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Basic Emergency Preparation List

by: Annie

Mon Feb 12, 2007 at 22:18:12 PM EST

Your pandemic plan might include the following:

If you're the breadwinner of a family and are involved in an accident or serious illness or disaster, you may not have an income for a month or longer. A one-month supply of food and savings at home can help you care for yourself and family in an emergency situation.

During an emergency disaster situation, we may be living for an extended period of time, (two-three weeks or more), without electricity. Normal communications may be disrupted and difficulties obtaining our wages may occur. Medicare, Medical, Welfare operations may fail. If health and human services are not operational we may have civil unrest. Businesses could have disruptions from electrical outages. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is to read the Word of God, pray for preparation guidance and increase your knowledge about any emergency disaster potential's in your area. Then, prepare accordingly. Life will probably be quite a bit different without power.

Having an adequate support network and your own home emergency supplies will increase your ability to cope during a crisis. Find others who have emergency storages and share ideas. Consider emergencies and the ways you can extend yourself to others who may be less prepared if the uncertainties become a reality, (handicapped, elderly, ill). Planning and problem solving without panic are necessary skills we can begin to cultivate to improve coping.

Suggested ONE ADULT, ONE-MONTH emergency supply list, more people/days, multiply accordingly.
Pretend there is no power; no water and you can't go to the store for anything!

_____WATER, store a plastic two liter soda bottle a day per person, plastic two liter soda bottles, fill with tap water and add four to six drops of household chlorine bleach. Store upright behind a couch or against a wall. Quart: use four drops; Five gallons: use half a teaspoon, Ten gallons: use two scant teaspoons, Fifty-five gallons: use two ounces. Remember, tap water may become contaminated if purification plants loose power, Use tap water to fill up a thoroughly cleaned bathtub, use two ounces of bleach, this will provide enough water for two weeks.
_____BLEACH, unscented with 5.25 sodium hypoclorite, 1 gallon Clorox bottle, at 8-16 drops per gallon of water, will disinfect over 7000 gallons of clear water (half that much cloudy water), store with laundry supplies,
_____RADIO, AM/FM store in pillow case + _____Batteries, 3 spare store in freezer
_____FLASHLIGHT 1 store in pillow case + _____Batteries, 1 spare set store in freezer
_____OIL LAMP, cheaper to buy kerosene by the gallon at many gasoline stations, odor, display in home
_____CANDLE, religious candles last 100-120 hours, buy clear glass for better lighting
_____MATCHES, 1 (250) boxes, keep in separate zip lock bags, store in pillow case
_____FUEL, keep your vehicle tank at least half full of fuel, fill your barbeque propane tank, keep spare fuel cans full, out of sun and ventilated. Do NOT store in your vehicle or inside your living quarters.
_____PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES, talk to your physician or pharmacist about storing extra prescription medications. Keep out of children's reach.
_____CASH, [No electricity, No ATM], have enough cash, at home, to support your family for thirty days in used $20.00 or smaller bills. Rolls of quarters may come in handy, cell phones may be down, pay phones may still work. Don't count on your paycheck, social security, child support, welfare, etc. You may need medical care and they may want cash. [Checks may or may not be accepted, nor credit or debit cards in a power outage]. Even with enough money, items just may not be available to buy. Prepare now. Store in an old pillowcase.
_____BILLS Pay your mortgage and bills in advance; avoid late charges due to postal interruptions, etc. You will still be held liable for late penalties. Keep hardcopies of receipts during. Don't count on your Automatic Payments/Deposits, verify before spending.
_____CLOCK, manual wind up, 1, in pillow case
_____CAN OPENER, manual wind up, 1, in pillow case
_____SANITATION, 31 grocery store plastic bags to line the toilet if the power is out for long, the plumbing may fail, store sacks in an old tube sock and dispense from the hole, store in pillow case
_____LARGE TRASH BAG, 1 box, store next to pillow case
_____TOILET PAPER, 9 rolls, store behind toilet, under tank in plastic bag.
_____FOOD, the following is a list for ONE ADULT for ONE MONTH, more people/days, multiplies accordingly. Store inside your living quarters. Store behind a TV, in a box under the ironing board, in small boxes under the bed, be creative...I've read you need about 1858 calories per day.
_____Powdered Milk, 9 boxes of 8 quarts, shelf life: 2-5 years, each when reconstituted, use four 8 oz glasses a day
_____Wheat Germ or shredded wheat or whole wheat, 6 lbs, shelf life: 5 years, use 3 oz a day
_____Peanut Butter, 1, 1 lb 2 oz jar, shelf life: 2 years, use one tablespoon a day
_____Tomato Juice, 8, 30oz cans, shelf life: 3-5 years, drink 8 oz a day
_____Vitamin C, 31 tablets
_____Iodized Salt, 1 container
_____Corn, 31 cans, 15.25 oz cans, one a day
_____SLEEPING BAG or several blankets, no power, no electric heat.
_____FIRST AID KIT Adjust for you and your families needs. Keep in your medicine cabinet, away from kids.
_____First Aid Book, try a used bookstore
_____Poison Control Center emergency number
_____Syrup of Ipecac, (Use to induce vomiting if advised by Poison Control Center)
_____Activated charcoal (use if advised by the Poison Control Center)
_____Women's Menstrual Pads, and Good for bleeding injuries too.
_____Baking Soda, I've heard it used for upset stomach, cleaning bathtubs, brushing teeth and?
_____Band-Aids, assorted sizes
_____Antibiotic: Triple Ointment or?
_____Antiseptic: Hydrogen Peroxide or Beta dine or?
_____Anti-diarrhea medication
_____Aspirin or Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever
_____Tape: ___ Hypo allergenic adhesive tape or ___cloth tape or ___ paper tape___
_____Thermometer, oral [old fashioned mercury style, no batteries]
_____Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant
_____Lip balm
_____Cleansing agent/soap bar
_____Caladryl Anti-Itch Lotion
_____Safety pins, assorted sizes
_____Latex gloves
_____Masks, N-95, surgical, a handkerchief will help!
_____HARD COPIES OF IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS put in a gallon Ziploc bag:
_____a copy of your electric bill-you will need proof of residence in evacuations to return home
_____a copy of your marriage license, a copy birth certificates
_____a cope of insurance papers, car vin numbers, license plate number
_____a list of bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and their contact numbers

Pillow-cases, small suitcases, anything that allows you to easily fill, store, and carry.

These preparations will help in an emergency. This list is not complete but will get you started. Annie

Annie :: Basic Emergency Preparation List
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Great summary!
Thank you for this one-stop list, very helpful.  Why are you storing many of your items in pillowcases?

large zip-lock plastic bags would be waterproof n/t

[ Parent ]
Additional items - thoughts
I like your list. Menstral pads are good for long cuts and their plastic backing provides a barrier between you and body fluids. Can be wrapped in duct tape.
____ Duct Tape - always good to have.
____ Rope - always need rope to bundle things up, make cloths line for drying cloths out.
____ Spare bulb for flash lights.
____ Baby wipes - muliple pouches
____ Blue Scarf - Blue is not a natural ground color so it sticks out.
____ Whistle - it carries further than a voice and people react.
____ Personal first aide. Why? When 3 people take from the first aide
  kit it becomes empty. Also, different people need different things.
____ Spare propane. I keep a regular tank plus an exchange tank(Blue Rhino) so you can use either propane source.
____ Deck of cards - for games.
____ Good knife - I find a knife more helpful than scissors.
____ Mess Kit - Having ones own cup at hand.
____ Small wire ties good for fixing glasses and closing things.
____ Pencil and paper - good for taking notes/diary.
____ Seperate bottles for water not yet purified or known to be clean. Bleach and Iodine will kill virus or bacteria but there are hard shelled critters called Giardia that will survive both. They are killed by boiling for several min. Giardia: http://ohioline.osu....  Cryptosporidium is another durable parasite.

  I kinda shy away from oil lamps as they do not shed alot of light and need constant adjusting and daily cleaning of soot. They are a fire source.

Just some thoughts.

"The only thing more expensive than an education is ignorace"

[ Parent ]
Why used bills?
I was comforted to see I have most if not all items or substitites on this list.  One question I have concerns stash of cash.  Why used bills?  When I got cash from bank, the teller asked if it was ok to give me new bills (in sequential order by serial number).  I could not think of any reason why not so I have lots of new fives and tens put away for emergency situations.

Re: new bills
I think, in this case, the appearance of brand new, crisp bills could raise a suspicion of counterfeiting.

...newly printed bills could be made to look old, and they generally are, but in many cases, new bills with sequential numbers always raise an eyebrow or two, even legitimate currency.

[ Parent ]
Have a mix
when I lived abroad, local changers (not the big banks) would not take old bills, only newer ones.  No one gave me the same answer twice as to why.  I think it was more a personal preference thing than any kind of policy - these were more street changers who gave a better rate than the bank.  Plus the banks required paper work if you were changing more than a certain amount. 

[ Parent ]
Good list.
I'd probably tweek it a bit for my locality.  But I would suggest a case of paper towels, TP, paper plates, as well as a number of largish stainless or good-quality hard bowls or basins, 1 for each family member as slop basins.  I was in an extended power/water outage situation with some sick family members, and these basins were golden.  Didn't think about lining the toilet with garbage bags, but did empty the basins in them - ooo, the stink!  But it was easier for the sick ones to use the basins than get to the 1 toilet anyway.

What I missed more than the power was clean running water.  Makes you think.  Having lots of paper goods was great, I didn't have to worry about sterilizing dishes or towels of sick family.  We had a communal cooking station, which was really helpful, but not enough coffee available.  I sure needed a good supply of hot coffee, but made do with tea and cola.  You get really tired taking care of sick folks under primitive conditions.

Cards and board games were great for kids, but I never want to see "Candy Land" again.  My experience in the Loma Prieta earthquake made me order a good Grundig battery operated radio with a good range.  I missed knowing what was going on.

Disposable gloves, in large quantities?
I've been thinking about how to deal with the lack of running water in bathroom sinks for hand cleaning after using the toilet.  I wonder especially about children.  We're happy when they become independent, but without lots of warm running water, can they be trusted to clean themselves and not get e.coli, etc., over everything?  A disposable glove to be worn while wiping might keep us healthy longer.  There are latex, nitrile, or polyethylene (used in food prep or hair dyeing) gloves, sold in boxes of 50 or 500.

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."  Flannery O'Connor

Multiple gloves

  Hi. One trick is to put a hole in the bottom of milk jug and fill it with a stick that has been wittled down to that size. Fill the jug with water. Tie a old stocking with a bar of soap in the toe to the milk jug. Tie the milk jug to a tree.

  How it works. Pull the out the stick so water runs over the hands and then replace the stick in the hole. Pick up the soap in the sock. The water will disolve some of the soap. Rub hands together to remove dirt. Pull stick out to let water rise hands and return stick to hole in milk jug.

  Note: people (male and female) can go days without washing their hands and not get sick - but why risk it. They can also go over a week in the summer without a bath, short hair is a plus. Yes we took toliet paper with us as we are not "un civiliezed". Toilet paper is a recent invention - 1857. Almost identical to "modern" baby wipes.


[ Parent ]
Solar powered lanterns
I have recently been "testing" various solar powered lights for my outdoor steps and discovered some shaped like lanterns.  These contain a LED but the shape of the lantern means the amount of light emitted is quite high.  They are often sold on special in some local stores.

I now intend to buy more for use inside the house should we lose power supply.  They are safe and just require a small amount of sunlight each day to keep them charged.

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

Solar lawn lights work great
  Hi. Yes the solar lawn lights make good geral lights as they use the new superbright LEDs. The older ones that use a bulb are not as good.
  Get one with a replaceable battery (either NiCad or LiIon) On some modles you can pop the batter in and out.
  I have taken them apart to add a slide switch you can purchase from Radio Shack or salvage from broken kids toy.
  I do not like the cost but they they work well for weeks. Mine has even survived the kids.
  Good for educational purposes too.

"Be Preapared" Sir Baden Powell the founder of scouting

[ Parent ]
The latest lights I got have switches
which I thought would be most helpful - they all have the battery.  The lantern style have a top handle and are very lightweight so they would be good for children as an equivalent of a nightlight.

Eat pudding first - who know's what might happen next! - Anon

[ Parent ]
re: solar lawn lights
funny story ... I have a friend that got one of those lawn sculptures that looks like a face on a log.  The thing is the "log" is a faux piece of lawn art that is actually a solar light.  So at night, if they forget to turn it off, the eyes and face are dimly lit. 

It was an expensive piece, so unless they are having a lawn party they bring it inside.

Anyway, a couple months ago, they heard some racket on the porch, like someone was trying to break in.  They creep down the stairs and see this face in their dark living room ... husband hits it with a baseball bat and wife hits it with a snowglobe.  There is this big thud and they go running to the neighbor's house and call 911.  Cops come barreling up ... turns out the couple beat up their "log" that had somehow gotten turned on.

On the other hand, there was evidence that someone had tried to jimmy their back door.  Them beating the heck out of their yard art scared a burglar away!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

[ Parent ]
Religion on Fluwiki?
>The most important thing you can do for yourself and your
>family is to read the Word of God, pray for preparation
>guidance and increase your knowledge about any emergency
>disaster potential's in your area.

I guess I was under the faulty impression that religion was not to be discussed on this site. If ya' want to include a bible or other such material in a list of suggested things to have in your supplies, that's one thing. But suggesting that we have to pray for guidance about emergency preparedness is pure bunk and offensive.


we do prefer to keep it off the wiki and forum
let's not take this any further.

[ Parent ]
I know you don't want to take this further, but just let me add that I have been in a state of befuddled indignation since first reading these recommendations for the very first things that one should do in any emergent situation.

Many of us do not pray, many of us do not have these things on our to-do list at all.  Some of us might even be offended by the strongly worded suggestion to take these actions.

Quite often, such things are used in a devisive nature, as a way of excluding those who do not share the world view of the religious.  I just want to say that I hope I do not see more of this here, because if it is an impact on public health that is desired, I can think of little that would be a bigger indication that FW is not a reliable source of information than that kind of admonition to prepare spiritually before bothering to prepare otherwise.  I do not think it represents the message that FW wants to send the world.

I found it personally offensive - I suspect I'm not the only one.

[ Parent ]
Agree 100%
Clawdia, I agree with what you say 100%, and I cringed at the notion that someone new to the wiki would find this diary first.

That said, the statement clearly is that of the diary author, not of the wiki moderators. And the lack of activity on the diary, I think, speaks volumes.

As Dem said, let's allow this one to wither on the vine rather than continue to bump it up on the recent comments list (she wrote, contradicting her own advice).

[ Parent ]
Humbly disagree
I have no problem with some people here want to pray.  That is their right.  Some may never pray and I have no problem with that either for it is their right also. To me tolerance by all is the key.  To me it is much the same as those that say the first action others should do is to pull their children from school.  Some here do not have children in school or have no children and be even wanting to adopt. They may find such "you first need to pull your children from school" insensitive.  However, each person will approach times of stress differently and we should allow a range of expressions and views. I cring at the idea that someone new to FW would see intolerance of others beliefs.  Being intolerant of others is not helpful. 

Be Prepared

[ Parent ]
Intolerance is not helpful
If I were deathly allergic to latex gloves as mentioned in the list above, should I get twisted out of shape because it was listed? NO, a simple post saying "hey, some of us may be deathly allergic to latex so you might want to consider an alternative" would be more helpful than saying that the whole diary should be junked because of my latex intolerance.

[ Parent ]
both ways
it is not helpful.

That's why there's a rule about religious references in the first place. These discussions are never easy.

This is a new poster, also, and it's not a great way to greet someone.


[ Parent ]
I'm sorry

Did anyone suggest that the diary should be junked? I hadn't noticed.

I believe what some are saying is that to suggest prayer is the first line of defense against pandemic is bad advice and that such bad advice should be allowed to go the way of the dinosaurs.

As far as I know, reading the word of god and  praying for preparation guidance has zero nutritional value, it cannot prevent dehydration, nor can it rehydrate someone who is dehydrated.

All that aside, the fact is the moderators have few rules. One of them is to avoid the topic of religion on the forum. To honor those wishes, this will be my last post on the topic regardless of how many people choose to make vacuous posts applying inaccurate labels.

[ Parent ]
Whatever gets you through the day.
First, discussions of religion are not what we are talking about. It was a mere reference to a religious act that another poster took umbrage with.

Second, for a large majority of folks, it is part of their everyday lives and to prohibit any refernce to it as a personal recommendation might do as much harm to crediblity and accessiblity as the opposite.  A majority belief has no right to be forced on anyone, but neither does it hold some lesser place in the constellation of beliefs.  That only leaves the question of relevance.

In order to reach a place in my mind where I could even start to actively prep, there was a need to address the emotional response to the realization of how bad a severe pandemic could actually could be. That adjustment was no small thing, and from comments and discussions I have had with others it is also a fairly common thing. 

So I find it unsurprising that someone of any religious faith would turn that way to find peace of mind that allows constructive action and to recommend it to others. (As I would expect folks of different beliefs to turn elsewhere.) Whether this is to take calming and cleansing breaths or to say a little prayer to whatever it is you may pray to, if it works for you and you need it as a first step in getting yourself prepared, I say go to it. To ignore (or worse yet prohibit)  this part of the process to convice people to prep and guide them on that path is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Other than the discussions of hard and knowable science, to say some piece of advice is right for me is not to say it is the only way it can be done or that you must do it my way.  We don't look at any other recommendation that way so I can see no reason we would look that way at recommendations such as the one we are discussing. 

I know that the interweaving of religious and political agendas has led many to be almost hostile towards any type of religious reference, lumping it together with percieved efforts to force adoption of religious views or adoption of political views somehow disguised as religious views.  But that should not mean that those that do believe should be prohibited from any reference to that belief. 

And in my opinion the mere fact that it offended someone should not drive that type of comment from the board as long as it is does not constitute or intend to initiate  a religious discussion - which started here not because of the original poster.

ITW(Joel J)
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.
- Mark Twain

[ Parent ]
well said
can we drop the topic now?

[ Parent ]
an alternative list....a 'blast from the past'
last year on the old fluwiki (old yeller) there was an excellent list provided on the topic "what to prep if you have only 24 hours"
the link is here:


You can see the discussion develop and resolution leading the "final" list.
Very helpful and informative, I think. I used it as a reference point in my beginning preps.
It might be worth a glimpse. Of course all lists are suggestions....your needs may require additional/different items.


Had forgotten Oremus' peanut butter post LOL!
I had forgotten Oremus' peanut butter post.  It made me laugh then ... and it still makes me laugh.  Could O have type peanut butter just one more time?!  ROFL!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

[ Parent ]
A magnifying glass
would be a great addition to this list. Useful for everything from reading fine print to removing splinters to starting a fire.

You're right but that last is a seasonal thing in CT, alas. we'll see the sun in March, maybe.

[ Parent ]
Annie (not AnnieB)
I haven't seen you around. I hope you're still lurking. Much of your list was great, but you might want to check the food section. It looks like it would amount to only a little over 1000 calories a day.

_____Powdered Milk, 9 boxes of 8 quarts, shelf life: 2-5 years, each when reconstituted, use four 8 oz glasses a day

320 calories. (One 8oz glass of powdered milk is 80 calories)

_____Wheat Germ or shredded wheat or whole wheat, 6 lbs, shelf life: 5 years, use 3 oz a day

300 calories.

_____Peanut Butter, 1, 1 lb 2 oz jar, shelf life: 2 years, use one tablespoon a day

100 calories

_____Tomato Juice, 8, 30oz cans, shelf life: 3-5 years, drink 8 oz a day

40 calories

_____Corn, 31 cans, 15.25 oz cans, one a day

around 270 calories

= around 1030 calories total?

My figures were pretty rough, but you should look into it.

There is a new diary up discussing setting up a basic list of foods that would require no cooking and minimal preparation. That diary is here.


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