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Ohio Area Preppers

by: Influentia2

Sun Nov 26, 2006 at 10:43:05 AM EST

I thought I'd try and start a diary for the Ohio Preppers. Anybody out there? I would like to hear how fellow Ohio Preppers are or any thoughts or concerns you have. Also any local news concerning community planning in your area, I am interested in what local Health Departments in Ohio are planning and what you think about your local planning, for instance. I don't have the skills to link this to the Ohio thread on the old forum, maybe someone can help out with that.
Influentia2 :: Ohio Area Preppers
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Thank you DemFromCT N/T

So, tell me more about your drill coming up
I hear something about a 5-week drill.

(Still also sounds like local parents, are not getting the right preparedness info. Very sad, that, but, on with the drill:) http://www.wtap.com/... ..."The day-long planning meeting was attended by nearly 150 people from the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department's six-county area."...

..."The drill, or more to the point, drills, local officials are planning could take place over a few days.

"Throughout the remainder of this week, there's going to be some small, functional drills throughout the county," Emergency Planner Roger Bibbee says. "Some of the different agencies are going to be participating in those. One thing this process was set up to do was to get the community--businesses, and operations in the community--to be involved." That's because there are a number of concerns if a pandemic were to strike in this country.

"Down the road, there will have to be some follow-up exercises," says Bibbee. "Once all the plans are in place, there will need to be re-testing to see just how they work."

The response to the first days, weeks or even months of a pandemic may be very important. That's because an immunization for such an illness may not be available right away."...

(West Ohio?) This may be what I heard about; part I heard is, that the businesses, schools, emergency personnel in this long drill; every 3 days, a different letter of the alphabet will be picked and announced -those people would be considered out sick; report how that would impact that workday, and what knock-on effects that would have; they're trying to see how long-term interconnected stuff plays out.

Any new Ohio lurkers/lookers on board? All the best to you...

Get your communities' parents prepping, in case they need to close schools and shield their families at home. :-(

Nothing to tell that I have heard
the last I heard was State plans were on hold due to a party change in the Governer's Office. I read that it may be a few weeks before State plans progress to give the new Governor time to look things over. This other post by MaMa was all the local news I saw on the subject.

I have met two other families that prep besides ours in our county. No one talks about it here.

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This is the latest update on our county Health Department website

February 2007

Hopefully people here will read it.

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Officials Conducting Pandemic Drill- Montgomery County
"What would happen if the Miami Valley was hit by a flu epidemic? The Combined Health District of Montgomery County along with hospitals and police are working together to answer that question..."

..."Eighty organizations are taking part in the exercises over the next four days."


Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

Ohio Prepper here
Well, I live just outside of Columbus, Ohio and today they announced a probable swine flu case in Franklin County. Hubby and I went to the store to purchase canned foods and bottled water. I went the other day and got cleaning supplies, bleach, hand sanitizer, soap and otc meds. Just waiting to hear WHERE in Franklin County this case is and possible location of employer as well. Luckily, hubby has been home from work due to a fall on the ice in February...he works in a DIRTY environment near people who are not clean, to say the least. I have given my children instructions on how to cover mouth when coughing, keeping hands clean, and they both have personal hand sanitizers with them.  


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