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Welcome to the conversation Forum of Flu Wiki

This is an international website intended to remain accessible to as many people as possible. The opinions expressed here are those of the individual posters who remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.
The use of good judgement during the discussion of controversial issues would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome! What You Need To Know If You're A New Arrival

by: DemFromCT

Fri Nov 17, 2006 at 22:41:22 PM EST

The first thing to do if you want to read more about a story or diary is to click on the title. That 'opens' it so you can read the rest.

Different things people might want to be able to see, and how to get to them:

  • most important things to know - Front page, center space
  • new topics - Menu > Diaries
  • most recent comments - Left column
  • responses to comments you made last time you visited - Menu > Your comments > recent replies
  • your favorite poster - in their diary, click 'subscribe', and it will go on Menu > Hot List
  • your favorite subjects - Left Column > Hot Tags
  • click the Flu Wiki birds up left to go home, if you ever get lost
  • if it's in blue, it's a link, and if it is underlined whenever you put your mouse over it, it's also a link

You have found your way to the new Flu Wiki Forum, all shiny and new. As you kick the tires and look under the hood, let me explain what you need to know.

What we called 'threads' in the old yellow forum are now called Diaries. Anyone can write one (go to the Menu box in the upper right and click New Diary if you want to jump right in. But if you're not used to HTML, the markup used to put links and boxes into the diaries, you might want to wait a bit).

What you need to know

We're going to talk a bit about comments and replies before we get into the Diaries.

DemFromCT :: Welcome! What You Need To Know If You're A New Arrival
First of all, the area here that you are reading is called the Front Page, or FP. Only mods can post here. We can, however, promote other authors to the FP. The post you are reading is called a Diary. It has text, and is followed by an area for comments.

If you click on Post a Comment and you are a registered user, you can leave a comment in the comment area. But if a comment is already there, you can Reply to the comment, and instead of your reply showing up at the end, your comment will be placed directly below the one you replied to, and slightly indented. This is called nesting and threading, and allows you to have a conversation with someone in the middle of a series of comments, even if you arrive late.

There is a “post a comment” or a “reply”. Reply gets you a comment directly under and to the right of the comment you are replying to. Post a comment puts it at the very bottom.

If you don't like that feature you can turn it off.
Step 1: go to your personal page. The easiest way to find it is in the Menu. You can also click your name in any comment. (You need to be registered to do this - if you are not registered you can not change the indented look. And you don’t have a Menu).

Step 2: click the rightmost link called “profile”.

Step 3: click where is says comment prefs.

Step 4: there is a pull-down menu; set it to flat (unthreaded). There is another for ‘oldest first’ or ‘newest first’.


The comments will no longer be indented; they will appear as they do here.

Every registered user has their own personal page, found in the Menu box. Go to it, click Profile, and Comment pref, and play with the settings so it looks the way you want. In fact, once you're commenting go into that personal page area and check Comments and Recent Replies. Comments has every comment you made and Recent Replies will show you who has answered you, even if you don't remember where you left the comment.

The latest comments show up in the Recent Comment box to the left, on the Main Page (you can always get back there by clicking the Flu Wiki birds in the upper left corner on every page, or the Home link upper right and lower right). In your Profile on your own page, you can set Display Prefs for the number of comments that show up.

When you get back on later, go to Your page, and click Recent Replies to see who has answered you. This is an awesome feature. You get to your page either through the Menu, top R, or clicking your name anywhere (it's always in one of your comments) - another awesome feature.

Diaries can be written by anyone. You can look in recent diaries to the right and see what's there, and if you like the Diary and want to save it, click on the + sign at the end of the title. The Diary is now saved to your Hot List in the Menu box. You can also Recommend someone's Diary to others.

When you write a Diary, use both the Main Text: and the Extended Text: boxes. Essentially, the Main Text is a short, less than three paragraph part and the extended text is where the bulk of long Diaries goes. If you click on Diaries in the Menu box to the upper right, you'll see all the Diaries listed in most recent first order.  There's no bumping! If you like a Diary, recommend it and it will show up in the Recommended Diary list to the right if others feel the same.

When reading or writing a Diary, you'll see something called tags. these are subject descriptors that are editable by anyone in the community. Tags (also can be thought of as keywords) allow you to search for like-minded Diaries, so the tag might be food, Indonesia, or something to help you find the Diary later.

If you want to learn some tricks, like size or bold, or Subscript click on the Simple HTML link in the About box.

Those are the basics, so get to it and enjoy. And ask some one in the community by leaving a comment here on the front page if you don't know how to do something. Someone will answer you soon enough ;-)

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rec list
how many diaries are going to be in the rec list at once? 10? (a nice round number)

[ Parent ]
I don't know yet
8 or 10 probably. I'm not sure I can control that.

[ Parent ]
Profile Options
These options are available under each person's profile.  Do any of these affect the number of recommended diaries?

# Of Recent Comments: 
Front Page Diaries: 
Subject Diaries: 
Width of Posting Comment box: 
Height of Posting Comment box

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead

[ Parent ]
try playing with subject diaries
and see.

[ Parent ]
how many percent of people visiting this page for the first time do you think will proceed until this point ?

ask experts for their subjective
panflu death expectation values
and report the replies

[ Parent ]
unanswerable question
so i won't. Some folks like to read and some folks just like to play.

[ Parent ]
First Time
well my first time here and I am very leary....I suppose it will take some getting used to. I will have to study up!

[ Parent ]
Welcome to the New World of Wiki Forum!
It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you've gone through a few of the menus, it'll seem like "old hat"!

Go to the top right menu and play around with the settings in "Birdie Kate's Page". If you think you messed anything up, the Mods can fix it or let you know how...

Again, welcome...

[ Parent ]
That should be New World of FLU Wiki Forum...

[ Parent ]
my first post....thanks
just a simple test how to use it

Affordable CPAP mask and CPAP tubing

[ Parent ]
jump in, the water's fine.

[ Parent ]
And as Dem always says,
"You can't break anything."
Welcome aboard!

United we stand: Divided we fall

[ Parent ]
Welcome UTR
If you need any help at any time, just 'holler' and someone will show you around ;-)

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

[ Parent ]
where to post a question?

i just joined.  i'm a member of a  few web forums, for decades actually.  but i'll be darned if i can find where to post a question in forum!  except, after 10 minutes i found here.

i want to know this: i never get flu shots.  i am 54, overweight male in sw florida.

have no healthcare so i need to now what to do to keep myself guarded against flu.

i cannot do much, so is the answer as simple as eat a lot and drink a lot?

[ Parent ]
A good place to post questions is on the Community Open thread here.  

(You can always find the Community Open Thread on the front page by scrolling down a bit.)

My 2 cents in answer to your question is that your lack of healthcare coverage will not really make a difference in a severe pandemic, because the healthcare system is likely to be completely overwhelmed.  Likewise, vaccinations that are specific to a new pandemic strain are unlikely to be available to most of us for at least six months and probably longer.  There's no guarantee that today's seasonal flu shot will help protect against a pandemic virus.

The key will be minimizing your risk of exposure to a pandemic virus.  How can you reduce your contact with other people if a pandemic occurs?  For example, think of stocking up on food, household supplies and home health supplies so you don't need to go to the store (which will probably have bare shelves anyway), working from home, anticipating utility disruptions, etc.

Have you seen these resources?
Flu Wiki Personal and Family Preparedness page
GetPandemicReady.org website
Influenza Pandemic Preparation and Response - A Citizen's Guide
ReadyMoms Alliance website, especially the handouts at the bottom of the page

[ Parent ]
Open threads?
Are there going to be open threads? Do we need open threads?

yes, there will be a daily open thread
for people who don't want to start their own diary but want to chat.

[ Parent ]
Sig line
Where do you put in your sig line?  I figured it was in my profile section somewhere, but I can't find it.


My initials do spell WIT, do they not?

ask and ye shall receive
when you hit profile, you'll see a box that says Comment Signature:

You put it there and save.

[ Parent ]
...about this profiles page where you find settings for things....
me again...

Hey, it looks like you can use punctuation in your thread titles now -- that's cool.

Ok, I got to my profiles page & to my preferences section and saw where I have choices to show threaded or flat or I think 2 other options.....I think I get the difference between threaded or flat...threaded is indented, and flat is all left margin aligned.  But what do the other 2 mean?  Would it be possible to have a visual clue there on that page so that when I select one out beside it (or below it on the page) you can see a sample of what that choice will look like?

I noticed some boxes with numbers below that where I could, I thought, choose the number of diaries and comments I wanted to see on the first page so I upped the number -- so I could see more diary headings per page -- like I could see thread titles over 'there', but it didn't seem to change anything on the first page....can't I have 20 or 30 diary titles in the middle of the main page if I change that number so I can scan through to see what I want to read?


sort of
here are the choices on comments, and we'll need a diary on that.

The default is nested. That means:


comment A

-->comment C

------>comment E

----------->comment F

Comment B

-->Comment D


comment A

-->comment C

------>comment E

----------->comment F

Comment B

-->Comment D

except only the main comment A is completely seen. The comments C, E and F you see only the title. if you click on it, the comment expands.

Flat unthreaded

comment A

comment B

comment C

comment D

Comment E

Comment F

like the yellow Forum

Flat threaded

comment A

comment C

comment E

comment F

Comment B

Comment D

very confusing, I think


comment A

-->comment C

------>comment E

----------->comment F

Comment B

-->Comment D
except all you see is the title.

Try them all. The Flat Unthreaded is like the yellow Forum.

[ Parent ]
in display prefs you see:

User time zone: 
# Of Recent Comments: 
Front Page Diaries: 
Subject Diaries: 
Width of Posting Comment box:  60
Height of Posting Comment box:  20

I'd leave the posting Comment box alone. Subject Diaries will change the number of Recent Diaries in that box that you see, # of Recent Comments is as it states. Front Page Diaries affects only the main page center, where the mods post.

[ Parent ]
Diary Listings
If I click on Diaries in the Menu box, the screen I'm taken can show long chunks of text representing the initial post of each diary. That means I have to do a lot of scrolling and clicking to new web pages if I've read the initial posts before. Is there any way to reduce the amount of text shown for each initial post in each diary? Some posters do tend to compose very long comments.

If a diary is popular, having to scroll past that same initial post many dozens or hundreds of times to view other diaries is a waste of time.

you can use the recent diaries box
for that on the main page and to the right. You can set that box to show as many diary titles as you want - go to your personal page by clicking on your name (or use the Menu box upper right), go to profile, display pref, and change the number in the subject diaries box. I use 15.

[ Parent ]
Is it possible with this software
To limit the number of characters allowed to be typed in The Main Text box? That way, when a user brings up Diaries, they won't have to scroll forever to get to the bottom...and it will kinda force folks to use the Extended Text box for continuing their postings...

[ Parent ]
daily kos did that
but i don't see that as a featue here.

[ Parent ]
RE: limiting size of main text box
Is it possible ... to limit the number of characters allowed to be typed in The Main Text box?

Peer pressure.
Chastise those who put their whole (long) post in the first box. Ridicule them. Ostracize them, if necessary. They will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

[ Parent ]
i posted a Diary Rule
if that doesn't work, I suggest Vogon poetry.

[ Parent ]
Here's the Diary Rule
When you write a Diary, use both the Main Text: and the Extended Text: boxes. Essentially, the Main Text is a short, less than three paragraph part and the extended text is where the bulk of long Diaries goes.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Can someone tell me a quick and easy way to find new threads? At the old forum it was easy. I just clicked on discussion and the newest thread was at the top.  Thanks


Click on Diaries in the Menu at top right
That will give you a list of Diaries with the most recently published at the top. Only the first part of the entry shows there and you have to click on There's more... or Discuss to see the extended diary and the comments.

Remember that the date of the last comment has nothing to do with the order of this list. It's the date the original diary was published that determines the order.

[ Parent ]
It's gonna take me a while to get this all figured out.  I need to take a course.  I think it probably will be an excellent format when one gets the hang on it.  I like this background colour of soft grey or blue or whatever you might call it.  I'm just posting this to see what happens.

Oh, looks good.

[ Parent ]
I need to know
Ok I need to know thiss so I don't miss anything. When I sign in, on my left are the diaries. Now if I check all the recent ones I will be seeing everything that has been posted recently, is that correct?

Now if I look to my left what I am seeing there is just recent replies from individuals, is that correct?

Before at the old wiki I found I could just scroll down the page and see the name of the topic I was interested in and could click on.  I don't want to miss anything ya know.

This site loads much faster though I have to say.

Type Size
Ok so my eyes are getting old. Is there a way to make the type larger on the whole site?


Changing font size
LurkerMartha said: Is there a way to make the type larger on the whole site?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can change the type size from the "View"->"Text Size" menu, or by using the CTRL + (control plus + sign) key combination.  CTRL - (control plus - sign) makes it smaller, and CTRL 0 (control plus zero) resets it back to normal.

I believe Internet Explorer 7 has a similar facility, but since Firefox is a superior browser, I don't use IE, and don't know how to change the font size with it.

[ Parent ]
Mod questions
Where can I find a list of 1) ALL the threads, 2) The last 50 "comments" with a time, date stamp, and 3) Ask the Mod thread?

1) I know there must be a list of all the threads somewhere, but I sure haven't found it yet.
some times I want to post on an old thread (one that hasn't been up for days).

2) the narrow little recent commnets does not have a time showing.  It is nice to be able to look over all the things you missed since xx o'clock but you just cannot do that unless it was only a short time.  The 50 was my normal entry to the old forum so I could just check up on the threads that moved since the last time I looked. 

3) I tried a search here for Ask Mods but came up empty.  How do I ask them questions- email them directly-  I don't think so.

Be Prepared

Mod answers
1. The Diaries link in the Menu on the right takes you to a complete list of diaries. They're in order according to the most recently published with the date being that of the original diary entry, not the most recent comment.

2. The Recent Comments box is preprogrammed and I haven't seen any way to customize it. But you'll note that once you're logged in the Recommended Diaries and Recent Diaries boxes on the right indicate how many new comments as well as the total number of comments. That indicates comments you haven't seen.

3. To pose questions you can find the most recent Community Sandbox (Open Thread) diary on the front page. Or you can email one of us if you need to. See the Contact box at the bottom left for email links.

[ Parent ]
Not exactly the answer I wanted but thanks anyway.
So there are no "threads" just diaries?

I guess my problem is that I don't really care how many I have not read yet (I never can read them all anyway).  I just what to know what is newly added since the last time I looked over the titles.

By the way, I see all your hard work and now I know why you are not sleeping- thanks.

Be Prepared

[ Parent ]
Diaries becomes threads...
... the moment someone adds a comment. This software platform calls them diaries so I'm trying to train myself to be consistent.

[ Parent ]
The list of the diaries seems to be when they started instead of when they were added or commented to.  How do I get a list by date of last comment?

Be Prepared

side bar
Oh is there a page somewhere with all the recent comments on a normal page instead of just a side bar. 

Be Prepared

Not for all comments
But you can hit the Your Comments link in the Menu to see a list of the comments you've made. And you can hit the Recent Replies link on that page to see if you've been replied to. Both those lists are in order by date and time, most recent at the top.

[ Parent ]
an easy way to print?
on  'ol yeller there was an option to print at the bottom of the page, I don't see that here.  Is there an easy way to get a print version of the diary?


an easy way to print?
anyone? I'm probably just missing it somewhere...but where?

[ Parent ]
Re: Printing New Forum pages
Tomo--I asked the same question a week or so ago. Right now, there isn't an easy option, just Print-Screen. DemFromCT has put in a request to the software publisher for more features, and I believe that was one of them...he posted here: http://www.newfluwik...

[ Parent ]
Keeping Food for Years

Processing and improper storage practices can expose food items to heat or oxygen, which is what causes deterioration. In ancient times, salt was used to cure meats and fish to preserve them longer, while sugar is added to fruits to prevent spoilage. Certain herbs, spices and vinegar can also be used as preservatives, along with anti-oxidants, most notably vitamins C and E. In processed foods, certain FDA-approved chemical additives also help extend shelf life.

How do I get a picture to be included in my posting? n/t

"A generation which ignores history has no past and no future." Robert Heinlein

solar cooking
Hi-Does anyone have any experience in cooking cakes in a solar cooker?

Hi, yosarrin,
I have no experience with solar ovens, with cakes or otherwise, but your question may get more attention if you put it in the Community Open Thread too, because that one stays on the front page.

There are some tips in this diary, Solar Oven Recipes and Tips, by Edna Mode in 2007:
I don't know if all computers do this, but my Mac has a page search function, Apple + F, and I put in "cake" to search Edna Mode's diary.

To bake cakes or bread, preheat the cooker for at least ½ hour before adding the food. Preheating the oven with several bricks or pieces of tile inside will also provide a source of heat.

Kathy in FL wrote this diary about Alternative Cooking Methods in 2007: http://www.newfluwiki2.com/sho...
She has many links to recipes here, and even instructions for making solar ovens from various materials, even using a wheelbarrow!

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

[ Parent ]
Welcome aboard yosarrin!
Here are some other links related to Solar Cooking:

Thanks to Irene

Thanks to iwrote1

[ Parent ]
NDM-1 Vaccine?
I don't really understand the latest superbug. This article:


claims that the new Superbug is a gene. It is possible to create a vaccine for a gene?

Confused :)


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