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International bird flu news searches

by: Theresa42

Sat Dec 02, 2006 at 00:25:05 AM EST

( - promoted by DemFromCT)

I've put together some tips for searching for bf news stories from non-Western sources (mainly newspapers, but also governmental sites) -- it's basically a compilation of links to international news sources, online machine-translators, a "bf word-list", etc.  Just some techniques that I either worked out (more like stumbled over!) myself -- or picked up from the many others out there doing foreign language news searches (HUGE thanks to you all!).  Please, if you know of other sources of info out there, do add them here!  Thanks to all -- here we go...
Theresa42 :: International bird flu news searches
Thanks to everybody who's helped to make the word-list and news source lists grow!! Please, add more info/news sources.

International bird flu word-list

I use these (words for bf in other languages) to search Google -- but more often I use them to search the news at alltheweb.com -- I tend to get better results there.

I also search for "H5N1" on alltheweb.com's news search and select for results to be displayed in any language. Then you'll get a veritable potpourri of bf news stories in all sorts of languages.

A couple of good places to start when looking for int'l news sources:


You can get reasonably ok machine-translations for many languages from babelfish.  There's also worldlingo.com.

I use toggletext for Indonesian.

A pretty basic but functional Thai-English machine translator can be found here.

Chinese (simplified)-English machine translation available at:  babelfish and Google.

Google offers an okay (beta) Arabic-English machine-translator.  For better translations from Arabic -- but for a more labor-intensive experience -- there's this online service.


influenza aviaria (Italian)

grippe aviaire (French)
gripe aviar/aviaria (Spanish)
gripe aviária (Portugese)
gripa aviara (Romanian)

kuş gribi (Turkish)
quş qripi (Azeri)

paukščių gripą (Lithuanian)

ptasia grypa (Polish - 2 variations - hat-tip LitlRedHen)
ptasiej grypy

ptičje gripa (Croatian)
ptičje gripe (Slovenian)
ptačí chřipky (Czech)
vtáčia chrípka/vtáčej chrípky (Slovakian)

linnugripi (Estonian)

lintuinfluenssaa (Finnish)

madárinfluenza (Hungarian)

vogelgrippe (German)
vogelgriep (Dutch)

fugleinfluenza (Danish/Norwegian)
fågelinfluensa (Swedish)

انفلونزا الطيور (Arabic)
بأنفلونزا الطيور ("by the bird flu" in Arabic)

γρίπη των πτηνών (Greek)

птичий грипп (Russian)

пташиний грип (Ukranian - 3 variations - hat-tip F.Drew!)
пташиним грипом
пташиного грипу

flu burung (Indonesian)
selesema burung (Malaysian)

ไข้หวัดนก (Thai)

禽流感 (Chinese - simplified, - the "Birds and beasts flu")

鳥インフルエンザ (Japanese)

Vietnamese bf words:

b?nh cúm chim = bird flu (lit. disease avian flu)
cúm chim = avian flu
virus cúm A H5N1 = flu virus A H5N1


Азербайджан - 'Azerbaijan' in Russian
达菲 - 'Tamiflu' in simplified Chinese


acil servis = emergency room
ailesinden = family
almayi = take
ardindan = following
atesim = fever

belirlenmedi = become definite
bilgiye = information
bilinmeyen = unknown
bir = one
birinin = one of them
bu = this
bugün = today
burada = this place

çocugunda = children

daha = more, in addition
de/da = too, also, and, both
dogrulanmak = confirmed

edilmek = to be done

gelen = arriving
genelinde = general/common(?)
getirilen = brought from, brought to
gönderildi = sent off
gören = right for
güvenlik = security

hastalarin = patient
hastaneye = hospital
hersey = everything

ihtimaline = probably/likely
ilçesinde = district
ise = if/as for
iste - Here!/See!

kan = blood
kesin = definite
kisiden = persons
kus gribi = bird flu

numunesi = sample

odalardan = room
oldu = ok, all right
olma = that
önlem = measure
örnekleri = sample

rahatsizlanmasi = to feel unwell
rastlanan = encounter

sayisi = count
sevk = sent
siçradi = spread
sonucu = result
süphesi = suspicion

tahliller = analysis
takmak = put on (maske takmak = masks put on)
tavuklara = chickens
tedavi = treatment (tedavi altina alindi = put under treatment)
tetkiklerin = investigation

vaka/vakalari = case/occurrence

yakalanmis = spotted/detected
yapilan = made/done
yükselecek = increase

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HUGE thanks to BlueJay, LaidbackAl, Dutchy/Dutchie, Commonground, Pugmom, Dr. Niman and others who discovered most -- if not all! -- of the Indonesian news sources listed below.

Bird flu in Indonesian is 'flu burung'. For (interesting) machine-translations, there's www.toggletext.com

Note: Remember that toggletext likes to reverse the genders of pronouns for some reason -- every time it says he/his you should read she/hers and vice versa. Also, sometimes toggletext doesn't like quotation marks [ '' '' ] or other 'weird' punctuation (like bullet points). You'll get a message back saying "object." If you get the "object" message, you'll have to take out the offending punctuation symbols by hand.

A good Indo-English dictionary can be found here: http://www.kamus-onl...

Some bf-related words in Indonesian to look for (especially in headlines) when searching for articles:

flu burung = bird flu (some news sources -- JawaPos for instance -- often write 'AI' for avian influenza instead of flu burung)
ayam = chicken
unggas = poultry
angsa = goose (or swan?)
puyugh = quail
kasus = the case or cases (can be a case of anything, though, if in a headline -- often 'kasus korupsi' are in the news)
tertular = contaminated (i.e. infected)
meninggal = died
antarmanusia = human to human
kondisi = condition
pasien = patient

After translation...
nonpedigreed chicken = domestic chicken (non-wild)
1.000 tails = 1,000 or one thousand birds

The Indonesian Department of Health's website is here -- it often has bf reports as well as info on other disease outbreaks:

Their English site is here:

Their bf site is here:

There's also a pretty new governmental website (hat-tip, wdcare!) here:

Indonesia National Committee for Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

In Indonesian: http://www.komnasfbp...

In English: http://www.komnasfbp...

When searching for bf news in Indonesian, I often start with a search for "burung" or "flu burung" at alltheweb.com's news search (make sure to select for results in any language):

Indonesian news sources by region:


Media Indonesia Online:
*Search box in center of page where I search the 'Edisi Aktual' for 'burung' (I skip 'flu' 'cause with burung alone, I sometimes pick up stories just about dying birds, not just obvious H5N1 stories).

*Search box in the left column.

*Search box center-left.

Tempo [Time] Interaktif:
*Search box, top left.

Also: http://www.tempointe...

Headlines: http://www.kompas.co...

Also, I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' in these sections under Rubrik in the left-hand column [the sections vary day-by-day -- you might not always see them there]: Jawa Barat (West), Jawa Tengah (Central), Jawa Timur (East), Metropolitan (Jakarta), Nusantar (the Archipelago, Sumatera Bagian Selatan (South Sumatra), Sumatera Bagian Utara (North Sumatra) and Yogyakarta.

Note: There is a Search box in the upper-right on the Headlines page, but it doesn't return the news stories in any sort of useful order.

Republika Online:
*Search [Cari] box, center of page.

*Search [Cari Artikel] box, upper right.

Antara News:
*Search box left-hand column. (Results not in chronological order.)

*Search news box, right-hand column.



Harian Analisa online:
*No search function. I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' in these sections under Rubrik Berita in the left-hand column: Berita Utama, Kota Medan, Sumatra Utara and Nanggröe Aceh Darussalam.

Waspada online:
*No search function. I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' in these sections under Berita in the left-hand column: Headlines, Medan, Sumat and Aceh.

Sinar Indonesia Baru:
*Search link, upper left-center.

Sumatera Ekspres:
*Search [Cari] box, upper right-hand corner.

Lampung Post:
*Search [Cari Berita] box, bottom of left column.

Harian Global
*Search box, upper-right (does not return results in date order).

Metro Riau
*Search box, upper-left.

- JAVA -

Jawa Pos:
*I also do a 'Find' search for 'burung' and 'AI' (Jawa Pos often writes AI instead of flu burung) on the following pages:

Radar Bojonegoro (East Java):

Radar Banyuwangi (East Java):

Radar Bromo (East Java):

Radar Gresik (East Java):

Radar Jember (East Java):

Radar Jogya (Yogyakarta):

Radar Kediri (East Java):

Radar Madiun (East Java):

Radar Madura (island off Northeast Java near Surabaya):

Radar Malang (East Java):

Radar Mojokerto (East Java):

Radar Semarang (Central Java):

Radar Sidoarjo (East Java):

Radar Solo, aka Surakarta (Central Java):

Radar Tulungagung (East Java):

Pikiran Rakyat (newspaper from Bandung):
*There's no search function (at least none that I've found!) -- so, I do a 'Find (on this page)' search [for you Internet Explorer users] for 'burung'. I search the first 4 sections of the paper in the left-hand column: Utama, Bandung Raya, Jawa Barat and Dalam Negeri.

The Pikiran Rakyat archive is here (you can pick a date and see that day's paper):

GalaMedia (lots of news from Bandung):
*I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' in these sections under Kolom in the left-hand column: Berita Utama, Tatar Bandung and Daerah (The Area).

Suara Merdeka:
*I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' in these sections the left-hand column: Berita Utama, Semarang, Sala, Pantura, Muria, Kedu & DIY, and Banyumas.

Kedaulatan Rakyat Online (from Yogyakarta)
*Search box, top left of center (does not return results in date order).

Suara Surabaya
*Search box, upper left-hand corner

- BALI -

Bali Post Online:
*I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' under the 'Bali' section (link in left-hand column).

Jawa Pos - Radar Bali:


Tribun Timur:
*Search [Cari] box under top banner.

Harian Komentar:
**I do a 'Find' search for 'burung' under the following sections under 'Berita Mimbar' (link in upper left-hand column):

Under 'Berita Daerah' in left-hand column, the following sections correspond to various regions of Sulawesi -- Minahasa Induk, Minahasa Selatan, Tomohon, Bitung, Sanger dan Talaud and Bolmong.

Note: The articles in Harian Komentar are full of hyphens (-) for some reason which can screw up toggletext. I cut-&-paste the Indo article into Notepad and 'Replace All' hyphen with blank spaces.

Radar Sulteng [Radar Sulawesi Tengah (Central) Online]:
*Search [Pencarian Berita] box, upper left.

Fajar Online:

Metro Makassar section with Search box in upper left:


Kaltim Post

Daily news index:

There are many more Indonesian news sources listed here by region, although not all of the links work:

Proud FAF-er.

Please, see the International bird flu word-list above (first post) to see bird flu in Arabic (can't seem to post foreign fonts here in the comments section). I don't always pick up bf stories when I search for these words as written -- there must be variations in how bf is written in Arabic. The only one I've figured out is 'by the bird flu' (again, see list above).

Google has a beta Arabic-English machine-translator which works pretty well -- it's a bit rough, but very quick and easy -- you can translate a whole page by simply pasting in a URL:

For better machine-translations, there's http://translate.sak... -- it's a free site, but it has its limits. For one thing, you can only translate approx. one to two sentences at a time -- so it's a bit of work to get a whole article done.

The Egyptian government's bird flu website is here [they don't update on weekends -- in fact, their updates as of late have been very intermittent]:

Their English site is here:

When searching for bf news in Arabic, I often start with a search at alltheweb.com's news search (make sure to select for results in any language):

Of course, then you'll get results from news sources all over the Middle East, not just Egypt.

There are several Egyptian newspapers and news sites online, but the one that has consistently had the most bf news is Al Wafd:

The BBC describes Al Wafd as an 'opposition' paper and, as the voice of the Al-Wafd party which certainly does not support the current government, the paper does put something of a sensationalist spin on the bf news:

There's a range of sections listed in the right-hand column of Al Wafd. From top to bottom they are (note -- these sections sometimes vary on the weekends -- just mouse-over the link to see which section it is):

The first page
Arab and international news
News - governorates [Mohafazat]
State delegation
Stars and arts [i.e. Entertainment]
Incidents and issues
Special reports
Special files
Issues and views
The last page

I've bolded the sections where I think there's a greater likelihood of there being bf news, but of course feel free to search around the whole paper if you're so inclined! :p

I cut & paste the URLs for each of these pages in Google's machine-translator ("Translate a web page" toward the bottom) to find bf-related stories:

Al Wafd's search function is on this page...

...but I can't get it to work.  If anyone figures it out, lemme know!

It should work by putting bf in Arabic in the top box, then selecting a section of the paper, then selecting a date range and finally whether you want the results "According to history" [date] or "According to title" [relevance in title, I think] -- but I don't manage to get any results at all (the old search function worked just fine).

Al Gomhuria (another newspaper) also has had some bf news:

Some sections I think that might be useful (found in right-hand column -- mouse-over to see what they are) are:

Local:  http://www.algomhuri...
Third Page:  http://www.algomhuri...
Accidents:  http://www.algomhuri...

I haven't found a search function for this paper, but it's possible to access previous issues using the drop-down date menu in the left-hand column.

The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) also had quite a few, detailed reports on human bf cases in Egypt -- particularly on their Arabic pages:

There's a search page here:

But, I also did a lot of 'Find' searches on their website to dig up bf articles.

(Hint: if you mouse-over the buttons/links on the Arabic pages, you can often figure out what they are and where they lead to by what the URL is.)

Proud FAF-er.

Hat-tips to pugmom, Pixie and UK-Bird!


BF news here:  http://www.07770500....



BF news often found on >>
Fpage [front page]:  http://www.algomhuri...
Local:  http://www.algomhuri...
Accidents:  http://www.algomhuri...

Archive in the left-hand column -- you can select previous issues by date.



Egypt news:  http://www.almasry-a...




BF news often found on >>
First page:  http://www.algomhuri...
Local:  http://www.algomhuri...
Accidents:  http://www.algomhuri...
AlMessa:  http://www.algomhuri...



Egypt news:  http://www.alshaab.c...



Various pages can be selected in the right-hand column.



Egypt news:  http://www.masrawy.c...

Their bf news page hasn't been updated since 2006 as far as I can tell:  http://www.masrawy.c...



Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
Lots of newspapers/news websites from Azerbaijan are in Russian since Azerbaijan was formerly a republic of the USSR.

Please, see the Int'l bf word-list above (first post) to see 'bird flu' in Russian and Azeri, as well as 'Azerbaijan' in Russian.

There's a good Russian-English machine-translator at babelfish:

There's also a useable one at World-Lingo:

Azeri news sources in Russian:




http://www.kavkazweb... -- covers a range of Central Asian & former Soviet Union nations including Dagestan, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh and South Osetia

http://www.kavkazweb... -- Azerbaijan page

PanArmenia Network
http://www.panarmeni... -- covers Armenia & areas of Azerbaijan where Armenians live

Azeri news sources in Azeri:

Note:  The Azeri language looks at lot like Turkish (if anyone knows of a free Turkish-English machine translator online, please post a link in this thread!) -- so someone who knows Turkish might be able to make some sense of news stories in Azeri.

This website in Azeri did have some bf news last time 'round (and it was kinda-sorta possible to pick out placenames and the names of suspects):


Also, more Azeri news sources: http://www.abyznewsl...

Proud FAF-er.

The Turkish news sites that had the most news (as far as I recall) during the outbreak early this year (2006) were:

Haber 7:

Haber Turk:



Zaman Online:

Other sites that also had some bf news were:

Bursa Hakimiyet:



Haber Ekspres:

Kent Online:


Malatya Haber:

Turkiye Gazetesi:

There were probably others, but January was a long time ago now....

I never did find a good, online Turkish-English machine-translator. There is this one...


...but it doesn't seem to work very well.

Alternatively, if you enjoy punishment, you can try word-by-word translating using this really good online Turkish-English dictionary:


The thing is, Turkish apparently has roughly a gazillion suffixes that get added to words to alter their meanings...


...which sounds really cool but is a real pain if you're trying to find out the meanings of words of a language you don't know at all using only a dictionary.

Example of how Turkish suffixes work:

kedinin = of the cat, the cat's
kedilerinin = of their cat, their cat's
kedisinin = of his cat, his cat's
kedisi = his cat
kediyle = with the cat
kedisiyle = with his cat

...and so on....

So, the basic rule when trying to look up Turkish words, then, is -- because of all the suffixes -- if one word kinda looks like another word except for a couple different letters at the end, it probably means kinda the same thing. (If I couldn't find a particular word in the dictionary, I would start knocking off a few letters from the end of it to see if I could at least find out what the root meant.)

To save time and prevent myself from getting too many headaches, I made a short "cheat sheet" of Turkish bf-related words so I didn't have to look them up again and again.  Please, see the Int'l bird flu word-list (first post above) for this cheat sheet.  You'd be amazed at how much bf news you can glean with just this small handful of words! (Note: The words I've listed aren't necessarily the root words -- I've probably got all sorts of suffixes included in the list.)

Proud FAF-er.

Many of you guys are already familiar with this, but just for the record:

Please, see the Int'l bf word-list (first post above) to see bird flu (& Tamiflu) in Chinese (simplified).  Alternatively, go here:

There's a beta Chinese (simplified) - English translator on Google:

Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional) - English on babelfish:

The bird flu page at Boxun is here:

BF news/info page from Sina.com: http://news.sina.com...
*The news stories are on the bottom half of the page.  You can see the blue-highlighted headlines (which link to the stories) listed in the central column -- the article dates & times are listed after each story headline.  The first section is national news -- the second, international.

Sina.com's news apparently comes primarily from The People's Daily (state owned) and Xinhua News Agency (gov't press agency), so it's probably nothing like the unofficial news provided by Boxun (in other words, a good place to practice one's "reading between the lines" skills!) -- but I think there are probably more bf-related stories here from The People's Daily & Xinhua than get translated into English and French for the global market.

Proud FAF-er.

What an incredible and thorough synopsis
of all your translating skills and methods. I have hot-listed this for myself.  As you know, I do Indo, but that alone keeps me pretty busy. My question to you is this:  do you actually scan all these sources every day?  How in the blazes do you do that?  I played around with Arabic and decided it was just too daunting a task.  Do you find much stuff in Chinese?  My impression was that they have cut off most all info out of that country?  Well, thankyou for so generously sharing your techniques and info with us.  I am sure all of us translators have a zillion questions for you.  Maybe we should start a "translators and our problems" diary.  We ARE sorta a weird group with special needs.  PS--Are you a translator for the NSA or the UN?  Just kidding, but obviously your skills go way past the rest of us on here. Thanx again. 

[ Parent ]
"Do you actually scan all these sources every day?"
Heck, no!  :p  Although the obsessive-compulsive side of me wishes that I did.  ;)

I have been scanning through pretty much of all the Indo sources I listed every day for the past few months -- but I have to admit to slacking off over the last couple of weeks knowing that the area is well-covered between you guys here and some posters on CE & FTs (where I've been a more regular poster).  Instead, I've been focusing my efforts on Egypt (& Azerbaijan when all those dead birds turned up the other week) -- but there just hasn't been much in the papers in either country lately.  Aargh.

I haven't scanned the Turkish papers at all since the outbreak back in Jan/Feb -- I just wanted to share the resources I know of with others in case we see a repeat there (hopefully not!).  I also haven't been checking the Thai sources lately either -- and I have to add my Thai tips here as well -- maybe tonight.

Do you find much stuff in Chinese?

Well, not so far -- but I haven't really looked in to the Chinese sources until very recently.  I thought that maybe we might be able to find at least some tidbits of info -- but maybe it will just be a lost case.  Just thought I'd try anyway.

Maybe we should start a "translators and our problems" diary.

That's a good idea!  Would it be useful to combine it with this diary, or would it be better to start a new one?

Thanks again to everyone who's been doing translations/machine-translations and scanning the non-Western press!  I'm sure I've indirectly picked up sources from you guys here even though I haven't posted here much (yet!) -- you know how the news spreads between boards.  :p  I'm sure I owe all of you here a BIG thanks, as well -- so, THANKS!  :)

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
I think
we should have a translators' diary--for instance, lately I have noticed that Waspadai is on the blink--just no posting for days on end. So what is up there?  There is so much other arcane knowledge we could share with each other and if things get real hot, we could divvy up the load somehow.  Also, we could let others know when we are out for whatever reason, so they could pick up the load. I suppose we could add it to the Indo dairy, but I think alot of people go there for just the hard and fast news and that should prob. be kept pure.  Our own translators' diary would be preferable.  We could share new links etc (I found a new one the other day, for instance.)  I hope the other translators will weigh in on this.

[ Parent ]
I think it's an excellent idea, all Countries in one Diary. Could put the Country of subject in the subject line. n/t

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Sounds good to me!
Count me in.  :)

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
I would like to second what Pugmom has just said
This is just an amazing effort - thank you!

[ Parent ]
A large number of translation sites
can be found here:


Good for possible language translation needs if/when clusters begin cropping up across the globe.

Thanks, Okieman!

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
I have sent emails to Influentia2 and CG
they will weigh in on this later.  Pixie, where are you?  And MaMa?  I Know I have missed some people. 

[ Parent ]
Plus, I've got to tell you
Influentia2 and I email each other with the really hilarious Indo translations we have found.  Stuff the other FW prob. wouldn't get a kick out of, but it keeps us in stitches.  This new diary could be a place to share some of those "other" articles, and our particular brand of Indo humor, since we have all developed a somewhat warped sense of humor after reading Behasa all day long. Some of the articles, although not dealing specifically with FB, have alot of content also and indirectly open a door onto what is going on over there. 

[ Parent ]
Amusing machine-translations...
Ha!  I definitely know what you mean with the funny machine-translations.  :p

The other day toggletext translated (from an article on poultry testing) "cloacal swab" [kloaka menunjukkan] as "cloaca caress"!  :D

I was dyin'!!  :D  :D  :D

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
i'm here!
Hi pugmom, I'm right here!  I think the idea of a translator's work (& play) thread is a great one.  Especially if things get moving along quickly again and there is a lot of hard news to get through, both for us and the readers. 

And we do crack ourselves up, don't we, with our own particular take on the Toggletext-ese!?  Everybody else probably thinks we're just nuts sometimes, but is too polite to say so.  ;-)

[ Parent ]
yeah, and with Theresa42 to guide us along
I would even be willing to knuckle down and learn how to do Korean or Turkish.  (I think Arabic will forever be out of my grasp--that different alphabet just throws me.)

[ Parent ]
hi pugmom
I just got back last night. I'm trying to get caught up on everything (ha-ha, good luck to me :-) Now that things have settled down some maybe I can actually help looking for Indo news again, it's been crazy busy for me, personally, lately.

I think a translator's diary idea is a great one, for helpful tidbits we discover along the way.

Theresa42 and Okieman, what excellent resources you have provided- thank you so much!

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
Good to hear your voice again MaMa! (n/t)

[ Parent ]
And CG returned to the fold yesterday! (n/t)

[ Parent ]
so the move went well
I take it? I hope so. Are you settling in well in your new home Commonground?

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
Hi MaMa
Yes, I'm settling in.  My husband returned Friday night from NY.  He will still be working until the end of  December, so will travel here on weekends.  He kept going to the closet door to use the bathroom.  Poor guy was very mixed up.  I had all week to get it straight......
Love this area.  Took the movers 2 days to move everything in.  I know it was the Preps....had to be.  I've got lots of Preps!!  I'm lovin my Mallard ducks that sit in the bay, diving down for fish.  Had to use the break on the car, because 4 very healthy geese, were about to cross the street.  Town is lit up for Christmas, and all I can say is it looks majestic.  I still haven't opened Theresa's diary on the different links.  Just give me a list, and I'll do it!!!  Because I think right now we are stepping on eachothers toes, with our websites.  We should make a list, then divide it up according to how much we can do.  I usually sit here from 5-7 am either catching up, or translating news.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
I'm so glad to hear
you're happy with your new place. Tell your husband not to feel too bad- when we first moved into our home I had a terrible time because the living/dining room threshold had a 2 inch difference in height between the two sides. I think it probably took 6 months before I didn't stub my toes every time I went into the living room- that's why my family jokingly calls me 'grace' from time to time:-) He'll get used to it, especially once he's there full time.

That's a great idea to divvy up sites! That way no one's work is being duplicated. Now we just need an organizer to point us in the right direction:-)

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

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Thanks pugmom! n/t

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

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yes, thanx Okieman
I found about 5 links the other day to Papua--I know you were keeping your eye out there.  I have never figured out if you translate, do you?  I know we keep you plenty busy with the maps and all.  I would like to share these Papua links with the other translators.

[ Parent ]
Links and translation
Halo.  Yes, I'm still keeping an eye out for BF in Papua New Guinea.  They have two english papers, The Post Courier http://www.postcouri... and The National http://www.thenation... which I check out every evening.  Nothing interesting has emerged for some time so I have not posted anything from there in a while. 

What are the 5 links you have for Papua?  I have one in english I check out once a week or so: http://www.kabar-iri...  What are the others? 

Yes, I do the toggletext translation thing.  Ya'll do such a great job I do not feel like I have to chase the news like I used to.  If I'm not mistaken, I'm the first one that started using toggletext on the Fluwiki for translations months upon months ago.  I remember doing the search looking for a translation site other than babel fish (which I think Niman was using for his translations at the time).  I found toggletext, posted the site here, and things have became more understandable (and more humorous/confusing) ever since then.  But that's a good thing.  Anymore, I just check out certain indonesian newsites once a day, just in case something has slipped by all of you (which is rare). 

Thank you for all the work ya'll do, and the sense of humor and civility by which you conduct yourselves.  It is much appreciated.

[ Parent ]
well, actually
I envisioned it more as a place to share links, humor, special needs, translating techniques etc.--things not interesting to non-translators.  I did not see it as a link to the news as we already have those diaries.  (Although one separate diary just for "foreign news" might be a good idea too.) It would be a diary that other FW would not find interesting, just us ole die-hard translators. When we originally divided up Indo, there was not enough news to keep us just in that one area--I think until the news gets overwhelming from all the areas, we would end up wandering around like we do now. 

Have you checked out the Lookout posts?
They are doing a great job of dividing the world up and trying to keep tabs on each section.  I don't think we need to reiterate their work by creating any more confusing news diaries. However, the translators have special problems and insights and I think we need our own diary to address those problems and share those insights. 

[ Parent ]
I was just studying the spreadsheet, and the last case was on 11/24 out of Makassar, right?  Last spreadsheet was 11/30, right?  Still trying to get my act together.

I am not like other birds of prey....

SOUTH ASIA News source

it's a pretty good one that covers:
Sri Lanka

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

I have tried...
and I tell you I'm having huge difficulties trying to find anything about H5N1 in the arabic press.  I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I've got some cookie on my computer somewhere that says 'malcontent, block from arabic content' or something (yeah, pass the tinfoil...) but I can't get any results back.

Google is particularly frustrating--they say you can search in foreign languages, but when you try, you can only get blogs and webpages not NEWS.

Nice deterrent to folk in the US reading foreign newspapers, that.

medical information provided is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. if you believe you have a medical problem, consult your practitioner.

[ Parent ]
(Note:  I compiled & wrote this last summer, so some of the links might have changed -- haven't had a chance to check them all.)

There are 12 regional Departments of Disease Prevention and Control (DPCs) in Thailand, each of which covers a number of provinces (the number seems to vary).

Here's a page with links to all 12 -- some of the links (Nos. 1, 4 and 12) don't seem to be working:

Below are links to the 9 DPCs which are working.  I tried to work out which provinces were covered by each department -- but I haven't managed to figure that out for all of them yet (an ongoing project!).  I also tried to link directly to their bf info pages if I could find any.

Bird flu (avian influenza) in Thai is:  [see bf wordlist above]

And, here's a pretty basic but functional Thai-English machine translator:

No. 2 - Saraburi

Central Thailand:

No. 3 - Chonburi

South/Central Thailand:

No. 5 - Nakhon Ratchasima

Northeast Thailand:

Bird flu information:


No. 6 - Khon Kaen

Northeast Thailand:

Provinces covered by Khon Kaen Dept.:
Nongbua Lamphu
Khon Kaen
Udan Thani
Nong Kai
Roi Et
Maha Sarakham

H5N1 news including suspected cases spreadsheets from Khon Kaen Dept.:

No. 7 - Ubon Ratchathani

Northeast/Eastern Thailand:

No. 8 - Nakhon Sawan

North/Central Thailand:

Provinces covered by Nakon Sawan Dept.:
Nakhon Sawan
Uthani Thani
Kamphaeng Phet

Daily bf reports:

No. 9 - Phitsanulok

Northern Thailand:

Bird flu pages:


No. 10 - Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand:

Provinces covered by Chiang Mai Dept.:
Chiang Mai
Chiang Rai
Mae Hong Son

Bird flu reports:

No. 11 - Nakhon Si Thammarat

Southern Thailand:

Proud FAF-er.

If You Want To Try To Translate........
Here is a site with listings for news out of Indo.  I would pick one at a time, and increase accordingly to what you can handle.  It is better to get the Indo version, rather than the English, because the english version doesn't have any information.....

We do coordinate our websites, so that we are not reposting articles.  So, however you want to do it, make sure you each have your own, rather than searching and  posting from the same site.  Here's the toggletext link:


The first thing you do at this site is hit the "Indo to English" button. Or you won't get very far.... :-)

These are the sites I monitor now, so don't pick them:


Any questions or help needed, go to the Indo Discussion Diary, and I'll be there. 

And Lisa the GP has been so kind to create this diary to help with the words:

"Indonesian glossary"

You don't have to worry that you can't understand what they are saying....I can't, and I've been translating for about 6 months.  But usually we post that we are confused, and other's help out.

And a friendly reminder, if you find a new "case" please post it here:

Indonesia, New Cases list Jan 25th

Make sure you post it here right away, or you'll forget. At least I do.  I refer to this Diary to see if a case has already been posted.  It also has a link in the posting for easy referral, and also to note the site.  You may be there again by mistake. This comes in handy for our helpers who make the Summary List, and maps.  We post this info at the New Case Diary:
Time posted article (usually in the right or left corner of the article; sometimes they don't offer a time)
Link to Post
Admission Date

by: Commonground @ Sun Feb 04, 2007 at 17:36:47 PM EST

I am not like other birds of prey....

Theresa42 asked me to post this.
So here goes (along with her take on it). I hope it works for more than one site:

  I think I may have found a way to search sites
that don't have a search function.

The site linked below doesn't have a search function:


It was going to take forever to search this site this way. I went to Google and made a "updated in the last 3 month" search that searched just this site. I used the three month search because I could only choose between "anytime", "past 3 months", "past 6 months", and "past year". The search yielded a list of articles from that source published in the last three months. I found nothing for today's date and there were too many to search this way everyday. I found that each citation that Google returned from this site had the date notation as something like 012007/24 within the link. If you enter this number in the box that is noted as "with all of the words", you get all the articles that the site published on that day with the exact phrase "flu burung".

Here's a link to the search of pikiran-rakyat I created:

This shows up five articles containing flu burung for the day January 24, 2007.

When I entered the date notation for February 5, 2007 (022007/05) and the notation for February 6, 2007 (022007/06) there were no articles. This worked for the date January 18, 2007, too.

There are probably a lot of holes in my theory. If there are it would be a lot quicker if someone would point them out for me, than for me to have to go through the painful "discovery" process.

If this works, we could just make up one google search for each of the sites that doesn't have it's own search engine, save that search in our bookmarks, then just change the number notation for the date we are interested in.

This probably isn't very clear. To see what I entered click the "advanced search" to the right of the google search bar.

I hope, I hope, I hope this works because I hate random searching. Not all sites may be amenable to this method if it does work. I don't know if they all have a consistent date notation.

Sorry to post this here, but if it works it might help some of the searches go a little faster.I was afraid it would be a long time before I got any feedback from Theresa's diary. If this works I'll post it in that diary.
by: bgw in MT @ Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 16:52:31 PM MST
[ Reply ]

That is a good idea bgw n/t

Tick Tock
by: Influentia2 @ Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 17:16:53 PM MST
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*[new] Great hack, bgw!!
If I can call it that!  ;-)  From what I can tell, that works great!!  That's a MUCH easier way to search these sites that don't have a search function than the way I've been doing it in the past (using IE, 'Find'/Ctrl+F "flu burung" on individual pages).  Thanks!!

Can you, please, post your instructions over on the Int'l bird flu news searches diary so other folks will benefit from your trick in the future?  Thanks!  :-)

BTW -- Pikiran-Rakyat does have an archive [Arsip] -- or, at least, a way to open up previous issues here:

Never found a search function, though.

Thanks again!
by: Theresa42 @ Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 21:00:44 PM MST
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In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

Google News Egypt & Arabic
Google News Egypt:

Google News Arabic:

Google Arabic-English machine-translator (BETA):

"Bird flu" written in Arabic is up in the word-list at the top of this diary.

Proud FAF-er.

Vietnamese bf news searches
Note:  I've added a couple of Vietnamese bf-related terms (avian influenza, etc.) to the word-list above.  [The first word should be "benh" with a ^ over the e and a dot under the e -- like here.]

A BIG hat-tip to Okieman who found a Vietnamese-English online machine-translator!  It's a bit rough (even more so than toggletext!), but it still works pretty well:




Proud FAF-er.

I am interested in getting some news links for the Islands of Nusa Penida and  East Nusa Tenggara.  Would you be able to tell me how I go about tracking them down?

I am not like other birds of prey....

Good question!  I would try good ol' Google -- search for the island names plus some Indonesian news related terms like 'berita' or (what's the other one?) 'aktuel' (not sure of spelling on that one).  Adding '2007' to the search sequence is prolly a good idea.  Then you might find some newspapers or news sites.

Nusa Penida -- is that near Bali?  If it is, they might be covered by Balinese sources.

The other region -- East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur) -- those islands are quite a bit to the east, bordering on Papua.  Any idea if they speak Bahasa Indonesian over there?  Their newspapers could, conceivably, be in another language -- not sure at all about that.

I did just find the Nusa Tenggara Timur gov't website (maybe you already have it).  There some news ('berita') on the front page if you scroll down a bit:

Lemme know if you come up with anything!  If I have the time later tonight I can try searching around, too.

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
I tried putting in the Island name with "news" at the end.  Didn't really do anything - found that out after going thru 4 pages.

Do I go to advanced google?  I'll try the google bar first, then go the advanced.
Yes, these Islands are East of Bali and someone somewhere (?) posted that there were chickens with H5N1 in East Nasa Tenggara.  Also, one of my Bali cases actually came from the Island of Pringsewu.  He just went to Bali for treatment.  So I see this thing moving east and I wanted to be there, ahead of it!!!

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
I think I found it!!!

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Nusa Tengarra Timur newspaper
The Pos Kupang:


Kupang is the capital of Nusa Tengarra Timur -- it's on West Timor:

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida is in Klungkung regency.  I've been trying to look for news sources for Klungkung.

BeritaBali.com has a page devoted to news from Klungkung regency (and the other regencies/cities on Bali), but there hasn't been any news posted there since Aug 21.  But, for future reference, here's the link:


I betcha the best bet for news from Nusa Pendia will be any Bali newspaper -- like the Bali Post or whatever.

Proud FAF-er.

[ Parent ]
Saudi news sources
The Saudi paper, "Al Watan" -- "The Homeland" -- is proving to be an excellent news source for bf:


The local, Saudi news can be found by clicking on the third category down in the right hand column [the link seems to change daily, so I'm not going to post it here].

"Al Riyadh" is also good and even has a page devoted to bf:


Here are links to the Google Arabic-English translator as well as Google Arabic news:

Google News Arabic:

Google Arabic-English machine-translator (BETA):

"Bird flu" in Arabic can be found in the first post in this diary.

Proud FAF-er.


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