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The Emperor's New Suite of Clothes

by: jake6257

Thu Apr 30, 2009 at 13:12:23 PM EDT

Where is it?
The odd case here, the odd case there, more like the Scarlett Pimpernel at the moment.

We need serious information not speculation.
Where are the real statistics?
Why doesn't mexico test all the dead?  Only takes a few hours nowadays to get a result not days.
How many cases have been reported?
Have the post mortem exams showed classic flu pneumonias or not?
Are any pigs ill?
Where is the pig connection? Somebody trying to downplay or what? Why not Avian flu 'cos it has a bit of that so they say.  why not human because once again they say it has that too.

We are being fed BS and speculation. This is causing panic not proper prepping.

jake6257 :: The Emperor's New Suite of Clothes
Just concerned that people are jumping the gun on nothing more than speculation not evidence.
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Where's the evidence guys?
Evidence is not media speculation.  Where is it at the moment.
Sure something is going on but we know absolutely stuff all at the moment, jest a lot of hype and speculation.

 Man occasionally stumbles over the truth.  Most of the time though, he manages to pick himself up and carry on as if nothing had happened.

Winston S Churchill


I'm not sure the authorities are much further ahead of us.
It all seems to be taking them by suprise.

Tests are not that fast. They can tell it's influenza A quite quickly but until they have the right test they can't type an unknown virus easily. Hence the reason why they had to send samples to Canada when this first broke.

The test on the Scottish guy proves that even the UK labs can't test what's not there. False negatives have been the talk of flublogia since it started. Blood sampling is the exception, not the norm.

I'm not sure if we even resolved the issue of Tamiflu created negatives.

The WHO certainly never accepts a case of flu unless it's been tested by an approved lab.

There will be days more of uncertainty.

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