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January 30

News Reports For January 30

by: MaMa

Mon Jan 29, 2007 at 22:46:20 PM EST

Summary of News for January 29 2007

    •   Taiwan conducts successful bird flu vaccine tests in animals; human trials next (Link)
    •   Nigeria testing 14 human samples for bird flu (Link)
    •   WHO: Nigeria Bird Flu Tests on Humans Negative (Link)
    •   Thailand revises bird flu, human flu strategy (Link)
    •   Poultry flu shots plan to be readied Major outbreak will kick off programme (Link)
    •   Govt considers building human-flu vaccine factory (Link)
    •   Bird flu returns to EU in confirmed Hungarian outbreak (Link)
    •   Possible new case of bird flu, 9,400 goslings culled (Link)
    •   Hawaii- Airport clinic critical in pandemic-flu plan (Link)
    •   Nebraska: Lincoln Lab May Help Get Bird Flu Vaccine To Masses (Link)
    •   Third farm does have bird flu, but H5N1 not confirmed (Link)
    •   Okayama farm bird flu confirmed as virulent H5 (Link)
    •   Two more dead Hong Kong birds confirmed avian flu carrier (Link)
    •   Russia finds H5N1 bird flu strain in three yards (Link)
    •    Russia registers new outbreak of H5N1 bird flu (Link)
    •   Boy with suspected bird flu dies in Baku (Link)
    •   Glaxo seeks EU okay for pre-pandemic flu vaccine (Link)
    •   Scientists Assess Risk of Potential Flu Pandemic Spread Via Global Airlines (Link)
    •   A vaccine development 'renaissance' (Link)
    •   Decline in bird flu cases raises risk of complacency (no Link)

Thailand - Avian Flu Situation as of January 28, 2007 (Link)


Since January 1, to January 27, 2007, the Bureau of Epidemiology has received reports of influenza or pneumonia cases in Avian Influenza Surveillance Network from the Provincial Health Offices and Disease Prevention and Control Regional Offices. The investigation and analysis were summarized as follows:

  • Cumulative number of patients under surveillance are are 276 cases 42 provinces; Today reports are 8 cases. One case each from Bangkok metropolis, Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Prachinburi, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Phichit and Buriram.
  • Confirmed human case of avian influenza 2006 = 3 cases, with 3 death cases.·  
  • There are 28 cases under investigate reported, of which waiting for laboratory result.

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News Reports for January 30, 2014

by: NewsDiary

Sun Jan 26, 2014 at 15:27:57 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links. Thanks!

• Australian GPs told to be alert for bird flu cases after deaths in China (Link)

• No proof of direct poultry-to-human transmissions (Link)
• CHP notified of five additional human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in Mainland  (Link)
• CIDRAP: Seven new H7N9 cases, plus family cluster, reported (Link)
• China to help poultry farmers hit with 20b yuan losses over bird flu (Link)
• Zhejiang: Hangzhou residents flock to alternatives to live chicken (Link)
• H7N9 flu makes a comeback (Link)
• China confirms limited interhuman infection of H7N9 bird flu (Link)
• Zhejiang Province, four new cases of human infection of bird flu H7N9 (translated) (Link)
• Guangdong Province added one case of human infection of bird flu H7N9 (Translated) (Link)
• Jiangsu Province: 1 new confirmed cases of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza (Link)
• WHO, Jan 30 update: Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus - update (Link)

• Hundreds of Poultry Bird Flu Positive Destroyed (translated) (Link)
• Suspected Avian Flu Kena (translated) (Link)

South Korea
• ProMED: Avian influenza (12): South Korea, HPAI H5N8, chicken, migratory birds, spread (Link)

• Quick new approach catches scary diseases, CDC says (Link)

United States
http://www.newfluwiki2.com/dia... (Link)
• Unusual flu season continues to claim lives  (Link)
• FL: Deadly Flu Outbreaks in Central Florida Prompt Health Officials to Elevate the Risk Level and Strongly Recommend Vaccinations (Link)
• FL: Young teacher to the Middle East dies after flu battle in Orlando (Link)
• OH: Flu Season Hitting Hard (Link)

• Budgies may be behind latest spread of H7N9 bird flu (Link)

• Bird Flu Isn't Just China's Problem Anymore (Link)
• Eurosurveillance, Volume 19, Issue 4, 30 January 2014 Rapid communications Influenza season 2013/14 has started in Europe with influenza A(H1)pdm09 virus being the most prevalent subtype (Link)

• Avian Flu Diary: China's MOA Disputes Poultry As Source Of H7N9 Infections (Link)
• Virology Down Under: 4 articles today (Link)

• H (Link)

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News Reports for January 30, 2013

by: NewsDiary

Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 19:31:00 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

• CIDRAP: Cambodia, WHO confirm country's 2 latest H5N1 deaths (Link)
Bird flu spreads in Cambodia (Link)

• Gujarat: Suspected cases of swine flu in Ahmedabad (Link)

• Five Toddlers Probable Bird Flu Infection (translated) (Link)

• Filmmaker files suit over bird flu (Link)

United States
• CDC: More adults need vaccines, and not just for the flu (Link)
• FDA warns company over unapproved flu remedy  (Link)
• Flu outbreak 2013: A new stomach virus more potent, harder to kill (Link)
• MN: Minnesota sets up online tool to tackle flu vaccine shortages (CIDRAP) (Link)

• Han Chinese genes boost influenza peril, study says (Link)

• CIDRAP: FAO warns of inadequate global surveillance and control of avian flu (Link)
• Global warming linked to worse flu seasons  (Link)
• Tracking the flu with technology and Twitter  (Link)
• Decoding Over-The-Counter Flu Meds (Link)
• Chances are good the bug that bit you isn't the flu (Link)

• H (Link)

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News Reports for January 30, 2012

by: NewsDiary

Sun Jan 29, 2012 at 12:28:20 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

•  Crackdown on avian influenza in Victoria (Link)
•  Avian virus outbreak in Victorian forces duck cull (Link)

•  Flu epidemic declared in three Bulgarian municipalities (Link)
•  173 schools in Bulgaria closed due to flu, bad weather (Link)

•  H5N1 in poultry (Link)

•  Bird Flu Fears in Indonesia: Flap Over Jakarta Pet Market Move (Link)

United States
•  KS: Raytown schools closed Monday due to flu (Link)
•  NJ: Flu Activity Spikes In The Garden State (Link)
•  TX: Swine Flu Sparks Terror Concerns (Link)

•  Preparing for the next global pandemic - we are not doing enough (Link)

•  H (Link)

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News Reports for January 30, 2011

by: NewsDiary

Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 22:40:26 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

•  Health Official: Swine Flu Vaccinations for Children Possibly a Mistake (Link)

•  Swine Flu Death in Haifa (Link)

•  Farm Ministry Holds Emergency Meeting On Bird Flu Epidemic (Link)
•  New avian flu threat (Link)
•  Bird flu suspected at another chicken farm in Miyazaki Pref. (Link)

•  Philippines not quite prepared for flu attack (Link)

South Korea
•  Vast animal culls feed inflation angst in S. Korea (Link)

United Kingdom
•  Disabled teenager died of swine flu after being refused GP appointment (Link)

United States
•  MN: 2 flu deaths reported in Minnesota (Link)
•  NY: Flu Infection Peaking Early This Year (Link)
•  OK: The Vaccinated Still Prone To Type B Flu (Link)

•  Recombinomics: Fixing H1N1 S188T In 2011 (Link)

•  H (Link)

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News Reports for January 30, 2010

by: NewsDiary

Fri Jan 29, 2010 at 23:48:54 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links. Thanks!!

•  Professor slams downplay of swine flu (Link)

•  Pig-cull increasingly viewed as gross mistake (Link)

•  4 city hospitals get notice for not reporting swine flu cases (Link)
•  Bird flu alert in Balasore (Link)
•  H1N1 The story of a vaccine (Link)

•  South Lampung residents worry as chickens die en masse (Link)
•  West Java: Bird Flu Positive, Hundreds Dead in Sukabumi Chicken sudden (Link)

Marshall Islands
•  Public health emergency declared (Link)

United States
•  KS: Third wave of H1N1 flu likely approaching (Link)
•  TX: Pneumonia outbreak - unknown cause (Link)

•  Acute diarrhoea reported in An Giang and suspected H5N1 cases in humans in Ha Tinh (Link)
•  One more A/H1N1 fatality confirmed in Quang Ninh (Link)

•  Swine flu: Global death toll rises to 14,711, says WHO (Link)
•  Study identifies key demographic and psychological factors that predict protective behaviour during pandemics (Link)

•  Recombinomics: Spike In US Pneumonia and Influenza Deaths (Link)

•  H (Link)

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News Reports for January 30

by: AlohaOR

Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 01:01:32 AM EST

New Stories for Today (Open this Diary to read more on these postings)
  • US - Hawaii's defense against avian flu requires vigilance by other countries
  • 'Wet market' slaughters fresh poultry on the spot
  • US - Hawaii health officials preparing for the worst
  • Indonesian woman tested positive with bird flu
  • Tamiflu-Resistant Flu Viruses Found in Canada
  • Dorset avian influenza epidemiology report published - UK
  • India sprays markets, roads to halt bird flu outbreak
  • WHO confirms Indonesian 101st death
  • 1957 exposure may give H5N1 immunity - Canada
  • Pittsburg conducts human tests on fast-track avian flu vaccine
  • Malaysia - Stockpile sign of a responsible govt
  • Dominican delegation to ask Haiti President to lift poultry ban today
  • India - State intensifies ban on poultry imports
  • Shorter Vaccine Production Time
  • Internet 'is pandemic early warning system'
  • Egypt - 16 Cases Suspected of Bird Flu Isolated
  • NATO begins pandemic monitoring (2 stories)
  • Canada - Government helps protect backyard birds from avian influenza
  • India - Salt Lake quits after two days of precautions
  • US -  Bird flu pandemic: Will telecommuting work on Wall Street?
  • US (GA) - Valdosta State University campus community encouraged to participate in alert service
  • US (KY) - Kentucky's grassroots network helps at-risk populations prepare
  • US - Campus avian-flu preparedness in 3 easy steps
  • India -  Bird Flu: 33 villages under surveillance
  • Yahoo News headline: Bird flu sweeps Indonesia, India, Tibet
  • Bangladesh dumping dead poultry in no-man's land
  • Nabarro: West Bengal bird flu outbreak coming under control
  • Internet disrupted in Egypt and India
Summary of News for January 29, 2008
•   Tamiflu may be less effective against seasonal flu in Europe (Link and Link)
•   "Crowding" doesn't explain the winter flu season  (Link)
•   Black death 'discriminated' between victims (Link)
•   New vaccine against deadliest strain of avian flu (Link)
•   Bird flu breaks out in Netrokona (Link)
•   Civil surgeons asked to ensure isolated units - Hospical layout (Link)
•   China reports bird flu outbreak in poultry in Tibet  (Link and Link)
•   Bird flu cull hit by 'corruption' (Link)
•   Humans spared: Cover story of "FrontLine" India (Link)
•   Help from any country welcome, says West Bengal (Link)
•   Green Weddings - No chicken at India Wedding (Link)
•   Bird flu spreads to urban areas (Link)
•   'Bird flu virus similar to one that hit Maharashtra' (Link)
•   602 people under flu watch in Malda (Link)
•   WHO update (4 confirmed cases, 2 deaths) (Link)
•   Indonesia's 100th bird flu death shows disease out of control: experts (Link)
•   101st bird flu death (32M) (Link)
•   Special measures sought to check bird-flu in Butwal (Link)
Saudi Arabia
•   New bird flu cull (Link and Link)
Sri Lanka
•   Government restricts poultry imports (Link)
United Arab Emirates
•   UAE will adopt WHO disease alert system (Link)
United Kingdom
•   Stockpile cash in preparation for a slowdown, FSA warns advisers (Link)
•   Emergency council plan: Misterton parish (Link)
•   Where next in the GP contract dispute (Link)
United States
•   GA: Safeguarding businesses against a potential flu pandemic: Free talk in Atlanta (Link)
•   Ogilvy announces hires (refers to pandemic influenza campaign) (Link)
•   IL: Elgin High School praised for response to stabbing (emergency response planning) (Link)
•   MO: State gets high marks on emergency preparedness assessment (Link)
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