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Week in Review: Jan. 25-31, 2009

by: AlohaOR

Sun Feb 01, 2009 at 19:18:15 PM EST

Highlights of the week's disease outbreak news (open diary to read more):
  • China: Three confirmed human H5N1 cases (two fatal)
  • Egypt: One confirmed human H5N1 case, four suspected cases
  • India: Outbreaks in birds
  • Indonesia: One confirmed human H5N1 case (fatal), at least one suspected case; widespread outbreaks in birds
  • Nepal: Two suspected human H5N1 cases; unusual bird deaths
  • Vietnam: One suspected human H5N1 case
AlohaOR :: Week in Review: Jan. 25-31, 2009
Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region: An 18M from Beiliu City who he became ill Jan. 19 and died Jan. 26 was confirmed positive for H5N1 (Jan. 26 and WHO update).

Guizhou province: A 29M from Guiyang City who is hospitalized in critical condition was confirmed positive for H5N1; he became ill Jan. 15 (Jan. 25 and WHO update).

Hong Kong: Preliminary testing of a dead goose and two dead ducks found in Sha Lo Wan, Lantau has indicated a suspected case of H5 avian influenza (Jan. 31). A 26yo driver who had participated in collecting the dead birds on January 29 developed fever and symptoms of upper respiratory infection since January 27; he reported having no contact with the birds during the operation, but has been hospitalized for observation (Jan. 31).

Hunan province: A 21F poultry farmer from Xupu county who developed symptoms Jan. 23 and was hospitalized Jan. 26 was confirmed positive for H5N1; she is reported to be in stable condition (Jan. 31, Jan. 31 and WHO update).

Gharbia governorate: Four people were hospitalized as suspected human H5N1 cases (Jan. 28).

Monufiya governorate: A 2yo girl hospitalized in stable condition was confirmed positive for H5N1; she developed symptoms Jan. 23 after household poultry died of H5N1 (Jan. 25 and WHO update).

West Bengal state: A large number of chickens in Nagar Bhangni village under Dinhata-II block and Uttar Dangkoba village under Pachagarh gram panchayat in Mathabhanga sub-division in Cooch Behar district died suddenly and tested positive for H5N1 (Jan. 31).


Editor's note: Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari announced that human H5N1 deaths would no longer be publicly reported as they occur, but will be reported periodically.  In addition, Indonesia has not reported bird flu outbreaks in animals to the OIE since September 2006.  Therefore, local media reports are currently the only available timely information source of H5N1 human cases and bird outbreaks in Indonesia.

Indonesia: Java Island
Central Java: Three children became sick after chickens in the Beringin village, Plosorejo town, Tawangharjo sub-district in Grobogan regency died of H5N1 (Jan. 30). H5N1 was declared to be endemic in birds in five sub-districts of Wonogiri regency; the five sub-districts are Ngadirojo, Selogiri, Wonogiri, Tirtomoyo, and Manyaran (Jan. 26). An H5N1 outbreak in birds was reported in Tulung sub-district in Klaten regency (Jan. 30). Sudden chicken deaths were reported in Manyaran sub-district, Wonogiri, and Jumantono sub-district, Karanganyar (Jan. 30).

East Java: An 18F who worked as a house maid in Darmo Permai (Western Surabaya) developed respiratory symptoms Jan. 16, died Jan. 24 and was confirmed positive for H5N1 by hospital officials (Jan. 28 and Jan. 29). The hospital's medical team had doubted she was infected with the disease after learning the patient was not exposed to poultry at her work place or in her home village in Lumajang (Jan. 29). A woman from Glagah subdistrict who was hospitalized in Gresik as a suspected H5N1 case and later died was reported to be negative for H5N1 (Jan. 30). Suspected H5N1 outbreaks in birds were reported in Maduran, Sekaran, Solokuro, Karanggeneng, Sukodadi, Turi, Sugio, Kalitengah, and Pucukin subdistricts in Lamongan regency; the dumping of chicken carcasses into the Bengawan Solo river is suspected to have caused the disease to spread (Jan. 26). H5N1 outbreaks in chickens were confirmed in Sumber Rejo village, East Balikpapan subdistrict, Balikpapan City in Banyuwangi regency (Jan. 27) and in Probolinggo (Jan. 30). Sudden chicken deaths were reported in Jombang sub-district in Jombang regency (Jan. 31).

Indonesia: Sulawesi Island
South Sulawesi: A 5yo child from Baddo-Baddo village, Bajimangai town, Mandai sub-district in Maros regency was hospitalized in Makassar as a suspected H5N1 patient; he became ill after several chickens at his home died suddenly (Jan. 29). Three of the dead chickens tested positive for H5N1 (Jan. 28).

Indonesia: Sumatra Island
Riau Islands: An H5N1 outbreak in chickens was reported in Pasar Baru Puakang on Karimun Island (Jan. 28).

Jhapa district: An 18M suspected H5N1 patient from Damak was hospitalized in in Dharan; initial test results suggested H5N1; additional test results are pending (Jan. 25). The hospital director denied that any patient was infected with H5N1, and stated that the two poultry farmers (the 18M and a 41yo) were hospitalized with pneumonia, not H5N1 (Jan. 25 and Jan. 26).

Sindhuli district: More than 1,000 local chickens died suddenly from an unknown disease (Jan. 28).

Kaolack region: The deaths of 150 white herons in 4 or 5 days were reported in the Guinguinéo region of Kaolack town; PCR tests for avian influenza were negative; bacteriological and toxicological tests are pending (Jan. 30).

Tainan: Four primary students with symptoms of mild cold deteriorated within one day after seeking treatment; one is in grave condition and one has died. The hospital has ruled out influenza and gastrointestinal pathogens; acute encephalitis caused  
by an unknown pathogen is suspected (Jan. 27).

United States
New Jersey: Hundreds of dead birds have fallen across the southern part of Franklin township; poisoning targeting blackbirds and starlings by the USDA Wildlife Service was reported to be the cause (Jan. 25).

Vinh Long province: A 32M has been hospitalized with pneumonia and is a suspected human H5N1 case (Jan. 31).

Other Human Disease Outbreaks
Philippines: Three pig farm workers and a slaughterhouse worker were found carrying antibodies of Ebola-Reston virus; the four men, whose ages range from 22 to 52, "are all healthy and have not been seriously ill in the past 12 months" (Jan. 30).

Zimbabwe: The cholera outbreak, which started in August, has infected 60,401 people and has killed 3,161 people; all 10 provinces and neighboring countries have been affected (Jan. 30).

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Many thanks to the newshounds who tracked down and/or translated these stories, including: Achak, bgw in MT, Bronco Bill, Carol@SC, cottontop, dbg, DemFromCT, FloridaGirl, History Lover, Kobie, maryinhawaii, mojo, Okieman, Pixie, preppie, UK-Bird and VirginiaMom.

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Thanks AlohaOR and newshounds!

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

WOW! What a great team we have!
You are amazing!! Excellent job (as always) on the summary, AlohaOR. I just don't know how you keep up with all of it.....but somehow you always do. Thank you!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. --Unknown


Sharing the load
I have more time for this now that you and maryinhawaii are helping keep the daily news diaries up to date.  Thank YOU!

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