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Indonesia - Sept. 14, 2007 to Sept. 22, 2007

by: Michelle in OK

Thu Sep 13, 2007 at 22:47:15 PM EDT

This diary is to track news regarding Indonesia.  Please post news articles and comments relative to specific news articles on this thread.  For other discussions or questions related to Indonesia, please go here.

New Bali map (click) by Okieman and newshounds:

If you identify new cases, please post a summary of the relevant information  here to help other news searchers quickly see recent updates. Go here for Priority Stories. The summaries prior to May 11 are  here.

Mystery Illness
8/26 Pulau Tabuan Island, Lampung: 4 dead, hundreds ill, thousands of chickens died
9/05 Tamiflu blanket on Pulau Tabuan Island

Michelle in OK :: Indonesia - Sept. 14, 2007 to Sept. 22, 2007

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The Indonesia maps by Okieman and the Newshounds are here.

Indonesia Summary - Updated as of 09/13/07

    2006   2007
Cases Discussed   Jun-Dec   Jan-Jun July Aug Sept Total
Died, no test results   24   18 3 0 0 21
Died, tested positive   18   23 0 4 0 27
Other tested positive   5   4 0 0 0 4
Symptoms, tests pending   146   346 5 14 12 377
Tested negative   99   173 3 12 0 188
Totals   292   564 11 30 12 617

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Samarinda: peace but still vigilant
Jumat, 14 September 2007
Aman tapi Tetap Waspada
SAMARINDA - Bukan termasuk daerah suspect, tidak mengurangi minat warga Tani Aman belajar soal flu burung. Dari tahapan pengenalan, pencegahan, serta penanggulangannya. Selaku fasilitator kegiatan, Lurah Tani Aman Ismail Sofyan menegaskan, peserta sosialisasi diutamakan dari kalangan tokoh masyarakat dan pimpinan organisasi sosial kemasyarakatan (Ormas).
"Penyuluhan semacam ini bagi kami sangat penting karena masyarakat bisa tahu apa itu flu burung, pola penyebarannya, serta cara pencegahan dan penanggulangannya," terang Ismail.
Keuntungan mengikuti penyuluhan flu burung yang digagas Kantor Peternakan Samarinda itu, masyarakat tidak akan mudah panik ketika mendengar isu flu burung, penyakit mematikan yang kini menjadi momok utama itu.
"Inti kegiatan sosialisasi ini, masyarakat diajarkan bagaimana cara beternak unggas yang memenuhi standar kesehatan. Termasuk bagaimana merawat unggas suspect flu burung," jelasnya.
Peserta sosialisasi berasal dari unsur Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (LPM), LP-PKK, serta Kelompok Tani se-Tani Aman.
Statement Kepala Bidang Kesehatan Hewan Dinas Peternakan Kaltim Syaiful Akhyar, Juli lalu sempat membuat masyarakat Samarinda terhenyak. Pasalnya, virus avian influenza (AI) disebut sudah menyebar di Samarinda sejak 2005 silam. Pola penularannya disebutkan meliputi 4 sektor, yakni sektor pembibitan, sektor peternakan skala besar, sektor peternakan komersial, serta peternakan permukiman penduduk.
Penegasan Syaiful Akhyar tersebut sudah melalui proses penelitian intensif di lapangan, terutama terhadap ayam yang mati mendadak di daerah ini. Hasilnya, hasil uji laboratorium Balai Penelitian dan Penyidikan Veteriner (BPPV) di Banjarbaru Kalimantan Selatan menunjukkan sampel ayam asal Samarinda yang diuji positif terjangkit virus AI.(eri)

*Malay Translation*

jumat, 14 September 2007
peace but Tetap(remain) WaspadaVigilant)
Samarinda-Not including suspect district, not mengurangi(dimish,reduce) interest Tani Aman warga(class,member) learn the question of flu bird. From tahapan(stage) identity, deterrent, and penanggulangannya. Simulate activities fasilitator, Lurah Tani Aman Ismail Sofyan declared, socialization participants diutamakan from circles figure society and guidance social organization kemasyarakatan (Ormas).
" this kind of penyuluhan(espionage) for us very important karena(because) poison society know what the flu bird, pattern penyebarannya, and way deterrent and penanggulangannya, " bright Ismail'S.

Profits follow flu bird penyuluhan(espionage) that the Kantor Peternakan Samarinda digagas, no way society's easy panic when hear flu bird issue, disease cut that grown into the major bogey.
" inti this socialization activities, society diajarkan how beternak(breed) way of bird that fulfil kesehatan(health) standar. Including how attend suspect bird flu bird, " jelasnya.
Socialization participants comes from element Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (LPM), LP-PKK, and se-tani Kelompok Tani Peaceful.

Kepala Bidang Kesehatan Hewan Dinas Peternakan Kaltim Syaiful Akhyar statement, last Juli have the time made Samarinda society terhenyak(sit down suddenly).. Pasalnya, avian virus influenza (AI) mentioned has menyebar(disperse,intersperse) in Samarinda since 2005 departed. Pattern penularannya disebutkan cover 4 sector, yakni pembibitan sector, peternakan(farm) sector considerable scale, peternakan(farm) sector komersial(business,commercial?), and permukiman peternakan(farm) population.
The Syaiful Akhyar asseveration would through process-intensive perusal in field, terutama against the dead chicken sudden in this district. Hasilnya, uji product laboratorium Balai Penelitian and Penyidikan Veteriner (BPPV) in Banjarbaru Kalimantan Selatan showed original chicken sample that Samarinda examined terjangkit positive AI virus.(eri)


United we stand: Divided we fall

Pemprop Team Teaches Society to Guard Against Bird Flu Pandemic
September 14, 2007
Denpasar (Bali Post) - Pemprop Team Is Prepared to Integrate Socialization to Guard Against Bird Flu Pandemic

Pemprop Bali is unifying a perspective method so that counties, towns, and cities will be on guard against the potential of a repeatedly occurring bird flu pandemic.  Pemprop also prepared an integrated socialization team that should diterjunkan (no translation) going to remote villages to increase improved public awareness toward noticing bird flu.

"We agreed to formulate a strategic method towards repeatedly socializing valid behavior to occur in counties, towns, cities.  Pemprop prepared a solid socialization team in order to improve technical medical power and to anticipate more movement toward being on the alert against a pandemic," said Bali Health Head of Services Dr. Dewa Made Oka and Livestock Head of Services Ir. Ida Bagus Raka near Karo Public Relations and Protocol Pemprop Bali A.A. Gede Bagus Netra, S.Sos. in the Governor's Office, Thursday (13/9) yesterday.

His group developed an attitude that in order to overcome the bird flu problem the community should be conditioned to take note of the strategic program.  During this period the public should be made aware of coordinated valid behavior to detect the spread of this virus. 

"We also conduct field assignments reporting quickly toward valid anticipation," said Dr. Dewa Made Oka.  Livestock Agency Head Kadis Ir. Ida Bagus Raka announced an integrated socialization program that should be valid without time restrictions.  His group lined up bids to conduct strict intensive supervision more toward keeping a bird flu epidemic from developing into a pandemic problem.  We are hoping to finance a socialization program from APBD Pemprop Bali as well as donation support from APBN to be able to allocate to counties, towns, cities. 

"Even bird flu epidemic is also similar to a divide (situation?)that threatens life.  Toward that end this takes note that this bird flu strategy should become a customary practice," said Karo Public Relations and Protocol A.A. Bagus Netra, S.Sos.already affirming an integrated bird flu meeting in Nusa Dua, with the Governor's technical staff.  In fact, within the integrated meeting about this special attitude toward bird flu,the Governor bid all sides to be socialized about the customary practice to take notice of  bird flu.

"The Governor reminded participants that society needs to be more inspired toward avoiding a bird flu pandemic from becoming that dreadful,'' he said.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

Beautiful Fatherland Space RSSanglah Empty

I have my wireless working for a minute here. So I will post this story from yesterday. Okay, they emptied out the isolation space at RS Sanglah just in time for the big conference. On the 10th of September there was a story published that said they had seven suspects in the space. Yesterday came the story that they have all been taken out of the isolation space. History Lover and I were wondering how they miraculously got all those patients well in that short of time. I think the answer appeared in the last two paragraphs. They are returning to the practice of charging all those that test negative from the time they receive the negative test results.


 Dua  Pasien ''Suspect'' Pulang  ---
Ruang Nusa Indah RS Sanglah Kosong

Two Pasien ''Suspect'' Return ---
Beautiful Fatherland Space RSSanglah Empty

KEPULANGAN Kadek Tiwik (2) warga Desa Bongkasa Abiansemal dan Gusti Ayu Putu Putri Nabila (1,7) warga Jalan Gunung Mangu Denpasar, Kamis (13/9) kemarin, menjadikan ruang Nusa Indah RS Sanglah kosong. Ruangan yang khusus merawat pasien flu burung ini kemarin pun lengang.
KEPULANGAN--Kadek Tiwik (2), a resident of Desa Bongkasa Biansemal, and Gusti Ay Putu Putri Nabila, (1,7) a resident of  Jalan Gunung Mangu Denpasar, Thursday (13/9) yesterday, left the space vacant at Nusa Indah RS Sanglah. That space that is specifically for taking care of patients with bird flu was deserted yesterday

Total pasien suspect flu burung yang pernah dirawat di ruang Nusa Indah berjumlah 26 orang. Dua di antaranya diketahui positif flu burung, sementara sisanya negatif.

The number of  patients suspected of bird flu that have been treated in the Nusa Indah space totals 26 people. Two among them were known to be positive bird flu, meanwhile the rest were negative.

Sekretaris Penanganan Flu Burung RS Sanglah dr. Ken Wirasandhi beberapa waktu lalu mengatakan pasien suspect yang ternyata negatif flu burung ternyata menderita penyakit tropik lain seperti DHF, tifus dan radang tenggorokan.

Secretary of Handling Flu Burung at RS Sanglah dr. Ken Wirasandhi some time ago said the suspect patients who were evidently negative bird flu, obviously suffered a tropical disease such as DHF, typhus, and inflamed throat.

''Ciri-ciri penyakitnya sama. Karena mempunyai latar belakang pernah kontak dengan unggas, jadi dianggap suspect dan dirawat sesuai dengan prosedur flu burung. Selama ini dari hasil pemeriksaan sampel darah di Litbangkes hanya dua yang positif, sementara sisanya mengidap penyakit DHF, tifus atau radang tenggorokan,'' jelas Ken.

"Characteristics of the diseases are the same. Because they  have the background to have touched a bird, they are being considered suspect and are being treated suitably with the procedure for bird flu. All this was from the results of inspection of the blood sample at the Department of Health Litbangkes , there were just two who were positive, meanwhile the rest suffer from DHF, typhus, and inflamed throat." Ken said distinctly.

Untuk masalah pembayaran, Ken menambahkan pasien yang dinyatakan negatif flu burung hanya dikenakan biaya setelah hasil lab dari Litbangkes keluar. ''Jadi biaya perawatan sebelum hasil tersebut keluar ditanggung negara. Jika hasilnya positif maka biaya akan ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh negara hingga ia sembuh,'' tutur Ken.

About the question of the payment, Ken added the pasien that expressed negative bird flu just/only dikenakan charge after results of lab and Litbangkes come out. Therefore expense maintenance before the  result aforementioned  exit/go/come out accounted on country (government). If the result is positve, then the expense will be accounted on to the utmost  by means of the government (until) s/he recovers, "said Ken.

Sementara alasan pasien belum diperbolehkan pulang meski hasil tes Litbangkes negatif, Ken menjelaskan pasien tetap harus dirawat sampai penyakitnya sembuh. ''Misalnya jika terkena DHF, harus tetap dirawat sampai sembuh, walau hasil tes labnya sudah keluar,'' imbuhnya.

Temporarily the reason the patient not may be permitted return home although the result of the test from Litbangkes was negative, Ken explained, the patient still must be looked after until they recover from their illness. For example, if struck by DHF the patient must still be looked after until they recover, even though the result of the test has come out.


I can't find this story.  I am trying to read everything, so I'm up-to-date.  I went to the previous Indo Diary and still couldn't find it.

  "Yesterday came the story that they have all been taken out of the isolation space."

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
I wasn't very clear on that. Sorry.
This is the story that I was talking about. I can't remember why I said yesterday now.

[ Parent ]
So all of the patients, except 2, were negative.  I've got to wonder why they are coming in as suspected bird flu  patients at all?  Why bring on unnecessary "nasty rumors"?  Why not come in with the suspicion of "DHF, typhus, and inflamed throat", and then, if not, they can announce infection of H5N1.

It doesn't sound quite right to me.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
It doesn't sound right to me either CG
There is just to many mysterious happenings surrounding the diagnosing of illnesses and diseases in Indonesia to know what is true and what isn't true anymore. I think even some of the foreign goverments and members of the medical and scientific communities are starting to scratch their heads.
If there is nothing to hide then why all the mystery?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]
...they want to be seen as being pro-active about dealing with bf?

[ I dunno -- I generally don't understand the things people do. ;-) ]

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
DHF...I looked it up on the CDC site.


It stands for Dengue Hemorraghic Fever. The link is to a fact sheet on dengue and DHF.

[ Parent ]
Another quake jolts Bengkulu
JAKARTA (JP): Another quake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale jolted Bengkulu at 1:01 p.m. on Friday, according to Meteorology and Geophysics Agency. Map:http://encarta.msn.c...

The quake was centered at 153 kilometers southwest of Lais, Bengkulu, with a depth of 10 kilometers, the agency's website read. http://www.thejakart...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Large Cases of Bird Flu In The Animal Husbandry Commonly Hidden

My wireless is working at the moment again. So here is a story from yesterday.

The day before this article appeared in Kompas (It appeared yesterday) they had published a story about 200,000 chickens infected with bird flu. They noted in that article that the breeders hadn't reporter the situation and their local government had done nothing about it either.

Kasus Flu Burung di Peternakan Besar Biasa Disembunyikan
Large  Cases of Bird Flu In The Animal Husbandry Commonly  Hidden
SUKABUMI, KOMPAS--Kasus flu burung pada unggas yang terjadi di peternakan besar sudah sangat biasa disembunyikan dan tidak diungkap kepada masyarakat umum. Ini terjadi karena peternakan nasional masih menganut pendekatan agribisnis.
Huge cases of bird flu is occurring in husbandry/ breeder's poultry are concealed shockingly commonly and are not disclosed to society/community public. it was revealed to society that it is prevalent because national breeders still following the approach agribusiness
Pendekatan agribisnis lebih mengedapankan aspek bisnis, dibandingkan sharing informasi kepada masyarakat. Demikian diungkapkan oleh anggota Kelompok Kerja Peduli Profesi Veteriner Persatuan Dokter Hewan Indonesia Soehadji, Kamis (13/9).

The approach of agribusiness more sets out aspect of business contrasted to sharing information to/for society. So revealed by member of the occupation group doctor animal care profession, Veterinary Association of Indonesia, Soehadji, Thursday September, 13.

Soehadji mengatakan, dengan pendekatan agribisnis, kelompok peternakan besar yang masuk dalam skala industri peternakan nasional tak pernah tersentuh oleh regulasi pemerintah. Kelompok usaha sambilan, usaha cabang, dan usaha pokoklah yang selalu menjadi obyek regulasi itu. Maka, wajar kalau kasus flu burung di peternakan besar selalu disembunyikan agar sistem peternakan nasional tetap stabil.
Soehadji says, with the approach of agribisnis, large group of animal husbandry that within national scale industry, breeders will not ever be moved/touched by regulations of the government. Part-time enterprises, group efforts, and effort pokoklah always turn out object/thing the regulation. Then it is only natural that if (there are) cases of bird flu in large breeders (they are) always concealed in order that the system of national breeders remains stable.
Solusi atas hal itu adalah dengan membuat undang-undang veteriner (kehewanan) yang terlepas dari Undang-udang Nomor 6 Tahun 1967 tentang Pokok-pokok Peternakan dan Kesehatan Masyarakat. Dengan pendekatan veteriner, konflik kepentingan bisnis dan profesi bisa dihilangkan.
The solution of the situation that is by means of making regulation/law pertaining to animals that regardless of regulation/law number 6 1967, about subject breeders and health of society by means of approach conflict of interest of business and veterinary profession lost.

22,580 Chickens Die of Bird Flu in East Java, Indonesia
September 14, 2007

Around 22,580 chickens had died of bird flu (Avian Influenza - AI) virus in Indonesia's East Java Province from January to September 2007, a local official said.
The AI virus-infected chickens were mostly from back-yard farming, Antara news agency quoted Bambang Hermawan of the East Java provincial animal husbandry service as saying on Friday in Surabaya, capital of East Java province.

The dead chickens were found in 25 districts/towns in the province, said the official. The East Java authorities have carried a number of measures to prevent the spread of bird flu virus.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

RI promotes Bali in Japan's expo
September 16, 2007

TOKYO (Antara): Indonesia again promoted Bali as the famous tourist object with a good security in an international tourism expo organized by the Japan Association Travel Agency (JATA) in Tokyo, Japan.

"To attract more foreign tourists to visit Indonesia, we really want to promote Bali as the most secured tourist destination including a serious effort from local government to contain bird flu," Director General for Marketing Affairs of the Culture and Tourism MinistryThamrin Bachri said Sunday.

Japan itself was one of the main indicators of the international tourism industry, he said.

"With a big number of Japanese tourists flowing to Bali, it will hopefully put Bali back as one of the top-ranking tourist destinations in the world," he said. (***)

Bird flu threat serious - Indonesion Senior Minister
Posted September 16th, 2007 by TariqueInternational By NNN-Antara

Denpasar, Bali : Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie has said that bird flu (Avian Influenza) outbreak posed a serious threat to many countries, including Indonesia.

"The death toll of the bird flu disease (in this country) is relatively small, namely 85 out of the total 106 human cases, if we compare it to TBC disease which has claimed thousands of lives," Minister Bakrie said at Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Bali, on Tuesday when officially opening the Government of Indonesia?s Meeting With International Key Partners on Avian Influenza.

However, he said that the bird flu disease has affected the social and economic sectors enormously,

Thousands of poultry, mostly chicken, had died of the disease and many others had to be killed to prevent the spread of the Avian Influenza virus to wider areas, he said. Millions of US dollars had been spent for preventive measures and containment efforts, he said.

Indonesia has conducted various efforts and breakthrough to deal with the deadly disease, including through cooperation with other countries and international organizations, the minister said.

"We have instructed the Agriculture Minister and local administrations to move rapidly and accurately in containing and dealing with the bird flu disease," Coordinating Minister Aburizal Bakrie, who is concurrently chairman of the National Committee of Birth Flu Control and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness.

He called on the Indonesian people to actively participate in the bird flu fight. He said that the bird flu virus or H5NI was currently infected through poultry to human, and there was no human-to-human infection case so far in Indonesia. Of the country's 33 provinces, 12 provinces were reported to have bird flu cases.

The two-day international meeting was attended by 150 domestic and foreign participants, including Indonesia?s Agriculture Minister Dr Anton Apriyantono and David Nabarro of UNSIC.

The participating countries included China, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Finland, and Russia. International organizations represented in the meeting were among other things FOA, WHO, UNDP, and UNICEF.

100 Tails of Poultry Remain in Kesa Kertajaya
September, 15, 2007
Padalarang, (GM)- 100 Tails of Poultry Remained in Kesa Kertajaya

The bird population, especially the chicken type in Village Kertajaya, Kec. Padalarang, Kab. West Bandung (KBB) has for almost this last one year continued to decline. It is reckoned that the total live bird populaton that has been preserved is around 100 tails.

Such a declining bird population, said Ketajaya Village Head Ibrahim, happened since they experienced positive avian influenza virus (AI) present in birds last year. In fact wrong resident people died by the virus. (Hard to translate:  Does this mean it is wrong that people died from the virus or that people did not die from the virus?)

Last year in Ketajaya, after the discovery of the bird flu virus, up to now had not experienced any disease because it cut (culled?) the dead birds.  Nevertheless resident pets must still avoid the traumas that will return with ill birds. 

"For many years in those days, the bird population was more than a million tails, but now it is mostly only one hundred tails, " said Ibrahim in Padalarang, yesterday.

Before the attack by the bird flu virus, continued Ibrahim, almost a considerable part of the population in Kertajaya totaled more from 13.000 kept bird souls. A family head was able to preserve 10 tails of arrived birds. (I think "arrived" means bird births or bird deliveries.)

According to Ibrahim, to dispel fear among society about preserving birds among, it is necessary to have socialization (information) from Livestock Agency Dinas or other related insinstansi (institution?)  The existence of birds that have not arrived (been born or delivered?) has even caused edginess.

"With the present condition, the Kertajaya population must avoid excess fear. To repair this, we need to have a kind of socialization from related instansi (institution?) about how to preserve birds well so that they do not arrive (born or delivered?) with bird flu virus," he said.

When bird flu virus was experienced on wrong a bird type in Kertajaya, the Livestock Agency Dinas and Perikanan Kab. Bandung did depopulate to 68 birds, consisting of chicken, entok, dove, and puter (turkey?) birds belonging to RT resident 02/rw 16. At that time, those poultry, property of the family head, depopulated to around 20.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

History Lover, this is what I got when I translated the 2nd sentence from the 2nd paragraph:

Moreover/in fact/even/yes  a mistake/an error/incorrect/erroneous  a person/someone  citizen  to die/decease  result/outcome/consequence  virus  mentioned.

On way to say it would be:  Morever incorrect a person citizen deceased outcome virus mentioned.

Yes, an error a person citizen died  as result of virus mentioned.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Tracking Flu Burung Continues Being Done
It took a long time to translate an article that doesn't tell us very much. At least is is a new article. The sum of it is that they are trying their best to handle the flu burung problem properly. The sentence structure is pretty bad, but that's the way it came out. Their sentence structure is very different. I've rearranged some, but not all. Many times they have words in their sentence that we would consider unnecessary and repetitious, but then they always leave out words like "of" and "the" that we consider essential. I usually add these kinds of words to facilitate understanding, but keep the repetitious words in.

Indonesian translation using QDT and dictionaries.
Indonesian in plain text...English in bold

Radar Jember--September 17, 2007
  Pelacakan Flu Burung Terus Dilakukan
Tracking Flu Burung Continues Being Done

RSU dr Haryoto Siapkan Ruang Isolasi
RSU dr Haryoto Readied Isolation Space
LUMAJANG - Dinas Kesehatan (Dinkes) Lumajang tampaknya kalang kabut dengan munculnya serangan virus flu burung (AI) di wilayah kota baru-baru ini. Hinggu kemarin, dinkes terus melakukan pelacakan, terhadap warga sekitar lokasi penemuan virus mematikan tersebut.
LUMAJANG - The Department of Health (Dinkes) Lumajang apparently supports fogging with emerging attack bird flu (AI) virus recently in the city region. Hinggu yesterday, the Department of Health carried out tracking concerning residents around the location of discovery of the deadly virus aforementioned
Kepala Dinkes Lumajang, Koeswandono mengatakan, pelacakan tersebut untuk mengantisipasi penularannya kepada manusia. Sejumlah tenaga kesehatan dari tim dinkes dengan puseksmas langung melakukan pelacakan di radius 100 rumah dari lokasi kali pertama ditemukannya virus itu.
Lumajang's Department of Health head, Koeswandono said, they are tracing/tracking aforementioned to anticipate spread to humans. A number of staff from the Department of Health team with Langung Puseksmas (Note: I think they mean puskesmas) carried out tracking in a radius of 100 from house of location occurrance that first discovered the virus.
Menurut Koeswandono, pihaknya telah melakukan kegiatan pencegahan terhadap flu burung, khususnya terhadap manusia. Di antaranya melakukan surveilance epidemology, yaitu melacak dan memantau yang dicurigai ada unggas yang mati karena flu burung.
According to Koeswandono, his team already has carried out prevention toward flu burung in particular toward humans. In between carrying out epidemiology surveilance, namely tracing and observing that is suspected there exists poutry that died because of flu burung its duration.
Tak tanggung-tanggung, lanjut dia, anggotanya melacak seluruh daerah, terutama di radius 100 rumah dari lokasi penemuan flu burung hingga 30 hari lamanya. "Ada yang sakit atau tidak. Kami terus melacak," tandasnya.
He guaranteed, he continued, his members traced the entire area particularly in radiius 100 of house from location (of) discovery bird flu until 30 day duration. "(Whether?) there is disease or not, we continue tracing," he emphasized.  
Jika ada unggas yang sakit, pihaknya langsung mengecek dulu. Sebab, bukan berarti kalau ada unggas sakit lalu divonis sebagai flu burung. "Jadi, belum tentu," jelasnya.

If there is poultry that is diseased we will directly check. Because, doesn't mean if poultry is diseased then judged as bird flu. " Therefore not yet definite," he explained.

Dikatakan, surveilance epidemology merupakan standar operasional prosedur. Itu dipahami dan dilaksanakan petugas puskesmas dengan dibantu dinkes.
He informed that epidemiology surveillance constitutes standard operating procedure that is understood and executed by officersof puskesmas with the assistance of the Department of Health.
Namun, hingga seminggu terakhir sejak ditemukannya sejumlah unggas mati terserang virus flu burung, pihaknya belum memperoleh laporan penularan kepada manusia."Pelacakan terus kami lakukan tiap hari. Dan belum ada temuan orang yang sakit," katanya.

However, up to last week since we encountered a number of poultry that died attacked by the bird flu virus, we not yet have obtained a report of spreading to human beings. Tracing straight away we conducted every day. And not yet is there a person found who is sick," he said.

Sementara itu, Direktur RSU dr Haryoto Triworo Setyowati telah menyiapkan ruang isolasi khusus, jika nantinya ditemukan penderita flu burung. Namun hingga kemarin, pihaknya masih belum menerima laporan ada manusia yang telah terjangkit virus ini. Ruang isolasi tersebut, kata dia, merupakan langkah pertama sebelum pasien dibawa ke rumah sakit rujukan. (vid)
For the moment the director RSU dr Hanyoto Triworo Setyowati already is readying a special isolation space,(in case) later on there was discovered a sufferer of bird flu. However up to yesterday his team had not yet received a report that there is a person who is already infected with the virus now. The isolation space aforementioned, he said, constitutes the first step before a patient is brought to reconciliation hospital.

Nothing new on my sites this morning. n/t

United we stand: Divided we fall

Riau: Bird bans
Riau KLB FLu Burung

Pekanbaru-RoL-- Penyebaran virus flu burung di Riau yang menyebabkan tiga warganya meninggal telah menjadikan provinsi ini masuk dalam Kejadian Luar Biasa (KLB) flu burung.

Hal tersebut dinyatakan oleh Ketua Urusan Komunikasi Publik, Unit Pengendali Penyakit Avian Influenza (AI) Direktorat Kesehatan Hewan Direktorat Jenderal Peternakan Departemen Pertanian, Memed Zoelkarnaen Hassan di Pekanbaru, Selasa.

Saat ditemui usai rapat koordinasi daerah (Rakorda) komite pengendalian flu burung, Memed mengatakan Pemerintah Provinsi Riau perlu segera membuat peraturan larangan memelihara unggas di tengah pemukiman masyarakat.

Menurut dia , Riau perlu meniru langkah-langkah pengendalian flu burung yang telah diterapkan sebelumnya di sejumlah provinsi lainnya diantaranya Jakarta dan Banten terkait dengan larangan memelihara unggas ditengah pemukiman masyarakat dengan kondisi dan persyaratan tertentu.

"Namun demikian dalam menerapkan peraturan serupa, Pemprov Riau perlu menyesuaikan dengan area spesifik yang ada," katanya.

Ia menambahkan, membuat peraturan larangan tersebut dapat dikategorikan sebagai salah satu langkah terakhir untuk pengendalian penyebaran AI di provinsi tersebut.

"Hal tersebut bisa saja tidak dilakukan asal ada kesadaran tinggi dari instansi terkait dan juga masyarakat untuk bersama menjaga penyebaran virus dengan melakukan langkah terpadu diantaranya melakukan metode biosecurity, pemusnahan unggas yang mati mendadak dan vaksinasi rutin," katanya.

Namun demikian, apabila kesadaran masyarakat masih rendah dengan indikator masih berjatuhannya korban meninggal akibat terinfeksi virus H5N1 di Riau, maka pemerintah daerah perlu segera mengeluarkan peraturan tegas melarang pemeliharaan unggas di tengah pemukiman masyarakat. antara/abi

*Malay Translation*

September 18,2007
riau KLB FLu Burung

(Riau is located in the center of Sumatra island)

Spreading pekanbaru-rol--flu bird virus in Riau what makes three warganya died has make this provinsi entered in Kejadian Luar Biasa (KLB) flu bird.

The matter stated by Ketua Urusan Komunikasi Publik, Unit Pengendali Penyakit Avian Influenza (AI) Direktorat Kesehatan Hewan Direktorat Jenderal Peternakan Departemen Pertanian, Memed Zoelkarnaen Hassan in Pekanbaru, Tuesday.

Seconds found disarrange close together district co-ordination (Rakorda) running komite flu bird, Memed spoke Pemerintah Provinsi Riau need hasty made ban rules preserve bird in the middle of pemukiman society.

According to him, Riau need forge running measures flu bird that has diterapkan previous in provinsi a number of lainnya(another) diantaranya (adjoining)Jakarta and Banten terkait(competent,connected) with ban preserve bird ditengah society pemukiman with kondisi and certain persyaratan(requirment).
" namun(however,still) such in lay identical rules, Pemprov Riau need to adjust with area that have spesifik, " he said.
It increased, make the ban rules could dikategorikan as wrong a move last for running AI circulation in the pThe matter poison just not done original have high kesadaran(consciousness) from instansi terkait(competent,connect) and also society to together look after with virus circulation did terpadu(fused,intergrated) move diantaranya(adjoining) did biosecurity metode(method), the dead bird annihilation sudden and vaksinasi(vaccination) routine, " she said.

namun(however,still) so, when still low community kesadaran(consciousness) with indikator still berjatuhannya sacrifice died by virus terinfeksi(competent,connected) H5N1 in Riau, accordingly district governing need immediate produces firm rules forbade bird nurture in the middle of pemukiman community. between / abi rovinsi


United we stand: Divided we fall

Explosion of Gakin Patients in Lampung
On September 8th, Commonground posted a story on RSU Abdul Muluk being way over capacity ( http://www.newfluwiki2.com/showComment.do?commentId=65462 ). This the same hospital with the name spelled differently, because they are both in Lampung and the deputy director is the same. Sept. 8th was before the earthquakes.
They are blaming the huge overflow on the influx of patients with the insurance for the poor, but let's face it,the poor have had had this insurance for several years now. [b]Remember this is taking place in the same province where our mystery island epidemic took place. In fact the director of this hospital notes that other hospitals in Lampung are over capacity including RSUD Pingsewu, Tanggamus where the mystery epidemic patients were cared for. This is an area we need to continue to watch closely.

definition of the key word in the title:
1) explode, burst out. 2) rage, boil up.[/b]
Translated with QDT and other Indonesian sources.
Indonesian in plain text...English in bold

Pasien Gakin Membeludak di Lampung
Explode (Explosion of) Gakin Patients in Lampung
BANDAR LAMPUNG, KOMPAS--Gubernur Lampung Sjachroedin ZP menegaskan, setiap kabupaten/kota di Lampung harus segera mengaktifkan puskesmas plus sebagai pusat alternatif rawat inap pasien dari keluarga miskin. Upaya itu ditempuh untuk mengantisipasi membludaknya pasien kelas tiga di RSUD Abdul Moeloek di Bandar Lampung dan beberapa RSUD di beberapa kabupaten di Lampung sebagai dampak penerapan askeskin.
Pasien Gakin Membeludak In Lampung
LAMPUNG'S CITY, COMPASS--Gubernur Lampung Sjachroedin ZP affirms, each kabupaten /kota in urban Lampung should be prompt to activate puskesmas plus as alternative centre to treat in-hospital patients from needy families. The effort goes on to anticipate explosion/overflow/outburst of pasien class three in RSUD Abdul Moeloek in Bandar Lampung and several RSUD in several kabupaten in Lampung as an impact of the application of askeskin (health insurance for the poor).

“Saya melihat di RSUD Abdul Moeloek justru dipenuhi pasien kelas tiga dari keluarga miskin atau gakin yang berasal dari Kabupaten Tulang Bawang, Lampung Timur, dan beberapa pasien dari kabupaten yang lokasinya cukup jauh dari Bandar Lampung,” kata Sjachroedin, Selasa (18/9) usai melakukan inspeksi mendadak atau sidak di RSUD Abdul Moeloek.
"Yes, I've obseved at RSUD Abdul Moeloek precisely filled patients class 3 of poor famiies or gakin who come from the regency of Tulaan Bawang, Lampung Timur, and several patients from regency/cies that are located rather far from Bandar Lampung," said Sjachroedin, Tuesday Sept. 18, ready to undertake sudden or surprise inspection at RSUD Abdul Moeloek.
Wakil Direktur RSUD Abdul Moeloek Wirman mengatakan, dari kapasitas 410 tempat tidur untuk pasien kelas tiga, saat ini setiap hari ruang untuk kelas tiga itu justru dipenuhi sekitar 610 pasien. Kondisi membludaknya pasien itu terjadi sejak RSUD Abdul Moeloek ditunjuk sebagai rumah sakit yang melayani pasien rujukan dan pasien kelas tiga dari keluarga miskin atau gakin.
Deputy Direktur RSUD Abdul Moeloek Wirman said, Condition overflowing/exploding patients that happen/ensue from the time that RSUD Abdul Moeloek appointed as hospital that serves reconciliation and patients of class three from needy families or gakin.
Dengan pengobatan gratis bagi pasien gakin yang dijamin melalui asuransi keluarga miskin atau askeskin, kondisi membludaknya pasien tidak dapat dihindari. “Tingkat hunian untuk kelas tiga selalu lebih dari 80 persen setiap hari,” katanya.

With treatment free of charge for gakin patients who are guaranteed by means of insurance for needy families or health insurance for the poor can not avoid (this situation). " Level/Phase/Stage of housing on behalf of class three always more from 80 percent each day." he said.
Selain RSUD Abdul Moeloek, Sjacroedin juga mendapat laporan, beberapa RSUD di beberapa kabupaten di Lampung yang juga menerima pasien dengan askeskin juga sudah penuh tidak mampu menampung pasien kelas tiga. Di antaranya di RSUD Kalianda Lampung Selatan dan RSUD Pringsewu Tanggamus. (HLN)

Besides, RSUD Abdul Moeloek, Sjacroedin (said), (there are)some other RSUDs at some other kabupatens in Lampung, that also receive patients with health insurance for the poor, too already full, not at all able to accomodate patients of class three. In among them at RSUD Kalianda, Lampung South and RSUD Pingsewu, Tanggamus.

bgw in MT
Thanks for adding your notes at the top of this story. It really helped refresh my memory and it is added value to this article. You are right about "This is an area we need to continue to watch closely".

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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I fully agree with Carol.
I realize that you "newshounds" are trying to be very objective most of the time, and not inserting your interpretations or views into the articles that you translate, and that is commendable. But you are  also the experts, those with the background, the memory, and the files.  I think that as long as you state these interpretations or views as your opinion of what this or that statement in an article may mean, it is totally valid to include it and helps the readers such as myself focus on what is key.

So thank you for doing this, and please continue.

Always have a plan B.

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Poultry certification
September 18th 2007 ; 6:28:17 PM
Poultry certification
BeritaJakarta.com The society's awareness to certificate poultry is low even the socialization has been done. There are 2,296 of poultry owners out of 8,063 have been certificating their poultry. Poultry which has not certificated up to September 27, 2007 will be destroyed.

"The socialization has been doing maximally by the officer from sub-dept or urban village," said West Jakarta Head of Section for Veterinary and Community Health of Sub-Dept. of Animal Husbandry and Fishery, Renova Siahaan, Tuesday (18/9).

"Society's awareness to certify poultry on the first phase was high because the issue of bird flu was high and also the socialization about Governor Rule No 15/2007 about Pelaksaaan Pengedalian Pemeliharaan dan Peredaran Unggas, but now the awareness is very low," added Siahaan.

Siahaan explained that the socialization will be maintaining due to the danger of bird flu. In fact, Local Rule of Jakarta Government No 4/2007 about pengendalian, pemeliharan, dan peredaran unggas has been agreed and the offender can be punished by three months jail or Rp 50 million.


Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mysterious Disease of Magelang Bewilders Residents
We spent so much time reading about the mysterious illness in Magelang that killed 10 people that I did an Indonesian translation of Commonground's article from Antara. The underlined paragraph is one of those loooonnngg run on sentences that the Indonesians throw in every once in awhile. I tried my best, but there was just no way to straighten it out. Maybe you can understand what they are trying to say.
The population involved in this event is very unhappy becasue the National Department of Health and their Regional Department of Health have never gotten together and agreed on the cause of the sickness. I definitely believe the regional department of health because theirs is the only theory that made sense. These people seem to think that both departments should have gotten together and issued a one final correct statement. I agree.

Penyakit Misterius di Magelang Bingungkan Warga
Mysterious Disease of Magelang Bewilders Residents
Magelang (ANTARA News) - Kesimpulan dari Departemen Kesehatan tentang penyebab penyakit misterius yang mengakibatkan 10 warga meninggal dunia di lereng Gunung Andong, Kecamatan Ngablak, Kabupaten Magelang, Jawa Tengah kini telah membingungkan warga setempat.
Magelang (AMONG News) - Conclusion from the Department of Kesehatan of the mysterious causes of the disease which resulted in 10 member dying on the slope of Gunung Andong, Kecamatan Ngablak, Kabupaten Magelang, Tengah's Jawa, currently has been confounding/confusing local resident/s now.
"Pernyataan tentang kesimpulan penyebab penyakit itu justru mengakibatkan warga bingung," kata Wakil Ketua DPRD Kabupaten Magelang, Mujadin Putu Murja, di Magelang, Jateng, Selasa.

"The statement concerning the conclusion of the disease's exact cause puzzled residents," said Representative Ketua DPRD, Kabupaten Magelang, Mujadin Putu Murja, in Magelang, Jateng, Tuesday.

Menteri Kesehatan Siti Fadilah Supari beberapa waktu lalu menyatakan bahwa penyebab penyakit itu adalah racun yang ada di tempe gembus yang dikonsumsi warga terutama 10 korban meninggal dunia, sedangkan Kepala Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Jawa Tengah, Hartanto, menyatakan bahwa penyebab penyakit itu adalah pencemaran bahan kimia yang digunakan warga untuk pertanian.
Health Minister, Siti Fadilah Supari. some time ago stated that the cause of disease is poison that is(was) in tempe gembus consumed by especially the 10 resident victims that died, whereas Head ofthe Department of Health of the province of Central Java, Hartanto, said that the cause of the disease is chemical contamination used by a resident for agriculture.
Mujadin mengatakan, masyarakat ingin mengetahui secara pasti penyebab penyakit misterius tersebut supaya dapat melakukan tindakan pencegahan pada masa mendatang.
Mujadin says, the community wanted to know positively the causes of the mysterious disease they can undertake measures of prevention for the future.
Pihak pemerintah perlu melakukan koordinasi secara mantap terlebih dahulu sebelum menyampaikan kepada publik tentang hasil penelitian atas penyebab penyakit itu.
The government needed to undertake to coordinate in a manner that is exceedingly consistent before now conveying information to the public concerning the results of research on the cause of the disease.
"Perlu dirunut terlebih dahulu secara baik akar masalahnya, supaya pernyataan kepada publik tidak menimbulkan polemik yang bisa membuat masyarakat menjadi tidak memperoleh kepastian, koordinasikan dulu secara baik supaya penjelasan kepada masyarakat tidak malah membingungkan, kalau ada perbedaan pendapat jangan buru-buru memberikan pernyataan," katanya.
It is exceedingly necessary to trace beforehand in a careful manner, the root problem, in order to (make a) statement to the public (that does) not cause a dispute/controversy/argument, which could cause the community to not obtain certainty(of) how to coordinate beforehand in a careful manner so that explanation to community does not instead confuse when there is a difference of opinion should not to hunt give/handover statement/declaration," s/he said.

Ia juga menyatakan perlunya aparat terkait saat ini melakukan upaya pemulihan pskis masyarakat lereng Andong yang pada akhir Juli 2007 mengalami penyakit misterius tersebut.
S/He also declared the importance of connected/competent agencies/institutions at this time to carry out effort towards psychic recovery of the community on the rim of Andong that to the end of July 2007 experienced aforementioned sickness.
Masyarakat setempat, katanya, harus belajar dari pengalaman menghadapi penyakit misterius itu terutama dengan mengembangkan perilaku hidup sehat sehari-hari.
The local community, he said, must learn from the experience to face mysterious diseases especially those with evolving behaviour, live healthy everyday.

Ia mengatakan, masyarakat jangan lagi mengabaikan masalah kesehatan.
S/He said, society please do not anymore neglect the problem of health.

"Jangan abaikan kesehatan secara normatif, memelihara ternak jangan sembarangan, sanitasi dipelihara, dan melakukan pola hidup sehat," kata Mujadin Putu Murja.(*)
"Please do not neglect health normatively, protect livestock please do not act haphazardly, maintain sanitation, and carry out pattern of healthy life ," said Mujadin Putu Murja.(*)

Let's try to rearrange phrases for better syntax.
Original syntax:
"It is exceedingly necessary to trace beforehand in a careful manner, the root problem, in order to (make a) statement to the public (that does) not cause a dispute/controversy/argument, which could cause the community to not obtain certainty(of) how to coordinate beforehand in a careful manner so that explanation to community does not instead confuse when there is a difference of opinion should not to hunt give/handover statement/declaration," s/he said. "

Revised Syntax with some repetitive words removed:
"When there is a difference of opinion should not... give statement," s/he said..It is exceedingly necessary to trace beforehand in a careful manner, the root problem, in order to (make a) statement to the public (that does) not ....confuse....cause a controversy which could cause the community to not obtain certainty(of) how to coordinate beforehand

Always have a plan B.

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I liked KimT`s comment
Over at PFI;KimT wrote
  Agencies need to get together and tell only one lie to calm the people, more then one lie confuses the people.

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it." -Mary Wilson Little

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LOL!!! great comment! n/t

Always have a plan B.

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Tens of Birds Positive AI
Malay +dictionary translation
tuesday, 18 September 2007
Wartawan RG report

 Puluhan Unggas Positif AI
Tens of Birds Positive AI

South shore – Of 50 tails of  birds belonging to Pemangku Kerbangtinggi resident, Pekon Bangunnegara, Kecamatan Pesisir Selatan, Lampung Barat (Lambar) (were) infected positive bird flu  virus (avian influenza / ai). This case known from the product of that examination done by Dinas Peternakan and Kesehatan Hewan (Disnakkeswan), Monday (17 / 9).

Peratin Bangunnegara , Rizon said, the examination was done to follow through with the presence of a report of suddenly dead bird/s belonging to the resident . The resident was fearful  birds infected with the  bird flu virus , direct report to peratin.

”from product examination, known the  bird/d infected the virus bird flu ,” Said Rizon. Disarrange examination, the bird confiscated by way burnt.
More far appeal Rizon to whole so that residents ae more careful and watched health livestock. ”if there are strange matters, immediately report to parties terkait,” Harapnya. (*)

On-line Indonesian dictionary
Ya'll maybe already have this, but here it is if not:


Muntaber KLB in East Java
Translated with QDT


Residents One Village Attacked Muntaber

Malang - At least 43 residents of Selobekti Village, Blandi Village, Wonosari Subdistrict, Malang Regency, Java East, attacked muntaber (vomit and feces) massive since Monday (17 Sep) late afternoon.  As many as 23 people among them in critical condition and must undergo care overnight at RSUD Kepanjen. The rest undergo care street after have treatment at Community Health Center.

Number victims aforementioned possible still to increase to understand still many residents that not yet report condition their health because distance location their homes from Community Health Center enough distant Health Department (Dinkes) Regency Malang directly decide status KLB (Extraordinary Incident).  One medical team that was lead by Chief Dinkes (Kadinkes) M Fauzi, Tuesday (18 Sep) morning, this objective location to monitor condition residents.

Not yet is known definite cause muntaber aforementioned.  But, there is indication muntaber resulted water that consumed by residents polluted.  The problem is residents that attacked by muntaber are going through fasting month Ramadan with the result that small possibility result poisoned.  "Certainly there is indication result water drink resident polluted, but certainty only can be known after all samples that we can test at health laboratory of Provicial Government," explained Fauzi at SH, momentarily to leave to location.

When result lab test can be known?  Fauzi cannot determine, was estimated one or two weeks only can be known.  Although thus, he appeal residents not be nervous.  In order that attack muntaber can quickly be overcome, residents that experience symptoms muntaber are urged to quickly be examined at closest Community Health Center.  "Because this condition already stated KLB, residents do not need be afraid problem expense because accounted on government region," he explained.

Okieman is the map expert (thank goodness, LOL)
and probably has something better. I am going to post these map views that I have saved:


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Ok, this is why I should stay out of Okieman's way
when it come to maps. The links didn't come out right so ignore them.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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Vigilance is still everything when it comes to bird flu
Emmy Fitri
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

When it was announced the bird flu virus had claimed human lives on Bali, there was immediate questions about whether the island paradise remained a safe haven for holidaymakers.

There have been concerns the virus will deal a crippling blow to Bali's vital tourism sector, as terrorist bombings did in 2002 and 2005.

The good news is, however, Indonesia has resumed sending samples of the avian influenza virus to the World Health Organization,  which will make sure the virus spreading in Bali is the same H5N1 that was first known to jump to humans in 2005, and not a mutated version that is easily spread from person to person.

Luckily, the epidemic has yet to affect tourism on the island, which has maintained its reputation as one of the most popular destinations in the world.

But what if Bali never experienced a bird flu case? Would it be business as usual?

Would the government be sending virus samples to the WHO laboratory? Would it honor new international health regulations issued by the WHO, which require member countries to send their samples to the body?

The government may have continued to hold back the samples and international researchers would have stopped their studies.

Indonesia has recorded limited human-to-human transmission of the bird flu virus (in which the virus affects members of the same family), and samples were taken from last year's cases in North Sumatra.

Who knows what else the health authorities here have done to comply with WHO and its regulations, as discussed in the organization's recent annual report.

Forgot to add "snip" to that Jakarta Post article. It continues, and is quite lengthy.

Bengkulu, 18/9/2007 (Kominfo-Newsroom)-Head of Health office of Bengkulu dr. Supardi warned that the quake victims keep guard against diarrhea due to the shortage of water and against Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) caused by living at tents too long.

"I always warn that they take care of their health by keeping their environment clean," he said here Tuesday (18/9).

According to him, entering the 7th day after the quake measured 7,9 on the Richter Scale on Wednesday (12/9), the victims of the quake are starting to lack of clean water following the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) could not supply its water. Until Monday (17/9) at night, at least 500 families found themselves difficult to get clean water. It worryingly drives diarrhea.

He said government has prepared all of Community Health Centers all over Bengkulu to be always vigil the victims' health. The Municipal Health Office, even, has opened the victims' health post located at Jl. Basuki Rahmat.

The victims of the quake now are complaining the water shortage worrying that they will get ill if the water supply is gone.

Head of Victims' Post of RT 6 Rawa Makmur of Kota Bengkulu, April Syahru Roni acknowledged that the clean water crisis has been occurring many days as water supply from Municipal Government none has been supplied.

"We have proposed it to the Municipal Government, but until now, we have yet to receive the water," he said.

He stated that at least 100 units of house at RT 6 RW 3 Rawa Makmur count on the PDAM water supply as the water that is usually gained from traditional wells is not drinkable.

On the contrary, Secretary to Field Implementation Unit (Satlak) of Bengkulu Syafran Junaedi said the Satlak has given all kind of assistances including clean water. "Please propose to the mayor that we can give the clean water. And I think PDAM has also given the clean water to the victims," he said.


I am not like other birds of prey....

The Malay translator has been out of commission all day.
No Toggletext.

I am not like other birds of prey....

NEW CASE - West Java
[It looks like "full disclosure" has gone and bit us in the ....butt" The Malay Translator is still down (has been all day).]


Caption: [pic shows woman on ventilator]
GAMBAR monitor di Ruang Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung memperlihatkan kondisi pasien "suspect" flu burung, IK (30), Rabu (19/9). Sejak masuk RSHS, Selasa (18/9), kondisi IK masih kritis dan tak sadarkan diri.

Pasien Flu Burung tak Sadarkan Diri
Ruang flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung kembali menerima pasien suspect flu burung berinisial IK (30), Selasa (18/9) malam. Pasien perempuan itu masuk RS dalam keadaan tidak sadarkan diri dan mengalami gejala terserang virus flu burung (Avian influenza).

GAMBAR monitor di Ruang Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung memperlihatkan kondisi pasien "suspect" flu burung, IK (30), Rabu (19/9). Sejak masuk RSHS, Selasa (18/9), kondisi IK masih kritis dan tak sadarkan diri.*RIRIN N.F./"PR"
Berdasarkan informasi yang dihimpun "PR", warga Kp. Sumberbakti RT3 RW 1 Desa Cilandak, Kec. Anjatan, Kab. Indramayu tersebut dalam kondisi hamil. Satu pekan sebelumnya, lima ekor ayam miliknya mati mendadak. Selang beberapa hari, IK pun mengalami sesak napas dan suhu tubuh tinggi dengan gejala makin berat. Hingga akhirnya IK pun tak sadarkan diri.

Untuk menyelamatkan nyawa IK, bayi yang dikandungnya pun terpaksa dilahirkan meski usia kandungan belum memadai. Dilahirkan dalam kondisi prematur, bayi itu tak mampu bertahan hidup dan akhirnya meninggal dunia.

Ketika ditemui di ruang tunggu Ruang Flamboyan RSHS Bandung Rabu (19/9), suami IK, Sunardi (32) mengakui, IK memiliki riwayat kontak dengan unggas miliknya yang mati secara mendadak, sepekan lalu. Tak hanya IK, dirinya pun merasa melakukan kontak langsung dengan ayam-ayam yang mati itu.

Namun, dia enggan berkomentar lebih banyak karena belum tahu kepastian penyakit yang diderita istrinya. "Kan hasil tesnya belum ada. Jadi, belum tentu dia menderita flu burung," ujarnya.

Sanak keluarga di Indramayu, menurut dia, sangat mencemaskan keadaan IK, terutama ibu korban yang terus menangis.

Sebelum ditangani RSHS Bandung, IK sempat mendapat perawatan di RS Indramayu dan RS Subang. Karena ada riwayat kontak dengan unggas dan menunjukkan gejala seperti penyakit flu burung, IK dinyatakan sebagai suspect ke-105 yang ditangani RSHS. Dari jumlah tersebut, sebelas pasien dinyatakan positif mengidap virus flu burung, dan delapan orang di antaranya meninggal dunia.

Menurut Ketua Tim Penanggulangan Flu Burung RSHS Bandung dr. Hadi Yusuf, pasien IK sejak masuk hingga pemeriksaan hari pertama, Rabu (19/9), menunjukkan kondisi yang kritis dan tak sadarkan diri. "Dalam pemeriksaan terakhir, suhu tubuh pasien tinggi dan mengalami batuk-batuk," ujarnya ketika dihubungi lewat telefon.

Hasil pemeriksaan rontgen pun, menurut Hadi, menunjukkan gejala paru-paru akut (pneumonia). "Sampel darah sudah kita kirimkan ke lab untuk pemeriksaan dan pembuktian virus lebih jauh," ungkapnya.

Hadi pun mengakui, IK yang menunjukkan gejala terserang virus flu burung sedang dalam kondisi hamil sebelum akhirnya bayi yang dikandungnya terpaksa dilahirkan. Pasien tiba di RSHS dalam kondisi sudah melahirkan di RS lain. "Keputusan tersebut diambil karena IK tak sadarkan diri. Bayi yang dilahirkannya pun prematur," ujarnya menambahkan.

Meski IK menunjukkan gejala terserang virus flu burung, Hadi masih belum bisa memastikan penyakit yang diderita IK. "Berdasarkan penuturan suaminya, justru yang mengalami kontak langsung dengan ayam yang mati adalah suaminya. Namun demikian, karena ada riwayat dengan kematian akibat flu burung, akhirnya IK dinyatakan sebagai suspect," katanya.

Dengan demikian, IK pun mendapat pelayanan kesehatan sesuai dengan prosedur standar operasional (SOP) bagi suspect flu burung, di antaranya pemasangan alat bantu pernapasan dan dirawat di ruang khusus suspect flu burung di Ruang Flamboyan RSHS Bandung. Selain itu, IK juga diberi obat tamiflu dan sejumlah antibiotik lain. "Hal itu untuk mencegah berkembang biaknya virus lain yang mungkin masuk ke dalam tubuhnya," ucap Hadi. (A-158)


I am not like other birds of prey....

I'm working on a translation of the article about IK -- she's pregnant
Here's the rest of the paragraph beginning with GAMBAR:

Based on information that was gathered by "PR," resident Sumberbakti Village RT3 RW 1, Cilandak Village, Anjatan Subdistrict, Indramayu Regency, aforementioned in condition pregnant.  One week previous, five tails of property chickens died suddenly.  After several days, IK also experience crowded breath and high temperature with symptoms increasingly severe.  Until at last IK even was not awake.

[ Parent ]
IK's baby -- not good news
To save the life of IK, baby that is in uterus also be forced to be born although age fetus not yet adequate.  Born in condition premature, baby was not able to live and finally died.

When met at waiting room Space Flamboyan RSHS Bandung Wednesday (19/9), husband of IK, Sunardi (32) acknowledge, IK has story of contact with property poultry that died suddenly one week past.  Did not just IK herself who think carry out contact direct with chickens that died. [?]

But he reluctant to comment more because not yet know certainly sickness that his wife suffer.  "Because the test result not [back] yet.  Therefore, not yet certain she suffer bird flu," he said.

Relative family in Indramayu, according to him, very worried about condition IK, mainly victim's mother that directly cried.

Before be handled by RSHS Bandung, IK receive care at RS Indramayu and RS Subang.  Because there is story of contact with poultry and show symptom like sickness bird flu, IK expressed as suspect 105th that be handled RSHS.  From aforementioned number, eleven patients expressed positive suffer from bird flu virus, and eight persons among them died.

According to Chairman Team Handling Bird Flu RSHS Bandung dr. Hadi Yusuf, patient IK since enter until inspection first day, Wednesday (19 Sep), show condition that critical and did not awake.  "In latest inspection, body temperature high and experience coughs," he said when contacted by telephone.

Result of xray inspection also, according to Hadi, show sign lung critical pneumonia.  "Sample blood already we deliver to lab for inspection and authentication virus further," he said.

Hadi also acknowledge, IK that show symptom attacked by bird flu virus is in condition pregnant before finally baby that was in uterus was forced to be born.  Patient arrive at RSHS in condition already gave birth at other RS.  "Decision aforementioned taken because IK did not awake.  Baby that born also premature," he added.

Although IK show symptom attacked bird flu virus, Hadi still not yet be able to determine sickness that IK suffer.  "Based on talk with the husband, just who experience direct contact with chicken that died namely her husband. [?]  But thus, because there is story with death result bird flu, finally IK expressed as suspect," he said.

With thus, IK also get health service appropriate with standard operating procedure (SOP) for suspect bird flu, in among installation instrument help respiration and be treated at space for cases suspect bird flu at Space Flamboyan RSHS Bandung.  Besides that, IK also given Tamiflu and other antibiotics.  "This matter to prevent developing fertile virus other that possible enter to inside of body," said Hadi.

[ Parent ]
It sounds like the husband is saying there are more people
than IK who had contact with the poultry that died. So sad about her losing the baby.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]
hand translations of above article
These are specific paragraphs that I have translated.

Ruang flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung kembali menerima pasien suspect flu burung berinisial IK (30), Selasa (18/9) malam. Pasien perempuan itu masuk RS dalam keadaan tidak sadarkan diri dan mengalami gejala terserang virus flu burung (Avian influenza).

Hand Translation:
Ruang Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung to return accept patient suspect flu burung initials IK (30), Tuesday (18/9) night. Patient woman that entered RS in condition not to make realize onself and to experience indication infection virus flu burung (she was unconscience).

GAMBAR monitor di Ruang Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung memperlihatkan kondisi pasien "suspect" flu burung, IK (30), Rabu (19/9). Sejak masuk RSHS, Selasa (18/9), kondisi IK masih kritis dan tak sadarkan diri.

Hand translation:
Image monitor in Ruang Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung to show condition patient "suspect" flu burung, IK (30), Wednesday (19/9). From to enter RSHS, Tuesday (18/9), condition IDK still critical and not conscience.

Ketika ditemui di ruang tunggu Ruang Flamboyan RSHS Bandung Rabu (19/9), suami IK, Sunardi (32) mengakui, IK memiliki riwayat kontak dengan unggas miliknya yang mati secara mendadak, sepekan lalu. Tak hanya IK, dirinya pun merasa melakukan kontak langsung dengan ayam-ayam yang mati itu.

Hand translation:
A moment/Time found in ruang tunggu Ruang Flamboyan RSHS Bandung Rabu (19/9), husband IK, Sunardi (32) admit, IK to own a story contact with poultry ownership which by means of all at once, one week previous. Not just IK, herself also {think/believe} undertake contact direct with chicken that died.

I am not like other birds of prey....

Guarding Against Meat Glonggongan
Wednesday, 19 September, 2007, Yogyakarta
During Ramadan and Lebaran; Disperindagkop Guards Against Meat Glonggongan

(Comment:  Word for word translation.)

Bantul (KR) - From early Ramadan until later Lebaran (day of celebration, first day of Idulfitri) the Agency of Industrial Affairs, Commerce, and Cooperation (Disperindagkop) in addition to the Oceanic, Fishery and Livestock Agency (PKP) Bantul County Bantul, that should will be continuously watched for valid behavior in markets especially a matter of  circulating meat glonggongan (spoiled, infected?).  Because of the meat circulating in traditional markets, there is worry that the aforementioned be the highest possible water quality especially during Lebaran.

"At this time of fasting or by Lebaran, it is necessary that the meat from the community is improved.  Concerning this there is often exploitation, because certain oknum-oknum (person of negative connotation) sell meat glonggongan," said Disperindagkop Head Drs Yahya, yesterday.

According to Yahya, a team consisting of the Disperindagkop staff and PKP Agency has already been composed to conduct strict supervision toward the valid behavior of the circulation of meat glonggongan in traditional markets.  During the months of fasting, the team has monitored the results in traditional markets so that there is no indication that not in any case ox/cow meat glonggongan is sold to traditional markets in Bantul. Nevertheless such strict supervision should be permanent valid behavior concerning the sale of meat, especially ox/cow meat.

Furthermore, Drs Yahya expressed that more than monitoring the valid behavior of the circulation of meat glonggongan, the team also administers the reduction of the road traffic of domestic animals that go into and also leave from County Bantul.  Every domestic animal that enters and also exits from County Bantul should be in possession of a domestic animal license with information that they are free from disease.

"We conducted this for the sake of the community consumers.  So that the community that consumes meat should not in any case feel sufficient fear that domestic animals are carrying disease such as anthrax or bird flu."

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

they are having a little problem with infected/spoiled meat, aka:  beef and Ox from Bantul.  Very interesting.  I'll just grab some of those "special" words from the original text, describing this situation, so I can better find it in my daily searches.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
The word for ox/cow is sapi.
It caught my attention also that they talked about beef all the way through the article and then mentioned their concern about bird flu. 

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

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Buleleng 19/9/2007 (Kominfo-Newsroom) - A group of 500 overseas tourists from 22 countries will visit Buleleng, Bali, end September 2007 aboard 120 ships.

"The trip is organized by an international travel bureau and it is expected that the visitors will be attracted to the island's panorama and culture so that a cooperation agreement could be concluded with the local government," said the chief of Buleleng Cultural and Tourism Service, Ida Bagus Puja Erawan, here recently.

The 500 regularly come to Indonesia by sea. This is their sixth visit but the first to Buleleng. Hopefully groups of tourists will visit the regency year after year.

Special attention will be given to welcoming the large group of foreign visitors. The attractions will present the best in local culture.

Eleven of the 120 ships scheduled to come are already anchored at Pantai Lovina.

The visitors will come by stages until the peak of welcoming ceremonies on Sept. 23.

Buleleng, in northern Bali, is well prepared to welcome tourists in large numbers. There are 98 hotels of international standards with a total of 1,996 rooms and 138 restaurants. Apart from that investors are now building more star-studded hotels, each with 150-200 rooms.

Four localities in northern Bali are now being developed into tourist areas. Lovina has an area of 3,524 ha, Pancasari 13,441 ha , Air Sanih 625 ha and Batu Ampar 14,124 ha.

Batu Ampar will in the near future look like Nusa Dua, which is located in the south of Bali. Local features of attraction, notably those related to culture and heritage, will be given top priority.


I am not like other birds of prey....

Just don't get "too jolly"

September 17, 2007

U.S. Embassy Jakarta
U.S. Consulate General Surabaya

Warden Message

September 17, 2007

The U.S. Embassy would like to inform American citizens that the potential exists for disruptions at establishments that serve alcohol during the month of Ramadan by groups acting in the name of religious or moral standards. In recent years, acts of intimidation or threats to destroy property have sought to stop the sale of alcohol or temporarily close businesses. The Embassy urges Americans to be vigilant about security if frequenting these locations until the end of Ramadan and Idul Fitri on October 13/14, 2007.

More:  http://jakarta.usemb...

I am not like other birds of prey....

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Proposed Autopsi Casualty AI
hat-tip Dutchy
- snip -

Diusulkan Autopsi Korban AI
Kamis, 20/09/2007

JAKARTA (SINDO) - Menteri Kesehatan (Menkes) Siti Fadilah Supari mengusulkan agar korban flu burung dapat diautopsi. Menurut Menkes, langkah ini diperlukan untuk mengetahui apakah penularan flu burung terjadi secara ilmiah atau ditularkan by design.

The Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari says an autopsie should be performed at victims of bird flu to have scientific evidence.

More: http://www.seputar-i...

I am not like other birds of prey....

Autopsy of AI Victims Proposed
This is a QDT + dictionary translation of CG's article concerning Supari asking for a law requiring autopsies on bird flu victims. For once, Supari and I agree. Autopsies should be mandatory.
Indonesian in plain text....English in bold

Diusulkan Autopsi Korban AI
Autopsy of AI Victims Proposed 
Kamis, 20/09/2007
JAKARTA (SINDO) – Menteri Kesehatan (Menkes) Siti Fadilah Supari mengusulkan agar korban flu burung dapat diautopsi. Menurut Menkes, langkah ini diperlukan untuk mengetahui apakah penularan flu burung terjadi secara ilmiah atau ditularkan by design.
JAKARTA (SINDO) – Minister of Health (Menkes), Siti Fadilah Supari, (makes a) proposition so that an autopsy can be performed (on) victims of bird flu. According to Menkes, (this is) a good step now needed to understand in a scientific manner what infection with bird flu consists of/takes place, otherwise spread to others by design.
“Ini perlu didiskusikan. Saya lontarkan karena kebutuhan itu. Ini harus dikaji, ditelaah, dibahas perlu atau tidak,” tegas Siti Fadilah Supari seusai membuka Rapat Kerja Nasional (Rakernas) Identifikasi Korban Bencana ke II (Disaster Victim Identification/DVI) di Jakarta kemarin. Menkes mengungkapkan, saat kasus flu burung pertama kali ditemukan pada 2005, tidak dilakukan autopsi terhadap korban. Karena itu, ujar dia, tidak diketahui bagaimana virus mematikan ini menjangkiti korban. “Dulu Departemen Kesehatan (Depkes) sudah meminta, tapi ditolak. Kalau polisi yang minta autopsi lebih mudah,” terangnya.
"This is necessary to discuss. I throw (out?) because it is a necessity that this must be considered, must (be) discussed or not," firmly (said) Siti Fadilah Supari, after opening of National Working Meeting (Rakemas) of Identifikasi Korban Bencana ke II (Disaster Victim Identification/DVI) in Jakarta yesterday. Menkes expressed (at the) time cases of bird flu first time were discovered in 2005 no autopsy (was) undertaken toward the victims. Because of that statement it's not at all known how virus kills these infected victims. Previously the Department of Health (Depkes) has already requested but (was) refused. When (it is) the police who request the autopsy (it is) obviously more simple.
Menanggapi hal ini, Kepala Divisi Humas Mabes Polri Irjen Pol Sisno Adiwinoto mengatakan, rencana autopsi terhadap korban flu burung bisa saja dilakukan. Namun, sampai saat ini belum ada payung hukum yang bisa digunakan untuk melakukan autopsi pada korban flu burung. “Saat ini, autopsi baru bisa dilakukan dalam proses penyelidikan kejahatan saja, karena autopsi ini membutuhkan kerelaan keluarga korban,” jelasnya. Autopsi pada korban kejahatan, lanjut dia, didasarkan pada KUHP. Di sana dinyatakan, yang bertanggung jawab melakukan autopsi adalah kepolisian.
Consider this matter, the head the Division of Public Relations. Mabes Polri{Polri is abbreviation of Polisi Republik Indonesia or The Indonesian Police), Irjen Pol Sisno Adiwinoto, said autopsy program/plan concerning victims of bird flu could only (be) carried out (as an order). But to the point of this time it is not yet (an) umbrella law that (can) be used in order to carry out, an autopsy to a bird flu (victim). (At) this moment, an autopsy (is) only now carried out/executed as an order in the process of investigation of a crime only, since autopsy now requires the consent of the family of the victim/s," s/he explained. Autopsy to a victim of a crime, s/he continued, based on the criminal code. On there declared, who having responsibility (to) respond to carry out autopsy is (the) police force.
Autopsi terhadap korban flu burung, ungkap Sisno, bisa menjadi wajib dilakukan jika ada perangkat hukum berupa undang-undang (UU) yang mendasarinya. Meski demikian,untuk dapat menerapkan autopsi ke korban flu burung, dapat digunakan peraturan lokal berupa peraturan daerah (perda). Nantinya, perda ini akan tetap merujuk pada UU di atasnya tentang kesehatan. (susi)
Autopsy to victims of bird flu, said Sisno, could become as duty done if there is a law apparatus in the form of a regulation which to be the basis for. Although that way to be able to carry out autopsy to victims of bird flu can be used local ordinance in the form of a regional regulation.Eventually this regional regulation will (be permanent referring to law about health.

[ Parent ]
This is a very significant step
considering Indonesia has a largely Muslim population, the added expense for the government and the fact it is Supari who is requesting the law be put into effect. Here's hoping that it also applies to victims who die exhibiting all the symptoms but test negative.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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Good point, Carol, about the negative victims. n/t

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

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poultry market
Pelanggan alter position towards tantman decorate. Muhammad 49, trader: merchant  bird at market Banyu white city in Central Java located between the cities of Saya person first which sell food for a living livestock poultry at Sebelum(before) there is trader, merchant poultry. I already sell things for a living at this place every day.

Subdistrict Banyu Biru(blue) around seven oclock Indonesian time start little time and effort trader another unitl amount trader poultry mainly bird at market increase between ten and twenty people. Toward day pasaran legi market Banyu White now very crowded visit people, because not just poultry species bird which dipajang in front market this but also a number of domestic animals like goat or lamb too.

Tidak(do not) some pelannggan who begin shift towards tanaman adorn for the moment that for divide bird to show possession also there is a threat struck virus avian influenze otherwise
often known by bird flu/

But old sanitasi surroundings at market now still terjaga temporary threat that not at all possible terjad.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beware on cheap meat
September 19th 2007 ; 4:54:00 PM
Beware on cheap meat
BeritaJakarta.com Toni Setijono, North Jakarta Head of Section for Supervision and Curb of Sub-Dept. of Animal Husbandry, Fishery and Maritime, asked the society to be aware on cheap meat during fasting month up to Idul Fitri because several investigations stated that cheap meat is not original meat but already mixed such as cow and boar. "Lab test for formalin chicken has been published, but for mixed meat hasn't found yet," said Setijono, Wednesday (19/9).

Setijono added that several supervisions will be held North Jakarta market to prevent this case spread up wider. "Logically, the price will rise up closer to Idul Fitri because the request is higher than usual, but if the society founds cheaper price please think twice to buy it," added Setijono.

Several characteristics for cow, boar, and formalin chicken are: boar meat has smoother fiber than cow meat; boar meat has thicker fat than cow. Meanwhile, formalin chicken has stronger meat than usual chicken (without formalin), and the smell is spicy than usual chicken.

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

More on IK (30)
[More info on IK - 30. Spent 6 hours in room before they moved her to Intensive Care. I think the husband is a nurse/medic...from what I translated, by word]

Warga Indramayu Suspect Flu Burung
Kamis, 20/09/2007
BANDUNG (SINDO) - Ida Khodijah, 30, pasien suspect flu burung, kemarin dibawa ke Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (RSHS), Bandung, Jawa Barat. Warga Kampung Cilandak, RT 03/01, Desa Cilandak, Kec Anjatan, Kab Indramayu, that entered RSHS enough Tuesday (18/9) malam pukul 20.00 WIB.

Ida alleged suspect setelah five tall bird possession Husband, Sunardi, died sudden. Victim non stop/straight thru to experience/undergo feverish and sick/sore/aching throat as well as a cough after death bird mentioned above. Before rushed to RSHS, pasien to have an opportunity treated husband who having a profession as a nurse/a medic. Pasien directly brought to RSHS because sick more and more critical. "Condition pasient a point in time arrive at RSHS already done not good, exceedingly critical. Pasien sudah tidak sadar," kata anggota Tim Penanggulangan Flu Burung RSHS Bandung, dr Rudi Wisaksono,kemarin.

She explain, patient which/that arrive at RSHS since/from hour 14.00 WIB Tuesday (18/9) that direct examined in room installation/a facility "oh no!" urgent (IGD). A short time insufficient more/greater than 6 hour observasi in room IGD that, temperature body pasien to achieve 38 derajat Celsius. After pasien taken to room Flamboyan RSHS untuk dirawat secara intensif, "(Diperiksa intensif) because have symptom cough, crowded breath, and feverish high," tandas Rudi. He/She remark, patient suspect flu burung at-105 that treated at Ruang Flamboyan RSHS mentioned up to now not yet to make realize self/person.

"Presently still/even though use/utilize equipment to aid breathing because condition very critical." Rudi mengaku, pihak RSHS sudah mengirimkan sampel darah yang pertama ke Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan (Balitbangkes) Departemen Kesehatan (Depkes) Jakarta. Sementara sampel darah yang kedua akan dikirim setelah pemeriksaan. Sunardi, suami pasien, yang ditemui di ruang tunggu menolak berkomentar.


I am not like other birds of prey....

County Magelang Includes Area Infected by Avian Influenza
Thursday, 20 September 2007, Jawa Tengah

Mungkid (KR)-  A suitable letter circulated by the Director General of the Fish and Agriculture Department was sent last August 14, from County Magelang including not mistaking a high risk district infected with bird illness.  Interrelated with the matter, the County Magelang Livestock and Fish Agency has done massive and intensive vaccinations to the entire population in this province.  Such a thing said Fish Agency Head in County Magelang, Suryo Sumargo, about bird flu information in Setda Jurisdiction Building Hall, County Magelang, Tuesday (18/9).

He said to minimalize this bird flu (Avian Influenza), he called upon the circulation (letter) followed also with depopulation actions (culling?) when positive cases of bird flu occur.  In Salaman these last cases have been effective for some time.

Because there are Salaman resident people who died, it is anticipated that the world has the bird flu infection.  Magelang County Health Agency Head Hendarto said as a separate deterrent action so as not to be infected with Avian Influenza, it has done anticipatory measures. In the meanwhile, Protap arranged for integrated surveillance for the agency.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

Bird Flu Patient IK In Critical Condition
September 20, 2007

Flamboyan Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin space (RSHS) Bandung accepts back a bird flu "suspect" patient.  The woman patient with the initials  IK (30), Kp warga. Cilandak 03 RT/01 rw Desa Cilandak, Kec. Anjatan, Kab. Indramayu. Ik originally entered Ruang IGD RSHS on Tuesday (18/9) approximately 14.00 WIB o'clock.  After being stated as a "suspect" patient at approximately 20.00 WIB o'clock, she was transferred to Ruang Flamboyan.

Based on the collected evidence "GM", patient IK had symptoms that imitated the flu bird disease, namely crowded breath, coughing, and high body temperature. According to information, the patient suffered all these symptoms since last week before she attended Rabu (12 / 9).  According to the doctor's evidence, Wicaksono Rudi, a member of the Bird Flu Handling Medical Team at RSHS Bandung, the patient was an Indramayu resident visiting to RSHS after getting references from Hospital (RS) Subang.

"The patient originally suffered bird flu symptoms since last week.  The RS Subang doctor later reconciled her to RSHS, because her condition was grievous enough," said Rudi when relating to a journalist, yesterday.

Rudi later defined a chronology about how the patient received the disease the first time.  Predicated on the evidence obtained from the patient's husband, Rudi said, IK originally suffered hot symptoms that were high enough after a bird on their property died, Tuesday (11/9).  Next day or Wednesday (12/9), IK her condition grew grievous.  Least of all she is 7 months pregnant.  In the following days, IK's condition continued to deteriorate.  IK's symptoms, a hot temperature and body, coughing, and crowded breath continued.  Because of that, IK's husband, whose profession is treatment, took his better half (istrinya) to RS Subang.  At the hospital, Jumat (14 / 9),  IK later expressed concern, because her premature baby's body was not in good condition." 

"After expressing this, doctor at the hospital later suggested that patient be attended in RSHS," said Rudi.

He also expressed, before IK attended, that the husband Sunardi, also attended some time ago. Sunardi also suffered the same symptoms as bird flu disease.

"But the old husband was not attended, because his condition was good enough," he said.

At this time, the patient's condition, said Rudi, is in critical situation.  The patient also wore a machine to assist with breathing.  The patient's blood sample has been dispatched to Balai Penelitian and Pengembangan Health (Balitbangkes) Centre in Jakarta.

"The results have not come out and we will follow up with dispatching further blood samples. Clearly, this time the team doctor time will keep the patient under strict supervision," said Rudi.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

I think they are talking about R(64) Adm: 8/14 - From: Cimenyan, Ciburial.  Is a Dr.  Tested Negative.

Because of that, IK's husband, whose profession is treatment, took his better half (istrinya) to RS Subang.  At the hospital, Jumat (14 / 9),  IK later expressed concern, because her premature baby's body was not in good condition."

"After expressing this, doctor at the hospital later suggested that patient be attended in RSHS," said Rudi.

He also expressed, before IK attended, that the husband Sunardi, also attended some time ago. Sunardi also suffered the same symptoms as bird flu disease.

"But the old husband was not attended, because his condition was good enough," he said.

I am not like other birds of prey....

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Pemkab Vaccinates Livestock
This is a less important article, so I used the Malay translator + dictionaries.

I'm working on a long article on a policy statement on handling a situation owhere there is a possibility of efficient transmission of AI from human to human. Don't get too excited. it really hasn't given any details so far, but least they are setting up some guidelines to follow.
serambi Nanggroe : Farming 
# 20 / 09 / 2007 09 : 43 WIB
  Pemkab Vaccinates Livestock
rubrik-LSQB-: | Serambi Nanggroe topics : Farming]
Junction confluence-Office of the Breeders Ass. Aceh Tamiang is about to vaccinate bird livestock to prevail against possibility of infection with bird (avian influenza) and epizooticha septichemia disease (A) and deceales castle new (ND) to domesticated animals ox and buffalo.
Kantor Perternakan Aceh Tamiang head, Drh Asma‘I MM to Serambi Selasa (18 / 9) spoke of vaccination program the done in the month of Ramadhan only a as it happened the best thing under the circumstances. But vaccination implementation bird flu, A and ND not influence for health of humans and not cancel (because of?) fasting month (Ramadan).
Vaccination implementation done in rural district that has assigned be central country breeders that got about in 12 kecamatan.
Of 200 tails female oxen, 50 male oxen, plus 60 tails male oxen and femaile assistance of the fund special allocation(DAK) has delivered as help directly to society in the central country animal breedes in Aceh Tamiang.
Whereas avian influenza vaccination constantly done every seconds despite have not got given the aid of bird livestock.

Let me try that again:

I'm working on a long article concerning how a situation where there is a possibility of efficient transmission of AI from human to human should be handled. Don't get too excited. It really hasn't given any details so far, but least they are setting up some guidelines to follow and admitting that someday they are likely to face that circumstance.  

I wish we could go back and edit. I never see the mistakes until the magic "Post" button is pushed, even when I preview. I think I just look at general appearance during preview.  

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Flu Burung-The Department of Health Anticipates Spreading Human to Human

The last sentence in this article really doesn't make sense with the rest of the paragraph. I must have misinterpreted it somehow.
This is a QDT translation plus Indonesian dictionaries.
Indonesian in plain text ... English in bold

Flu burung-Departemen Kesehatan Antisipasi Penularan Antarmanusia
Flu Burung-The Department of Health Anticipates Spreading Human to Human



Laporan Wartawan Kompas Khaerudin
MEDAN, KOMPAS- Departemen Kesehatan mengantisipasi penyebaran virus H5N1 atau flu burung dari manusia ke manusia. Hingga saat ini penyebaran virus flu burung masih dalam tahap dari unggas ke manusia.

MEDAN, KOMPAS-The Department of Health anticipates spread of the H5N1 virus or flu burung influenza from human to human. Until the moment this spread of flu burung influenza, still in phase from fowl to human.

Menurut Kepala Sub Direktorat Penyakit Infeksi Saluran Napas Akut Direktorat Pengendalian Penyakit Menular Langsung Departemen Kesehatan Fonny Silfanus di Medan, Kamis (20/9), Departemen Kesehatan tengah menyusun pedoman penanganan penyebaran virus flu burung jika sudah sampai pada tahap penularan dari manusia ke manusia (human to human).

According to the Head of the Sub Directorate of Disease Infection Acute Channel/Conduit Breathing (Respiratory?) Directorate Control Disease Infection/Spreading, Fonny Silfanus in Medan Thursday, September 20, The Central Department of Health (has) contrived  guidance (on) handling the spread of the flu burung vius if done until the phase of contagion from human to human.

“Pedoman ini sedang kami susun dan kami sosialisasikan ke berbagai daerah untuk meminta masukan. Karena bisa jadi penanganan antara satu daerah dengan daerah lainnya bisa berbeda,” ujar Fonny.

This intermediate guidance we arranged and we (provide?) socialization to various areas in order to request input. Because (it?) can serve as handling between one area and another area (it) should be different," stated Fonny.

Dia melanjutkan, pedoman pokok antisipasi penyebaran virus flu burung dari manusia ke manusia memang sudah ada dalam bentuk draft dan direncanakan selesai bulan Oktober hingga November mendatang. Detil aksi dalam pedoman tersebut melibatkan berbagai instansi seperti TNI/Polri, Departemen Perhubungan, Departemen Komunikasi dan Informasi hingga masyarakat.

S/he  continued, Guidance subject anticipation of the spread of bird flu virus from human to human yes already is existing in draft form and (is) scheduled (to be) finished forthcoming month October until November. Detailed action in guidance aformentioned involves all sorts of  resorts like TNI/Polri (the Indonesian Military and Indonesian Police), the Department of Association/Affiliation/Coherence, the Department of Communication and Infomation, up to society.

Nantinya kata Fonny, pedoman tersebut memuat langkah-langkah yang harus dilakukan jika penyebaran virus flu burung sudah sampai pada tahap penularan dari manusia ke manusia.

Eventually, said Fonny, (in the) guidance aforementioned (there will be) published the actions  that must be done if the spread of the bird influenza virus already (is) in the phase of contagion from human to human.

“Kalau di suatu daerah ditemukan kasus penularan dari manusia ke manusia. Di mana kemungkinan ini bisa saja terjadi dan kita tidak tahu kapan. Langkah-langkah seperti mengkarantina daerah tersebut hingga mengisolasi penderita menjadi pegangan, tetapi ini kan tidak mungkin bisa dilakukan Departemen Kesehatan. Makanya harus lintas sektoral melibatkan institusi seperti TNI/Polri hingga Departemen Perhubungan,” tutur Fonny.

"If in a certain area (there are) discovered cases of contagion from human to human. Where (there is)the possibility, this should just be enacted and we (do) not  know when. Measures like quarantine (of) area aforementioned limited to isolating sufferer to become handling,  however this because, you know (is) not possible, should (be) carried out (by the)Department of Health. Consquently (we) must move quickly across sectors engaging institutions like TNI/Polri up to the Department  of Association/Affiliation/Coherence," said Fonny.

Menurut dia, langkah penting dalam penyusunan pedoman ini adalah menggugah kesadaran masyarakat tentang bahaya penularan virus flu burung dari manusia ke manusia. Dalam berbagai kasus, reaksi masyarakat di tiap daerah berbeda ketika muncul kasus flu burung. Contohnya seperti ketika muncul kasus flu burung di Desa Sumbul, Kecamatan Kaban Jahe, Kabupaten Karo, Sumatera Utara (Sumut). Masyarakat setempat sempat tak percaya virus flu burung menyerang daerahnya.

According to him/her, (there are) important steps in composing this  guidance, namely to awaken the awareness of society about the dangers of contagion/spreading of flu burung virus from human to human. Within all sorts of cases, the reaction of society in each area is different  as cases of flu burung emerge. An example as when (there) emerged cases of flu burung at the village Sumbul, Kecamatan Kaban Jahe, Kabupaten Karo, Sumatera Utara (Sumut). Local society (did) not have sufficient time to believe flu burung virus had attacked the area.

Wakil Kepala Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Sumut Syaiful Sitompul mengakui, harus ada perlakuan yang berbeda pada tiap masyarakat guna mencegah penyebaran virus flu burung. “Masyarakat kadang tidak percaya, apalagi jika di sekitarnya tak ada korban meninggal,” ujarnya.

Deputy Head of Department of Health of Province of North Sumatra, Syaiful Sitompul, acknowledged (there) must exist treatment that is different in each community/society for the purpose to prevent the spread of the flu burung virus. Inhabitants sometimes (do) not believe particularly if in the surrounding area (there) is not a victim (that has) died.

Fonny mengungkapkan, perbedaan reaksi masyarakat merupakan hal yang wajar. Masyarakat bisa saja cepat tanggap seperti di Minahasa Sulawesi Utara. “Di Minahasa begitu ada dugaan muncul virus flu burung, masyarakat menyerahkan semua unggasnya. Meski kemudian diketahui hasilnya negatif. Sekarang kan masyarakat malah ada yang menyembunyikan unggasnya,” kata Fonny.

Fonny expressed, the variance (of) reaction (of)society/community (is) formed (by the) situation which is natural.  Society should just be quickly responsive as in Minahasa Sulawesi Utara. "In Minahasa there is a notion (that with) emergent flu burung virus (the) community hands over all their poultry. Although later it was known the result (was) negative. Now you know, the community instead is concealing their poultry. 

Not good news that they are preparing guidelines.
It seems that whenever someone starts preparing guidelines, we have to be vigilant about what may be happening right now.  In other words, I wonder what they are not saying.  Thanks for your hard work, Bev.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

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This was a lot of work. Thanks for your dedicatiion.
I can't get past the first sentence.  Thank you Bgw, this was a very long article to take apart - word by word. 

The Department of Health anticipates spread of the H5N1 virus or flu burung influenza from human to human.

anticipation [an?tis??p? sh ?n]
the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction

I am not like other birds of prey....

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Horses are easier to find than chickens.
From Detik, translated with QDT:


20/09/2007 16:45 WIB
Palembang Airport Block Flu Horse Australia
Taufik Wijaya - detikcom

Palembang - During one week this officer Station Quarantine Animal Class I Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin (SMB) II, Palembang, supervise in a strict manner then pass entry of domestic animal and domestic animal product from outside country, mainly origin Australia (Ausie) and Japan.

Step aforementioned to anticipate epidemic equine influenza (horse flu) that now begin infect a number of livestock horse in two aforementioned countries.

"We put into effect supervision extra tight to all instrument that supply route outside the country.  Including, at a number of gates entry (entry point) harbor sea at South Sumatra," said Chief Station Quarantine Domestic animal Class I SMB II Palembang, Sri Hanum, Thursday  (20/09/2007).

Communicate him, order Agency Quarantine Agriculture Department (BKP Deptan RI), explain that stage spreading epidemic horse flu almost equal with spreading virus avian influenza (bird flu).

The infection pass through media poultry and also stand a big chance could infect human being.  "Spreading epidemic flu horse in Japan and Australia just was known 28 August past.  And immediately ditindaklanjuti [tindak=action, lanjut=further; take further action?] by order BKP Deptan RI," he said.

At this time, he said further, his side already coordinated with institution related be like Customs Duty, police, harbor administration belong to agency or agency that be under health office domestic animal and livestock.

Just only, as far as this result inspection that carried out, not yet was discovered presence domestic animal also domestic animal product that suspected infected epidemic horse flu.  "But all society South Sumatra should still guard against," he said.

I am confused about a paragraph here.
"The infection pass through media poultry and also stand a big chance could infect human being. 

Are they saying the equine influenza could be passed to humans like avian flu is? Or could pass to poultry and then infect humans?

If so, according to this excerpt that is not true.

"The equine influenza virus cannot be contracted by humans but can be easily spread via hands and clothing."
Promed link: http://www.promedmai...

So far, other than other horses, there have only been cases passed to dogs.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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If I may quote Dr. Phil,
I think this article is a load of crap, designed to find a scapegoat (scapehorse?) in Australia.  Horse flu almost equal with bird flu even though there aren't actually any cases of horse flu in Indonesia? 

I used to babysit a 3-year-old who would blame things on his stuffed toy, Bobby Dog.  I think this is Supari using the Bobby Dog Defense. 

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I agree with you dbg
It's a load of crap!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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Influenza in Horses
I think this article is just pointing out that the influenza that horses are capable of carrying (which is actually a subtype of the human type A virus) is as easily spread amongst equines as avian flu is among chickens. The horse virus is also capable of infecting canines. It is a very serious disease among horses and has an almost 100% infection rate of unvaccinated horses with access to an infected animal. That is at least my understanding of the disease. I keep my horses vaccinated at all times.

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Resident of Indramayu is Suspect Bird Flu[/b]
21/09/2007 16:35 Flu Burung

Warga Indramayu Suspect Flu Burung

Liputan6.com, Bandung: Warga Indramayu, Jawa Barat harus menjalani perawatan di ruang isolasi Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin Bandung karena menunjukkan gejala mirip flu burung. Kondisi pasien bernama Ida Khodijah kritis. Demikian pantauan SCTV, Jumat (21/9)

Liputan6. com, Bandung : Resident Indramayu, East Java, should fare treatment in isolation space of Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, showed symptoms like flu bird. The condition of the patient named Ida Khodijah is critical. pantauan such a thing SCTV, Jumat (21 / 9)

Sebelum dirawat di RSHS Bandung, pasien sempat menjalani perawatan di RS Perkebunan Subang, Jabar. Namun demam tinggi yang disertai batuk dan sesak napas tak kunjung membaik, membuat pihak RS Perkebunan Subang merujuk ke RSHS Bandung.

Before she was admitted to RSHS Bandung, the patient was treated in RS Perkebunan Subang, Jabar. Namun high fever that accompanied by cough and crowded breathing did not improve, so RS Perkebunan Subang parties referred her to RSHS Bandung.

Menurut suami pasien, istrinya sakit setelah burung peliharaannya mati mendadak. Hingga kini RSHS Bandung telah merawat sebanyak 105 pasien dugaan flu burung. Dari 11 orang positif H5N1, delapan di antaranya meninggal.(JUM/Patria-Taufik Hidayat)

According to the patient's husband, Istrinya illness after bird she took care of died suddenly. To now RSHS Bandung has attend a total of 105 ordeal pasien flu bird. From 11 people positive H5N1, in eight antaranya death.(jum / patria-taufik Hidayat)

IK, Patient "Suspect" AI Not Yet To Improve
IK, Patient "Suspect" AI Not Yet To Improve

Condition patient suspect flu burung IK (30) that treated in Ruang Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung, relative not yet displaying progress rejoice. Citizen Kp. Sumberbakti RT 3 RW 1 Desa Cilandak, Kec. Anjatan, Kab. Indramayu that, to experience collapsed a breath so that difficulty to breath and must be assisted by a ventilator.

Situation/Condition that revealed Team Penanggulangan Flu Burung RSHS Bandung who represented Dr. Emmi H. Pranggono, Sp P.D., K.I.C. "Patient not yet stable, still critical. As common, to be based on last exam, condition continued to descend" she said, a moment met with at Ruang Flamboyan RSHS Bandung, Thursdy (20/9).

Patient IK treated in RSHS Bandung since Tuesday (18/9) night. A short time to arrive at IGD RSHS, IK indicate symptoms attacked by virus flu burung so that referred to Ruang Flamboyan which specializes deal with patients suspect flu burung.

According to result inspection, temperature body IK sufficient high, berkisar 39.50C, more high compared with moment arrive at RSHS which attain 38oC. Sign crowded breath result pnemonia and a cough still experienced IK with condition lungs to decline drastic.

Medicine influence

About IK consciousness low, Emmi expressed, the matter influenced that medicine given to defend condition body. "We give that to influence consciousness medicine so that relaxation patient, accordingly, appeared such as not to make realize himself," Ujarnya.   [This is odd. I had read an article in the beginning that said she was unconscience since she arrived.....]

Sample test Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) from nose both, IK still not yet stated positive infection virus flu burung. "Result an exam earliest as well not yet to possess. In order to determine positive infected or not, proved sample an examination PCR third, new looked at more the result," said Emmi. The serology that carried out regarding sample blood IK too not yet receive result from Laboratorium Badan Penelitian and Pengembangan Health (Baltibangkes) Department Health.


I am not like other birds of prey....

Could Not Obtain Blood in Poultry Samples
[They were not able to take blood samples, as the chickens died 6-7 months ago]

Word translation:
Dinkes To Take Sample Blood
Government Indramayu to form team group from Dinas Health (Dinkes) and Subdin Peternaken Dinas Pertanian and Peternakan Kab. Indramayu after learned existance resident which believed to suffer flu burung and undergo treatment intensive at Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung. Caught condition that, a group of guard, Thursday (20/9), carry out activity of gathering data in around location house IK (30) resident Kampung Sumberbakit RT 3 RW 1 Desa Cilandak, Kec. Anjatan to confirm assumption above-mentioned. Kasubdin Peternakan Dinas Pertanian and Peternakan Kab. Indramau, Ir. Nandang Hidayat, to approve/confirm carried out activity collecting data and removal sample blood poultry house IK, resident Kampung Sumberbakti Village Cilandak. "From yield inspection during at around house IK not to exist data that supports if/when that connected attacked by virus Avian Influenza (AI)," he said. Conclusion temporary that, according to Nandang, therefore team investigation group not to obtain a report, announcement matter exists deaths poultry. "Even if there is cases deaths poultry, those existed about 6 or seven month previous. Simply, we still to be on guard by means of carry out spraying disinfectant," katanya.


I am not like other birds of prey....

Disease attacks citizens in Kapuk Muara flat

September 21st 2007 ; 5:00:18 PM
Disease attacks citizens in Kapuk Muara flat
BeritaJakarta.com Several diseases such as high fever, cough, diarrhea, and ISPA are attacking the society who has not get the key on Kapuk Muara flat.

The societies who have been there since three weeks ago are coming from Jembatan Dua Jelambar Freeway Bridge. M Sudirja (56), one of the societies, said that the citizen's conditions are bad, but there is no attention from anyone. "I worry on children condition because they are more weakness than us, and also we've no money to go hospital," said Sudirja, Friday (21/9).

Another citizen, Sutrisno, stated that the diseases appear because of the environment condition which is dirty. There is no clean water and the citizen must buy clean water Rp 1,000/dirigent. In case to avoid worse condition, the citizens are choosing to look rent house, for those who have money, or go to their family's house for while.

North Jakarta Mayor, Effendi Anas, explained that when the citizen will live in the flat is depends on West Jakarta Government because North Jakarta Government is only preparing the flat. "We just wait for West Jakarta Government decision. I will pay attention on the society who gets sick by coordinating with relation local unit," explained Anas, Friday (21/9).

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gubsu: Be on the Alert Against Pandemic Influenza
September 21, 2007

Gubsu :  Be on the Alert Against Pandemic Influenza
Square, (Analisa) - The bird flu virus is a disease that is spread by birds that is due to the presence of the H5NI virus markdown.  While this disease could attack humans, it would be able to cause a new pandemic influenza virus.  Ever since July, 2005, residents infected by this virus reached 105 cases, meanwhile 84 people died in this world. 

The matter was revealed by Gubsu Rudolf Pardede represented by Ekbang Assistant Commissioner Drs. Siyo Kasim, during an MSi Desktop Exercise item on Bird Flu and Avian Influenza Pandemic Preparation in North Sumatra Province, Thursday (20/9).  Gubsu mentioned that according to a WHO account the H5NI virus that has invaded the human body was a petaka (plague/catastrophe) and made a mental note that this virus attacks humans very quickly.  This means that the H5NI virus mutation is able to be an adaptive virus that has suffered reassortment and not again be bird flu virus, except for a new virus that is able to spread every time.

Apart from this Gubsu also revealed, these days Pandemic Influenza has been a global issue and no one knows when this virus will happen.  To this end, a person should be on guard, because this virus could just spread every (at any?) time.  Gubsu said that when this Pandemic Influenza takes effect it will be very influential for the economic, social and political situations in this district.  In fact a number of experts estimate that standard death by Pandemic Influenza could attain from 2 to 50 million people.

"All quarters should anticipate the possibility of the virus contamination.  I have asked for prompt  interconnection between institutions to take effective measures to anticipate this virus contagion," said Gubsu Rudolf Pardede.

While Dr. Syaiful represented the Health Agency Head at the North Sumatra Health Sitompul, a late item on Desktop Exercise for Bird Flu and Avian Influenza Pandemic Preparations, mentioned that all quarters could anticipate contagion from this disease.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

Bird Flu Suspect Patient Condition Continuously Deteriorates
September 21, 2007

After fare treatment for two days in Ruang Flamboyan Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung, condition of  Ny Ik (30), original bird flu suspect patient Kp. Cilandak 03 RT / 01 rw Desa Cilandak, Kec. Anjatan, Kab. Indramayu, continued to deteriorate. Bird Flu Handling Team at RSHS continued to give intensive treatment.

The condition of Ny Ik dibeberkan (was explained?) by one person on the Bird Flu Handling Team at RSHS, Dr. Emmi H. Pranggono.  Disarrange, Thursday (20/9) morning, Emmi said to journalist, after having done examination on patient for more or less two days in Ruang Flamboyan RSHS, the patient's condition was not stable and inclined to be critical.  In general whatever is coming from her at this time is worse.  This time the body temperature came to 38 degrees celsius, now has reached 39, 5 degress celsius," he said.

The patient is still not conscious, continued Emmi, due to adverse breathing.  Concerning all this patient suffered oxygen shortage until she was unconscious.  The condition caused that patient should use the aid of a ventilator.  Apart from shortage of oxygen, the patient even suffered expansion of the lungs.

"But I am also dubious that there are other invasive viruses present.  But before speaking, we should have laboratory proof. And more explicitly, we will found out the patient negative or positive on VCR examination to 3," said Emmi.

He continued, the patient's first blood sample has been dispatched to be thoroughly examined at Badan Pengembangan Health (Balitbangkes) Department (Depkes) Jakarta, Wednesday (18/9). While that second one was dispatched Thursday (20/9).

"This time we wait for perusal of live blood product sample from Balitbangkes," said Emmi.

Based upon information obtained from "GM", a week before suffering illness, a trill bird belonging to Sunadi (32), the patient's husband, died suddenly.  Not long after that, IK at that time pregnant with middle first child directly fell ill with bird flu-like symptoms, namely hot high fever and crowded coughing. Ik was even attended the house, because her husband was a perawat (treatment) man.

Whereas on Friday (14/9), the middle pregnant patient, expressed (delivered?) in Hospital (RS) PTP Subang with premature condition baby.  Nevertheless the baby died in this world.  The condition of IK continued to deteriorate, because the doctor in RS Subang took the initiative to immediately undergo treatment in RSHS.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

RSU Dr. Slamet will stop service
RSU Dr. Slamet will stop service
garut, (pr).-
Gap consequences finances, pain house multitude (rsu) dr. Slamet garut this seconds found in situation kritis and endangered kolaps. Only governing rs in this garut, counted/calculated since next week (senin, 24 / 9) a plan will called a halt service buttress like xray, operation, and laboratorium for pasien.

For the matter, rsud behalf plan to fly letter to minister health (menkes) sehubungan with treatment for pasien gakin that dipastikan will disrupted, dislodged 19 september 2007 and.

Such a thing said rsu head dr. Slamet garut, dr. Hj. Widjajanti utojo, spm., m. m., didampingi rsu bendahara dr. Slamet, totong, and customers pelayanan informasi kasubag, prayogi yogi, s. h., to journalist a number of, jumat (21 / 9).

" dr rs. Slamet since last may certainly suffered kolaps by taken place financial affairs gap. The matter happens, he said, by since january arrived agustus 2007 pt klaim the size of rp askes miliar 12, 3 do not also paid, " said widjajanti.

About pasien gakin, he said, rata-rata reached 6.000 increased visit an average 1.100 arrived 1.200 pasien that fare to treat to spend the night. Sedangkan from full scale klaim submittal to pt askes of 60 % in among them is endowment to make up obat-obatan and sisanya 40 % to make up endowment treatment and action.

Said again, klaim pengajuan askes pt that calculated new arrived in juli month with the size of and usulan miliar and 14, 1 rp disetujui the size of rp miliar 12, 3. Arrived this seconds, new direalisasikan the size of rp miliar 1, 8.

It say, the kondisi karena, mulai next week, dr rsu. Only poison slamet dance pasien sebatas examination fisiknya just. Sedangkan for pelayanan lainnya buttress like obat-obatan, laboratorium, rontgen, ambulance, has do not do not mind again.

I am not like other birds of prey....

Government of Gianyar Safari Roll Out Health
[A gift offering of medicine.  What kind -- I don't know].

Gianyar. Health
21.09.2007 18 : 01

Government of Gianyar Safari Roll Out Health

Gianyar, guna prevent disease appearance db (-blooded deman) and flu bird, pemkab gianyar through dinas kesehatan held kesehatan safari that dipimpin direct bupati masters bharata, jumat (21 / 9) in banjar gallery sidan, gianyar.

"if there 's the dead bird sudden, please immediate reported to parties that so that berwenang this immediate problem ditangani," Clear bupati gianyar.

While the, other set aside cautioned society will the danger of flu bird, district head also quoted treatment health free to local society.

(word translation below):
As regards to service which made available such as that delivered/communicated by Kadis Health Dr. Pande Putu Wirbhuana to cover treatment by means of public. Gift/offering medicine and vitimans, besides that they also given extra food packet (pmt) to 50 children less than 5 years old. (art)


I am not like other birds of prey....

A resident from Karang Tembok examined intensive
hat-tip Dutchy

A resident from Karang Tembok examined intensive

suarasurabaya. net| "Symptoms meski that appeared is not that detailed symptoms on h5ni virus, but even so our will continued did pemantauan and invigilate perkembangannya. if that appeared symptoms in a few this kedepan days detailed on h5ni virus, accordingly will we immediate rujuk to rsud dr sutomo".

The symptoms do not match H5N1 completely, but will we do monitoring and if there appear more symptoms, we will immediatly take him to hospital (RSUD Sutomo)

Dr. Tjahyono hanky puskesmas head pegirian break the, jumat (21 / 09) on suarasurabaya. net, seconds found after did a check on some coral warga gang wall **, including on m. Musleh.

M. Musleh, 46 years, coral warga gang **** nomor, according to family confession for rabu (19 / 09), suffered crowded interruptions breath, pusing-pusing, and hot high. Some medicine meski has coba taken, but the kondisi fixed takes place.

"What virus karena flu bird yes? We khawatir, the past few days question mulai rabu (19 / 09) arrived panasnya these days nggak turun-turun. Continued he said if do stood nggliyeng head. Gimana this?" Musna story a diantara m family. Musleh, jumat (21 / 09).

Jumat (21 / 09) with aparat kelurahan and kecamatan pegirian and some petugas from puskesmas pegirian including dr. Tjahyono hanky puskesmas head pegirian, direct did a check on the dead chicken owner sudden coral dikampung gang wall 5.

"Pemantaun will our do continued. If in a few hot kedepan days high, and cask pusing-pusing musleh have not heal also. Immediate will we rujuk to rsud dr sutomo. but arrived as far as this still not terdeteksi," Pungkas dr. Hanky Tjahyono.


I am not like other birds of prey....

I found some more words for the article on M. Musleh
"Although symptom that appear is not symptom that resemble H5N1 virus, but we will directly carry out monitoring and supervise the development.  If symptoms that emerge in several days to the fore resemble virus H5N1, then we will quickly refer to RSUD Dr. Sutomo."

Dr. Hanky Tjahyono, Chief Pegirian Community Health Center relay that, Friday (21 Sep) to suarasurabaya.net, when met after carrying out inspection to several residents Karang Tembok, Street[?] 5, including M. Musleh.

M. Musleh, 46 years, resident Karang Tembok, Street[?] 5, Number 1A, according to statement of family since Wednesday (19 Sep), experience disturbance crowded to breathe, dizzy, and high fever.  Although several medicines already tried, but condition still go on.

"That because virus bird flu, yes?  We are afraid, the thing is already several days start Wednesday (19 Sep) until now the temperature not descend.  Directly he said if do stand chief nggliyeng. How about this?" story Musna, one among family of M. Musleh, Friday (21 Sep).

Friday (21 Sep) with apparatus Pegirian Village and Subdistrict and several officers from Pegirian Community Health Center including Dr. Hanky Tjahyono, Chief Pegirian Community Health Center, directly carried out inspection of owners of chickens that died sudden at village Karang Tembok, Street[?] 5.

"Monitoring we will conduct directly.  If in several days to the fore fever rises, and dizzy Mr. Musleh not yet recover also.  Quickly will we refer to RSUD Dr Sutomo.  But until now still not yet detected," finished Dr. Hanky Tjahyono.

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It says he did not have all the symptoms of H5N1
but the only thing I see missing is direct contact with chickens.  Or did he? It wasn't too clear in the first  article.

Always have a plan B.

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Hundreds of Poultry Positive AI
i]Malay base translation plus dictionaries and word rearrangement
  Radar Pesisir - saturday, 22 September 2007
Hundreds of Poultry Positive AI
Edi Herliansyah/RG imagelaporan 
Kotaagung-Hundreds of birds belonging to Pekon Padangmanis residents, Kecamatan Wonosobo, Tanggamus, died suddenly. On the basis of the officers examination of product from Dinas Pertanian and Peternakan Tanggamus, the poultry were positive infected bird flu virus (avian influenza / ai).
'The village head of Padangmanis Rusli Effendi said, to Friday (21 / 9) still has that announced the resident's poultry died suddenly. Said, the bird, between other, 35 village chickens belong to Salim, Dulhadi 20 tails, Matsyafi'i 22 tails, and Dulhalim 10 tails.
Later 15 chicken belong to Usman, Maulana 7 tails , Masnurin 12 tails , Zainul 8 tails , Dahlia 2 tails , and Darmi 1 tails . ”These chickens(were) known to die suddenly for Wednesday (19 / 9),” Said seconds Rusli, (they were) found residence yesterday .
Concerning this case, the team from Dinas Pertanian and Peternakan Tanggamus that headed by drh. Revelation and the from Dinas Peternakan Lampung and Puskesmas Wonosobo dokter dr. Benson survey direct location discovered the suddenly dead chickens .
”Based on the examination product, the chickens infected positive flu bird virus,” Said dr. Benson.
As measure of deterrent, the pen and spraying team destroyed the dead chickens by way of burning, then burying. Apart from that, the team also gave infomation to the residents.
Separately, Kepala Dinas Pertanian and Peternakan Tanggamus Ir. Hi. Herman Hermawan, M.M. said, it has brought down the team to ward off the virus circulation.
”Apart from efforts that we are making, there 's some ways to prevent the virus circulation. Between other that there 's (keeping the) bird cooped up. This avoids contaminating bird with bird that has virus infected,” He said.
It was found out, the month of Juli and flu bird virus also attacked birds in Dusun Padalarang, Pekon Kalibening, Kecamatan Talangpadang. The birds infected this bird flu (were) owned by around 15 residents in the remote village.
From data that was assembled, the suddenly dead birds, between other, 30 tails were the property Supri , 20 tails belonging to Gunadi , Sukari 10 tails, Sjahrudin 7 tails , and Satini 5 tails . Ago Girin and Nemi masing-masing 3 tails , Zunaidi, Sutris, Isa, Jamal, Kasian, and Juhdi each two tails .
Supri say, his chicken died in sudden around o ' clock 08.30, Week (29 / 7). Sprawled out partly with beak that produces mucous white colour grayish-part.
Direct Unit Pengendalian Penyakit Influensa officers leads location and checked the dead chicken samples. From product examination of mucous, dirt, and chicken carcasses, birds (were) known to (be) infected with bird flu virus .
In Desa Tamansari, Kecamatan Gedongtataan, Pesawaran, Dinas Peternakan branches vaccinatted birds that there 's in eight remote villages.
According to the head of Cabang Dinas Peternakan Gedongtataan Taufiq Hidayat, S.Pt., the vaccination is aimed at anticipating spreading of th flu bird virus. ”apart from the, positive bird virus infected will confiscated by way burnt,” Said Taufiq.
Apart from vaccination, additionally, Dinas Peternakan also lay annihilation programme that bird suspect suffered flu bird disease. Bird owner that confiscated will accept successor money.
”Successor money that bird confiscated this varies. beginning from Rp2.500 to tails arrived Rp15 thousand to tails ,” he finished. (*)

Tanggamus is the same Regency as the Mystery Disease,
but Wonosobo is on the mainland.  I haven't found a good enough map to see how close it is to Pulau Tabuan (the island).

[ Parent ]
Yes, and Lampung as a whole has really crowded hospitals. n/t

[ Parent ]
Wonosobo map
Here's the map I had for Pulau Tabuan -- I've circled Kec. Wonsosobo in blue:


At the time of the outbreak on Pulau Tabuan, I think reports said that it was a 2 hour boat ride to Kotaagung (Kota Agung) which is just there next to Wonsosobo.

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
Thanks, I've bookmarked it. n/t

I am not like other birds of prey....

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Sorry Theresa42
I didn't see you had posted the map of Paulau T. Island. I had gotten from one of your previous post and then when I posted it below I didn't even give you credit for it. Sorry, my morning has been hectic.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]
No problem, Carol!  Great minds think alike going for the same map.  ;-)

I'm just glad Wonsosobo was actually on that map -- wasn't sure about that until I retrieved it.


Proud FAF-er.

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Map of Palau Tabuan
Island circled in re at the bottom of the page.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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There's been nothing reported on that Tabuan outbreak recently either, has there? n/t

Always have a plan B.

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Two Health Dept. articles
I'll finish translating these tomorrow--

Health Department Already Train 1,149 Health Officers to Face Disaster
21 Sep 2007
When disaster arrive, health sector in Indonesia ready to carry out effort that maximal although effort that little late because that system handling disaster in this matter waiting on health, health facilities and tools supporting needed improved.  To speed up and bring close to aid handling health to region disaster, already be formed 9 Regional Centers for Crisis Response (PPK) at Medan, Palembang, DKI Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Banjarmasin, Ujung Pandang and Manado.

Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Illness Greatest Number Experience Victims Disaster
21 Sep 2007
Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ISPA) constitute the greatest number illness suffer casualties earth quake with power of 7.9 Richter Scale at Province Bengkulu on 12 September 2007.  Until 20 September 2007, total victims die achieve 30 people.  For the moment patients take care of overnight [admitted to hospitals?] cumulative reach 69 people, 12 people among them still being treated.  Patients taken care of street [outpatient] cumulative number 23.194 people.  Sum refugees at Regency Muko-Muko reach 500 people spread over 4 points evacuation, whereas refugees at Sikakap Subdistrict Regency Mentawai West Sumatra already return to their houses.

A Resident of Indramayu Suspect Flu Burung, Condition Weak
Indonesian translation using QDT and other Indonesian sources
Indonesian in plain text....English in Bold
IK has tested negative, but her doctor and husband are still not sure. It doesn't tell whether they have more than one test result back yet. She is in vey critical condition.

Warga Indramayu Suspect Flu Burung, Kondisinya Lemah
A Resident of Indramayu Suspect Flu Burung, Condition Weak
BANDUNG, KOMPAS- Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung kembali merawat pasien terduga flu burung, yakni IK (30) warga Desa Cilandak, Kecamatan Anjatan, Kabupaten Indramayu. Meskipun hasil tes polymerace chain reaction (PCR) menunjukan negatif flu burung, namun kondisinya masih lemah dan harus dibantu dengan ventilator.
BANDUNG, KOMPAS- Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung BANDUNG, KOMPAS- Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung is back to taking care of a patient presumed flu burung, that is IK (30) resident of Desa Cilandak, Kecamatan Anjatan, Kabupaten Indramayu. Though result of the Polymerase Chain Reaction indicates negative flu burung, nonetheless the condition as yet weak and she must be assisted by means of a ventilator.
Suradi (27), suami pasien mengatakan, sejak Selasa (11/9) lalu istrinya yang hamil tua itu menderita demam tinggi disertai batuk dan sesak napas. Suradi menduga itu hanya gejala perempuan hendak melahirkan. “Tapi panasnya makin tinggi. Akhirnya saya bawa ke rumah sakit PTPN, Subang” kata Suradi saat ditemui di ruang tunggu, Ruang Flamboyan, Jumat (21/9).
Suradi (27), the husband of the patient, said that since Tuesday, September the 11th last his wife which was tua pregnant suffered high fever accompanied by a cough and crowded breathing. Suradi understands that only phenomenon/tendency/symptom she will melahirkan {birthing/childbearing/producing/deliverg//to say/express reveal}. "But yet fever is increasingly high. Finally I brought (her ) toRS PTPN, Subang," said Suradi the moment found wait space, Poinciana Tree Space, Friday, September 21." 

Sesampainya di rumah sakit, kata Suradi, dokter mengatakan bahwa istrinya mengalami gejala sakit jantung. Pada Sabtu (15/9) isrtinya melahirkan, namun bayinya meninggal dan kondisi istrinya semakin parah.
(When she) arrived at the hospital, said Suradi, the doctor said that  his wife experienced acute myocardial infarction phenomenon. To Saturday (15/9) his wife produce, yet his baby die and condition (of his) wife is increasingly severe
Kemudian, Suradi diminta untuk membawa istrinya ke Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Selasa (18/9). Setelah diperiksa di Instalasi gawat daruratRSHS, IK dinyatakan mengalami gejala suspect flu burung. Suhu tubuhnya mencapai 38 derajat celsius dan dia tidak sdarkan diri. “Mungkin ada benarnya karena beberapa hari sebelum istri saya panas, ada seekor burung yang mati di dekat rumah,” ujarnya.
Later Suradi asked to carry his wife to RS Hasan Sadikin, Tuesday, September 18. After the examination at the  critical emergency RSHS facility, IK manifested going through indication of suspected bird flu. Temperature of the body reached 38 degrees celsius and she not make realize self (this probably means she had lost consciousness). It's possible this is true, because several days before my wife had fever. There are tail/s of birds that died near our house," he said.
Ketua Tim Penanggulangan Flu Burung RSHS Hadi Jusuf dan Direktur Utama RSHS Cissy RS Prawira Kartasasmita mengatakan, hasil PCR negatif flu burung. Namun, IK harus diventilator. “Mudah-mudahan bukan flu burung,” kata Hadi.
The Chief of the Team Handling Flu Burung at RSHS Hadi Jusuf and the director Utama RSHS Cissy RS Prawira Kartasasmita said that the result of the PCR was negative flu burung. Nonetheless, IK must have the ventilator. "Hopefully, it is not flu burng."

Doesn't sound like the Doctors have that much confidence in the PCR test
The Chief of the Team Handling Flu Burung at RSHS Hadi Jusuf and the director Utama RSHS Cissy RS Prawira Kartasasmita said that the result of the PCR was negative flu burung. Nonetheless, IK must have the ventilator. "Hopefully, it is not flu burng." 

Always have a plan B.

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Bandung: New suspect bf patient?
Pasien Flu Burung Asal Indramayu Memburuk
oleh Redaksi 21/09/2007 @ 09:22
BANDUNG - Setelah dirawat selama dua hari di Ruang Flamboyan Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung, kondisi Ida Khodijah, 30, pasien suspect flu burung asal Kampung Cilandak, RT 03/01, Desa Cilandak, Kec Anjatan, Kab Indramayu, terus memburuk.

Tim Penanganan Flu Burung RSHS terus memberikan perawatan secara intensif. Anggota Tim Penanggulangan Flu Burung RSHS dr Emmi H Pranggono mengatakan, setelah diperiksa selama lebih kurang dua hari, kondisi pasien masih belum stabil, bahkan makin kritis. "Keadaannya secara umum sekarang lebih jelek dari pada saat dia datang. Suhunya saat datang 38 derajat Celsius, dan kini mencapai 39,5 derajat Celsius," kata Emmi seusai memeriksa pasien kemarin pagi. Pasien juga masih belum sadar, sistem pernapasannya kurang baik. Sampel darah dikirim ke Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan (Balitbangkes) Departemen Kesehatan (Depkes) Jakarta pada Rabu (18/9) dan Kamis (20/9).

"Kami tinggal menunggu hasil (pemeriksaan) sampel darah dari Balitbankes," ungkapnya. Berdasarkan informasi, satu pekan sebelum pasien mengalami sakit, burung milik Su-nadi, 27, suami pasien, mati mendadak. Setelah itu, Ida langsung jatuh sakit dengan gejala seperti flu burung, yakni demam, panas tinggi, dan sesak nafas. Saat itu, Sunadi belum mempercayai jika istrinya terkena flu burung. "Yang langsung kontak tersebut bukan istri saya, tetapi saya sendiri," katanya.

Dia mengaku, hingga saat ini, Dinas Kesehatan (Dinkes) Kab Indramayu belum melakukan vaksin dan pemusnahan terhadap unggas di sekitar lingkungan tempat tinggalnya. Pasien suspect flu burung yang masuk RSHS sejak 2005 hingga kini tercatat 105 kasus. Sebanyak 11 orang dinyatakan positif H5N1, 8 orang di antaranya meninggal dunia dan 3 yang lainnya selamat.
*Malay Translation*

Flu Burung Asal Indramayu Memburuk pasien(outpatient,patient)
by Redaksi 21 / 09 / 2007 09 @ : 22
Bandung - After attended for two days in Ruang Flamboyan Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Bandung, Ida Khodijah kondisi, 30, suspect pasien(outpatient,patient) original bird flu Kampung Cilandak, 03 RT / 01, Desa Cilandak, Kec Anjatan, Kab Indramayu, continued memburuk.(decay)

Tim Penanganan Flu Burung(bird flu) RSHS continued gave treatment in-intensive. Tim Penanggulangan Flu Burung RSHS members Emmi H Pranggono dr say, after examined for more less two days, pasien(outpatient,patient) kondisi still not stable, even increased kritis(critical). "
Keadaannya in general from now more jelek(bad) at his coming seconds. suhunya seconds came 38 derajat(degree) Celsius, and now reached 39, 5 derajat(degree) Celsius," Said Emmi seusai checked kemarin(yesterday) pasien(patient) morning. Pasien(patient) also still not sadar(conscious), system pernapasannya less good. Blood sample dispatched to Badan Penelitian and Pengembangan Kesehatan (Balitbangkes) Departemen Kesehatan (Depkes) on Jakarta Rabu (18 / 9) and Kamis (20 / 9).

we live waited product (examination) blood sample from Balitbankes," Ungkapnya. Predicated informasi, a town before pasien(patient) suffered illness, milik(property) bird Su-nadi, 27, pasien(patient) husband, died sudden. After the, direct Ida fell illness with symptoms like flu bird, yakni fever, high hot, and crowded breath. The seconds, Sunadi have not believe if istrinya get flu bird. "that the direct contact not my istri(wife), but my own," He said.

He admitted, into seconds this, Dinas Kesehatan (Dinkes) Kab Indramayu not do vaccine and destruction of bird in around place ambit tinggalnya. Suspect pasien(patient) flu bird that entered RSHS since 2005 to now tercatat(recorded) 105 case. Of 11 people stated positive H5N1, in 8 people antaranya(among,distance) world death and 3 safe the other banks.

COMMENT-Is this a new suspect patient? Ida Khodijah, 30
His health is not getting better, and he says he is responsible for being infected, and not by his wife, meaning, (I think), he was around birds.
Their also talking about another town were Su-nadi, 27, died suddenly, and said he did not get infected by his wife, but own his on, meaning I guess through the birds.

United we stand: Divided we fall

IK or Ida Khodijah, 30
is a patient we have on record.  She is the lady who was 7 mos pregnant that is in the isolation unit (Flamboyan space) of Sadikin hospital in Bandung. 

Her husband is Sunadi, 27.  Birds on their property died suddenly, but here he seems to be saying that it was he who had contact with them, not his wife.  Another, earlier, report stated that Sunadi had also experienced some symptoms, but it does not seem that he was hospitalized for it. 

[ Parent ]
bgw in MT, your article goes along
with mine. Do we have a husband and wife infected? She's infected first, then he gets sick, but he insists it's not from her. So disreguard my comment on the above article. These articles can be confusing to piece together at times.

United we stand: Divided we fall

[ Parent ]
Here's the quote, and my interpretation
The seconds, Sunadi have not believe if istrinya get flu bird. "that the direct contact not my istri(wife), but my own," He said.

He was saying at first he didn't think his wife had bird flu because she didn't have any direct contact with the birds, only he did. (So she would have had to have got it from him.)

Always have a plan B.

[ Parent ]
Earlier articles sounded like he had previously been suspected of having bird flu. I don't know for sure.

[ Parent ]
The husband was at the hospital but wasn't admitted
[I would like to know when he husband had symptoms of bird flu disease.]


"After expressing this, doctor at the hospital later suggested that patient be attended in RSHS," said Rudi.

He also expressed, before IK attended, that the husband Sunardi, also attended some time ago. Sunardi also suffered the same symptoms as bird flu disease.

"But the old husband was not attended, because his condition was good enough," he said.

by: History Lover @ Thu Sep 20, 2007 at 15:47:41 PM EDT

I am not like other birds of prey....

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Surabaya:Bird Flu
Sabtu, 22 September 2007
Flu Burung di Surabaya Meluas
SURABAYA-Ancaman virus flu burung di Surabaya terus meluas. Kali ini merambah wilayah Karang Tembok V, Kelurahan Pegirian, Kecamatan Semampir. Di wilayah itu mulai teridentifikasi adanya unggas yang mati setelah mengalami gejala-gejala seperti terkena virus H5N1.
Sabtu (15/9) lalu, Muslik, warga setempat, menemukan dua ayamnya mati mendadak. Esok harinya, seekor lagi. Muslik bingung mengetahui tiga ayamnya tiba-tiba mati.
''Karena banyak yang mati, saya berniat menjual seluruh ayam itu. Daripada rugi karena mati semua,'' kata Nawiyah, istri Muslik, kemarin (21/9).
Rabu lalu (19/9), Nawiyah berencana menjual tiga ayamnya yang tersisa ke Pasar Pabean. Namun, setiba di pasar, ketiga ayamnya lagi-lagi mati semua. ''Saya tambah kaget. Wong dari rumah tidak apa-apa kok tiba-tiba mati,'' katanya.
Dia lalu membawa pulang ayamnya yang mati itu dan membuang bangkainya di sungai belakang rumah. Keesokan harinya, Kamis (20/9), rumah Nawiyah-Muslik didatangi petugas puskesmas, kelurahan, kecamatan, dan Dinas Perikanan, Kelautan, Peternakan, Pertanian, dan Kehutanan (DPKPPK) Surabaya.
''Yang lapor saudaranya. Karena ada laporan, kami langsung memeriksa lebih lanjut,'' kata Ketua Kesehatan Hewan dan Kesehatan Masyarakat Veteriner DPKPPK Surabaya drh Yetty Rizal.
Rapid test pun dilakukan terhadap bangkai ayam-ayam itu. Hasilnya, seluruh unggas milik Muslik yang mati positif terkena virus flu burung.
Karang Tembok merupakan wilayah ke-12 di kota ini yang diketahui terjangkit flu burung tahun ini. Sebelumnya (6/9), unggas milik Munadji, warga Griya Citra Asri, Sememi, positif flu burung. Wilayah lainnya adalah Kejawan Putih Tambak, Keputih, Balas Klumprik, Tanah Kali Kedinding, Jajar Tunggal, Tenggilis, Sambikerep, Pakis, Simokerto, dan Lidah Kulon.(ai/jpnn)

*Malay Translation*

Saturday, 22 September 2007
Bird flu in Surabaya Meluas
Surabaya-The threat of virus flu bird in Surabaya continued current. This time chop Karang Tembok V province, Kelurahan Pegirian, Kecamatan Semampir. In the territory mulai(to start) presence teridentifikasi to get H5N1 virus on the dead bird after suffered such as symptoms.
Saturday (15 / 9) last, Muslik, local warga(member,citizen), discovered two ayamnya die sudden. The next day, a ekor(tail) again. Perplexed muslik know three ayamnya suddenly die.
''Karena(because) many the dead, me intend sell the whole chicken. from lost karena(because) die all,'' Said Nawiyah, Muslik istri, keRabu and (19 / 9), Nawiyah berencana(have a plan) sell three ayamnya that tersisa(over) to Pasar Pabean. Namun, setiba in the market, third ayamnya lagi-lagi(again and again) die all. ''I add kaget.(upset) wong(people) of the house not anything coke suddenly die,'' He said.
She passed by took came home ayamnya the dead the and clean up bangkainya in the river the back of the house. Next day, Kamis (20 / 9), Nawiyah-Muslik house frequented puskesmas petugas(custodian), kelurahan, kecamatan, and Dinas Perikanan, Kelautan, Peternakan, Farming, and Kehutanan (DPKPPK) Surabaya.
''That lapor(report) saudaranya. karena(because) had report, our direct checked more further,'' Said Ketua Kesehatan Hewan and Kesehatan Masyarakat Veteriner DPKPPK Surabaya Yetty Rizal drh.marin (21 / 9). Test rapid even done to the chickens carcass. Hasilnya, whole milik bird the dead Muslik positive get flu bird virus.
Wall coral is ke-12 province in the city this that known terjangkit flu bird this year's. Before (6 / 9), milik bird Munadji, Griya Citra Asri warga, Sememi, positive flu bird. Lainnya province is Kejawan Putih Tambak, Keputih, Balas Klumprik, Tanah Kali Kedinding, Jajar Tunggal, Tenggilis, Sambikerep, Pakis, Simokerto, and Lidah Kulon.(ai / jpnn)


COMMENT-Is this article saying that this person sold dead birds anyway, because the birds kept dying on him? And a woman bought them anyway? Last paragraph seems to indicate the provinces that have been infected. That's alot.

United we stand: Divided we fall

England will rindukan mourinho chat
This looks like an interview with a sports figure. The bird flu reference is bolded...mojo

England will rindukan mourinho chat...

From artificer view arrived desire became mellow, the question of flu bird to servitude. Mourinho Jose seemingly do not has seemed to up said to comment question... all subject.
Mourinho Jose is balance. Since early arrival to Chelsea 2004 he passed has make ballyhoo in premiership world with claim as special one.

English publik, and epl lovers in world corner, later do not kick drew commentary suguhan the truth do not only showed grandeur mouth and tajamnya tongue the the portugal people. What that spoken Mourinho also a buah floor demonstration intelegensianya.

"please do not address me arrogant, but my is champion Europe and my thought me is special one", sahutnya in konferensi pers first advantage with English and journalist.

"If klub decided dismiss me old product karena, the from bagian a buah game. If the happen, me will so millionaire and will received new klub only in a few months later."

"A person would like chelsea lost. The seconds happen them should make the libur day national."
(chelsea seconds guide league klasemen inggris in early season 2005 / 2006).

"We was in posisi on not karena besarnya strength keuangan klub. we became winner kandidat many karena trofi hard work my".

"I pikir him it is a voyeur people (spies). He more like watched other people. Be people who are their seconds at home their owns telescope and to discern the fate in tetangga. he berbicara, berbicara, berbicara the question of chelsea".
(arsene poke that continued mengomentari wenger chelsea penampilan.)

"I more fear with bird and flu compared with soccer. Sepakbola not dibandingan poison with life. I should bought mask for protection, also do my team."
(comment found flu bird virus in england and success mu pollarded distance seven season spot 2006 / 2007)

"The goal came from month-from where sat audience in anfield."
(matter defeat on liverpool in semifinal champions league through goal kontroversial luis garcia).

"Makelele not pesepakbola, his boy. He do not own human rights. His no mankind, not proprietorial the rights of freedom, so his is boy."
(mengkritik domenech raymond that forced fixed makelele play for prancis meski has expressed pensiun).

"My seconds see rijkaard frank entered spare space arbiter, my not believe the happen. Didier seconds red dikartu drogba my not shocked again."
(matter charge against seconds rijkaard chelsea lost from barcelona in champions league).

"I tasted in a few years this orang imagine something that do not true question myself. But i also do not poison membantahnya. I should slightly gentle."

"Have not got eggs, have not got omelet. Expensive eggs will make that omelet better. In supermarket there 's class eggs a, two and three. There 's that more expensive price, but the made so omelet more favourable."
(mourinho voice ketidakpuasannya with squad that dimiliki).  -dtc

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not significant, a throw away comment by a UK club soccer manager
The eggs he's talking about are players. He was about to resign so his conversation got a little vague.

Really confusing when it's filtered from Enlgish (not Jose Mouriho's first language) to Indonesian and then back gain ;-)

[ Parent ]
Ida/IK has passed away
hat-tip Dutchie

Still no test results from blood samples; the nose and throat samples were negative for bird flu.

Suspected bird flu patient from RSHS Bandung died

Metrotvnews. com, bandung : Ida Khadijah, suspect patient bird flu from Indramayu, West Jawa, finally left this world world in hospital Hasan Sadikin (rshs) Bandung, this day.

The death of Ida increases the total of suspect bird flu patients that died in RSHS to be nine people.

Ida died after suffered grand shock.

To died diagnosa status suspect ida bird flu, despite perusal product body perusal and expansion kesehatan departemen in jJkarta to specimen first sample nose apus and throat, patient stated negative bird flu.

The karena, body pemulasaran fixed Ida done suitable standards common diterapkan on flu bird sacrifice lainnya.


I am not like other birds of prey....

This is so sad. n/t

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

[ Parent ]
It makes me angry when people dismiss H5N1 as hype
Real people are dying and people's livelihoods are destroyed.

[ Parent ]
Well said UK - Bird

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]
Indonesia Raises Alert on Java Volcano
Indonesia Raises Alert on Java Volcano on Signs It May Erupt

By Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja

Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Indonesia raised an alert for a volcano in the eastern part of Java, its most densely populated island, to its highest since the last eruption in 1990, amid signs that it may erupt.

Mount Kelud, in Kediri, ``has been showing increasing activity,'' Surono, director of volcanology and mitigation of geological disasters at the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, said today. ``It's difficult to predict when the eruption may happen. The activity may even subside.''

The 1,731-meter (5,679-foot) volcano has emitted more than 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide a day in the past few days, or triple the normal measure, Surono said in a telephone interview. The alert was raised more than a week ago, and the volcano has been closed to tourists. If the alert is raised to its highest level, the government will evacuate residents.

Indonesia is located on the western side of the so-called Pacific Rim of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and geologic fault lines surrounding the Pacific Basin. The country has had two of the world's biggest volcanic eruptions in the past 200 years, Mount Tambora in 1815 and Krakatau in the Sunda Straits in 1883.

Earthquakes, which shook buildings as far away as in Singapore, have also struck near Indonesia's island of Sumatra in the past two weeks. An 8.4 magnitude quake, the world's strongest in 2 1/2 years, hit the region on Sept. 12, leaving at least 23 people dead.

Lava and Gas

Last month, Mount Karangetang, on Siau island in North Sulawesi, was given the highest alert status as it spewed lava and gas, forcing the evacuation of 600 people from the area.

Kelud had been erupting at intervals of about 15 years, or between 24 and 30 years, before 1990, Surono said by phone from Bandung, West Java province. Kelud's worst eruption in 1586 killed about 10,000 people.

A system to curb the flow of Kelud's lava has been in place since 1926, using seven rivers that function as canals to drive the lava into man-made lakes, Koran Tempo daily reported today, citing Umar Rosyadi, head of Kediri's volcano monitoring center.

Other signs that show Kelud may erupt include the change in the color of its crater, the report said. Its magma is at a depth of 4.2 kilometers (2.6 miles) below the ground now, compared with as deep as 10 kilometers normally, the newspaper reported, citing Rosyadi.

Still, Surono said that lower water levels in the volcano may reduce the impact of an eruption.

``Kelud used to have a very large body of water in its crater, as much as 40 million cubic meters of water. Now there is only 2 million cubic meters,'' Surono said. ``When lava is mixed with a great volume of water, the result would be greater devastation. The lower liquid levels would cut down the distance covered by the lava, implying less damage.''

To contact the reporter on this story: Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja in Jakarta at wahyudi@bloomberg.net .
Last Updated: September 22, 2007 02:53 EDT

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Banyak Not Reporting Bird Flu Cases in Chicken Livestock
September 22, 2007 - http://www.klik-gala...

Sukabumi, (GM)-Captain of People's Group Chicken Livestock Kampung Sukabumi (Kepraks), Drs. Ade M. Zulkarnain asked that the government take firm and generous action  against the chicken livestock industry to report headless chicken bird flu cases.  He articulated that at this time there are still many death cases of livestock that have not been reported to the interrelated agency.

"In the data that has been obtained, hundreds of thousands of chicken that are preserved in the old scale livestock have suddenly died, particularly in Kecamatan Jampang Tengah and Kecamatan Nagrak, kab. Sukabumi," said Ade "GM", Friday (21/9).

He revealed, when referring to the last information and data that was distributed by the Deputy Chief of  the National Bird Flu Handling and Preparation Committee Dealing with Pandemic Influenza (Komnas FBPI), Tri Staya P.  That mentioned naipopos (noo translation) slightly less than 200.000 petelur chickens belonging to generous scale livestock in the tropics Kec. Cicurug, Kab. Sukabumi, that are positively infected with bird flu and confiscated.

"We also received reports about bird death cases totaling hundreds of thousands tails in middle Jampang and Nagrak, including in Cianjur, Subang, and Tasikmalaya," he said.  In compliance, more cases of the spread of bird flu, particularly concerning livestock on a large scale,  Kepraks evaluated the matter as evidence that the agency is not being serious about their interrelated duties.

"We made an agreement with FBPI so that the government is not concealing massive bird death cases in large livestock.  If the case is caused by old, failed handling in livestock, the citizens sacrifice will be small," he said again.

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."  Thomas Jefferson

700 Cases of Malaria in Three Villages in Aceh
700 Cases of Malaria in Three Villages in Aceh
Talk about putting the best face on a bad situation, this is a textbook example. I feel very sorry for the health officers that are so overloaded. 700 cases of malaria in three villages that are served by one health officer is mind-boggling.
Word by word Indonesian translation using QDT and other Indonesian sources. Indonesian in plain text....English in bold

“Temuan Itu Membuktikan Kita Proaktif”
A Discovery That Gives Evidence Our Officials Proactive
KEPALA Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Aceh, dr HT Anjar Asmara yang dimintai komentarnya soal temuan 700 kasus malaria dalam tiga desa di Kecamatan Simpang Keuramat, Aceh Utara menilai tidak ada yang aneh bahkan memberikan nilai plus atas terungkapnya kasus tersebut. “Ini membuktikan petugas di lapangan proaktif. Data itu sangat penting untuk menentukan langkah-langkah penanganan lebih lanjut,” kata Anjar, menjawab Serambi melalui telepon, malam tadi.
The Head of the Aceh Provincial Dept of Healath, Dr HT Anjar Asmara, who asked kindly opinion (on the) issue of finding 700 cases of malaria in three villages in Kecamatan Furcation Simpang Keuramat, Aceh Utara assessed there is not existing which (is) irregular even //percentage;value, grade//moralvalue/worth// plus on top of cases aforementioned.These/this demonstrates officers in the field (are) proactive. Data that is very important in order that (we) establish more advanced steps (in) handling," said Anjar, responding to Serambi's phone call last night.

Menurut Anjar, seorang petugas kesehatan tidak boleh pasif yang hanya menunggu datangnya kasus tetapi harus aktif mencari dan menemukan berbagai potensi penyakit di masyarakat agar cepat dilakukan pencegahan sekaligus memutuskan mata rantai penyebarannya. “Cari terus, hari ini mungkin ditemukan 700, bisa jadi besok 1.000, kenapa tidak. Ini langkah yang sangat positif dari petugas,” tandasnya.

According to Anjar, a health officer may not (be) passive which just waits for advent of cases but must (be) energetic hunting for and discovering all sorts of potential diseases in the community in order that quickly carry out prevention/combating (the disease ) simultaneously decide on the source chain of transmission. Look for through day this can probably discover 700, can/could so later on 1000, why not this move which (is) very positive of officers," he emphasized. Finding that way is that certainly

Menanggapi laporan tingginya kasus malaria namun belum diimbangi dengan dukungan pelayanan kesehatan yang memadai, seperti minimnya obat-obatan, menurut Anjar, hal ini tidak boleh terjadi. Menurut Anjar, persediaan obat-obatan di Puskesmas tak boleh putus apalagi di daerah endemis.

Receive report high cases of malaria nevertheless not yet offset by support service sanitary/health which to be sufficient, as minimum/few medications, according to Anjar, situation/matter this not may happen. According to Anjar, supply medications at puskesmas may not serve especially in endemic area.

Mengenai jumlah petugas kesehatan yang hanya satu orang membawahi tiga desa (seperti di Kecamatan Simpang Keuramat), menurut Anjar akan terus dilakukan penyesuaian. Salah satu upaya yang terus dilakukan saat ini adalah hadirnya Pos Kesehatan Desa (poskesdes) di masing-masing desa. Untuk setiap poskesdes akan ada satu atau dua petugas dan bertugas mengelola satu desa. “Kita sedang menuju ke arah sana. Sekarang sudah ada 240 desa yang sudah ada poskesdes,” kata Anjar.

Concerning total health offices that just one person to control three villages (like di Kecamatan Simpang Keuramat), according to Anja will directly execute one out of several efforts which is (to) keep efforts that directly executed when these (health officers) are present at village health post (poskesdos) in every village. For every poskesdes would be one or two officers and as a duty manage one village. We are in the process of striving towards a path there. At this moment already there are 240 villages in which already there are poskesdes," said Anjar.

Ditanya apakah di Kecamatan Simpang Keuramat termasuk prioritas penambahan pusat-pusat layanan kesehatan (seperti poskesdes), menurut Anjar hal itu terpulang kepada kabupaten yang bersangkutan, apakah di sana perlu diprioritaskan atau ada daerah lain yang sama sekali belum ada petugas, seperti di kawasan-kawasan terpencil.(nas)
Questioned whether in Kecamaton Simpang Keuramat (is) included in the priority augmentation central/core health service (seperti posekesdes), according to Anjar matter that be left up to someone to which kabutpaten be concerned with whether in/at/on there necessary importance (priority) or (there) exists another area which similar not yet existing officers as in outlying district.

bgw: I want to tap that great memory of yours.
Has there been any recent reports of dead poultry in this area? How about suspect or confirmed bf patients Thanks.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


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None that I can think of; but CG and Pixie...

 are the ones that remembers these the best. I very seldom pick up a new suspect on my sites. I'm in the Mountain Standard Time Zone which puts me behind in the first place and then on top of that I'm a nightowl and go to bed very late and get up correspondingly late. By the time I get up, most cases are old news. I get some stories on them, but I don't have to record most of them in the new cases diary as CG does.

After translating a long companion article on this same situation (700 cases), I'm pretty sure that these really are cases of malaria. The other article just blew me away, that out of a population of 2000 people they could have 700 cases of malaria in a year and only one staff person to treat them. These people are spread over 3 villages, too. 

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Ida PCR Tests Negative - Still Suspect Flu Burung
Pasien "Suspect" Flu Burung Asal Indramayu Pass Away
Even Though To Be Based On Result Test PCR Negatif

Namun, karena status suspect belum dicabut, jenazah IK tetap diberlakukan seperti pasien A1. Di antaranya, penyuntikan formalin pada tubuhnya. Sebelum dimasukkan ke peti, jenazah dibungkus kain kafan yang dilapisi plastik. Jenazah tidak boleh dikeluarkan lagi dari peti mati dan harus dikuburkan menggunakan peti tersebut.
Mengenai kondisi terakhir pasien IK, Direktur Utama RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung Prof. dr. Cissy R.S. Prawira mengatakan, hasil dari Laboratorium Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan (Balitbangkes) Departemen Kesehatan tiga kali pemeriksaan berturut-turut dinyatakan negatif.

[I didn't translate these 2 paragraphs:]

"Dari hasil pemeriksaan, dia mengalami infeksi saluran pernapasan akut bawah (pneumoni) yang bisa disebabkan virus lain. Hal itu bisa dibuktikan lewat pemeriksaan etiologi terhadap virus atau bakteri yang ditemukan," katanya.
IK dinyatakan sebagai suspect ke-105 yang ditangani RSHS. Dari jumlah tersebut, sebelas pasien dinyatakan positif mengidap virus flu burung dan delapan orang di antaranya meninggal dunia.

Hand Translation:

Even though, because status suspect not yet withdrawn, corpse IK unchanging undertaken/done patient AI.  To among other things, vaccination formalin encough the physical body.  Before brought in to a case, corpse wrapped material a white winding sheet which overlaid plastic. 

Concerning condition final patient ID, Director Utama RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung Prof. dr. Cissy R.S. Prawira to tell result from Laboratorium Badan Penelitian and Pengembangan Kesehatan (Balitbangkes) Department Kesehatan three times examining successive stated negative.

More:  http://www.pikiran-r...

I am not like other birds of prey....

Here's the rest of the Health Dept. article on disaster training

Health Department Already Train 1,149 Health Officers to Face Disaster
21 Sep 2007

When disaster arrive, health sector in Indonesia ready to carry out effort that maximal although effort that little late because that system handling disaster in this matter waiting on health, health facilities and tools supporting needed improved.  To speed up and bring close to aid handling health to region disaster, already be formed 9 Regional Centers for Crisis Response (PPK) at Medan, Palembang, DKI Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Banjarmasin, Ujung Pandang and Manado.

Beside that, to increase technical knowledge and ability of officers, since 2006 Center for Crisis Response Health Dept. already hold several trainings for health officers from 9 Regional Centers for Crisis Response like disaster management training, radio communication, emergency treatment ACLS/ATLS[?], medicine and logistical management and training Rapid Health Assessment (RHA).  At this time, about 1,149 health officers already be accustomed.

Thus Minister of Health in approval that has been read Dr. Indriyono Tamtoro Staff Expert Minister Area Protection Factor Risk Health, when opened International Training Consortium on Disaster Risk Reduction (ITC-DRR), 18 September 2007 at Makassar, Sulawesi South.  Be present in aforementioned agenda 150 participants from several universities and hospitals, International Red Cross/Red Crescent, NGO, WHO, UNDP, UNOCHA, and several other institutions.

According to Menkes each disaster has its individual character good of side threat or handling, especially Indonesia like one of country that often struck by disaster, until be able to learn much.  With thus, Indonesia form practice space that good to build capability resource human capacity in effort to decrease impact of disasters.

Menkes is conscious of Indonesia vulnerable to disaster, understand area that is located over 4 tectonic plates and form part of volcanic mountain range at Asia-Pacific.  For that reason, raising capacity in handling disaster must improve.

International Training Consortium on Disaster Risk Reduction is training program control disaster and need that carried out by consortium that consist of university, hospital, Health Dept., and other institution that constitute one of 9 Regional Center for Crisis Response.  Consortium formed to consider still relative new program management danger and disaster in Indonesia, until still the limited expert disaster at each university.

Instructors come from university and hospital like following: Universitas Sumatera Utara dan RS H. Adam Malik (Medan, Sumatera Utara), Universitas Sriwijaya dan RS Moh. Hoesin (Palembang, Sumatera Selatan), Universitas Indonesia dan RSUP Cipto Mangunkusumo (DKI Jakarta), Universitas Diponegoro dan RSUP Dr. Kariadi (Semarang, Jawa Tengah), Universitas Airlangga dan RSU Dr. Soetomo (Surabaya, Jawa Timur), Universitas Lambung Mangkurat dan RSUD Ulin (Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan), RSU Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo dan Universitas Hasanudin (Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan), Universitas Sam Ratulangi dan RSUP Prof. Kandow (Manado, Sulawesi Utara) dan Universitas Udayana dan RSUP Sanglah (Denpasar, Bali).  Including visiting professor from WHO, World Association Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM), Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), and other institutions that are considered to have expert that related with program.

For the moment this new program ITC-DRR scheduled to be held at UNHAS on 19 November - 1 December 2007.  Schedule program same also will be done afterwards at UGM, UNAIR, UI.  During program non-academic dgree phase short this go on, each from 9 Regional Centers for Crisis Handling also directly hold brief training, among them field rehearsal and table-top exercise.

When yan[?] with Rektor University Hasanuddin (Unhas) Prof. Dr. Idrus Paturusi launch first program Level-2 area Management Danger and Disaster at Unhas.  Program this will be found among other university courses concerning Danger and Disaster Management, Planning, Medical Measures, Epidemiological Patterns, Organizational Management, Communication and Transportation, Community Health Impact, Psychological Aspect, Mitigation and Recovery, Funding Critical Emergency Space, and several other university courses concerning danger and disaster, that all can be finished in 3 semesters university course along with field exercise, and 1 semester writing assignment finish.  First class was estimated be composed of 20-24 higher-level students.

Agenda International Training Consortium on Disaster Risk Reduction be continued in the manner of workshop concerning Development Capacity for Disaster Risk Alleviation, that took place on 19 September 2007.  This agenda carried out on cooperation Center Handling Crisis Health Dept. with support of WHO and Japan International Organizations and Institutes (JICWELS).

Acute Respiratory Tract Infection and earthquake damage to health facilities
The first paragraph is the only place the respiratory illness thing is mentioned, but the rest of it gives info about the damage to health infrastructure from the earthquakes.


Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Illness Greatest Number Experience Victims Disaster
21 Sep 2007

Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ISPA) constitute the greatest number illness suffer casualties earth quake with power of 7.9 Richter Scale at Province Bengkulu on 12 September 2007.  Until 20 September 2007, total victims die achieve 30 people.  For the moment patients take care of overnight [admitted to hospitals?] cumulative reach 69 people, 12 people among them still being treated.  Patients taken care of street [outpatient] cumulative number 23.194 people.  Sum refugees at Regency Muko-Muko reach 500 people spread over 4 points evacuation, whereas refugees at Sikakap Subdistrict Regency Mentawai West Sumatra already return to their houses.

Such report latest development problems health result disaster that done Center Handling Crisis Health Dept. that accepted Center Communication Public to the point of 20 September 2007. 

Health equipment [facilities?] that damaged as many as 459 units with details of 83 damaged total, 155 damaged severe, 166 damaged medium and 55 damaged minor.  Health equipment that damaged spread over the Bengkulu Province, Sumatra West and Jambi.

In Bengkulu health equipment that damaged consist of:
- 3 hospitals namely RSU M. Yunus Bengkulu, RS Arga Makmur Bengkulu Utara dan RSUD Kepahiyang.
- 46 Community Health Centers, 164 CHC assistant and 57 Polindes[?]
- 43 Space doctor and 93 space paramedic
- 2 health education institutions, 2 health official offices, 1 Bapelkesda and 1 Labkesda.
Province Sumatra West:
- 2 hospitals ( RSU M. Jamil and RS Bunda Medical Center Padang)
- 7 CHC, 13 13 Pustu and 8 Polindes
- 2 Health Dept. offices, 6 space government doctor, 6 space government paramedics and 2 pharmacy warehouses.
Province Jambi:
-1 hospital namely RSUD Mayjen H.A. Thalib Kerinci Regency.
- Other result in 30 people died, also cause 12 people of 69 still undergo treatment overnight, cause 459 units experience damage consist of from 83 damaged total 155 damaged severe, 166 damaged medium and 55 damaged light.

To overcome health problem, carried out health servicing at a number of Mobile Clinics, Health Posts, Community Health Centers and Hospitals.  Health powers help from various agency to Bengkulu Province amounting to 203 person with detail of 71 medical power, 107 nurses, 4 power Rapid Health Assessment (RHA) and 21 other power.  Team on call at Bengkulu City, Bengkulu North Regency, Muko-Muko Regency and Seluma Regency.

Logistical help to Bengkulu Province, Sumatra West and Jambi be sent from several agencies, namely Depkes (Depkes Pusat, PPK Regional Sumsel, RSCM), Dinkes Prop. Bengkulu, Yayasan Ambulans Gawat Darurat 118, Dinkes Kab and several NGO's in the form of 1 ton medicines, health equipment, 100 body bags, 9 tents, 60 cots, 20 ton MP ASI, 1 ton prepared meals, 29 ambulances and 11 other mobile operational and 9.1 ton sanitation equipment and health environment.

Health problems until this time still can be handled because of local health corps with aid of several agencies, Center Handling Crisis Health (PPK) Regional Sumatra South Depkes.

Interview with the Health Officer That Had to Treat 700 Cases of Malaria in Aceh Utara
This is a very sad story, really, but one we need to know. It's a story that went right to my heart, even though it is not about bird flu. It is about the ordinary realities of health care in Indonesia in the remote villages. How lucky we are that we are not prey to so many horrible diseases, and that in ordinary times like the present, we can get to a doctor. These people only have the most minimal of medical care and the medical staff is horrendously overworked.
I wonder who got the money for the mosquito netting that each house was supposed to have. It probably fell into some bureaucrats pocket. UNICEF are you overseeing whether all our contributions actually make it to the people that need it?
As usual this is mostly composed of long, run on sentences. That is what you get when you translate Indonesian. It is an all Indonesian translation word by word using QDT and many other Indonesian sources. English translatioin is in bold type.

#  22/09/2007 10:15 WIB
700 Kasus Malaria di Aceh Utara
Interview with the Health Officer That Had to Treat 700 Cases of Malaria in Aceh Utara
SIMPANG KEURAMAT - Petugas kesehatan pemerintah menemukan 700 kasus malaria di tiga desa berpenduduk 2.000 jiwa dalam wilayah Kecamatan Simpang Keuramat, Aceh Utara. Meski temuan kasus tinggi, namun hingga kini dilaporkan belum ada upaya yang sistematis untuk antisipasi, baik ketersediaan obat-obatan maupun sarana penunjang lainnya.
Health officials discovered 700 cases of malaria in three villages inhabited (by) 2000 souls in the area of Kecamatan Simpan Keuama, Aceh North. In spite of the fact that finding high (many?) cases, nevertheless until now (there are) not yet efforts which (are) systematic for anticipation, good availabilty of medication although means (of?) supporting the other.????
Ketiga desa yang ditemukan 700 kasus malaria terhitung Juli 2006 hingga Juni 2007 meliputi Desa KM VI, KM VIII, dan Pase Sentosa. Hingga kini untuk ketiga desa itu hanya ada satu petugas Posyankes yaitu Admal Rifai SKm. Akibat masih minimnya dukungan pelayanan, sehingga sepanjang waktu itu sebanyak delapan pasien yang sudah terjangkit harus dirawat inap di rumah masing-masing.
Three villages that encountered 700 cases of malaria counted July 2006 June 20007 include village KM VI, KM VIII, and Pase Sentosa. Unitl now for three villages there is just one official Posyankes, that is Admal Rifai SKm. Consequence still few support treatment, so as far as time that as many as eight patients which already infected have to (be) treated/nursed overnight at each home. (Note: I believe that this means these are bed patients that the health officer must treat, but the really confusing part is "masing-masing rumah". "Rumah" means house or home and "masing'masing" means every/each/respectfully/severally/individually. As you can see this puts a whole new dimension in there. This is where a native speaker might be able to help interpret something we can just not be sure of. In any case the health officer has much more than s/he can possible handle. My hat is off to these people that serve their fellow man under these arduous circumstances. This would be bad enough if all the sick were in one village, but in three? How do they manage? They must train helpers in each village. That's the only way I can see that they could function.)
8888 Petugas Posyankes untuk ketiga desa tersebut, Admal Rifai kepada Serambi, Jumat (21/9) mengatakan, sebenarnya hasil pemeriksaan dengan rapid tes yang meningkat drastis kasusnya terhitung Januari hingga Juni 2007 yakni 420 kasus, sedangkan Juli hingga Desember 2006, 380 kasus, dan mayoritasnya anak-anak. “Tapi yang terparah pada Maret dan April lalu, di Dusun KM XII Desa KM VIII, dari 700 populasi, sebanyak 60 jiwa menderita penyakit malaria dan saat itu warga seperti berlomba sakit,” ujar Admal.
The Posyankes Officer for three villages aforementioned, Admal Rifai kepada Serambi, Friday(21/9) said that, in fact the result of the investigation by rapid test that (there was a) drastic rise (in) his/her case counted (from) January up to June 2007, namely 420 cases, while July until December 2006, 380 cases, and the majority (were) children. "But that (was) most critical toward March and April past in the remote village KM XII, Desa KM VIII, from 700 population as many as 60 souls suffer disease malaria and when those residents like vied (being) sick," stated Admal.

Menurut Admal, dari ketiga desa itu, masyarakat didera tiga jenis malaria yang berimbang, seperti jenis plasmodium fasifarum (tropis) yang ciri-cirinya pasien mengalami panas badan terus menerus, pusing serta nyeri di kepala dan warna kencing seperti teh pekat. Jenis lainnya plasmodium vivax yang gejala badan pasien kadang dingim diselingi panas juga nyeri di kepala, tapi warna kencingnya kekuningan. Sedangkan jenis yang paling sering didapatkan pada pasien, gabungan antara fasifarum dan vivak yakni miexed, dan jenis inilah kebanyakan pasien harus diinfus di rumah masing-masing akibat kurangnya sarana terutama transportasi untuk dirujuk ke rumah sakit. “Selama 2007 ini, tiap dua tiga hari sekali saya menerima penderita malaria mencapai 15 orang,” ungkap Admal.
According to Admal, from three villages that (were) beaten (by)three types of malaria which equivalent to type plasmodium fasifarum tropis that characteristically features patient experiencing temperature(fever) body then continues, headache in head and tint to urine like strong tea. Another type, plasmodium vivax, which symptoms body of the patient sometimes alternats chills (and) hot also sharp pain in head. But color of the urine is yellowish, while type that is the most frequently found in patients is a combination between fasifarum and vivak mixed, and this type is majority patients, have to give an infusion in each home respectively (as a) result of insufficient means principally transportation for reference to a hospital (RS). "During 2007 this each two three day once I receive sufferer of malaria???" (Note: this last sentence is another sentence I need help with to get the true meaning. It has to do with how many patients s/he receives, how frequently, I think. It would seem to me to have to average more than one a day for sure, in order to get the total.)
Sejak dua bulan terakhir, kata Admal, NGO The Menthor Initiative turun ke lokasi. Selain melakukan penyemprotan rumah penduduk di tiga desa itu juga sosialisasi kepada masyarakat terutama lewat buku-buku panduan.
Since last two months, said Admal, NGO ,The Menthor Initiative go down to site. But carry out spraying inhabitant's house in three villages, that also socialization for community principally through pilot (guidance?)books.
Kenyataannya, pascapenyomprotan yang dievaluasi Admal, dari dulunya mencapai 15 pasien dalam dua hingga tiga hari, sekarang ini berkurang menjadi rata-rata lima orang. Walau demikian, menurut Admal, tidak tertutup kemungkinan bila empat hingga lima bulan ke depan tidak dilakukan penyemprotan kembali, dipastikan penyakit malaria akan berkembang lagi di tengah masyarakat. “Selain disebabkan lingkungan yang tidak mendukung juga masih minimnya sosialisasi,” ujar Admal.

A matter of fact pascapenyomprotan evaluated/Admal, starting from formerly reached 15 patients in two to three days, now currently this decreased become on average five people, although so according to Admal, not stopped probability if four to five months ahead spraying is not carried out, the return (is) assured of disease malaria will develop again in among people. "In addition caused by surroundings that are not contributing to, also as yet minimum socialization," stated Admal.

Secara terpisah, sejumlah warga dari ketiga desa itu mengeluhkan distribusi kelambu dari Unicef yang dilaksanakan Dinas Kesehatan Aceh Utara beberapa waktu lalu. Pasalnya, efesiennya pembagian adalah dua kelambu untuk satu rumah, tapi kenyataan di lapangan malah di sekitar 10 rumah hanya dapat satu kelambu. “Kami juga berharap adanya sarana pelayanan kesehatan yang memadai agar tidak menjadi kendala meskipun jauh dengan Puskesmas Simpang Keuramat,” kata seorang warga Desa KM VI.(bah)
In a separate manner a the Office of Health (Dinas Kesehatan) of Aceh North several time lapsed. Because efficient distribution is two mosquito nets for one home but reality in the area instead in vicinity 10 houses only get one mosquito net. " we also live in hope of existence means health that is sufficient in order that no obstacle though remote (from) Puskesmas Simpang Keuramat,” said someone (that is) a resident of the village KM VI.


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