, Nabogram road, Barisal
  • Farid hatchery, Charsamaia, Bhola
  • Saiful Islam poultry farm, Amtala, Borguna
  • Nasir uddin poultry farm, Lakairtala, Baoguna sadar, Borguna
  • Bazlur Rahman poultry farm, Krisnakathi, Jhalokathi
  • Aminul Islam poultry farm, Krishnakati, Jhalokathi (2 outbreaks)
  • Apurbo poultry farm, Shihakathi, Jainokathi, Patuakhali
  • Jafor Iqbal poultry farm, Nachnapara, Kalapara sadar, Patuakhali
  • Patuakhali farm, Bahalgachhia, Word-1, Patuakhali


  • Nur poultry farm, 18 word, Bakulia, Chittagong
  • Regional poultry farm, Pahartali, Chittagong
  • Tanha poultry farm, Baro Alampur, Halimpur, Durgapur, Adarsha sadar, Comilla
  • Majumdar poultry farm, Chanpur, Pathannagar, Chhagalnaia, Feni
  • Abdur Razzak poultry farm, Krishnarampur, Matubhuan, Dagonbhuian, Feni
  • Nishan poultry farm, Valukia, Kalidah, Feni
  • Nishan poultry farm, Uttar Laksmipur, Laskarhat, Feni
  • Zakir Agro Farm, Ghatla, Kadirpur, Begumgonj, Noakhali
  • Azad poultry farm, Rampur, Bamni, Companigonj, Noakhali
  • Mithun poultry farm, Char parboti, Companigonj, Noakhali
  • Shikha Agro Complex, Mohammad nagar, KTM hat, Sirajpur, Companigonj, Noakhali
  • Chadni poultry farm, Udrajpur, KTM hat, Sirajpur, Companigonj, Noakhali


  • Aqua Land Agro Complex, Kuturia, Ashulia, Dhaka
  • Sunrise poultry farm, Konapara, Matuail, Demra, Dhaka
  • Hasan poultry farm, Bahirtengra, Sarulia, Demra, Dhaka
  • Anjali poultry farm, Sayentapur, Barigaon, Dhamrai, Dhaka
  • M. Uddin Agro Farm, Chandrail, Dhamrai, Dhaka
  • Maer doa poultry farm, Malonch, Dhamrai, Dhaka
  • Shakil layer feed, Uttar Joypara, Dohar, Dhaka
  • Subedan poultry farm, Dharla, Daskinkhan, Khilkhet, Dhaka
  • Star poultry farm, Gendaria, Nagarkonda, Savar, Dhaka
  • Sonarbangla poultry farm, Sonarbangla, Sutarpar, Dohar, Dhaka
  • Ali Ahmed poultry farm, Sardargonj, Kashimpur, Gazipur
  • Bushra poultry farm, Taratpara, Gazipur
  • Mizanur Rahman poultry farm, Beukha, Manikgonj
  • Selim poultry farm, Charigram, Singair, Manikgonj
  • Sandhani poultry farm, Kashor, Habirbari, Bhaluka, Mymensingh
  • Khondokar Agro Farm, Baro monohordi, Baliapara, Brahkhadi, Araihazar, Narayangonj
  • Sarkar poultry farm, Kalagachhia, Haijdi, Araihazar, Narayangonj
  • Bakul poultry farm, Provakardi, Haijdi, Mahajampur, Araihazar, Narayangonj
  • Minhaz poultry farm, Kuripara, Dhamgarh, Bandar, Narayangonj
  • Bandhu poultry farm, Dewanbag, Madanpur, Bandar, Narayangonj
  • S.R. poultry farm, Natun Saidpur, Narayangonj
  • Alif poultry farm, Krisnanagar kanchan, Rupgonj, Narayangonj
  • Bhai Bhai poultry farm, Tatuakanda, Shamvupura, Narayangonj
  • Mollah Adarsha Krishi farm, Nankhi, Olipura, Sonargaon, Narayangonj
  • Mirja poultry farm, Kaidanga, Rajbari


  • Rashedul poultry farm, Jatrapur, Rangdia, Bagerhat sadar, Bagerhat
  • Rabiul poultry farm, Jatrapur, Bagerhat
  • Sonali poultry farm, Sujalpur, Abarpur, Vekutia, Jessore
  • Kushtia Agro Centre, Barkhada, Kushtia


  • Ma poultry farm, Pouta, Santahar, Adamdighi, Bogra
  • Hoque poultry farm, Kamarkandi, Rajapur sadar, Bogra
  • Raunok poultry farm, Chak Alam, Sabgram, Bogra
  • Mokhlesur Rahman poultry farm, Vasila, Khetlal, Joypurhat,
  • Prapti poultry farm, Parulia, Puranapul, Joypurhat
  • Bhai Bhai poultry farm, Puranpail, Joypurhat
  • Aftab Hossain poultry farm, Mithapur, Badalgachhi, Naogaon
  • Chakdeb poultry farm, Durgapur, Naogaon
  • Nazma poultry farm, Balua, Basua, Singra, Natore
  • Halim poultry farm, Bagdumur, Bahuli, Sirajgonj
  • Imran poultry farm, Shalidair, Bhangabari, Belkuchi, Sirajgonj
  • Hatem & Brothers poultry farm, Sayadhangara, Sirajgonj
  • Ayesha poultry farm, Jagatpati, Shialkot, Sirajgonj
  • Babul poultry farm, Shialkol, Sirajgonj

March 16: Avian influenza - situation in Bangladesh

16 March 2011 - The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has confirmed a case of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus. The case was detected through the influenza sentinel surveillance centre run by the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B).

The case is a 16 month old female from Kamalapur, Dhaka. She presented at a influenza sentinel surveillance on 8 March with a history of cough and fever and subsequently recovered.  

Motijheel Thana, Dhaka City, Dhaka Division

[ Parent ]
March 23: H5N1 in chickens
Gazipur, Mar 23 - Nearly 30,000 chickens have been culled and 50,000 eggs destroyed at a farm in Gazipur (Dhaka Division) after detection of bird flu infection. (Snip) the chickens of Humaira Poultry Farm had started dying on Saturday.


March 20: Bangladesh confirms second human H5N1 case this year

DHAKA, March 20 (Xinhua) -- Bangladesh has confirmed an about two and a half years old male child with the H5N1 virus to become the second human case of this year in the country, a national institute for conducting disease surveillance and outbreak reported Sunday. (Snip) the case of influenza H5N1 has been identified from one of its surveillance sites in Dhaka on March 15.

It said the 31-month old male child has presented with a history of cough and fever. "Nasal and throat swab and blood were collected and found positive for H5N1," it added. "He has no symptom of illness now and completely recovered," IEDCR says.

This is the 2nd case of H5N1 infection in human this year in the country, it said. Earlier on March 14, the IEDCR reported that a 13-month baby girl was infected with H5N1 in the capital Dhaka which was, however, the second human case since 2008 in the country.

(As of March 25th this second human H5N1 case has not been confirmed by the WHO.)

More on this case
Meanwhile, another two-year and seven-month-old boy was reportedly infected with avian influenza or bird flu in the city's Kamlapur (also spelled Kamalapur and Kamalpur)area [Motijheel Thana, Dhaka District, Dhaka Divisionl and the number of human infection cases reached to two this year (Snip) they confirmed the infection after conducting test of nasal as well as throat swab and blood of the boy hailing from the city's Kamlapur area. (snip)

Rahman said the boy came to the IEDCR and ICDDR,B joint surveillance centre at Kamalapur with mild symptoms including fever and cough.

Senior scientific officer of IEDCR Mustaq Hossain said that the boy is now okay. 'The type of the virus (clade 2.2), which affected people of the country, was not so dangerous. The fatality rate is not so high from this type of virus.'


[ Parent ]
March 17: Govt poultry farm officials try to hide bird-flu infection

Officials of the government run poultry farm at Savar (in Dhaka District, Dhaka Division) are trying to hide the bird-flu infection there (Snip) Sources at the government poultry farm at Savar alleged that an official of the farm has been selling hens, even after some 400 hens there had died there since March 8, including more than 150 on Thursday. The sources, seeing the symptom of dying hens in the farm, said that the death might happen due to bird flu infection and alleged that the farm officials were yet to report it to the authorities. (snip)

Bird Flu Suspect
April 8, 2011

Suspect in Bali for 2011

A Tabanan resident with the initials N.L. (45) has been allegedly diagnosed with the human strain of H5N1 bird flu. "The patient checked into hospital displaying the physical traits of bird flu which include fever, cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath" said Ketut Subrata of the Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health Office of Bali yesterday. He also mentioned that an investigation in the area found that there was a history of chicken deaths around the patient's home.

The patient is now being treated in Tabanan hospital. According to Subrata, the patient's condition is good, and laboratory tests are currently being undertaken.
In Tabanan, at least 60 birds died suddenly in three districts, Penebel, Marga, and Kapal in March 2011. Similar problems have also been found in Denpasar and Badung. From the results of the examination, Denpasar, Tabanan, and Badung have been labelled bird flu positive. In 2007, bird flu killed two people.


United we stand: Divided we fall

Bangladesh: Bird flu: 400 chickens culled
Bangladesh: Bird flu: 400 chickens culled

Tue, Aug 30th, 2011 10:05 pm BdST
Chuadanga, Aug 30 (bdnews24.com) - Over 400 chickens of a poultry farm at Damurhuda Upazila in Chuadanga district have been culled as those were found infected with H5N1 virus, commonly known as bird flu.

In addition, some 100 eggs of the farm were destroyed with the help of Upazila livestock officers on Monday night.

District livestock officer Kohinur Islam told bdnews24.com that the infection was confirmed when owner of the poultry farm, Jahangir Alam of Madna under Parkrishnapur union council, sent a sample of the tissue to the Central Diseases Investigation Laboratory (CDIL) in Dhaka for analysis.

"We got the report on Monday night and immediately decided to cull the chickens," Islam added.

The livestock official also said that the farm would be kept under watch for three months and an order was issued banning the trade of chickens in one and a half kilometers surrounding the farm.

On Saturday, as many as 21,590 chickens of Rafid Poultry and Hatchery of the same district, infected with bird flu, were culled and 8,400 eggs were destroyed.

Bird flu infections were widespread in the country last year and fresh cases are reported countrywide.

On Monday, the United Nations warned of a possible major resurgence of bird flu and said a mutant strain of the H5N1 virus is spreading in Asia and elsewhere.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said countries that could face the biggest problems were Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Indonesia and Vietnam, where the virus is still firmly entrenched.



United we stand: Divided we fall

Detection of bird flu virus in Dhubri district
An alert has been sounded across Assam following detection of bird flu virus in Dhubri district, a top police official said on Saturday. A Bhopal-based forensic laboratory confirmed that the samples sent to it for testing was positive and the district administration has to take precautionary measures in areas where there is considerable avian population.taken steps for immediate culling of birds in 14 villages in Agomoni area of the district, Deputy Commissioner Sunil Dutta said.

The target includes the culling of 30,000 birds and the process was initiated in two villages today with the entire process likely to be completed within the next four days, he said. Rapid Action Force personnel have been deployed for the purpose, he said, adding that compensation to the poultry owners would be paid according to the rates fixed by the government.

Meanwhile, the state government has directed the Forest Department


United we stand: Divided we fall

Bangladesh: 658 farms in Khulna on bird flu alert
Six hundred and fifty-eight poultry farms in nine upazilas of Khulna district and in the city have been asked to remain on high alert against outbreak of bird flu.

Khulna District Livestock Officer Dr Md Nizamuddin said he has asked all poultry farm owners on Wednesday to take precautionary measures against spread of bird flu.

At least 2,000 poultry birds infected with the disease had to be culled in last 12 days in Rupsha upazila of the district and Baniakhamar area of the city.

Apart from daily monitoring, we are holding regular meetings at the upazila level to create awareness among the farm owners and the people on how to take preventive measures against bird flu , he said.


India: Field turns birds' burial ground - 200 avian species die after eating poisoned puffed rice
Balurghat, Jan. 5: More than 200 birds, mostly pet pigeons and domesticated hens, were found dead at Purbachal here since last night after the avian species had purportedly consumed puffed rice mixed with poison.

The mass death of birds had initially led people to suspect that avian flu had struck the area. But the animal husbandry authorities ruled out that the deaths had been caused by bird flu. The disease had killed thousands of domesticated chickens in Balurghat in the past.


"Nearly 200 birds and even some stray dogs and cats died between last evening and this morning. I have spoken to the residents and some of them suspect that the owner of a wheat field had spread a high dose of pesticide in a bag of puffed rice that the birds consumed and died," said Arijit Mahanta, a former RSP councillor from the area.

The RSP leader said he had been shown a plastic carry bag with puffed rice in the farmland. "Most of the birds that died were pigeons raised by the local people. We were surprised that the animal resources development department did not collect samples and send them for tests," Mahanta said.

Continued: http://telegraphindia.com/1120...


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