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Welcome to the conversation Forum of Flu Wiki

This is an international website intended to remain accessible to as many people as possible. The opinions expressed here are those of the individual posters who remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.
The use of good judgement during the discussion of controversial issues would be greatly appreciated.

Proposed Process to populate FluWiki

by: Will

Tue Dec 12, 2006 at 13:16:41 PM EST

(thoughtful approach - comments welcomed - promoted by DemFromCT)

Objective: Stimulate discussions in key subject areas (knowledge domains) related to pandemic science, preparation, onset, and aftermath that will be converted into information on FluWiki pages.  The resulting knowledge is “owned” by all, without pride of authorship concerns or limitations, that can be understood and acted upon by readers with little or no prior knowledge before coming to FluWikie.
Will :: Proposed Process to populate FluWiki
Approach:  Leverage other successful wiki approaches (e.g., Wikipedia) and discussion group techniques to fuse data and information for purposes of populating FluWikie pages.  The various discussion forum threads would be the place to discuss new information that might become incorporated into the expanding FluWiki pages.  News and blog have their own domains, though can still be tagged for future searches.  Diaries can still have a place.

Volunteers would be sought to help with collaboration in each of the subject areas, more for moderation and facilitation than determination of content (in other words, they help guide knowledge capture, rather than dictate content).

Information presented would preferably be supported by reference (i.e., research study/paper, publication, primary source, secondary source, reliable website, etc) in order to help other information providers understand the source and authenticity of the provided information.  Some information may be provided as personal experience.  Knowledge captured on Wiki pages will be footnotes with these references to give readers the same under understanding of the information source and authenticity.

Issue Mitigations
Care needs to be taken to avoid copyright violations, though government published information is considered public domain for these purpose.

Some pride of authorship is to be expected with new information providers, though understanding the goal of achieving the highest attainment of knowledge in each subject area is a common goal, rather than the recognition or pre-eminence of personal authorship.

Disputes may arise concerning content. If the Subject Area Volunteer cannot resolve it directly, a consensus by the input of two other volunteers who review the dispute will achieve resolution.  Often the best approach is to put in competing theories/approaches with explanations and sources to let the readers decide for themselves.

Always, Always be cordial to others and respect their input, as we are all humans with narrow experience bases who can learn from others.

Key Processes:

  1. Identify and establish the subject area hierarchy (which will morph over time).
  2. Seek volunteers to lead collaborative efforts in these subject areas or portions thereof.
  3. Arrange discussion forum and Wiki pages around subject areas.
  4. Establish Wiki page templates to provide a common ‘look and feel’ to the wiki pages.
  5. Begin the process of acquiring information through;
    1. Discovery of new information sources
    2. ‘Mining’ of earlier discussion exchanges and wiki pages
  6. Discuss acquired information on discussion forum
  7. Add information to Wiki pages
  8. Continue information acquisition by returning to step 5


    See general wiki examples (ours will be more focused), such as Botany and The Hindenburg (browse for other interesting articles).

    Any and all comments expressly encouraged.

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very thoughtful diary
and please remeber there is a difference between organizing the wiki (www.fluwikie.com)and organizing this forum, though ideally the two should be synergistic.

One of our goals is to 'wikify' (i.e. get good info onto www.fluwikie.com) any good info developed here so everyone can share.

Will's suggestion applies to the currently well-populated Flu wiki, already organized by category (see Left sidebar):

Influenza News Sites And Resources

Influenza Science

Pandemic Preparedness

Influenza Plans and Surveillance - National and International

Legal, Ethical, Economic and Political Issues





Ready ..or not

which are the existing categories.

It turns out that rumors, for example
are really better handled here.


Good examples can be added to the wiki for later review.

[ Parent ]
Categories, subjects
Yes, there is a good start at categorization now, though I believe we need to re-examine it, plus add sub-categories underneath them.  For example, Preparation currently has within it;
# Community Preparedness for an Influenza Pandemic
# Personal & Family Preparedness
# Workplace Continuity
# Fictional scenarios
# Speculative Models
# Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

The first three items fit, and we could add sections on State/Province and National Preparedness plans, if nothing more than to provide links to them.

The scenarios/models are more science based, and should go under Science.  CERT should fall under Community Preparedness

On top of that, if we look at Personal Preparedness, there is another mix of topics that needs re-examination.  And then under that should be another layer.  For example, Water now primarily focuses on disinfection, without reference to collection or storage.

If I were to suggest a list of subcategories for Personal/Family Preparedness, I would likely list;

SIP Location/People

  -Sources (local, online, gardening)


  -Electricity (generation, storage)
  -Hot Water

  -Items to stock
  -Precautions around others
  -Procedures for the infected

  -Septic Matters

  -Fuel Storage


These subcategories could themselves become the basis for articles. Ideally, there would be a forum thread (or diary) associated directly with each of them.  Wikipedia does this, and I've been somewhat active in providing content there.  It has a highly refined process, much more than we need right now, so just the basics will get us up and running.

Building a wiki needs a process and organization behind it that blogs don't need or want; otherwise, I'm afraid we'll continue down the path of long threads that nobody will really go back to, though they are chock full of good (though scattered) information.  We need to decide what our objective is; are we building a wiki, blogging, or "stream of consciousness" discussion/chattng? We can do all three, though we don't have an approach of truly enabling the first. 

There are a number of other Avian Flu discussion boards out there right now, so having a thriving wiki presence would certainly differentiate us.

[ Parent ]
I couldn't agree more!
Here's a good example of a wikipage that started its life as a thread/diary (or two).  (The threads are linked to at the top of the wikipage.  People can go there and see it for themselves!)

Some people might want to specialize in dragging content from the threads/diaries to the wiki (we don't need to ask permission, as the license allows us to copy content with some very light rules, and all of us who write are by default accepting such rules), others might want to help with formatting, others with supervising (as a service) the whole process and seeing where + what is needed.

Ah, yes, and it should be nice and easy. :)

The trick, for each of us, is finding something each of us can do: roles.  Each of us can select a role now and a different role later, depending on time, energy, availability, etc.

One role is to help others who want to get into a specific role (teach them the wiki syntax).

Thanks for starting this thread/diary!

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

This is good and we need
a list of subjects.

Can I start the list?:

What does SIP really mean?

How can I help my neighbours during a pandemic?

Creating a personal Recovery Plan

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

Annie, you've hit on very important areas: self quarantine, individual/family preparation planning (which needs to include ''recovery'' planning), and community preparation planning.  How would you organize these by the highest level subject area, would they all fall under Preparation?

[ Parent ]
a wikipage to welcome people
we've done that before - no size fits all

but any of us can start a wikipage that acts like an index, to help people go to the old units of information

if we want, we can copy, condense or move the information from old places to new places - if that makes sense

Evolution vs Design  see this too


You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
Just a note to Lugon, I'm running Ubuntu on my home laptop, and think it's great.

[ Parent ]
well , there the main page, the 'tours' and we can do a welcome here
don't forget things can be in multiple places. If Will thinks that tabletops go in science and I think they go in preps, links to the 'real page' (wherever it is) can be placed in both sections... it's not either/or.

[ Parent ]
The benefits of Wikification include allowing a subject matter to belong to more than one Category. As long as there is a unique place to discuss the contents of the page, confusion is minimized.

[ Parent ]
There's a broken link
I think the link near the end of the diary is supposed to point here (opens in a new window). It's a Wikipedia piece.

I've started a diary called Quick Reference for PmWiki (also opens in a new window) which I'll build up over time. In many ways, the wiki markup is easier than the HTML folks here have been playing with in the last couple of weeks.

That said, don't be afraid to just put content in and hope that someone else will take care of adding the visual bells and whistles. It's a collaborative process. If the markup isn't your thing, someone else will be along.

Do we really want to grow a Wiki?
Perhaps the first thing we need to ask is if we truly want to keep and grow the wiki. Everyone please comment on this point.

The next thing we need to ask is if we want to take the effort to implement a process and framework to truly enable the Wiki to grow, as the current approach, while a start, is not achieving the results we could be achieving.  Please comment on this point as well.

keep the wiki? aims
Our final goal is to deal with the next pandemic in the best possible way.

To do that, we need practical preparedness carried out in the real world.

To do that, we need awareness to ignite action, and we also need information to help those who want to act.  Awareness is also ignited by information; more than by information, it's ignited by perception: we want a shift in perception, from "why care" to "I personally care".

So we want information.  Good quality, accessible, available information.

We also want champions.  We are the current champions, in tiny numbers.  There should be more, and we should welcome them.

We want information for champions.  Both in the preparedness stage and, if the internet is running, also in the response stage.

We may not want a wiki, but a distilled booklet.  Maybe such a distilled booklet would start its life as a wiki.

Maybe we need to cut down the noise?  Leave the rubble around in case it's useful or recyclable, and start a new hierarchy called Condensed.*?

I read about a novelist who suggested it's hard but necessary to throw all your previous work and start afresh.

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
assume that not all communities are at the same level of preparedness
if you want to share information so everyone doesn't have to start from scratch, or if one place has a 'best practice' in one area and another in another area, how do you best exchange reliable information? If there's a better way than a wiki (which is editable by anyone and everyone), what would be better?

This is a system that has 5 millon visits and 10 million page views already. Now, that's in a world where only a few of us sense the need.

In addition, a site run by any govt. will not be completely trusted nor can it be depended upon to add non-consensus information.

That's not self-justification, it's an open question. I'll gladly shut the wiki down if there's a better way. I couldn't think of one. I'm all ears. That, however, is a different question than the one originally asked in the diary.

[ Parent ]
Re: Do we really want to grow a Wiki?
Perhaps the first thing we need to ask is if we truly want to keep and grow the wiki.

The FluWiki has grown, and continues to grow from it's bare-roots start to what is considered by many, including several major journals, to be the premiere stop on the web for information regarding the possibility of PanFlu, and how to prepare for it.

A lot of the changes recommended by visitors seem to point at changing the Forum, not the Wiki Proper. Arguably, the Wiki could be a bit more organized, but since I'm not in the business of rebuilding websites, I would be the last person to ask about how to do it.

My answer to the above question is yes. Definitely. If FluWiki were a static site, with only input that could be sterilized by a Site Administrator, it would defeat the entire purpose of pulling information from all over the globe and centralizing it for everyone to see. As visitors have the ability to add to the Wiki, it will continue to grow. No one site has indexed nor stored nearly the amount of information available online into one depository as FluWiki has, and I don't believe anyone is even trying. No other site, using any other platform, has really delved into any PanFlu prep matters using input from hundreds, if not thousands of like-minded, unique individuals the way users and visitors to FluWiki have. And that's on both the Wiki Proper and the Forums.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is keep the Wiki a wiki...don't try to re-invent the wheel.

[ Parent ]
Wikis can be managed many different ways
I suppose what I'm trying to say is keep the Wiki a wiki...don't try to re-invent the wheel.

The thrust of the above discussion is really about how to best arrange our forum to support not only current discussions, but as a means to effectively expand FluWikie.  Growth in some areas has stagnated; in others, there's a lot of information scattered about in many preparation guides.  In the meantime, we have Flu Prep XXVI, Solar and generators for dummies X, and  so forth where the information is not finding its way into the wiki.  A further fleshed out listing of categories (see above) can help, as at least people know where they can capture the  information as it becomes recognized as constructive.

If you want to see an exemplary wiki, see Wikipedia.  I am not recommending anything on the scale of their processes, adminship, etc, but at least having forum threads that match up with articles helps to give clarity to the direction and focus to the discussion.

[ Parent ]
just to clarify
A further fleshed out listing of categories (see above) can help, as at least people know where they can capture the  information as it becomes recognized as constructive.

IMO that's it in a nutshell Will. Then people can just jump in and add content as they are able to.

I don't see it so much as re-arranging the forum, more like providing a project framework to harvest forum info and condense/arrange it for the wiki. Then keep the project Diary visible and simple and to the point.

(This is really over-simplified here, but)...For instance, provide a list of areas to start (Subjects and perhaps corresponding identified 'harvestable threads/diaries?) and we say
- here are the guidelines we'd like to see used, generally
- please pick an area and go at it
- please report on your progress, ask questions, suggest new areas to be covered, etc. here.

I think we'll get alot more input that way than if we make the approach to adding info too complex. I'm not sure if I'm being clear here and I could, of course, be wrong.

People are busy, all of us are. If we make it easy for them to say- yes I could do that! without investing alot of time in identifying what needs to be done we'll get more volunteers and more info added.

A framework like this needs central organization, either an individual or better yet a group to point people in the right direction.

I gotta run, more later!

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
kind of like what AnnieB did with the Lookout Posts

this is what needs to be done...

this is how to go about it...

here are the areas to divvy up...

what would you like to do?

Some of us are excellent at recognizing the need for certain work to be done and organizing it. Others are better at- 'what a great idea, I'd like to help with that!

Different kinds of people and I think we need to try to set it up in such a way as to draw on the strengths of both groups.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
The wiki is the final draft
My bottom line on the software categories:

Forums are for pulling information in.

Blogs are for pushing information out on a schedule.

Wikis are for organizing and storing information and for allowing true collaboration on document creation.

If you're preparing for the day when large numbers of people are suddenly trying to play catch up on information that has a long shelf life, the wiki is the most efficient way to present it.

[ Parent ]
another long term goal is to port
to a program like Mediawiki that can handle volume better than PmWiki.

lugon and others prefer all open source as a matter of principle. I prefer whatever works best as a matter of practicality (including affordability, ease of administration, searchability, and ability to handle volume of hits). Those last 4 points were key in choosing this platform, which exceeds expectations in those areas.

There will always be trade-offs. Such is life. This is not an open source platform, for example.

controlling the wiki
I am tired of people coming and trying to organize who and how people can add to the wiki.  Or trying to build a political movement out it (perhaps envisioning themselves at the top of the new pyramid).  I don't like the idea of assigning procedures or rank or people having to 'get permission' to do things as they 'represent the group'.

Leave well enough alone.

medical information provided is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. if you believe you have a medical problem, consult your practitioner.

why did the plug get pulled on the "victims tturn black" thread?
Hi Lisa
One moment the "victims turn black" thread was at the top of the page. Now it is gone. (at the bottom of the page, waiting to disappear). It was immediately after I asked you for references for your statements. I think I have contributed to this wiki.

very disrespectful. shame on you

[ Parent ]
paranoia will destroy ya
i believe it's a function of use/activity, not anyone person's preference on what is, or is not, important.  to my knowledge, Lisa is not an admin on this site - and based on what i've seen of her posts over several months, i would find any assertion that she would attempt to limit another's speech...  (hmm...  can't use that word here). 

[ Parent ]
display prefs
don't forget you can set you display prefs out to include a greater number of recent comments/diaries - i bumped mine up to 99 to cover alot of activity across several groups.  it makes the page longer, but you get a more comprehensive scope on activity.  now if we could just get epoch time stamps...  kidding.. :-)

[ Parent ]
it's a timed-limited recommend
based on comments, recommends of other diaries, etc. and has nothing to do with Lisa or any individual poster or mod.

[ Parent ]
btw, you can increase the number of 'recent diaries'
shown in your box and it wil reappear. Do that on the 'clark's page' link, menu, top right>profiles>display prefs.

[ Parent ]
change the number in "subject diaries"
to whatever you want.

[ Parent ]
No plugs to pull!
Clark --- look here:
Victims Turn Black diary

[ Parent ]
clarke I have only the same member priviledges you do. n/t :)

medical information provided is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. if you believe you have a medical problem, consult your practitioner.

[ Parent ]
what i saw
Last night (NZ time), "the victims of H5N1 turn black" thread was at the very top of the page. It was the most recommended- most active. There were 72 posts. I asked Lisa GP to reference her statements and within minutes, "the victims of H5N1 turn black" was off of the recommended list. I searched for it. It was second from the last at at bottom of the page. Now it is off of the front page all together.

Is it because I am not posting from New Zealand? It is the American way I guess- if you don't like something you buy it, invade it, or ban it.

I am not paranoid. Non American posters get driven off of this wiki(?) (more like a sanitized site by the dreaded TPTB). Anybody who has been around here for awhile notices the absense of names- all run out of town.

[ Parent ]
I'd hazard to guess that the thread was 'bumped' off the main page when I promoted the new daily news Diary last night. The new summary format had a longer intro section than the previous day's and took up more room.

Believe me when I say that it was not my intention to 'bury' the Diary, or any other such thing. Your words and your POV are valued here, never doubt that.

I am not an American and there are many others here who aren't- you're not alone and we are all of equal....and btw I'm not one of the mods, just someone with a few 'housekeeping' priviledges, to help out when needed.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
clark's diary was not on the main page to my knowledge
It appears to have lost its place on the "recommended diaries" list to more recent entries.

That is how the automated system is supposed to work.

[ Parent ]
good to know, thanks DemFromCT n/t

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
the victims turn black
11 hours ago, "the victims of bird flu turn black" was at the head of the recommended list. It was first on the page. One hour later, it was off of the recommended list and second from the last on the recent diaries list. When I looked an hour ago, it was off of the front page all together.


[ Parent ]
Just remind people to hit the "Recommend Diary"
button and it will come back onto the list again ;-)

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

[ Parent ]
um... Annie B (NZ) and MaMa (Canada)
are trying to explain things to you, sir.

[ Parent ]
Clark that happened to me too!
My Basic Box with Recipes was recommended for a while and was high up on the list and then -- poof -- it disappeard completely.

I have no idea why, but I think people read it and then.... weren't so interested in it anymore.

Just sharing what happened to me.

GetPandemicReady.org - non commerical website with practical ways for families to prepare.

[ Parent ]
same thing with my pandemic game post.
It is just the nature of the software.  You only get one chance to recommend something, then as that recommendation ages, it means less and the recommended diary falls off the list.

You can't recommend something more than once, as I understand it.

medical information provided is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. if you believe you have a medical problem, consult your practitioner.

[ Parent ]
It's been explained, there's nothing else to it
The fact that people voluntarily post on whatever site they choose to (many post on multiple sites) has nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to your diary. ;-)

[ Parent ]
I am a scientist
Hi Dem
I am a scientist and I tend to believe what I see- especially if it is repeatable. This site is turning into a list of lists.

[ Parent ]
well, clark
here are some excellent give-and-takes.

CDC Requesting Public Comment on Vaccine Prioritization

Community Sandbox (An Open Thread)

Care of orphans, and other Social Service needs

Mortuary and Mass Casualty Services

European assumptions

That's in addition to the Indonesia, News and 'not bird flu' threads.

They are all very visible from the main page by scrolling down. if you don't find what you are looking for, you can try the tags or you can start a new diary. Your last one seemed to be very well attended, btw, so I'm not certain what you are looking for.

[ Parent ]
urggh... no editing comments
The victims of bird flu turn black

I, among others, have recommended it.

[ Parent ]
This site is turning into a list of lists.

Precisely why I'm trying to make the connection with the Wiki so that all good information makes it's way there, with a link back to the diary/talkpage for further discussion/refinement.

There's too much good information that simply streams on by.  Hotlists get too large and unwieldy over time.

[ Parent ]
the simplest way to do that
is to find the corresponding wiki page and link back to the forum here.

We've done that with the mortuary discussion. The mortuary and funeral services links back here.


When a wiki page can be created covering the topic, the link can be changed to 'discussion here'. Barring a systematic plan, this weekend I was going to create such a page.

[ Parent ]
Systematic plan
Barring a systematic plan, this weekend I was going to create such a page.

Did you mean a plan created by one of us, or by a mod?

[ Parent ]
wikis are DIY
Do it yourself.

If you don't, I will, eventually.  ;-)

[ Parent ]
btw,someone said
that my posts on why to get the seasonal vaccine should be on the wiki.  Does that mean my post should be copied there, or the whole thread, and where should I put it, or do the mods do that?

medical information provided is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. if you believe you have a medical problem, consult your practitioner.

you can simply link your diary from a vaccines page

or you can repost your diary as an opinion page.


[ Parent ]
On the other hand,
I would have thought it went under Preparedness Planning/Personal&FamilyPreparednessPlanning/Vaccines

[ Parent ]
that's the vaccines page it can link from
the wiki link I provided (under V) takes you there.

[ Parent ]
index-pages and content-pages
Page names and categories are, I'm afraid, quite difficult to change in practice.  If there's a historical Consequences.BlahBlahBlah page which we all agree would more sensibly be called Preparedness.SmallFamilies we can't just rename it.  We could create a new page and port the content there, but I'm afraid we would also have to leave a link to the new page from the old page, and make the old page "read only".  Doable, but it sounds like a lot of work to me.  And even then, I don't see how we could solve "deep links", for instance external pages that link directly to #chapter37 within the Consequences.BlahBlahBlah wikipage.

That's my personal and temporary "can't be done this way" aproach.  I may be fully wrong. :-)

Now, I'd summarise what we could do in two areas:

- We could build more or better index-pages.  At some point in time, some of us thought about creating a specific index for journalists: "if you're a journalist you should make sure you read this (link), that (link) and also that (link)".  Working for myself, I created this outline summary which might also serve that purpose ... if I ever find the time (or gracious help) to fill it up with a zillion links.

Will's structure above could be made into a wikipage, with links to everything under the sun - great!

Another good thing about "good" index-pages is that they allow us for changes in perception, showing us the need to create content-pages that don't exist yet: blurry spots in our personal big picture.  So I'm all for it!  We need big pictures!  And, I think, they will be "personal" big pictures.  Or at the very least there will be more than one big picture, depending on where we want to look at things from.  "Entry points into the mess", we could call them.  A journalist's entry point will be different to other entry points.

- We could also build more or better content-pages.  Each page or group of pages could have an associated forum thread so that cooks can chat around the pudding, scientists can chat around the blackboard, puppeteers can chat around the puppet-theater (where we display what we think we know), or any other metaphor each of us likes best.

Moving to another platform will be, well, an interesting challenge.  Let's leave that for some other day.  Plus we need DemFromCT's and pogge's input on this.  You know, platforms being considered, issues in moving over to the other place, help needed to do the port, mirror images elsewhere (for backup and translation purposes), multi-linguality, etc.

In practice, we can share our views on what we could do.  And we can also just get our hands dirty and do some small, practical things.  What would be our next steps?  What does each of us feel like doing?  How can we help each other be more productive, index/content-wise?

Everyone has their pet projects, and so it should be.

Personally, I'm working on good home treatment (a translation project) and trying to rework the (great and terribly important, IMO) case for early school closure (working on SandBox2 at the moment, for some peace and quiet; I don't know if the final result will be better than what we have now, but I hope so).

In the past, I lent a hand to the fabulous work done by Monotreme, Okieman, Corky52 and many others at water supply (with its associated forum thread).  After we tried this (with some success, I think), other people did have the great idea of creating and populating Forum Index under Main in FluWikie.com, which may be a very good first step to what Will is suggesting we should build on.  (There's even a chapter on cooperative thinking exercises.)  Forgive my "elder's tales".  I feel tempted to delete it but it does have some good links.  :-)

In short: can it be done?  I think so.  Could we do more?  In my view, it depends on making it easy for each other, inviting each other, doing what's directly at hand, and hoping for the best regarding what others will or will not do.  We're getting better at it, all of us.

Will, thanks for starting this thread.

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

it's a chore but mods can rename pages
or even categories. But it's really a 'redirect' command, so while it may appear as Preparedness.SmallFamilies to you, the original page is still labeled Consequences.BlahBlahBlah page.

[ Parent ]
We have two comprehensive indexes on the Wiki now---the Wiki Index, and the Forum Index. Both can be added to, linked from, copied, etc. The Wiki index doesn't have to link only to Wiki documents, since a lot of discussion occurs on the Forum(s). It hasn't had a lot of activity lately as opposed to the Forum Index--THAT gets updated almost daily with the News threads on both Forums...

As we pull relevant information out of the long series of threads (ie: Flu Preps, Solar, etc.) we can create a Wiki page to include all the ideas and links for that topic.
Something to remember about creating lots of Wiki pages...it will take some time to cull all of the info from the threads--there is a LOT of information in them, as well as quite a bit of extraneous chit-chat. We'll have to decide what constitutes Prep, and what constitutes idle chatter...

[ Parent ]
New subject alignment under Personal/Family Preparedness
I've made the updates to the Personal/Family Preparedness page on FluWiki and have started the discussion page for the article on Determining where to ride out the pandemic.

If we focus our discussions on this topic on the page above, then we have made it far easier to take the next step of putting the information on the respective FluWiki page.

I will continue over the next few days to complete the rest of the section in terms of setting up FluWiki pages and linking them to diary discussion pages. 

that format works very well , Will
that's really the 'meat' of the wiki, outside of the links page.

[ Parent ]
As you can see, I'm continuing to flesh out the Personal/Family Preparedness category, primarily using my material as a jumpstart, though hoping others join in with extra material.

Each Wiki page points to a respective discussion (diary) page, which also links back to the Wiki page.  Hopefully, discussions on those topics takes place on those pages, though without visibility from the forum side, I'm willing to bet that some (new readers especially) will simply start similar threads, diffusing the information across multiple diaries.  We'll see how it goes.

looks good
and we can track if the wiki side comes over.

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