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Influenza Pandemic Preparation and Response - A Citizen's Guide NEW version 1.3

by: DemFromCT

Fri Jul 13, 2007 at 14:47:57 PM EDT

Amongst the tasks we have set for ourselves is a deliverable way of teaching and explaining why you, the reader, should take pandemic planning seriously. As some of the social marketers advising and evaluating HHS' blog effort have put it, we need to address "Why me?" "Why now?" "What can I do to make a difference?" This new and original manual, Influenza Pandemic Preparation and Response - A Citizen's Guide, version 1.3 addresses all three questions.

Use this diary to note comments and corrects. And distribute the guide widely.

Previous versions of the guide are here.

A wonderful tool for this task, it has been developed by a team led by Peter Carpenter, located primarily in California. This manual can be used for CERT traing or for general information. A message from Peter follows:

DemFromCT :: Influenza Pandemic Preparation and Response - A Citizen's Guide NEW version 1.3
When an international team of experts ( Pandefense 1.0) met in California in the Spring of 2006 to explore the implications of an Avian Flu Pandemic one of the glaring needs that was identified was making sure that individual citizens had better information so that they could be prepared for such an event. The myriad Federal, State and local pandemic plans all focus on what those units of government need to do but none of those plans addresses the critical question of what individual citizens can and should do in anticipation of a possible pandemic which will far exceed the capacity of government and the health care system. That need has now been translated into a Citizens Guide created by a small group of concerned and well informed San Francisco Peninsula citizens which is being posted today on FluWikie.

The Foreword, written by one of the world's leading experts on this subject, Dr. David Heymann from the World Health Organization, does an excellent job of explaining why individual citizen preparation for such an event is so important.

You are encouraged to share this with others, post it where more and more people can see it, to encourage your company or organization to print copies for all of its employees or members, to send it to your local elected officials and newspapers, to translate it into other languages and to adopt it to other cultures. And we welcome your corrections and proposed additions to this version ? which will be an ever changing and improving document.

Peter Carpenter
Mid-Peninsula (San Francisco Bay area) Citizen?s Preparedness Committee

We are grateful for the opportunity to host this important document, and equally grateful for the team that has put it together.

We will be creating a wiki page for it, and suggested revisions can be posted there or here. Please download it, host it as described by Peter, and use it to spread the word about pandemic preparedness. This is a serious piece of work, and kudos to the team that put it together.

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How different from version 1.2a?
I printed up about 20 hard copies on Monday of version 1.2a.... how different is this new version please?

Pandemics are "Wicked Problems". - Average Concerned Mom

I've forwarded the question n/t

[ Parent ]
answer to the question
"There are minor corrections in the text, but the biggest difference is in the bibliography. There were some citations that needed to be corrected in the previous versions, and there were also some citations added. That was the only place where there were sizable changes."

[ Parent ]
thank you for checking for me! n/t

Pandemics are "Wicked Problems". - Average Concerned Mom

[ Parent ]
Give them link to FWF for further updates? n/t

ITW(Joel J)
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.
- Mark Twain

[ Parent ]
they have it ;-)
they check in once a day, but i thought I'd get a quick answer.

[ Parent ]
I meant for those who we hand them out to..
There will probably be more updates, and if we trash the hard copies we make each time a small change is made, it gets a wee bit expensive.  The Manual has the fluwiki web site url and if we tell people that they should keep checking it for more updates, it avoids the 'immediate obsolescence syndrome' that is endemic on the web.

ITW(Joel J)
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.
- Mark Twain

[ Parent ]
ah...the latest copy is always
here (in blue):



all versions are here:


[ Parent ]
it should be easy to say "updated copies are at http://www.fluwikie.com" somewhere in the first page (?)

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
on page i it says
This manual is meant to be a guide for many citizens in its present form, but we encourage individuals, communities, and organizations to revise and adapt it to their individual needs and cultures and to translate it into other languages. We ask that such revisions reference the original document and remain in the public domain.

Revisions should be posted on fluwikie.com so that those derivates will be widely available. To check for current updates to this manual, please visit

[ Parent ]
great minds ... need better glasses! (speaking for myself)

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
THANKS, BUT.......
I still can't up the print(type) size.  still straining (slowly) to read.  But.... at least it will print now..... Thanks much for that!!!!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Never say can't. Never give up. Never surrender."

Include an "update log" in the manual?
This is to suggest that the authors consider including a specific "update  log" with a title that shows up in the Table of Contents of the manual.  As I envision it, the log would now consist of three entries, each one similar to Dem's "answer to the question" entry at 16:57:24 above.  This way, the reader of an earlier version will not be left wondering what they may have missed.

the version history is here

this is intended for revision locally/internationally, so it's dedesigned to be changed and revised. the authors would be hahard-pressed to keep up with a version log.

What's asked is that if you change it, send it to FW (with the changes listed) and we will post the new version and the version history.

[ Parent ]
translation diary

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

indesign + scribus

I looked for alternative DTP software so that others will be able to work on adaptations and translations.

I found Scribus and no, it's not automatic to import InDesign files into Scribus: http://www.scribus.n...

Other than that, it may be worthwhile to go through the hassle of importing it once IF that helps with having a version in each language?

Of course, it shouldn't be done if it's not easy to use or if it lacks important features.

County flags at http://wiki.scribus.... make me think it "does" a number of languages.

I haven't installed it myself (and won't be able to in the near future).

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

traduwiki.org has Citizen's Guide - help translate and tell others! thanks!

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

map problem
Can it be corrected to show H5N1 is in N.America/the US ?

The HEDDS table page, I was going to give you the link,  is not accessable right now. Wonder why?
And the table is only for "low-path results; where do they ever put high-path results??

They can claim all they want to that we have a special harmless strain not related to the Chinese strain, but, "Yes H5, Yes N1" = they have found H5N1 in wild waterfowl in the US, since at least 2006. (And at least a couple of farm outbreaks, yes?) ..."Effective in 2006, all confirmed LPAI H5 and H7 AI subtypes must be reported to the OIE because of their potential to mutate into highly pathogenic strains"...


It is not right to try and hide that we have H5N1 in our ecosystem from the public (most of whom have no idea "mammals" like Fluffy or Fido can get "bird flu" or that those wild ducks/geese they let their little kids feed, or that dirty school playing fields, might have H5N1).

There is no evidence that the past three pandemics tptb like to go on about were caused by high-path strains, so, I believe Dr.Nicoll of the EU CDC saying, there is pandemic risk from low-path strains. It also means the CDC really should be making the all human influenza sequences public, in real time. (And the birds' sequences, and where are the test mammal sequences?)

Leaving our part of the map blank makes the public think we have no H5N1 here, which is not true.

I'd like to see someplace with more credibility for honest and timely communication than the CDC provide the map, for that matter.


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