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Community Open Thread

by: Bronco Bill

Sun Jan 21, 2007 at 15:28:43 PM EST

There are several projects going on at Flu Wiki, some ongoing (see Indonesia diary, food diaries, etc) and some new.

A new addition is the Caribbean (including CARICOM) Lookout post, organized by TerryAlly. It will allow for a regional communication portal, and because there's interest from the region, it will be split off from the current Lookout Post combo with Central America and given its own location. For easy navigation, it'll be a Subject of its own in the Subject box so that regional users can find it fast from the Front Page.

Please help anyone who newly arrives to feel comfortable!!

Also, several of the Mods will be attending major conferences in the next couple of months. More information can be found in the Flu Wiki Conference Participation diary.

Any questions or comments for the Mods? Not sure where to post something? Want to make general comments for the community?
Then use this thread ....


Bronco Bill :: Community Open Thread
Flu Wiki 1/22/07  7am

Flu Wiki Forum  1/22/07  7am

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Link to last <b>Community Open Thread</b>...

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

translation of Chinese articles
I've put up a diary here http://www.newfluwik... for those of you who come across Chinese articles that you want a bit more than machine translation.  Since I'm on the road a lot, and I skim through posts quite quickly, I may not see something that I might be able to help you with.  So feel free to leave a link at that diary, and I'll have a go at it when I logon.

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

Would someone be able to update an Old Yeller survey with info from current group?
There was a really great survey back on Old Yeller called "Flu Wiki Survey Summary" that was done in March of 2006 and was an excellent breakdown of who made up the fluwikie at that time.

Now that it's taken on a different feel over here, with new people added to the mix, it would be nice to do a comprehensive survey again to obtain that same sort of data, since we're approaching the 1 year mark from the last survey of that type.

You all know that *I* am NOT the person to do something like this, only good at suggesting such things......but over here, since you table-lovin' folks know how to work magic, you could just knock yourselves out showing off a table comparing last years' data with what is collected this year.

Just thought I'd plant the idea-seed in hopes someone will water & fertilize it & get something growing!



we can work on it
the survey was done by Joe W but he gave us the rights to it.

We can plan on repeating it over the next few weeks.

[ Parent ]
January 22 News Reports diary is up! n/t

Thx Nimbus n/t

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

[ Parent ]
I though someone might like to see this.
1000 deaths in ONE week.

thank you
Africa is the toughest continent to monitor via internet. Access is limited.

[ Parent ]
Please help me find a video link

Yes, I'm searching for no less than the missing link!

I am trying to locate a video link that was posted a few months ago. I can't remember if it was posted here or on the old forum, but I think it was on the old forum.

The videos were hosted on either the BBC or CBC Web site. They were airing a special on H5N1/pandemic, and the Web site had several teasers.

One was particularly good. It featured a physician/researcher in a lab coat who, in the span of a minute or less, ticked off a bunch of characteristics that make H5N1 a worrisome virus. He's pretty blunt.

If this rings any bells whatsoever, please let me know. Even if you can't find the link, but you recall a thread/diary title, that would be helpful.

Also, I am trying to compile an array of videos from which people can choose to forward to friends/family/colleagues, etc. that address the need for preparedness.

I have three (including this missing link one) so far.

If anyone knows of any short videos lurking out there that offer a clear, authoritative voice and message that you think would be beneficial, please post the link here.

Different people respond to different tones and styles, so I am hoping to include a variety of approaches, including med/tech, human interest, education, and even humor.

Once I have a bunch, I will start a new diary.

Thanks for any help!

Found it, but do post other links that you think are worthy. n/t

[ Parent ]
I like the video
of Dr Osterholm at the wilson center. If you don't have that one I can post the link

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[ Parent ]
Please do post the link. Thanks. n/t

[ Parent ]
don't forget the video link
in the subjects box (humor works... see mad tv) and the multimedia page at the flu wiki.


[ Parent ]
What do you mean, Dem?

When you say put the video link in the subject line, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean in the description box on YouTube that will forward with the video?

[ Parent ]
I think Dem is referring to ...
the Video link in the Subjects box on the left sidebar. When you're searching for a video on the site, that would be a good place to start.

[ Parent ]
On the main page, there is a link called video in the box called Subjects.


[ Parent ]
Re: program tonight
Just a reminder that the Healthy Living Channel is supposed to have a program about avian flu, tonight (Jan.22) at 6:30. I'm not sure if that's central or eastern time.  I don't think I get that station so hopefully someone else will be able to watch it and give us a summmary.

I just tried to post on the CT Preppers thread
and it said I had to open an account - but I already have one and am using it with no problem on this thread!?  The last posting on the CT thread was in December - is it no longer active?


Laura I just tried it
and it worked.

[ Parent ]
Laura, you may not be logged on.
Check the menu box at the top of the right-hand column. If it doesn't have your "LauraB's page" in it, you need to log on.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
there's a minor glitch the software makers
already know about. if you log in as www.newfluwiki2 and go to a page th doesn't have the www, the browser thinks it's a new page and wants you to log in again. Once you do, the problem goes away.

it's a bug, and will be looked at for repair.

[ Parent ]
It's not a feature??? n/t

[ Parent ]
RE: glitch
Hi I had that problem too. Sometimes it worked sometimes it kept asking me to log on. Once I finally logged on, I just never logged off.  No more problems.

[ Parent ]
Searchable Diary List--adding to
It just occurred to me yesterday that I wasn't getting some of the diaries that the mods started on the diary list because they don't always appear on the Recent Diaries list.

If anyone notices a diary that has been missed, please let me know here in the open thread. I watch it very closely. Since the diary list doesn't appear on the first page, I don't see the "new" tags attached to it. I keep the list open in a tab all the time, but I don't always notice new messages there.

The series diaries, such as News Reports, Open Threads and Indonesia are not going to be included on the main diary list in order to save space. I will probably go back and edit the ones that are there out. Find these in the Collected Links at the top of the page.

Personal "Sandboxes" made at the beginning of the forum are not included. To make them easy to find, go back to the sandbox and put "open thread" in the tags list.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

Actually it does appear
on the front page for now, but eventually it will fall off the recent diary list, so the open thread is the best way to get my attention.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
can someone recommend this
the searchable diary list?  My admin setting does not give me a recommend option, only promote.

We can keep it in the recommended diary, it will drop back more slowly than if it was only in the recent diaries.

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
I had a button, so I used it.

[ Parent ]
aw, so unfair
how come I don't have one?

Gimme gimme...

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
Searchable Diary List link:

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
You're AWESOME!!
The way you keep this up -- it's great!


[ Parent ]
Thanks, I'm-workin'-on-it . You're more than welcome.
It's easy to do now that I've got it all "stitched together". In fact, I think I will keep it updated even after we get the bumpable list going because it will still be handy to browse through and to search for old diaries.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
January 23 News Report diary is good to go :) n/t

Some good news from the SoapBlox creator:
I went to the Soapblox site and found a diary on what changes were being made to the next version. Here's what he said about the changes that would allow us to "bump" or keep a popular diary from falling out of sight:

"- Recently Commented on Diaries "blox" and/or page.- Almost Done!"

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

Can anyone help me
learn how to make a permalink for the news sources that just give a general link at the top of the page?  Thanks.

Pogge, is there any way you can make the diary titles...
appear in the title and tab bars? I went over to the SoapBlox site to ask for that in the next version, and lo and behold, he has somehow set it up so the titles do appear. This would be so helpful. I have a tendency to get distracted and then forget exactly which diary it is I'm reading. It surely would be nice to be able to just glance up and find out without having to backtrack and lose my place.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

I sometimes have the same problem when I have several tabs open. I suppose the answer to that would be "Don't open so many tabs"....but....but....but. But, well, I don't have a snappy comeback for that one.... :-)

[ Parent ]
Titles in title bar...
I have a need for lots of tabs open. Really...Quit laughing, now!

Here's my problem, my wireless network has been very wonky since about the first of Nov. I have no idea why, but the speed often goes down to 11 mpbs and I have seen the signal drop to low at the same time. I've seen all the speeds, 11, 18, 36, and sometimes what it is supposed to be, I guess, 54 mbs. The signal strength also runs the gamut and doesn't necessarily correlate to the speed. I am not a techinician so I don't know how common this is, and I don't know what their problem is, but I'm "married" to 'em for another 5 or 6 months.

The upshot is, sometimes my connection is worse than dial-up, but I have to tolerate it for now. The best way to get around it is to download enough tabs ahead, so I have something to read when the signal drops.(It keeps me from cussin' so much.)

This technique of opening tabs ahead works really well for those on dial-up, too. Wireless doesn't have to be this way; it was wonderful at first. I wouldn't go back to dial-up in any case, because we need the ability for two of us to be on line at once. (And no, the slowdown doesn't only come when we are on at the same time.)

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
Re: router speed
A few of things that can effect your wireless speed are: other electronics in the house, distance your computer is from the router (yes...you really CAN be too close), whether you're using DSL or Cable, time of day/night.

And even though your router speed may show 54mbs, your ISP signal is very likely fluctuating. All network speeds depend on how many nodes (computers) are attached and operating at any given moment, whether that network is a private corporate net or a phone/cable company piped into a private residence.

[ Parent ]
Other electronics in the house
that can cause problems with your wireless include cordless phones (especially 2.4 ghz phones, though I've had bad interference from my 5.8 ghz phones as well...harmonic frequencies, I'd guess.) Microwave ovens can be slow you down too.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

[ Parent ]
Luke's computer is right next to the router,
but mine is in the other room. Does one computer being too close to the computer effect the operation of the router for the other computer? I know we had to move the base for the wireless keyboard down to the floor, in order to keep the signal going. Maybe I ought to check and see if that hasn't gotten moved. (I don't do the sweeping...oh alright, nobody does it often enough.) LOL

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
KathyinFL out for the remainder of the week
I have some stuff that will take me out of town until Sunday.  Hate to leave when the news is hopping but its a necessary chore.

If you have a question, I'll catch back up as soon as I can.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

Have a good and productive time, and be safe. n/t

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

Looking for Commonground
Commonground---could you email me at wturner3 at gmail.com? I have a message/request for you.

Or Cottontop n/t
Could you email me? I just found that CG is out for some much-needed R 'n R!

[ Parent ]
Did George Bush Just Give a State of the Union and NOT Even Mention Pandemic?

I was in and out of the room during his address. I didn't really expect him to mention pandemic, but I was hopin'. In fact, at one point, I allowed myself to fantasize that he would urge Americans to prep for 12 weeks.

He didn't even bring it up at all, did he?

of course not, why should he? did he last year? n/t

[ Parent ]
Not a word...
But on the other hand, it seems that the SOTU speech is meant mainly to get points across that address whatever MSM is headlining. I haven't seen one headline from any news source that screamed "PREPARE FOR THE COMING PANDEMIC!" And I haven't heard too many people, save for those of us here and on other flu boards, yelling that they want more information from the government regarding panflu prep.
He did give a speech at NHS in Nov 2005, but at that time, there didn't seem to be much concern by MSM about a pandemic hitting the US.

[ Parent ]
just to give everyone a head's up
cos I promised to write a follow up to yesterday's posts. 

I have a number of things I want to post about, some from the conference I'm in.  But I'm really tired these past couple of days, so I thought I'd just let you guys know that there are a number of important things I want to write about from the conference and from Tashiro, but none of them are urgent and most of them are complex discussions rather than news. 

The only thing that I consider time-sensitive and important is the additional remarks I made on N294S http://www.newfluwik... which is not so much based on new info but more clarification of the implications.

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

link didn't work

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
thanks SusanC, maybe there's need for
another http://fluwikie2.com... ;)

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
News Reports diary for January 24 is up! n/t

Is anyone worried about the reports coming out of Africa and Canada about TB.I haven't seen any news here about it, is there any? I'd like to know more so, If you could tell me where you post this, thank you.

I'd post any news about other countries in
either of 2 places... news reports, or lookout posts.

The news is always first or second on the front page, and lookout posts are in the subjects box (or here):


Africa is # 5-9 by location.

[ Parent ]
I've been putting health or preparedness news in "Not Bird Flu But Close"
because there is so much to read that I don't get to the look-out posts and wonder if many others do either.

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

[ Parent ]
That works! ;-0 Lookput post comments
appear in the recent comments section on the main page, left. wherever you put it, the comment will be seen.

also, we are close to the upgrade that gives us our 'bump' back. ;-)

bump = the most recent diary commented on goes to the top of the list.

[ Parent ]
The Bump
Does that mean that the bumped diary will appear at the top of the Front Page, center section? That's gonna mean a very fast change as people are commenting in several diaries at once. With the long "Main Text" comments in some of the diaries, a lot of them are going to fall off the Front Page very, very quickly. How will we be able to follow all the recent diaries?
That was one of the good things about Old Yeller...even though threads could change quickly, viewers were still able to see 50 or more current threads on one page. We may have to limit all but the News diaries to a maximum amount of lines/letters...
And, if several people decide they want to bump diaries, it's possible that the Recent Comments column could fill up with "Bump" as the only comment... :-(
Inquiring minds want to know...

[ Parent ]
sounds like we get a separate page
the way the diaries page or the news reports is a separate page. Go to it if you wish (we make the link prominently easy to find) but it won't change the front page the way we are currently using it. ;-)

[ Parent ]
Re: Seperate page
So a new page, called maybe "Recently Changed Diaries" or some such, would be much like the "Last 50 Changes" or forum.forum page on Old Yeller? Very cool...
Would it be possible to hide the Text input until the diary is opened, and only show the Title, who last commented, and time/date, the way Old Yeller did it? I kinda sorta figured I'd go ahead and ask, since you already know I don't know everything. But I'm trying...I already have about half the Internets memorized...LOL!!

[ Parent ]
all i know is the softwear maven
visited the Old Yeller page and knows what we are looking for.

[ Parent ]
That's great!
I'm looking forward to playing in the upgrade playground! :-)

[ Parent ]
see this, too
Recently Commented on Diaries "blox" and/or page.- Almost Done!



[ Parent ]
Oh DUH!!
I forgot to say "Thanks!" Thanks!

[ Parent ]
I've been posting TB news on "Not Bird Flu But Close."

Be kind, for everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle.--Philo of Alexandria

[ Parent ]
January 25 news post is up :-) n/t

Check Out These Sweet Preps!
Larimer County CO. has a great little panflu website -- and check out their featured pic of preps! (They recommend 2 to "no more than" 12 weeks.") Man, I wish my basement looked like that!


There is some serious money just in that shelving. n/t

If I had done this on my own, I would have done most of it incorrectly.

[ Parent ]
12 week prep link??
There was another link to a gov agency warning American's overseas to prep for 12 weeks, airline disruptions, etc...not the pandemicflu.gov link. I think it was something from the state dept, but I've searched there and here and can't find it. Can anyone help?

I found it. It was the State Dept.
[ Parent ]
Texas: Yoyo independent school district/teacher's blog
I've been browsing to find a place to put some pandemic information and found this blog.  This post is about the waffling the Dallas school authorities did after an ice storm hit the city.  School is open, no it's closed, no it's open, send the buses out again.  What will happen in a pandemic? 


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

I was going to ask, but can't post
(cookies may be set so I can't see the verification code?)
I was going to ask what they will do when a Pandemic Influenza Year starts, and refer them to "The Case for Early School Closure"

[ Parent ]
Bronco Bill or Dem
I have taken Michelle's list on the Indo Diary, and listed the cases according to Villages.  I have put them together in geographical clusters.  Then I listed the clusters according to date.  You can see how the virus is now moving into the extreme southern tip of South Sulawesi (Makassar) and moving out from West Java into Central Java.  Also we are just starting to see cases in South Sumatra.  My question is, do you think I should post this list?  Can a "comment" accomodate all that info?  Or I can send it to BB through the e-mail as an attachment and he can figure it out?  Let me know if I should do anything with it.

I am not like other birds of prey....

Re: cases according to Villages
I'd have to defer to Dem on this one...I'm not sure how much info can go into a Comment without cutting the data off.
You can try copying what you have into a comment and then doing a preview to see if it's all there, or even starting a new diary. The Main Text box in a diary should remain somewhat limited, but the Extended Text box can hold quite a bit of data.
And that way, if you don't like how it looks, you can edit it yourself and add your own comment immediately to continue it .

[ Parent ]
I think the best thing would be to provide a link to it. But I'm clueless as to how to do that.
And I can't make boxes either  :-)

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
starting a new diary is best
because you can edit it. ;-0

But a link to it is fine... just copy and paste.

[ Parent ]
O.K. but I don't think people are going to be able to open it. The link ends in "cwk".
I typed it on AppleWorks 6 and saved it to my desktop.  So I should copy this...
List By Villages.cwk.....and put that in the comment section?

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
how to start a diary
go to Commonground's Menu, top right. Click "new diary". Post in second box. Save. Done. ;-)

[ Parent ]
O.K.....I'll try..... n/t

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
phew! I've got to go lay down......My first Diary!! I did it!!! n/t

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
it looks excellent, CG!

[ Parent ]
Thanks Pixie, I should mention it in the Indo Diary.....I may
have to ammend it already.  Between Randi and his two neighbors, that makes another geographical cluster.  I date the clusters according to the first case, so I'll put it down for  when Randi got sick.

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
January 26 News Report diary is ready to go. n/t

Thx Nimbus n/t

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

[ Parent ]
Hey, site meter crossed 100,000 today!  Congrats!

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

we will hit a million page views in a few days
thanks, folks!

[ Parent ]
1M pages cummulative, and 100.000 a day, or what? We've gone viral!

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
FW and friends do things first - a reflection
It's interesting to note that http://www.pandemicflu.gov came, in time, after http://www.fluwikie.com.

Just today, we learn that after the enormous, highly effective, and colorfull effort done by newshounds at places like this, at least a government has issued at least a report with data on suspect cases (see box at this place).

Now, Commonground has jumped on gigantic shoulders to create a new way to see the data, sorting it by village, then by date within each village.  It's not that professionals don't do this sort of things, of course.  But it may possibly the first time it's done openly.  Go see it here!

N.B.: They have yet to copy our confirm cases updated page, which makes the story more visible (and with great links to charts, clusters and other important information) than the "alphabetical sorting" to which the WHO is probably forced by implied ettiquette, but well, you can always go visit FW. ;)

So, maybe we [the whole blogosphere, quite possibly; humankind creating tools to act as humans, if you are into deep philosophy] are leading, from a position of perceived weakness, by example?  What else could we do?  Ask questions?  ;)

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

A new SimpleMask collective effort diary is created

please feel free to promote or link, post etc.

I need help
for some reason when I log on I now have three columns. I had three before and the middle one was wide and I could read, now the left one is wide and I can't comfortably read the middle one.

Can someone help with with my set up?


forget it....
thanks anyways, must have been a fluke! I was panicing!

[ Parent ]
I had the same thing
for a split second, but it corrected itself.  Sorry I can't help you with the tech stuff, and Dem is travelling right now.  We'll have to wait for pogge to get online...

If the middle column is narrow, as a temporary fix, try reducing the font size, and changing your settings to flat/unthreaded.

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
H5N1 Pandemic Level 4 Declared by Research Team Citing 23 Clusters and Case Histories
Old info
This is a press release dated April 23, 2006.

The "research team" is basically a group of people who do the same thing we here do. Follow WHO updates, scan news, etc.

[ Parent ]
Thank you
That makes me feel better. How about this one then?http://english.pravd...

[ Parent ]
You're welcome.
The Pravda article is under discussion in today's news diary. Check it out over there for some good opinions.

[ Parent ]
to save people time
Pravda report: checked and discredited.

You are still welcome to go read it on the news thread, of course.

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
for a good time...
look up anything by Sorcha Faal and get your 'weekly world news' dose for the month.

Also, as a rule of thumb, anything that has the words 'press release' tucked somewhere onto the 'news article' is actually someone's agenda that they paid to have distributed as widely as possible.  One of the flu sites which I will refer to by the pseudonym 'Avian Flu Tabloid' is notorious for such mischeif.

medical information provided is for discussion purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. if you believe you have a medical problem, consult your practitioner.

[ Parent ]
January 27 News Report diary is ready n/t

January 28 News diary is ready to go :-)

An interesting book about risk and systems of soceity
Stumbeld across this intervju on Treehugger.com , the writer ( Thomas Homer-Dixon) who is a risk-expert have made a book about modern socity and the lack of resilience, and how the modern world will hit a wall sooner or later that will change the course into a more substainable way of doing things. Its about system teory, and any major catastrophe will make some important cardhouses fall apart since systems are not resillinet, not fit to deal with population grovt, quick profit etc.


anyone read it? Seems very interesting..

I'm reading it right now
just got it yesterday.  Interesting, but long and rather redundant, so you'll have to speedread and pick up the points. 

I like his thoughts on synchronous failures and multipliers.

Not that I like them ;-( but they are important points!

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
will tell my librarian at school to order it so I can read it for free, AND feel happy to homework who is related to both this and study,, (who has been put on a to much hold, since I discoverd the wiki... ;-)

[ Parent ]
book: "Feeding the People in War-Time" (1940)

Anyone read it?  Can comment on it?  Thanks!

There are some comments here: http://ije.oxfordjou...

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
maybe we need a "what we're reading" diary

You arm yourself to the teeth just in case.  You don't leave the gun near the baby's hand.

[ Parent ]
ehh.. may someone recomend the simple mask tread
before it wanishes from the recent list? I would realy like to get som handy persons contributing in there, someone who speak better english than me, and a chemist would be great! :D We got some work to do :)


Dem, could you or one of the other mods
convert Okieman's maps (prior to Jan 19th) to the thumbnail size that is now used?  Goju requested (on the Indo Jan 27th thread) that prior maps be posted, as well.

I figured out how to use a table to prevent the long scroll down, but the larger map size won't fit in the table.  In particular, I'd like to show his maps from Jan 12th and Jan 8th, if possible.

Thanks for your help.  If it is a problem, we'll just leave as is.

Dem is on the road
I'm sure if you wait till he's back, sometime tomorrow, he can solve the problem better than I can ;-)

All 'safety concerns' are hypothetical.  If not, they'd be called side effects...

[ Parent ]
No problem. Thanks. n/t

[ Parent ]
here, Michelle
Click the pic for a bigger version.

[ Parent ]
Thanks for the thumbnail pics, Dem. n/t

[ Parent ]
Jan 29 News diary is ready - a bit early tonight, sorry n/t

Got it, promoted it
Thanks, Nimbus ;-)

[ Parent ]
Bronco Bill (darling)
Just a wee gentle reminder that, when you promote the News Diary, can you also "Subject Promote" against News Reports so we have a complete collection under that subject link. (I have done it for this Diary.)

Thx my good man

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

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Most soitanly! Thanks... n/t

[ Parent ]
Need help locating info from Old Yeller
Hi BB!  I've been trying to find a link to the young man who was blogging from Indonesia or India...and I can't remember his name or blog site.  I seem to recall we discussed him in one of the Ask the Mods threads.  Do you remember anything that would help point me in the right direction?  Thanks, Swann

[ Parent ]
Re: blogging from Indonesia or India
Do you remember approx. what the date was? Or even month? ...that would help

[ Parent ]
I remember. Here's the site:

Good thing I just happened to be here.....

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Thanks lohrewok and Commonground. n/t

[ Parent ]
Thanks CG and lorehwok! n/t

[ Parent ]
Is this the blogger you're looking for?
sorry...didn't see this :-) n/t

I am not like other birds of prey....

[ Parent ]
Can we remove this from the News Diary....
because I won't be updating it.  Okieman has done an excellent job with the maps:

link to Indonesian Cases Listed by Village


I am not like other birds of prey....

Ok it's gone!
... and yes, Okieman's maps are just incredible!

Thanks for all the work you did on that list Commonground - it was an excellent effort. :-)

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Be careful of servers bearing gifts!
This past weekend, DW and I went out to the local pancake house to have a nice, quiet brunch. Pancakes, chicken-fried steak, egss, all the fixins'. A quiet Sunday morning here in town...not many people out due to the cold weather.
As we were seated, our wait-person/server came over and introduced herself with a very hushed, raspy voice. "Hi. My name is _______. How can I help you today?"

She kept clearing her throat, as if she was in some pain, but we thought maybe she had been at a local basketball game and had screamed her voice away. After taking our order, she apologized for her voice, so I asked her straight up what was wrong. Her answer made me want to get up and leave right then and there: "We have a lot of employees out with the flu, and my manager said I couldn't call in sick. I have the flu, but I have to work or I'll get fired!"

Ah, jeez, I thought, and she's handling our plates and glasses and food!!!!! I protested and respectfully asked if a different server could bring us our food. She wasn't upset by the request, but did say that there was only one other person serving that morning, and he had the other side of the restaurant. We ate, paid our tab, and left.  Now, I know that is seems that almost any cold and ailment is blamed on flu these days, but to hear it from a person who is handling food and working with large numbers of the public on a daily basis is rather un-nerving...

Once we got home, I headed straight for the soap and water in the kitchen and scrubbed my hands...no telling what I might have picked up in there!...and made DW do the same. I also made us a couple of very strong Bloody Marys...as a precaution, of course!

I've since fired off a letter to the corporate headquarters of this 'pancake house' chain. We'll see what response I get.

As I said in the title---Be Careful of Servers Bearing Gifts!

Of course it was just a precaution
I'm reminded of W. C. Fields who always carried a bottle of snake-bite remedy in his pocket. In the other pocket he always carried a snake.

I apologize most profusely for this digression.

[ Parent ]
Gee! What a good idea! LOL n/t
WC Fields and Mae West were eminently quotable, weren't they?

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

[ Parent ]
In the last year I have greatly reduced my eating out for
just such a reason.  You never know how healthy your cook is in the back room or who has hacked up a lung over your plate on it's way to your table.

[ Parent ]
Different Reaction
Everyone would react differently - I know myself well enough to know that as soon as I got a good look at the server, and then heard the word "flu", I would have apologized for the inconvenience and gotten up and left.

I would not have stayed in the building, not would I have eaten from a plate delivered by such a person.  Since I wouldn't want to pay for something I wasn't going to eat, there'd be no sense in me staying a minute longer.

Hope your Bloody Marys served their intended purpose(s)!

I too have cut down on eating out - it costs too much, at least half the time the food isn't all that great, and, well, you just never know who or what has been all too close to what you're eating. 

[ Parent ]
Virus From News Alert - Maybe?
I just picked this article up from my google alert, opened it and was immediately informed that my anti-virus program had found and deleted a virus. 

Mere equence or consequence?  Can't say for sure, but just passing it along for purposes of safe surfin.

Anyone else run into something like this?

New Bird-Flu fears surface again
Spero News - USA
Bird flu is back. In recent weeks, there have been reported cases in South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. Now a 14-year-old Azerbaijani boy, who was treated ...

ITW(Joel J)
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.
- Mark Twain

Re: Virus from News Alert
I found this on Symantec.com's website:


"Prolific malicious code spreading through spam.
Trojan.Peacomm is spreading itself via spam containing executable attachments. The spam messages appear to be harmless news snippets reporting on current affairs. Antivirus signatures are available; some antispam technologies will stop the messages."

My opinion? UPDATE YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE, FOLKS!!! (ITW--I see you already did this!)

[ Parent ]
JIT. :^) n/t

ITW(Joel J)
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.
- Mark Twain

[ Parent ]
Sorry to interrupt:
I stumbled upon this website this morning and found it very interesting.  Wanted to know what you guys thought.


Anyone read these? 

it's an interesting web site
and they link to us frequently, for which we are appreciative.

[ Parent ]
Just before bedtime, I check the regular newssites and put up anything new.
But sometimes the next morning it isn't in the roundup of stories from yesterday.  Now I know why-if the next day's news thread has been started already, the summary is done.  I'm grateful for all the work you do, Nimbus and Annie B. and everybody.  Could I ask for one more thing?  When the next day's  thread is up, put a note at the end of the current day's news thread too, then there won't be duplicates of stories in succeeding days.  (If this isn't too trivial to bother with?)  Thanks!

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

I think that's an excellent suggestion Jane!
If no one objects I'll put this in place tonight and we can see how it goes.

Jan 31 News Reports diary is up! n/t

Help Wanted ....
We will need someone to keep up our list and case summary chart for Indonesia, beginning February 1st (tomorrow). 

Does anyone have any ideas of how we can put this out there so everyone can see it,  and hopefully, volunteer to keep up this very important task?

I am not like other birds of prey....

TURKEY - The Fatma Ozcan Swallow Project
Didn't know where to put this.  From a school in Turkey...

The Fatma Ozcan - Swallow Project

Wellcome to the Fatma Ozcan - Swallow Project website.  You can find the details of the project in the following pages.

Our aims are:

1. To help the swallows and to controll the insect population in our school campus.
2. To train our community and to increase the public awareness about bird flu.
3. To create a platform for the young environmentalists to communicate and to share the knowledge.


Proud FAF-er.

Feb 1 News Reports diary is up! n/t

Thanks Nimbus! n/t

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little- Edmund Burke

[ Parent ]
Mea culpa
I apologize to all our wonderful newshounds that crew our Indonesian and Egyptian series of diaries. When I made the searchable diary list, I put in a link for each country that I thought would bring up the whole series of diaries pertaining to that country. I found out this was not so today, when I tried to find a certain Indonesian diary by this method. I should have gone back all the way through both the countries' lists of diaries, but I didn't. The problem was that some of the diaries weren't tagged with the term Indonesia.

When I discovered my mistake, I did go back through all the Indonesian diaries and made sure they were all tagged (I think...unless I missed one). The Indonesian link in the searchable diary list should work properly now. I will check out the Egyptian diaries links tomorrow.

These diaries are so valuable that I will make every effort to be sure that this doesn't happen again. Thank you guys, for the many hours you have put in, and the stiff necks and backs I'm sure you've suffered (this month especially). We would be lost in the dark without you. Thank your families for us, too, since a lot of that time had to come from their time with you.
Thank you to all the mods, newshounds, and other volunteers that give so much of their time for the common weal.

In memory of pogge: Peace, order and good government, eh?
[If we want it, we'll have to work at it.]

Could someone delete this double post on the Indo Diary, please? thanks
"FAO recommends Indonesia carry out blanket vaccination to contain bird flu"

I am not like other birds of prey....

February 2 News diary is good to go! n/t

Need WHO CFR link
Hey, I need a link to that statement by the advisory board of scientists to the WHO when they said the CFR doesn't necessarily have to come down as the flu becomes more transmissible... anybody able to help me out here? TIA

Here ya go...

I am assuming you wanted the report that was released in November 2006, that discussed the outcome of the scientis, virologist, epidimeologists, etc who met in Sept 2006?

Webpage...... link is on that page...

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead

[ Parent ]
CFR quote from WHO
From page 14 of the WHO publication:

One especially important question that was discussed is whether the H5N1 virus is likely to retain its present high lethality should it acquire an ability to spread easily from person to person, and thus start a pandemic. Should the virus improve its transmissibility by acquiring, through a reassortment event, internal human genes, then the lethality of the virus would most likely be reduced. However, should the virus improve its transmissibility through adaptation as a wholly avian virus, then the present high lethality could be maintained during a pandemic.


"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

[ Parent ]
Is there any way I could get the links to Okieman's maps?
I wanted to be able to put them in the Indonesian diaries.  I am not up to par with the tables yet...

Or... are the maps something that the mods like to keep up with.  How have you guys been doing this anyway?

your role? my role?  Any assistance and direction you can give would be appreciated.

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead

Okieman sends me the maps
and I post them.

That's how it's been working.

[ Parent ]
PS I can add them to your diary
or I can email you the links after they are posted.

[ Parent ]
Thanks DemFromCT,
AnnieB was able to put the links in the diary, and I just copied and pasted them to the new diary.  I will figure out how to get the new links after I send Okieman the updated spreadsheet..... (soon as figure out everything I need to know about it!)  God Bless Michelle and her patience.

Hey, are ya ready for your trip?

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead

[ Parent ]
just got back from one

and I'm ready for the next one tomorrow. ;-)

[ Parent ]
It's BIG news...
I was just watching NBC morning news here at 5:15, and they mentioned the outbreak in the UK with a sense of foreboding.  It seems strange to me because there have already been outbreaks in EU, and really it's just birds.  But I guess what's interesting is that it's western Europe, and I think their culture might be more easily understood to folks in the U.S. (I don't think people in the U.S. readily know what the bureaucracy is like in Hungary).  So perhaps that's why this is garnering so much explosive attention, and it will be interesting to watch and see how they handle it there in the UK.

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

It's big because there's lots of news crews on the scene
There's nothing more appealing to a news editor than a story with pictures.

There's also some feeling that desease is a unremarkable for poorer countries but suprising in a wealthy one.

And there's also the mystery of why the UK, when there's all those countries in between that you would expect to be infected first.

[ Parent ]
Yes, definite surprise factor
This is true.  Having no hint of it and then *bam* a whole flock suddenly dies is remarkably dramatic.  Not even a case nearby in France or Belgium or anything.  Perhaps there's a sense that if it could happen like that, then the same thing could happen in the U.S. too.  Maybe even more so when you consider that the Pacific coast of north America is so sparsely populated across Alaska and Canada down to Vancouver.

There was a mention of the fact that it would seem to have been more likely when birds are actively migrating in spring.  But I know here in the states, ducks and geese have been seen flying around in Minnesota in December (which I personally witnessed and was amazed almost as much as not seeing snow and having temps in the 50+F range).  Europe has had an unusually warm winter too and I heard that bird migration was not normal there either.

Meteorologist in Florida!?!  Now we're talkin'!!!

[ Parent ]
Winter has been very late in Europe
The UK has had the mildest January for year. This may mean birds are only just arriving here when they should have flown in during the autumn.

[ Parent ]
for years
I've got a bad case of keyboard dyslexia today. Sigh.

[ Parent ]

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