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Week in Review: Feb. 1-7, 2009

by: AlohaOR

Sat Feb 07, 2009 at 22:27:54 PM EST

Highlights of the week's disease outbreak news (open diary to read more):
  • Egypt: One confirmed human H5N1 case; outbreaks in birds
  • Indonesia: Two suspected human H5N1 cases (adult siblings, both fatal); widespread outbreaks in birds
  • Vietnam: One confirmed positive human H5N1 case; outbreaks in birds
  • Other outbreaks in birds were reported in Canada (H5N2), China, France (H5N3) and India (suspected)
AlohaOR :: Week in Review: Feb. 1-7, 2009
British Columbia: The H5 outbreak in poultry reported Jan. 23 has been confirmed to be H5N2, probably low-path (Feb. 4).

Hong Kong: The dead goose and two dead ducks found in Sha Lo Wan, Lantau reported last week were confirmed positive for H5N1 (Feb. 5). A total of 23 bird carcasses have washed up on the coast of Lantau in the past six days, at least six of which have tested positive for H5N1; additional test results are pending (Feb. 5). Hong Kong Secretary of Health Dr. York Chow suggested that the birds most likely drifted down from the Pearl River in southern China; he also reported that tests on the dead birds detected a strain of H5N1 previously found in southern China and not Hong Kong (Feb. 6). A dead gray heron found in the Mai Po Nature Reserve tested positive for H5; additional test results are pending (Feb. 6). A 6yo boy from Hong Kong developed a fever and the symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection on Jan. 21, flew to Malaysia on Jan. 25, then died during his return to Hong Kong during a stopover in Kuala Lumpur; tests showed that he died of group A streptococcal infection (Feb. 2 and Feb. 5).

Sharqia governorate: An H5N1 outbreak was reported in backyard poultry in El Kenayat (Feb. 6 and SAIDR report).

Suez governorate: A 2yo boy from Ganain district who had contact with dead poultry Jan. 30, developed symptoms Feb. 2, was hospitalized Feb. 3 and was confirmed positive for H5N1; he is reported to be recovering (Feb. 4 and WHO update).

Vendée department: An outbreak of low pathogenic H5N3 was reported in ducks on a farm in La Garnache (Feb. 6).

Gujarat state: Sudden deaths of crows were reported in Sardarnagarkhand area of Kalol village in Panchmahal district (Feb. 7).

Tripura state:  At least 14 people died and several more were taken ill from an undiagnosed disease in the Longtharai valley areas of Dhalai district; most of the people died in about 24 hours after showing symptoms of fever and some black spots on their skin (Feb. 5).

West Bengal state: The sudden deaths of 600 chickens were reported in the Jalalpur area of Kalichak block I in Malda district (Feb. 3).


Editor's note: Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari announced that human H5N1 deaths would no longer be publicly reported as they occur, but will be reported periodically.  In addition, Indonesia has not reported bird flu outbreaks in animals to the OIE since September 2006.  Therefore, local media reports are currently the only available timely information source of H5N1 human cases and bird outbreaks in Indonesia.

Indonesia: Java Island
Central Java: H5N1 outbreaks in poultry were reported in Jumantono subdistrict and Jatipuro subdistricts in Karanganyar regency (Feb. 1).

East Java: Twenty-two doctors and nurses who had contact with the H5N1 patient who died Jan. 24 were tested for H5N1 (Feb. 3). H5N1 outbreaks in poultry were reported in Banyuwangi subdistrict, Tambong village in Kabat subdistrict, Purwoharjo subdistrict and Genteng City in Banyuwangi regency (Feb. 2 and Feb. 4); in Lamongan and Mojokerto subdistricts, Jombang regency (Feb. 4); in Bektiharjo village, Semanding subdistrict, Tuban regency (Feb. 5); in Kelun, Kartoharjo subistrict and Pangongangan, Manguharjo subdistrict in Madiun City (Feb. 5); and in Sumbergading village, Sumberwringin subdistrict in Bondowoso regency (Feb. 7).  Sudden poultry deaths were reported in Probolinggo regency (Feb. 5).

West Java: The 27F from Cilendek village in West Bogor sub-district, Bogor City, who was reported as a strongly suspected H5N1 patient died Jan. 16 (Feb. 1, Feb. 2 and Feb. 2).  The 30M brother of the first patient also died in late January and is a strongly suspected H5N1 case (Feb. 1, Feb. 2 and Feb. 2). H5N1 outbreaks in poultry were reported in Kedung Badak village, West Cilendek, Situgede, Kedungwaringin and Cibadak in Bogor City (Feb. 2, Feb. 4 and Feb. 5).

Yogyakarta: An H5N1 outbreak in chickens was reported in Jogotirto village, Berbah subdistrict, Sleman regency (Feb. 4).

Indonesia: Sulawesi Island
South Sulawesi: An H5N1 outbreak was reported in Lawallu village, Soppeng Riaja subdistrict, Barru regency (Feb. 6), and sudden chicken deaths were reported in Lipukasi village, Tanete Rilau subdistrict, Barru regency (Feb. 6).  Unusual chicken deaths were reported in Mallawa village, Mallusetasi subdistrict, Barru regency (Feb. 3); reported test results were negative for H5N1 (Feb. 6).  Sudden chicken deaths were also reported in Magganjeng hamlet, Coppo village in Barru; local residents suspect that a pesticide was the cause (Feb. 3).  

Indonesia: Sumatra Island
Aceh: Sudden chicken deaths were reported in Central Aceh regency (Feb. 7).

Riau: An H5N1 outbreak in chickens was reported in Tuah Karya village, Pekanbaru City (Feb. 2 and Feb. 3).

North Sumatra: An H5N1 outbreak in chickens was reported in Batang Angkola subdistrict, South Tapanuli regency (Feb. 2).

Ca Mau province: An H5N1 outbreak in ducks was reported in Tran Van Thoi district (Feb. 2); the outbreak spread to birds on eight farms in six hamlets because of a delay in culling (Feb. 4). An H5N1 outbreak was also reported in on a farm in Tan Loc Bac subdistrict in Thoi Binh district (Feb. 6 and OIE Report).

Ho Chi Minh City: Four suspected H5N1 human cases were reported to have tested negative, including two family members from Thu Duc District and two patients in the nearby provinces of Tay Ninh and Vinh Long (Feb. 3).

Nghe An province: An H5N1 outbreak was reported on a farm in Minh Son subdistrict, Do Luong district (Feb. 6 and OIE Report).

Quang Ninh province: A 23F from Dam Ha district was hospitalized Feb. 3 in critical condition with high fever and severe respiratory distress; she was confirmed positive for H5N1 (Feb. 7, Feb. 7 and WHO update).

Soc Trang province: An H5N1 outbreak in ducks was reported in Dao Vien hamlet, Vien Binh commune, My Xuyen district (Feb. 5 and OIE Report).

Thai Nguyen province: An H5N1 outbreak in birds was reported (Feb. 6).

Thanh Hoa province: An H5N1 outbreak in birds was reported (Feb. 6).

Seasonal Influenza
Taiwan: There were 13 severe flu cases around Taiwan since the winter season started; three of the patients died (Feb. 4).

United States: Classes were cancelled from Jan. 31 to Feb. 11 at a boarding school in Litchfield, CT due to an influenza outbreak (Feb. 4).  A 49F from Lancaster died from MRSA pneumonia contracted while suffering from the flu, marking the first flu-related death this year in Dallas County, Texas (Feb. 5).

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Many thanks to the newshounds who tracked down and/or translated these stories, including: Andrzejek, bgw in MT, Carol@SC, cottontop, dbg, DemFromCT, DennisC, History Lover, Into the Woods, Kobie, maryinhawaii, mojo, Okieman, Pixie, SophiaZoe, VirginiaMom and Walrus.

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