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Swine Flu - REALITY CHECK ???

by: Abstract Brain

Fri May 01, 2009 at 16:31:27 PM EDT

SWINE FLU COVERUP ? Listening to news - experts say this combination of the asian flu, swine flu, and American flus should not have occurred naturally. Hmmm,outbreak target teen ager,young adults and middle aged - not oldies and younglings ( latter aren't much of a threat). Mexican gov't targets big pig farm - me wonders were the owners trying to breed pigs with chickens? Poor chickens - He,he... Yes, me sees the flying pigs now? NOT LIKELY!!! Can you think of anything more dangerous and grossly incompetant than a Mexican BIOFARE LAB. Yes, kiddies - shades of the movie "Resident Evil" maybe upon us.. Alas, the sad truth is we will never know the truth - the powers that be love to keep us in the dark and feed us strange things (mushroom joke). Reality check - Hmmm, hard to say - but not at all impossible?  Be Safe...
Abstract Brain :: Swine Flu - REALITY CHECK ???
Source: Common Sense
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Really?.... Really!
Is this newsworthy or informative pertaining to the current global health situation?

'source' lacks common sense.........

It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

And the last time I was on the Moon, I successfully mixed oil and water without any hint of seperation...

Give it a rest.


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