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Mapping H7N9

by: pogge

Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 09:08:54 AM EDT

This is a Google Map showing H7N9 infections maintained by niman. The original is here.

pogge :: Mapping H7N9
There was some recent discussion about embedding Google Maps in diaries but it ended up taking a back seat to the discussion about Twitter. This is to demonstrate that it can be done.

If I copy all of the code that Google supplies, I get an error when I try to save. But the error is actually in the code for a text link that would appear below the map. When I edit that out, it saves properly.

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Mapping H7N9 | 8 comments
Very nice pogge! Thanks for doing that. n/t

United we stand: Divided we fall

Ditto n/t

To calm the wife buy cases of chocolate, to calm the husband buy cases of booze, and to calm the children...... heck the booze and chocolate should work.

Nice work, Pogge! Sorry, everyone, the map is 2 days out of date because I have been very busy. i will try to catch up tonight.

It puts the pressure on...
... when someone promotes it to the front page, doesn't it?

[ Parent ]
That it does!!
I just wanted to see some color on the FP...  :-)

[ Parent ]
Sorry, guys
I just haven't been able to keep up with this - would you be able to swap it for Niman's, for example?

Do you have a link? n/t

[ Parent ]
Mapping H7N9 | 8 comments

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