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by: bgw in MT

Sat Jan 13, 2007 at 20:24:14 PM EST

I have cobbled the previous diary lists together to make one searchable list. I'm-Working-On-It from Old Yeller thought this would be an easier way to find old threads that have expired from the recent diary box. At her request there is a minimum amount of space between diary titles so there is less scrolling involved. Please let me know if any links are broken or send you back to the wrong page.
bgw in MT :: CLICK HERE **Diary List**: Titles & Links (to Present) Searchable
  Hopefully this list will also provide a way of easily searching for diaries by using the "find" function of your browser (either choose "find" from your Edit menu, or use the "control F" key command to search for a word from the title.)

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Community Open Threads (our community's equivalent of a bulletin board. Announcements and general messages are posted here

News reports

Finding a prepper in your area

Lookout Posts (places around the world with flu news, manned by FW


Indonesian Diaries

Egyptian Diaries


The Monster That Blinked
Fecal transplant can cure superbug c-difficile
The Price of Prepping
Home Health Care Tips
preventionweb.net - a Global Information Platform for DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction)
2007 Pandemic Movie
Prep Kit/Gift Ideas for #10 cans?
New inclusion in our dr's privacy policy
Bali Bubbles on while Balinese bumble
request for Indonesia discussion November 12, 2007
What would you do with a 1,000lb steer
Of Blogs, Forums, and Hive-Mind!
New Preppers/ Newly Concerned
Crime and National Prepping
H5N1 is a reassortant. What about CFR?
ASPR PAHPA Implementation Stakeholders Meeting, part 2 - National Health Security Strategy
ASPR Pandemic and All Hazards Act Implementation Stakeholders Meeting, part 1 - overview
Elapsed time from onset of symptoms to death
ReadyMoms Are Taking The Message National! Part 2
Questions for ASPR
By Parents, for Families
New Version of "Citizen's Guide" Now Available
Pandemic Vaccine Public Engagement Invitation
Water - water - water - a necessary prep
Pets being aloud outside?
By Parents, for Families
Need pressure canner advice
Will Nurses work during a Pandemic? A view from allnurses.com
Maine Preppers II
Anyone else get free flu shots this year?
fluwiki traffic down since September
I think things will get ugly when TSHTF
It's that most wonderful time of the year again! Need prep gift ideas.
Leading Pandemic Indicators?
Going Offline; Working Online
Financial Services Pandemic Exercise
Excellent true life and ongoing survival situation
ReadyMoms Are Taking The Message National!
Local Williamsburg PanFlu Prep Presentation
HSC Biodefense Director Dr. Ken Staley: National Strategy for PI
Indonesia Case Information for October 2007
Numbers to Remember
How Could We Engage The Media?
Children and flu: the little engines that could?
This year's flu is circulating, folks.  I have it.
Indonesian HCW's Bird Flu Protocol For Saftey
Adjuvants, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine Safety in a Pandemic IV
Technology For Local Resilience
Tracking Tourist Reports on Travel Blogs & Forums?
Same old concerns different take
Appetite or Food Fatigue
Jane's sandbox/draft of pamphlet/any comments?
Is there any historical information of fewer reported cases (the calm)?
Adjuvants, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine Safety in a Pandemic III
Adjuvants, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine Safety in a Pandemic II
Is there any historical information of fewer reported cases (the calm)?
Dr. Jody Lanard  - Workshop on Pre-Pandemic Risk Communication, Sydney
Not Bird Flu But Close Oct 12...
Adjuvants, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine Safety in a Pandemic II
Could an alien infection cause an epidemic on earth?
Microbiological Threat to the National Power Grid
Sandbox:  Weather Alerts and Other Interesting Natural Goings-Ons
EXCELLENT resource for alternative energy options
News 10/9/07 - 2 HCW (who 'handled'Linda Tismery) have fever and are suspected BF cases
SIP community forming in DelMarVa, want to join?
Does Flublogia Make a Difference?
Pandemic: Bird Flu" Sunday night on the Science channel
SusanC List of Diaries
Modelling Creative Solutions
Senate Hearing on State and Local Preparedness - report on Panel I
tracking fluwikie visitors
Questions To Ask at WSU Pandemic Conference
Community Awareness & Preparedness (CAP) Presentation Material
COOP Plans for Familiy Pantries: For those Who Do Not Cook
What do we ask people to do?
Petition to the Honorable Tom Harkin
Quotes on why fast action is needed
CT Governor Jodi Rell Announces Pandemic Influenza Public Education Campaign
So what is a better way to model the start of a pandemic?
Has anyone else noticed more respiratory illness since Summer?
Airports and Pandemic Influenza Disease Spread
What advance warning will we get?
FIC newsletter
COOP Plan for Individuals and Families
Finally a DVD on Home Care for the Ill during a severe outbreak!
New report Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers
Sick Day from Florida DPH
Petition to Congress
Water Treatment Plant in a box
What IS The Plan - VI : The Missing Piece
Promoting Community Resilience for a Pandemic
Get Your Flu Shot
Ebola News
Setting Up A Sick Room
the wiki-concept
the Hungary-Suffolk virus
What Does an All-Hazards Presentation Look Like
How do we keep our cats (and other pets) safe in a pandemic?
Homeschool lessons on Prepardness
What IS The Plan - IV : Is the US Government in danger of being swamped by a "PLANdemic"?
Testing for bird flu in Dallas hospital....
where are the experts ?
Bubbling in Bali
Stumbling across pandemic/avian influenza notices
Old Habits Are Hard To Break
PPF for fall 07
PPF for September
Rescources for those With chronic medical conditions
German movie "killerflu"
Self Storage Facilities As Temporary Hospitals
Government Coverup Begins
What IS The Plan - II : The 'Born-Again' National Response Framework
What IS The Plan - I : NRP - the Mother of All Plans
Fall Rituals
How many of you are prepared for September, National Prep. Month?
since when is there influenza in humans ?
Poll & Discussion:  Has the flu vaccine failed you?
September is Emergency Preparedness Month
why aren't scientific papers freely available ?
2006 Sumatra cluster was H 2 H
Announcing: A Gathering of metro DC area flubies
Grocery Distribution during a Pandemic
1918 first-wave virus
Australia Flu Season - 2007 Part 2
H5N1 Not Close to Pandemic?
flu vaccine this fall - will it help?
Natural disasters - Tropical Weather part II
Priority Stories
Underestimated risk factors of a bird flu pandemic.
Last Vacation?
Brainstorming CMG issues
Community Mitigation Demystified - 2. Five Things You Need to Know
Pandemic Prep With Chronic Medical Conditions
Holding Elections During A Pandemic
Community Mitigation Demystified - 1. The Big WHY
5 new CIDRAP weekly business prep columns by Peter Sandman
BBC Video on pandemic flu
Prep Eating Experiment, part three
This is tough....
Australia Flu Season - 2007
U.S. Influenza-Associated Pediatric Mortality
Could the economy impact pandemic flu response?
Some serious advice needed on my Nesco food dehydrator.....
Adjuvants, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine Safety in a Pandemic
flu & prisons
Workplace Safety during a pandemic
Observations at 3000 ft - Pandemic Planning at the OSDFS Conference
availability of Indonesian viruses
Oddball Prep Stuff
Lighten up a little during SIP...
Can a jurisdiction hide its pandemic vulnerabilities?
My Preps are Depressing Me
Can Tamiflu prophylaxis replace Community Mitigation Guidance?
Presenting Panflu Prep On A Larger Stage
Prep Eating Experiment, part two
New Prep O' the week-time for school
cost of sequencing(2)
Recomendations for  This Site
Other Forums
Another New Thing of Interest
What is happening with Local Public Health?
Translating Guide and Home care
Putting together quick "grab it" meal kits for your preps
Public Health Emergency Medical Counttermeasurs Conference - Thoughts.
Tropical weather - other disasters that may exercise your preps
My First Canning Experience
Not Bird Flu But Close July 30.....
HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan  Supplement 10 Public Health Communications
Home canning questions
Metric based Public Health Risk Communication or Fear Uncertainty and Doubt are no longer enough.
Former Surgeon General's DRAFT Report Published by Washington Post
Getting to know you.....
Ham radio - alert system here
will WHO increase the phase level within 1 year ?
Prep Eating Experiment
What are your clever preps storage ideas?
What is your Public Health Department Telling Your Teachers about Bird Flu?
Edible Landscaping as a prep
how likely is WHO phase 4 within one year ?
H5N1 still largely zoonetic
Cottontop's Sandbox III
Anyone used Quikclot?
1918's 2nd wave virus survived ?
Efforts To Improve in Connecticut
The Government's Duty to Inform - Human Rights and Public Health
Influenza: Spread by the abiotic vehicle "cold drinking water"
H5N1 bird flu: Spread by drinking water
The Second AMA/CDC Congress - thoughts and observations
Which indicators (other than confirmed cases) could we look for?
A Worthwhile Exercise
Local Plans
Flu Wiki Forum upgrade coming
83 percent in San Francisco Bay Area are not even prepared for an Earthquake
Brutally honest?  What's the deal here? part 2
Any new preps o' the week?
Fluwiki Graphic Materials
How Long Will 104 Million N95 Respirators Last?
FIO Request
Translate Citizen's Guide A Diary For The FluWiki Tired
Todays news out of Auckland
Canadian Food Inspection updates its site
Chat about Non Pharmaceutical Interventions
Medical Reserve Corps
Hot Water
Storage too warm
Brutally honest?  What's the deal here?
Different behaviors matter
Florida Pandemic Plan 2006
A Sense of Urgency?
"How To" sites
Pandemic or no  Pandemic?
How ready are states to close schools Part II
Who speaks?
Just in Time Delivery Disruptions
Child care during a pandemic
Mandatory Quarantine
How ready are states to close schools?
Does LPAI confer any immunity against HPAI?
Some Problems with Social Distancing During the Influenza Pandemic
Could we develop a set of indicators to monitor readiness?
ASTHO Roundtable Summaries
Freezer and Fridge Tips
VIDEO - Washington alerts residents
Do you want to play a game?
Indonesia Maps
cabbage/sauerkraut kills bir flu virus?
TESTING, TESTING, TESTING, This is only a test of the emergency email.
Seasonal Flu (H3) with Bacterial Pneumonia in West. Australia
Non-Violent Defense Stategies
HHS to Provide $430 Million in Grants to Improve Medical Preparedness and Response to Mass Casualty
Food Storage Experts
What Are You Doing Just At Home (JAH) Pandemic 2
Talking about death and kids
A new route for the virus to enter the US
Read the stamp on my canned beans...
The Government's Duty to Inform - Human Rights and Public Health
If I can get to a microphone....
HHS blog thoughts and prep for July 31st seminar
Closing Thoughts - from Secy Leavitt
Pandemic Border Controversy
What are you doing during Just At Home (JAH) pandemic
Grass roots points of contact
Where are YOU?
FAFfing about - speak for yourself!
Pressed into Service?
HHS and the death of "surge management"
"Must See" Panflu Video
New TV ad about Flu seen in Florida
Public Health Education vs. Marketing
Shame on you, HHS, if you don't take action...
Just an idle thought......
The hive is good - Kobie's thoughts.
Wider-Community Awareness Points
Home Defense - Are you prepared?
ATTENTION: Important HHS Public Consultation
How to get planning jump-started. . . from Level 1 and up
Making It Happen
dosage of prepandemic vaccine
Roche, Tamiflu, and corporate business
A Call to Joint Action
Influenza Pandemic Preparation and Response - A Citizen's Guide
Presentations Resource List
Beyond the Prep Working Diary
BBC 1974 "Survivors" Terry Nation
Beyond The Prep
failure to infect "volunteers" in 1918
Counting Contacts that Count
Possible idea?
A logo for the fluwiki?
Ready or not . . . (for pandemic flu in Oregon)
Final Report - Prioritization of Critical Infrastructure by DHS and Recommendations
pandemic in 2007 ?
Where is TPTB plan?
good webpage about 1918
HHS Conference Notes
Grassroots Actions- Letter Writing Campaigns
Leadership and Moral Courage part 2
Don't forget the paperwork
How Long to Stockpile Food and Goods?
Leadership and Moral Courage
The real lesson from Katrina
HHS Wants To Hear From You On The Topic Of Panflu Prep Part V
Just-At-Home vs. Shelter-In-Place
city vs. urban
What Did They Know and When Did they Know It?
A Call for American Leadership
HHS Wants To Hear From You On The Topic Of Panflu Prep Part IV
Testing of New Product
A Mother's Protest
Pandemic Flu Leadership Blog Mirror Thread
If not us, who?
Current Opinions on Anticipated D-Day
Can we rely on common sense?
I Am So Discouraged
Radio Ad for Flu Prevention By Florida Health Dept. 060507
Berkey Filter Questions
Prepping on the cheap
Tagging diaries with "image" - Help appreciated!
Prep O' the week strikes again!  (5)
Not Bird Flu But Close June 3...
How Can Community Groups Help the Public Prep?
Dangerous little memes
How's pogge doing?
Any advice to someone planning a trip to Indonesia?
What Do You Tell Your School Board When It Asks About Avian Flu Readiness?
New to Flu Wiki
Threads from the Old forum
Project Xtreme
A Better Story To Be In (Part 3)
do all existing H3N2-viruses descend from one 1968/7-host ?
feature or bug
The Parent Test
"Pandemic" on Hallmark Channel, May 26
Okieman's Map Request Diary
HHS Wants To Hear From You On The Topic Of Panflu Prep Part III
POLL  Would power plant workers abandon family amidst chaos to sequester at work?
A Confluence of Nightmares
Product of... Where did the food come from?
Beyond NPI: Creativity Needed
In Case of Emergency - Please Break Glass
H5N1 - a dead duck (sorry chicken)
HHS Wants To Hear From You On The Topic Of Panflu Prep Part II
DHS: Pandemic Influenza: Guidelines for Public Service And Emergency Mgmt
Why You Should Take This Seriously
Pandemic Flu Awareness Week 2007
Merrimack NH posts their Pandemic Plan!!!!!
New use for milk crates
"The Shelter"
HHS Wants To Hear From You On The Topic Of Panflu Prep
Why hasn't a pandemic happened yet?
Influenza transmission: innovation needs for informing citizen practice
Invitation to Comment
Doctor warned me today
Modelling viral infection of cells
A Look Back at March 2006:  ABC News:  How Will Bird Flu Change Your Life
download the whole wiki in one file
Things to Know about
Pandemic Excel Spread Sheet By County for Florida
Massive parental grief
Taubenberger,Morens,Fauci about pandemic prediction
Victory Gardens II
no easy Tamiflu buying from Canada
Complexities of Modern Civilization
Not Bird Flu But Close May 08 .....
Gas Approaches $4.00 in USA
PFF for May  07Numerical models of pandemic influenza impact on Oregon
coolest idea for water purification
Codon conservation in the influenza A virus genome defines RNA packaging signals
Why do we look at data, anyway? A Fluwiki discussion
Congregational Planning for a... Pandemic
Here is the Food List
Face mask guidance for general public  coming from CDC on Thursday
State of Florida Pandemic Plan of Action
Face mask guidance for general public  coming from CDC on Thursday
Why Don't People Prep?  New Survey
Last of the Last Prep list
CIDRAP Renews Discussion of NY DOH Ventilator Triage Proposal
Letter to Florida lawmakers Re antiviral stockpile purchase
Alternative translations sites
Yet another prep o' the week (4)
There is no such thing as a mild (unmitigated) pandemic
Attention: UPGRADE Coming
Just what are people's questions, really?
What do you think of the UK pandemic plans?
27500 posts here in 2007 so far
CIDRAP Source Virtual Seminar: Pandemic Preparedness for Human Resources
Water Diary
Philly, St. Louis, & the 1918 Flu
St. Louis vs. Philly (are we missing something?)
critical infrastructure protection program
Dead Lines for Prep List Part 2
EFD, May 2007
Ethical Values for Planning for and Responding to a Pandemic
Tourism and Avian Influenza
virulence of H5 in a reassorted pandemic
The Pandemic Channel
Anyone in Oregon Pushing Officials?
This is a rant
Getting Together - IN, MI, IL, OH, WI etc
Vitamin D3
Preps The Final Steps
This made me really mad
School closure UK - is absenteeism REALLY going to be that bad?
Charities to consider supporting
What do countries' plans say about NPIs?
Non-pharmaceutical Interventions - Lessons from 1918
Call for Direct Donations to Indonesian Hospitals
Return of Prep O' the week  (3)
CIDRAP: Community Engagement - Grass Roots and Net Roots
Deadlines for Prep lists
Don't know where to start.
Pandemic Preparation Message Video Briefs
How could we help scientists get evidence on statins?
WHO Phase 4 declared by Pablo Escobar
We'll Take Care of Our Own; We Will Have No Choice
A new protocol for tamiflu distribution
How (not) to distribute tamiflu - UK style
WHO during a pandemic ... what would they be doing?
Has warning others put your efforts at risk?
Home Remedies
Allergies vs. Flu vulnerability
Exhumation of UK diplomat
A Better Story To Be In (Part 2)
UV light: evidence and possible use
Prep O' the Week,  the Sequel
Root Cellaring
Easter Baskets and LED lights
What if BF never happens?
Prep o' the week
Use of Zantac in treating ARDSPost Pandemic Documentary?
Long term recovery issues
Tags and Tagging, Thanks!
Resilient Kids Project -- Lesson Plans
What Is Your PPF -- April 2007
Post Pandemic Datinting and life
DRAFT Guidelines on Ventilator Allocation from NYS  DOH for Public Comment
100% death rate if you need a ventilator
Coping with the Bird Flu Blues
Communications, Leadership, Flu Wiki and CDC
What does Harry Kim's illness teach us
Health Care Workers' Case List
The Final Prep
PSA Watch
Possible patient-to-HCW transmission in Indonesia?
Pet Preps - How critical this can be!
Chicken skinning, PPF ramping mood
Prep List for Disaster  (Documentation)
Pandemics Supplies Raided by Mice
Reaction to Katerina
Product Review -Hatchet-Hand Ax - Fiskars 14"
82 "Flulike" on Newark Intl Plane
To be diagnosed
Product Reviews
Areas Needing Ideas
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 3/25/07 - 3/31/07
H5N1, is it spherical or filamentous ?
Politics and Bird Flu
Software programs for modeling influenza
Peanut Butter is BACK
Soothing the Bones, Reading the Innards
Of Wikis, Blogs and Pandemic Flu
Testing of New Product
It Ain't Quiet No More!(changed from) It Is Too Quiet
Universal Influenza Vaccine - clinical trials.  Is it worth trying?
When the news to the public dries up
the reason free speech is important in preparing for a pandemic.
Banned from PFI
Chocolate Crazy Cake (eggless)
Our Family Just Got the Stomach Flue
journal articles
Getting the numbers right, all numbers..
New Rumors March 20 to ...  2007
Indonesia Case Information for March 2007
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 3/18/07 - 3/24/07
Hiding preps
Testing of new Product Solar Power Radio
Has the FAO accepted defeat?
Re-considering vaccination approach: targeting virulence
late night tinfoil
response to Dr. Osterholms Foreign Affairs article
The Preppers Stove, so safe and cheap that anyone can use in their house
BF Blood donations impact
Time article about Bird Flu (No pandemic in 2007)
Rumor from Missouri
AZERBAIJAN - Radiological findings of 3 cases of human H5N1 avian influenza
Effect of NPI in 2% CFR vs 40% CFR Part 2
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 3/11/07 - 3/17/07
semantic data for flu information
More HTML Basics
Is CDC's  FluWorkloss Worthless?
Australian Pandemic Plan..... Isn't
The Rice-Duck Connection: mechanism for HPAI H5N1 re-emergence?
Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC)
A better story to be in
An Australian Outbreak Communication Story
Fire-Basics and not so basics
Preparation in Ireland
CDC FluSurge 2.0 Model Uses 1968 Pandemic as Default; Scaling Factor Necessary for 1918.
Tabletop Excercise for School Closure - MN Dept of Health Downloads
Any Noise From The WHO?
BF - down time maintenace
Great Moodle Site!
"Efficient Human to Human Transmission?????"
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 3/04/07 - 3/10/07
Simplest, Most Realistic Prep Shopping List
Prep List Item - Solar Battery Charger
EID  March 2007
PPF for March
Small Victories - Keep up the Fight!
Dehydrating Food:  Methods and Recipes
Parish-centered Pandemic Flu PowerPoint Slideshow
Moral Hazard - What the Insurance Industry Tells Us about Disaster.
Prepping For More Than 3 Months
Why We Need To Prep For More Than Two Weeks Part 2
University of IOWA Bird-Flu contracts
A Pre-Pandemic Vaccine In the Hand - Advisory Panel Supports Approval - CIDRAP Reports
Connecting the Dots - NPI's Preps and Early Vaccines, Would it work? Part 2
A Simple, Important Thing
Wiki Works
Victory Garden!  (Er...I mean bird flu garden)
powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs)
Egypt Case Information for 2006 and Jan 2007
Interesting Automatic Phone Message Service for Personal Alerts
Update on Water
Current Winter Storm -- How prepped are you and How are you doing?
How have you talked about pandemic flu to your kids?
New Health educator in Virginia wants area prepared for the worst.
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 2/24/07 - Sat 3/03/07
Update Prep list Food and Food Storage
How many have survived without hospital care?
Dead Ducks testing for Bird Flu in Calgary Alberta Canada
Today's Flu Prep
Nigeria Aggregate
"How prepared is the EU for an influenza pandemic?"
Sick care in SIP
End Day
Connecting the Dots - NPI's Preps and Early Vaccines, Would it work?
Refugee-invasion or guest?
PPF for Feb
Qick Class list for prepping
Testing/Usage of Products Thread
The BIG picture
Nominate Flu Wiki for CDC Hero of the Year
new "realistic" youtube video
Water & Sewage: Citizen and Cities
Blogsphere: To tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Update Preps Lists: Water Storage
Russia, Feb 19th to...
Why We Need To Prep For More Than Two Weeks
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 2/18/07 - 2/24/07
Is FW an International or USA site?
China reports: WHO emphasizes role of risk communication
baby fur seals
If you want something visual, that's not too habitual
Pandemic Preparation and Kids
Why is global warming sexier than pandemic Flu?
Prep list (Sick room)
Organising volunteers
Let's assume most people won't "prep"
Peanut Butter Recall
Enough Pandemic Vaccine for the Whole World?
Surviving in the City
High Impact - High Probability - Why the Risk communicators are wrong
Enough Pandemic Vaccine for the Whole World?
Filed under child safety
Egypt Cases Information Jan 07 to ...
Basic Emergency Preparation List
Here you go...
Wiki upgrade
Public Service Announcement from HHS
Effect of NPI in 2% CFR vs 40% CFR
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 2/11/07 - Sat 2/17/07
Dark Winter; smallpox; lessons
Prep List "New"  12 week School age Kids Lists
Parents Against Pandemic Flu -- a possible model
What Would Motivate Those Around You To Prep? with poll
Not Giving Up / Staying Tenacious
Mitigating mitigation
Leveraging the Interim Report to promote provisioning
What do Cholera, John Snow, and the Flu Wiki have in common?
Food for the Car
Personal Prepping
Water & Sewage
Power, Heat and Light
Water & Sewage
Small Changes
Washington State Launches Awareness Campaign
Wild Foods and Game Recipes
Just Back from Orlando
Cutting edge stuff
4th Update Prep Lists "Generators"
Good Prep Deal Alerts Sun 2/04/07 - Sat 2/10/07
Can anyone answer some Katadyn Water Filter Questions?
Make Much of Time
Is the US Building new vaccine plants?
Retained Heat Cooker/Haybox
Vaccine Liability Proclamation
Mr. Sandman
Not Bird Flu But Close News 5
One more HCW who tells me that I'm being silly and I'm going to SCREAM!!!
Mad at my husband >:-(
H5N1 in birds in UK
What I would do if... A public Speaking script
Homemade Cleaning Products
Home Remedies
Alternative Cooking Methods
Supply Shortage Watch -- Feb. 2, 2007
Now This Is How You Do The News
3rd Update ++ Security  (Flu Prevention)
Buddy Burners - Kelly Kettles - Wood Pellets
CDC release: Small Changes in 1918 Pandemic Virus Knocks Out Transmission
I have some good news....  And some bad news....
What's Your PPF -- January 31,  2007
Weekly Preps (Jan 31-Feb 6,2007) Ideas, Actions, Bargains,
Stuff to hoard and make
Vaccine Prioritization Poll Setup
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #1
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #2
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #3
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #4
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #5
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #6
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #7
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #8
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #9
Vaccine Prioritization poll Question #10
CDC Press Conference on Community Mitigation and New PSA's, Feb 1 at 2PM Eastern time
Survival tools
3rd + Update Prep List (Other Security Items)
Whole Grain Recipes & Resources
NIGERIA- TESTING 14, 3 possible deaths from H5N1
Indonesia Discussion Part 2
Are we closer to a Pandemic than ever before?
Azerbaijan - family clustering over 1 year?
School Nutrition and Pandemic Influenza
Surviving W/O the Grid: A Resource
Stock Market--panflu predictor?
3rd Update Prep List (Self Defense Issues)
Question for the Experts
New Executive Order May Slow Distribution of Information by U.S. Agencies
Bike-powered generator kit
Weekly Preps (Jan 24-30,2007) bargains, ideas, actions
collective thinking on tipping point
Cooperative Thinking SimpleMask projekt
Indonesia, New Cases list Jan 25th
Indonesian Cases Listed by Village
Second Life
Howtopedia and friends
Safe America Schedules Los Angeles Pandemic Flu Conference
Time To Stop The Cull
YouTube Pandemic Video
The Rice - H5N1 Connection (no this is not a recipe;-)
Pandemic Communications: Empathy, Apathy and Ignorance.  A CDC Tutorial
Vulnerable Despite the Best Laid Plans
2nd Update on Preps List  (MEDICAL)
Chinese translation requests
Discussion of "Lights Outs" story
1918 Way Back Machine
The Dumb*ss Show
N294S - evidence of tamiflu-resistant H5N1 in Egypt?
Australian Government Starts Talking to the Community
Prep Garden Dreamin'
Help wikimetoo spend $1000 on preps
Monroe County (NY) Flu Pandemic Brochure
Flu Wiki Conference Participation
Dark Humor for Dark Times
Help me add a Flu Care/ or Death comment to My Healthcare Directive
Wack-A-Mole or Bubbles
Food Production issues post pandemic
Question- Is H5N1 Virulence decreasing?
Using Oxygen Absorbers
Water Storage and Freezing Temperatures
What's your PPF -- January 18, 2007
Indonesia Discussion
Indonesian glossary
Flu Wiki Conference Participation
Prep Bargains
Canned Meats and TVP
Recipes Using Canned and Dried Foods
We're Number One!
Global Risks 2007 - Report Available - Includes Pandemic (But Tone Shift Apparent)
New TV Commerical
Opinions for long term food storage--MRE's vs Mountain House type
62 Million Deaths Predicted During the Coming Pandemic: Hogwash
DemfromCT and revere refuse 1:10 bet offer for a pandemic in 2008
Medclinician's 3 a.m. Pandemic Diary
supermarket flyers quietly promoting preps?
Legal definition of "hoarding"?
Can the NHS cope with a pandemic?
News Reports For January 15
Indonesia - Jan. 14 to ...
Freezer Bag Cooking
1st Update on Prep List
An invitation to chat tonight
Chinese New Year , Tet in Vietnam
Turtles An Intermediary Host?
Searchable **Diary List** : Titles and Links Only (from Nov. 16, 2006 to Jan 13, 2007)
Chinese Poultry Vaccination Woes 
Thanks for being there 
Indonesia - Jan 13 to ...
Community Weaving 
Have you seen this email?
News Reports For January 13
Spring of Fear - SARS Commission Report Released January 9, 2006
Indonesia - Jan. 12 to Jan. 13
Anyone SIP With A Non-Spousal Partner?
Breads and Spreads
SIP Snacks and Desserts
Community Open Thread
Caribbean (including CARICOM) news reports
Caribbean Media
Maps of outbreaks in the Caribbean
News Reports For January 12
Hypothetical Two Weeks to Prep?
Canning as a method of food storage preparation
Lookout Post - Caribbean (including CARICOM)
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bgw in MT -- there's a crown in heaven waiting for you and a big kiss from a Southern Belle in Alabama for now  <<>>

This is an amazing piece of work and JUST WHAT I HOPED FOR!

Awesome job -- I'm so thankful.  You are so kind!  I'll use it every time I visit!!  Heck I may even make it my homepage! :-)  'Cause it DOES feel more like 'home' you know!

WOOOOHOOOOOO! (can you tell I love it?)


there's supposed to be the word 'swack' in amongst those brackets above....sorry...don't know what happened to it other than those brackets must be some kind of code tool....whatever....SWACK without brackets!!!


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if you use this symbol
< and >, leave spaces.  ;-)

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Searchable Diary List
I'm so glad it helps, IWOI.I hope it helps others.

You know, when I was working on this, I discovered how hard it really was to find a past diary by looking at the diary list from the menu. You have to go back about ten or more pages it seemed to find diaries from December 17. It did make it hard to navigate if you just needed your memory jogged about a diary you were interested in.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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the search function is much better for that
and if you remember an author or poster even better

in the Indo diary tonight, pugmom mentioned she had made a list of BF hospitals last month; it took only a minute to find it by looking through her comments from last month.

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as I said before, this list helps jog your memory when  you're just looking for a diary of interest. Also, the search function on Soapblox has proved tricky for a lot of people, from different messages I've read. It's not your typical search. You have to choose which type of search you are looking for.

As many years as I've been on the net (since the 80's) it still surprises me by not returning results I know are there. I'm the type that tries to puzzle out WHY something doesn't work, too. You are right, though, that the general search would probably be the best way to find a specific date. You can't expect newbies to know this, however. I should have known it would be possible, but I certainly didn't think of it until you pointed it out. Maybe when we've all used the program as long as you have, these kinds of tricks will become self evident, but I'm sure not there yet. I still have to climb that learning curve. LOL The "control find" or edit menu search are much more familiar to most people.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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So is:

"can you help me find...?"

Really, that works, too. Just drop the question in the community open thread, which now has an 'open thread' subject for easy access to all previous diaries.

Also, this is a reminder that any diary that has somethign you notice you might want can have a 'tag' added. Anyone can add a tag. Openm the diary (click on the title) and at the end where it says 'tags', there's an add/edit tag link in blue. Click, add the search term (that's what a tag is) and next month, you can find 'Indonesian hospitals' by searching the diaries or comments, OR by going to the Indonesian hospitals tag.

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I just added the 'search for topic' tag to illustrate
the point.  ;-)

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This is really nice and user friendly
Big thanks to bgw in MT for this huge undertaking. I know alot of people will find this very helpful.

United we stand: Divided we fall

I'm glad it's here
and I'm glad it was done. I threw in some diaries of lists while bgw in MT was away and hope that made her job easier. ;-)

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Use what works.

here's another way: use google. Search for:


and then add


or whatever other term/terms you want.

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks ;-)

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also, 'diary list' is a navigation shortcut in Subjects box
click on it to get the list of diaries that are just lists.

I will make this one 'sticky' so it is always atr the top of the list.

Thanks again, everyone!

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Thanks, Dem.
That's a good place for it because this is the only one I plan to update.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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It sure did, Dem!
It really helped. I was hoping that gs was going to keep his list up, but that didn't work out. I had practically no computer time while I was gone. We spent nearly all our time out at the my kids second house that doesn't have a phone yet.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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Urk! I left out the apostrophe.
I hate it when I do that.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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And an extra word.
I'm signing off. Evidently this is one of my fuzzy days.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
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I added a diary called Search FW Forum
to the About box. In it, there's a link to the diary lists. You can get here from there, or the 'diary list' from the front page.

or you can add it to your hot list. n/t

United we stand: Divided we fall

Thank you! I didn't know my computer could do that - it's so cool! and fast too! n/t

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

As Dem said, There's more than one way to skin a cat. n/t

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
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Links not working
In the "Commonly Used Links" list:

Community Open Threads

News reports

Finding a prepper in your area

Lookout Posts

I'll get right on it!
I've done something really weird here. I don't know...maybe there was a gremlin on my shoulder last night? Nah...I can do it all by myself.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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Want I should mess around with it?
I might be able to figure it out in a bit...

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DOH!! Never mind...
They look good now. Thanks...

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I think they are alright now.
Let me know any other problems you find.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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Diary:  Jan 1, 2008

Age:   142

Village:   Timbuktu

Time posted article:   29049

Link to Post:   www.speakeasy.com

Hospital:  RSUD Sadikin

Admission Date:   Dec 31, 2007

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
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oops... I didn't mean to...
hit post.I meant to hit preview. I was checking a format to use for the New Indonesia Cases Diary. I want to be able to just paste it in and have it already formatted. I thought it might make it easier for the person doing the spreadsheet if the details were easy to spot. 

I just made up the entries. I am not precognitive. :)

Speakeasy.com is a legitimate web site, though. You can check the speed of your connection there.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

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More details about Mariwah...testing of contacts

  Marwiyah Positive Burung Flu
  The report on the Kompas Reporter of Brigita Maria Lukita

Palembang, Kompas - Marwiyah the Daughter (22), the patient who died in the Mohammad Hoesin Hospital, Palembang, South Sumatra, last week, was stated positive contracted the bird flu virus.

Therefore, 10 from 33 provinces in Indonesia became the area of the spreading of the bird flu virus to humankind. The section head the South Sumatra Health, Syahrul Muhammad, on Wednesday (28/3), said, Marwiyah was stated positive contracted the bird flu virus was based on results of the Big inspection of the Hall laboratory Health Research And Development (Balitbangkes) and the Department of the Health and the Molecular Eijkman biological Agency in Jakarta.

Marwiyah, the resident Street the RT frangipani 30 RW 11, the District 20 lower, the East lower I Subdistrict, Palembang, died in the acute unit of the respiratory syndrome serious (SARS) Center the Mohammad Hoesin Hospital (RSMH), on Saturday, struck 17.30. Moments before he died, electricity could in RSMH go out struck 16.55 until striking 17.00, before the set generator of electricity in the hospital was on.

At that time, Marwiyah was undergoing the maintenance with the respiratory equipment. Director Pelayanan Medik and Keperawatan RSMH Syafruddin Yunus, said, Marwiyah died because the condition for his health has really descended. Airspace to his lungs almost completely was closed the cover of the lungs, so as the patient had difficulty breathing.

Beforehand, he was treated in RS Ms and RS Charitas. Marwiyah, the student the Stick University of the Jambi Day, was domiciled at Jambi and came home leased his parents in Palembang since early last March.

In his residence in Palembang, he maintained many cats. The member the Team of the Control and the Prevention of the Bird Flu Illness, Masriadi, said, his side checked six cats belonging to Marwiyah by taking the sample of the saliva. Two cats including being diagnosed was sick, but results of his inspection could be just known next week.

Moreover, was held by the sample inspection of blood and mucus of all the doctor, the medical official and the Marwiyah attendant of the place hospital could be treated, that is 34 people from RS Ms, and 19 people from RS Charitas, and 35 people from RSMH. according to Syahrul, the inspection aimed at anticipating the possibility of the virus of experiencing the mutation of the spreading from the cat to humankind, or antarmanusia.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
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