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Where Have I've Been for 18 Months


Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 12:20:54 PM EST

Well today I have some time to tell you what and where I have been for the last 18 months.

To start I became involved with a research project tracking the H5N1 in flocks of geese flying into the United States from Alaska and Canada.  What we did was each summer we traveled up in Canada to take blood samples from different birds over a three year time frame.  I worked 2 summers doing this as part of College final Microbiology school work.  

What was found but not published is H5N1 is spreading throughout the water fowl population in Canada and the US.  We started with about 4-7 percent of the flocks tested being infected.  But that changed in 2010 to over 22 percent.  It will only take a few years and we can expect it will start infecting local produce.  

Once established we can do as was done in Asia by search and destroy which did work for a while in China, but the cost was such that they have now stopped and are looking for new ways to contain the threat. I expect to see the first few cases here in the states by the year 2015.  

OK what else have I've been doing.  Well I have become a full time prepper after seeing the state of our government and how it is handling disasters and the economy that never seems to improve.  

I have stopped working on my PHD and worked to resettle on  a farm in the mid west.  My extend family will also move when they can so that in the end we will have a strong prepper group of about 30 people. There is a lot to prepping but this is not the place to talk about it.

I will send you to the same place I received my initial question answered on prepping just like I came here to learn about Bird Flu.  Go to: http://www.survivalmagazine.org they have a very good forum and you can find me there under the name RICHFL.  Good Luck to all.

RICHARD-FL :: Where Have I've Been for 18 Months
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Nice to hear from you
not nice to hear about the spread of H5N1. I'm assuming it's one of the HPAI versions?

Hi, Richard-FL!
Good to hear from you!  

Wow, that's a big change you're making. It must take a long time to shop for property.  Good soil, enough water, and not under the Keystone oil pipeline.  Good luck to you and your family.

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor


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