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Rumors for 2009

by: Bronco Bill

Sun Jan 11, 2009 at 10:49:42 AM EST

We've all heard something about something from someone about something they heard from someone else about Bird Flu and Pandemics.
Bronco Bill :: Rumors for 2009
Post your stories here about what you've heard...unsubstantiated rumors that haven't been in the news and haven't been confirmed by any news source...

The previous Rumors diary is here

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Rumors for 2009 | 26 comments
I'm nuts
  Its just a rumore but many of posts on non flu blogs get labled as 'nuts' or 'spam'

 I disagree and believe it is only a rumor - though the one guy from the travel agency did not like me mentioning (hush) "bird flu" as has only affected some 200 people and may affect travel to asia.

 Sorry I do not have any real rumors like "ecomony will turn aound it June/July of 2009 but it will still be a couple of months before things get better"


You disagree with the indisputable fact that many non-flubies see posts about flu to be nuts?

Of course they see it that way - else Flubieville would be a far more crowded space . . .

[ Parent ]
Clawdia, I regretably agree, totally. n/t

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
Can only fix what is known to be broken

 Clawdia put it well but once people know what is broken "pandemic talk is just crazy talk" then dialog of "why is crazy" can start.

 Change their minds and you change the world.

 The rumors that Pandmic prep or talk is "crazy" that needs to be - IMO - fixed. To ask the question - "even if H5N1 does not strike tomorrow, why are we better off un-prepared? "


[ Parent ]
rumor vs.nonsense
Why do you post if you have nothing to add???

[ Parent ]
Please see Clawdia's post.

 Hi. As Clawdia said "Of course they see it that way - else Flubieville would be a far more crowded space"

 Two recent website posts drew critisim either saying "Kobie is nuts and shut up" or marking the post mutiple times as "spam" and "nuts".

 Sadly it is still an uphill battle for some. Rumor is those, well me, who speak the truth and point to facts are nuts.

"Not afraid of squirrels"  

[ Parent ]
Kobie, where?
Where are you posting and getting the "nuts" comments?

Most of us have long accepted the fact that to people in the mainstream we're seen as being fringe-folk.  I'm not sure why it seems to come as such a surprise to you.

And, not to be critical, but don't you think talking about people thinking you're nuts, and then talking about not being afraid of squirrels, might be a little self-defeating?

[ Parent ]
One post

 Here is the webpage of recent post -
 Each post can be judged as good, bad, spam, brilliant, helpful, nuts, etc.

 I can find teh US news and world report webpage. I update that one later in the day when I am home.

 Sigh, peoples reactions are a suprise because there seems to be so many facts. There are real deaths and infections from H5N1. I get frustrated when people talk of preparations of An asteroid hitting the earth or yellow stone national park erupting.

 HIV started out as one infection. In the 1980's the world went crazy and said "give us ten years and we will have a cure" - now look at it.

 Thank you for saying the squirrel reference may be self defeting. I was trying to make a joke with the squirrel reference. It is from an old skit we use at camp.

 We should be used to it by now but I'm not. I do not see why we are better off not preparing, no drilling or testing plans.

 I hope Bronco Bill is not made at me for hijacking the thread.


[ Parent ]
US News blog entries.
 Here is another comment section:

 See the comment by Jeff.



[ Parent ]
Kobie I understand your frustration
But I don't think your comments are relevent to the topic of this diary.

Perhaps start a new thread instead of continuing your comments on this one?

[ Parent ]
Agreed. Much more was said on this than intended or envisioned. n/t

[ Parent ]
Thread Derailed
Derailed, as in totally off the tracks.  I certainly apologize for any part my posts may have played in helping it jump the tracks, but when the conversation went from nuts to squirrels I couldn't resist pointing out how self-defeating that logic train appeared to be.

I'm afraid that if anyone new to FW came along and read this, it might appear to either be a joke, or even an example of the work done to discredit flucentric boards by what was called China's 50 cent army, since that was so recently spoken of here.  

Perhaps it would be best to end this thread and begin another that sticks to the proper intent, which was, of course, to post rumours - possibly newsworthy things about flu that couldn't be substantiated.  

[ Parent ]
Perhaps you're right... n/t

[ Parent ]
Thanks BB
I would like to read the actual rumors and not some nonsense from Kobie about squirrels and nuts. Shame on you Kobie. Stick to the subject.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


[ Parent ]

 As posted earlier:

 "Agreed. Much more was said on this than intended or envisioned."

 Subject dropped.  

[ Parent ]
Pogge - could you please do me a favor and delete my commets

 Hi. Could you please do me a favor and delete my commets from the diary to clean it up.

 Thanks in advance.


Let's be clear
If I take your first comment out then the entire conversation, which started as reply to it, will go with it. Everyone else's comments will be deleted too. It really will "clean it up" because there will be no comments left. Is that what you want?

[ Parent ]
No reason to purge the diary
I started a new one here

[ Parent ]
Thanks BB
Much better solution, I think.

[ Parent ]
Thank you Bronco Bill
Bronco Bill,

 I apologize for hijacking your diary.

 What started out as quick joke went poorly with unintended consqeunces.

 Rumors are important - but need to be stated as rumors.


[ Parent ]
Total clean up

 I know. However none of the comments are "on topic" and as the initial offender, nothing about my comment was on topic.

 If Bronco Bill has started a new diary then learn from that others do not repeate my mistake.

  Onwards and upwards.


[ Parent ]
Mexico rumors -staff leaving
note un-verified rumor:
.....Staff are starting to leave and many are opting to retire or apply for holidays. The truth is that mortality is even higher than what is being reported by the authorities, at least in the hospital where I work it. It is killing three to four patients daily, and it has been going on for more than three weeks.....

Taken from a seperate Flu site.

Be Prepared

Rumours . . .
Does anybody seriously believe we're being given accurate numbers of the sick, dying, or dead?  I suspect staff has been leaving, at least over this past weekend, and I strongly suspect we're being painted a much rosier picture than that which really exists.

[ Parent ]
I think the chances of this rumor
being true is pretty good. We are not getting a full report on the situation, and if we were we'd all be out making prep runs!!  

United we stand: Divided we fall

[ Parent ]
couldn't sleep UK
My friend told me that when his  wife - a doctor who sits on our county's pandemic panel (sorry I don't know what it's called) - came back from a panel meeting last night and told him what was discussed ... well he couldn't sleep for worrying! Says the expectation is that things will go crazy in September. Will try and get more info out of him tomorrow.


Just got back from church.  We had a report from our work in guatemala.
They are saying that the flu has hit the church there (guatemala city) fairly hard.
However, most or poor and not going to the hospitals and the hospitals are starting to "overfill".

I searched and I see nothing in the new wires about it.  However, the report came in to the church just at the end of last week via the phone.

I did find this in a news article about S. Amer.
"Central America and the Caribbean have also been hit, registering nearly 800 infections and three deaths (one each in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala). "

which does seem to comfirm things a little.

Be Prepared

Rumors for 2009 | 26 comments

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