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News Reports for February 29, 2012

by: NewsDiary

Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 15:07:34 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

•  Human H5N1 case (Link)

•  Boading, Hebei Province: Chinese Military Hospital in Lockdown Over Suspected SARS Cases (Link)
•  Hebei Province: A fever of children doubled in preschool children accounted for the majority (translated) (Link)
•  Beijing (surrounded by Hebei Province): Influenza ferocious - all in an office knocked down (translated) (Link)

•  WHO confirms 2 human H5N1 cases, both fatal (Link)

•  More than three million French people already affected by flu (translated) (Link)

•  Parangbanoa Kunjungmae Village is Isolated for Bird Flu (Link)

H5N1 in domestic birds  (Link)

•  Reports on bird flu cases denied (Link)

United States
•  U.S. Biosecurity Board to Reconsider Revised H5N1 Flu Papers (Link)
•  MO: Flu Wiping Out St. Louis Schools (Link)
•  VA: Flu bug is widespread in Virginia (Link)

•  H (Link)

NewsDiary :: News Reports for February 29, 2012

News for February 28, 2012 is here.

Thanks to all of the newshounds!
Special thanks to the newshound volunteers who translate international stories - thanks for keeping us all informed!

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China: Chinese Military Hospital in Lockdown Over Suspected SARS
A Hong Kong newspaper has reported that several hundred soldiers with high fevers and other SARS-like symptoms are allegedly being kept in isolation wards at a military hospital in Boading City in northeastern China?s Hebei Province. Local authorities have denied a SARS outbreak, but Chinese netizens are worried that, just as with the 2003 outbreak of SARS, the authorities are covering up a potential epidemic.

Reporters from Hong Kong's Apple Daily went to the PLA 252 Hospital in Baoding on Feb. 24, where 300 soldiers are allegedly being isolated, with two said to have died. Three nearby hospitals were said to also have patients who exhibit SARS-like symptoms.

The visit by Apple Daily reporters follows upon posts last week on Hong Kong and mainland China blogs claiming SARS had reappeared in Baoding and in Dalian City in northeastern China's Liaoning Province.

The reporters noted that the PLA 252 Hospital's west wing was open to the public, but the east wing was guarded by military police wearing masks. The east wing is the infectious disease inpatient care unit, where many patients were treated during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

A guard at the east wing told an Apple Daily reporter that there were about 300 soldiers in isolation, and a retired hospital staff member said that specialists from Beijing's 301 Hospital had joined the investigation. The soldiers had high fevers that wouldn't go down, so it's more serious than the ordinary flu, the retired staff member said.

A nearby street vendor told Apple Daily that soldiers with flu symptoms were initially sent to another military hospital about 10 days ago, but a few days later a large number of sick soldiers were taken to the PLA 252 Hospital for quarantine. Others still remain under quarantine at the Baoding Rongxiao Hospital, Baoding First Health Hospital, and Baoding City Infectious Disease Hospital, according to Apple Daily.
Local Resident's Views

Cheng, a Baoding resident, told The Epoch Times on Feb. 25 that the Baoding Rongxiao Hospital is a facility for mentally ill military personnel, but recently it also put some suspected SARS patients in an isolation ward, and the hospital is no longer accessible to the public. Staff at the Baoding Rongxiao Hospital did not respond to telephone inquiries by The Epoch Times whether the hospital was closed to the public and whether they had SARS patients. Because the PLA 252 Hospital is part of the military system of health care, it is not required to report an epidemic to city authorities.

You, a taxi driver in Baoding told The Epoch Times: I drive around town every day and I heard that the PLA 252 Hospital has many soldiers infected with SARS or a mutated SARS virus, and the hospital is under lockdown. Some people said that some villages are under lockdown too. Our government is always trying to cover the facts, so ordinary citizens can only rely on their own analysis and judgment.

Official Denials, Public Skepticism

Authorities in Hebei Province have denied a SARS outbreak. The Baoding City Health Bureau has also denied there are SARS cases and claimed that those said to have SARS in fact just had the flu. However, it later said that according to the regulation in the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, it cannot give specific answers for now.

Postings and reports about SARS on major Chinese websites were removed starting Feb. 24.

(Big Snip)

On Feb. 24 Beijing authorities also announced the launch of the health emergency coordination system, which means that in case of a major epidemic, terrorist attack, or mass poison incident, paramilitary police can be deployed to handle the emergency without obtaining authorization first. This measure increased suspicion among bloggers.
The first case of what would come to be called SARS was reported in southern China?s Guangdong Province in November 2002.

The Epoch Times first reported this story in February 2003, at a time when official Chinese media denied SARS existed and Chinese-language media outside China mostly ignored the story. In March 2003, The Epoch Times reported over 300 stories on SARS, documenting the course of the disease before Chinese authorities officially acknowledged it in April 2003 in response to international pressure. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Do you know if this area of China has had any outbreaks of bird flu
either in poultry, wild birds or humans over the past few years?  When they say "mutated SARS virus" and since the symptoms of SARS are similar to H5N1, i just have to wonder.

Always have a plan B.

[ Parent ]
Parangbanoa Kunjungmae Village is Isolated for Bird Flu
February 29, 2012
Bird-Flu-Parangbanoa Kunjungmae isolated
Sungguminasa, Indonesia:  Gowa Department of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Marine (DPPK) has isolated Parangbanoa Kunjungmae Village, District Pallangga, for a month because hundreds of chickens in the two villages are indicated with the bird flu virus or H5N1.
This step was taken to anticipate the spread of bird flu in order that it not spread.  Head of Gowa DPPK Muhlis said that isolation is in Parangbanoa Kunjungmae and emergency measures are to prevent transmission of bird flu.

"We regularly spray all residents' chicken houses that indicated the bird flu virus contamination," he said .

In addition to the two villages, DPPK also routinely sprayed disinfectant into the chicken coop farms in District Bontonompo, Bajeng, and Barombong.  Meanwhile, the Central Laboratory (BBL) Makassar ensured that five Kunjungmae residents who were hospitalized in Makassar Sudirohusodo Wahidin were negative for avian influenza (AI).

Likewise with Dg Rusdi Mile, 45, a resident of Parangbanoa. After undergoing treatment in hospital Wahidin Sudirohusodo, Rusdi was only suffering from gastritis.   The Head of Gowa Sangkala N Dinas Kesehatan BP3 revealed that the results of blood samples, from all six people and poultry in the village Parangbanoa Kunjungmae were H5N1 negative.

"Five people suspected of bird flu who are being treated in the department of Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo BBL have also been examined. The results showed they were negative," he said.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

History Lover:
When they say "isolated a village", doesn't that mean army troops were posted there to prevent people from leaving? I seem to remember a few years ago they did that to one or more villages in an area where there were some human suspects or positive cases. There have been several people with symptoms from this village. If I remember correctly, there were articles that said soldiers put up baracades on the roads to the villages and stopped people from entering or leaving. Do you or anyone else remember that?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]
I remember that Carol. n/t

United we stand: Divided we fall

[ Parent ]
My impression of the word "isolation" is the same as yours.
Although the article doesn't mention the TNI (Indonesian Army), I strongly suspect that they are using military troops to quarantine the area.  The only way to isolate a village would be to put up road blocks, and that would have to be done either with the military or the police.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

[ Parent ]
Egypt: WHO confirms 2 human H5N1 cases, both fatal

Avian influenza - situation in Egypt - update

28 February 2012 - The Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt has notified WHO of two new cases of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus.

The first case is a thirty-two year old male from Behira governorate, in the Abo Elmatameer District. He developed symptoms on 16 February 2012 and was admitted to hospital on 21 February 2012 where he received oseltamivir treatment upon admission. He died on 28 February 2012.

The second case was a thirty seven year-old female from Kafr Elshihk governorate in the Kelleen District. She developed symptoms on 18 February 2012 and was admitted to hospital on 23 February 2012 where she received oseltamivir treatment upon admission. She died on 26 February 2012.

Preliminary investigations into both cases with regard to the source of infection indicate close contact with sick or deceased backyard poultry at the cases' respective residences. (snip) Of the 163 cases confirmed to date in Egypt 57 have been fatal.

US: Flu bug is widespread in Virginia
Flu may have hit widespread levels in the state, but some local doctors are still waiting for the onslaught of achy muscles, sore throats and fevers to show up in their offices.

"We're all waiting for the ax to fall," said Dr. Hugh McPhee, medical director of Children's Medical Group, the largest pediatric group in the region.

State health officials declared the state at widespread flu level on Tuesday, one of the latest starts to the season in years. Continued: http://hamptonroads.com/2012/0...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Interesting story...
Considering I live in the Hampton Roads area, and there are several schools around me, there hasn't been much talk amongst the parents about kids n' flu this year at all.
I'm wondering if the Dept of Health is spinning a yarn to get Fed money......

[ Parent ]
You may be right. After reading your comment, I checked Google Flu Trends and it shows the flu activity in Virginia as being low. http://www.google.org/flutrend...  

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]
US: Flu Wiping Out St. Louis Schools (Missouri)
The flu 'wiping out' St. Louis schools tonight.  At least two are closing to give students and teachers a chance to get better. (Snip) Nearby St. Raphael school is closing Wednesday and Thursday.

The after-school basketball crowds are getting smaller in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood, so are the classroom crowds.  12% of St. Gabriel students are out, 25% of St. Raphael`s.

Teachers are starting to fall ill.  Parents and workers will be disinfecting every surface in St. Gabriel while it`s closed.  The main symptoms are headache, coughing, and persistent fever - consistent with influenza. Nearly one-third of the St. Gabe`s 3rd grade stayed home today. Continued: http://fox2now.com/2012/02/28/...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


I have not seen flu cases around here
nor have I heard about the flu going around, as they say. So where ever the flu is in New York, it can stay there!

United we stand: Divided we fall

[ Parent ]
U.S. Biosecurity Board to Reconsider Revised H5N1 Flu Papers
Science magazine:
The U.S. government will ask a government biosecurity advisory board to conduct a new review of revised versions of two controversial H5N1 flu research manuscripts. The review could open the way to reversing the board's recommendation against fully publishing the studies.

The move comes partly in response to "new data and clarification of old data" in the studies, said Anthonly Fauci, head of the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which funded the two studies. Officials at NIH and its parent body, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), will ask the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) to "reconvene" to "reexamine" new versions of the two studies, Fauci announced this morning at a public discussion of the issue organized by the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, D.C.

China: A fever of children doubled in preschool children accounted for the majority (Hebei)
Translated & Posted by Sharon Sanders @ Flutrackers

(Note: This could be seasonal flu but I found it a little strange since it is occurring at the same time and in the same province as the 300 or more soldiers that are reportedly quarantined at one or more hospitals in Boading City, Hebei Provience. The number of children hospitalized suddenly increased around Feb. 19th, which is about the same time that rumors started circulating on the Chinese Internet about the suspicion of SARS infecting the soldiers.)

February 22, 2012 5:30 Hebei Youth Daily - "Recently, a fever of children really, we pay more attention to our children have lost several a few days fluid." Recently, the provincial capital of Miss Shi telling everyone that. The data from the hospital confirmed the feelings of Miss Shi: Since last Saturday, the provincial capital of patients with flu-like fever surge on outpatients has more than doubled the previous week.

   Children's Hospital wards filled with children infusion for colds

   Children of viral influenza will double

"Doctor, you have to look at, children take medicine and injections, burning, dropped out of this a few days with a cold not at all mend, how ah?" Yesterday morning, in Hebei Children's Hospital Respiratory out-patient room , a lady round the listless children distressed and anxious.

The corridor outside the outpatient, packed with children and parents waiting to see a doctor and outgoing waves of sound of a cough from time to time.

"Last week, the patient can not so many, starting from Saturday (18), Department of Respiratory Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases, patients suddenly increased." Director of the outpatient department of Children's Hospital of Hebei Province Ping Zonghuai introduced in recent days three sections. The outpatients date up to 700 people, of which 2/3 of all the flu virus than the last week more than doubled. Hospital infusion room patients also increases. "Every day last week, also more than 100 people, these days every day, more than 300 people, mostly fever, cold, and many children have pneumonia."

Subsequently, the reporter of Hebei Medical Academy of freshman, Hebei Medical School sophomore has been the same as clearly demonstrated by children increased significantly in recent days with a fever.

6-year-old preschool children accounted for the majority of these children suffering from a fever, usually caused by viral infection.

"In addition to many children because of illness to severe pneumonia, there are many children who show a high fever, convulsions and other symptoms."
(Snip) Why children who show flu-like fever soared? Feng Zonghuai explained, first of all is now in the spring flu; followed by the children as the holiday is over, start the park entrance, the opportunity to gather more than holidays increased risk of cross infection is followed by increase; In addition, the temperature difference between day and night compared to large but also easy for children suffering from the cold resistance is relatively poor.

(Snip) The event of a severe fever, cold is the best and timely medical treatment.  Zhttp://news.sina.com.cn/c/2012-02-22/053023971182.shtml  

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


China: Influenza ferocious - all in an office knocked down (Beijing)

February 29, 2012 - Mainland China is in the influenza pandemic peak, flu is threatening. Beijing patients indicated that an office several person is struck down completely by flu, and convalesces with difficulty. But the mainland media rarely has the report to the regional flu epidemic situation.

The flu threatening Peking public office 12 people are struck all down. China CDC flu center Director Shu Yuelong said before this at the Chinese Communist Party Medical department press conference that China already entered the influenza pandemic the season, after January, 2012, flu starts to be in the rise time, at present is in the popular peak. According to Mr. Tan who works in Beijing some companies indicated that recently Beijing has influenza pandemic, various hospitals crammed full had an intravenous drip patient. Mr. Tan said that he in a company's open style office, altogether has 12 colleagues, everybody follows on somebody's heels catches cold, the cough, some people simultaneously and are accompanied by a fever. Usually when the body very strong, person gets sick is also very heavy. I did not know how has been infected, cold and fever. Bought the medicine to eat, has lain down for several days in the home, tossed about more than 10 tablents to improve. (Tamiflu??)

According to Beijing residents indicated that many person's family members and friend universal cold, some whole family is struck down. Presently the popular flu's characteristic is the healing time is very long, some patients continue about one half a month to convalesce thoroughly with difficulty. Many children struck down by flu. But the mainland media rarely has the report to flu epidemic situation. (Snip)

Hebei Province, high season for variety of respiratory infectious diseases

Yanzhao Evening News "reported on the 28th: Hebei Province, the provincial CDC (Snip) said, "the province is currently in the influenza peak of the epidemic, more cases." "Hebei Province, outpatient is mainly influenza B virus, followed by three A virus subtype. Reported that the province is in the high season for a variety of respiratory diseases. In the major viral respiratory tract infections, the most common diseases caused by influenza virus and adenovirus.

The report explained that the adenovirus, human adenovirus keratoconjunctivitis high infectious adenovirus pneumonia can cause infection in hospital. The human adenovirus can infect the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, bladder, eyes and liver. The typical symptoms of respiratory tract infection adenovirus cough, nasal congestion and pharyngitis, accompanied by fever, chills, headache and muscle pain. The adenovirus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets and direct contact, through the faecal-oral transmission. http://www.epochtimes.com.au/g...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


France: More than three million French people already affected by flu

More than three million people are already affected by the flu in France, "despite the school holidays and school closures in two-thirds of the Hexagon". (Snip)

"Currently, patients consulting a general practitioner or pediatrician for acute respiratory infection-like illness, 60% are true cases of influenza," (Snip)

Last week, the incidence of ILI by GPs in metropolitan France was estimated at 565 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (359,000 new cases) (Snip) A figure well above the epidemic threshold, located at 147 cases per 100,000 population.

The highest incidences were recorded in Nord-Pas-de-Calais (1396 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), Languedoc-Roussillon (1162), Limousin (1126), Auvergne (879), Champagne-Ardenne (659 ), Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur (619), Franche-Comte (612) and Center (503). Regarding the cases reported last week, the median age was 33 years, with men accounting for 52% of cases. http://www.francetv.fr/info/pl...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Pakistan: Reports on bird flu cases denied
RAWALPINDI: (Snip) Holy Family Hospital denied the reports about Bird flu cases in the hospital.

He said reports published in a section of press that certain cases of bird flu were reported in the hospital were false and baseless.  

Medical superintendent (Snip) said no such case was reported in the hospital and all the arrangements had been made to meet any emergency situation on this count. http://www.onlinenews.com.pk/d...

(Note: "no such case was reported in the hospital and all the arrangements had been made to meet any emergency situation on this count."  Hmmm, that's just the kind of statement that makes one wonder.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Bangladesh: Human H5N1 case
(Hat-tip to Mike at Avian Flu Diary, who hat-tipped Ronan Kelly on FluTrackers)

http://www.iedcr.org/ and http://www.iedcr.org/images/pd...

A 40 year old male has been diagnosed as fourth case of Human Avian Influenza (H5N1) in Bangladesh. This case has been reported from live bird market surveillance system in Dhaka City on 26 February 2012. This was confirmed by rRT-PCR. The patient is a live bird market worker.

The case presented with cough. Throat and nasal swabs were collected and found positive for H5N1. Presently he is free from symptom. IEDCR & ICDDR,B jointly investigating the case and monitoring the situation.  

Myanmar (Burma): H5N1 in domestic birds

Location: Myothit Quarter, Chaung U, Monywa, SAGAING

5-month and 18-month-old layer chickens in two establishments, with a total of 1,060 chickens. A few chickens were found dead on 20 February 2012. A total of 61 chickens died within 4 days. There are 40,000 chickens reared in 139 farms in Chaung U towship. All are layers and broilers of different ages.

Please post new news stories to...

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