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November 15

News Reports for November 15

by: gardner

Wed Nov 14, 2007 at 23:22:03 PM EST

New Stories for Today (Open this Diary to read more on these postings)
  • Launch of preventionweb.net "a Global Information Platform for DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction)"
  • UK - Poultry already dead on cull farm
  • Lessons from Turkey's 2006 bird flu outbreak
  • Modelling The Spread Of Disease, UK
  • BANGLADESH: Return of the bird flu threat
  • UK - Affected farm claims no link with Dutch duckling imports
  • Report: More than 35 million Americans hungry in 2006
  • Saudi Arabia culls bird flu infected poultry
  • EMS Pandemic Guidelines
  • Bird flu science hangs in the balance
  • CDC says deadly cold virus has killed in Washington
  • A 4th R in school: Readiness
  • Chicago area firm's pneumonia treatment passes test
  • CDC: New respiratory bug has killed 10
  • UK: Bird flu suspected at second farm
  • Building Vaccine Consensus
Summary of News for November 14, 2007
•   Canada: Over 40% of critical healthcare workers may not go to work when a pandemic hits (Link)
•   China - Shanghai wary about unidentified pneumonia (Link)
•   India: Stray animals' menace (letter to editor) (Link)
Saudi Arabia
•   Saudi Arabia - Lethal bird flu found in poultry farm (Link)
United Kingdom
•   UK - Bird flu cull extended to four more farms (Link)
•   UK: Laboratory where deadly bird flu samples tested is safe say officials (Link)
•   UK: Bird flu: hunt for source of outbreak narrows to lake at stately home (Link)
•   Deadly H5N1 confirmed at UK poultry farm (Link)
•   It's back? The Bird Flu that Kills Humans (different slant on the story) (Link)
•   UK: Dutch duckling imports are at centre of bird flu inquiry (Link)
•   UK: Free-range farmers and the threat of an avian influenza pandemic (Link)
•   Papers' gloomy bird flu prospects (Link)
United States
•   Colorado: Weld to participate in vaccination exercise (Link)
•   Pro-Med Mail needs your help (Link)
•   Late Tamiflu Use In Older Folks (Link)
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News Reports for November 15, 2014

by: NewsDiary

Sun Nov 09, 2014 at 22:34:42 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links. Thanks!

Democratic Republic of Congo
•  Congo declares its Ebola outbreak over   (Link)

• CDC Releases New Reports on Ebola Cases in Liberia and the U.S.   (Link)
• Ebola cases plummet in Liberian hot spot as aid groups gain community trust  (Link)

• Mali tries to trace 343 contacts in second Ebola wave  (Link)
• Ebola Strikes Mali Just as Vaccination Effort Gets Under Way  (Link)
• Mali Already Has An Ebola Cluster: Can The Virus Be Stopped?  (Link)

• Palace renews appeal not to panic over Ebola as final info on isolated peacekeeper due...  (Link)

• CIDRAP: Portugal reports large outbreak of Legionnaires' disease  (Link)

Saudi Arabia
• CIDRAP: Saudis add 1 to MERS case count, Taif patients bolt from hospital  (Link)

Sierra Leone
• Md. surgeon with Ebola, Martin Salia, returning to U.S. for care  (Link)

United States
•  Returning troops comfortable while monitored for Ebola at Langley facility  (Link)
• CDC still mystified by Ebola infections in Dallas   (Link)

• Ebola death toll in West Africa could become 'unpalatable,' expert says  (Link)
• CIDRAP: Migrations in West Africa seen as challenge to stopping Ebola  (Link)
• The missing element in the fight against Ebola   (Link)
• As Ebola fight grows, some countries are noticeably absent   (Link)
•  Band Aid 30 stars record song for Ebola crisis  (Link)
• IMF to provide $300m in extra funding to help fight Ebola   (Link)
•  A reflective CDC director talks about how his agency is handling Ebola   (Link)
• Ebola Deeply - Ebola: The Executive Summary, 11/14  (Link)

• Ebola: epidemic echoes and the chronicle of a tragedy foretold  (Link)
• Maryn McKenna: Ebola Here and There: Knowing When It Is And Isn't Over   (Link)
• Avian Flu Diary (Link)

• H  (Link)

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News Reports for November 15, 2013

by: NewsDiary

Sun Nov 10, 2013 at 15:13:14 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links. Thanks!

• Cambodia reports two new bird flu cases, one dies  (Link)

• Nasal spray flu vaccine in short supply in Metro Vancouver  (Link)

• Qatar Reports New MERS-CoV Case (Link)
• Another expat tests positive for MERS (Link)

United Kingdom
• Public Health England: Surviving the cold and flu season without antibiotics  (Link)
• UK Government: Treat Yourself Better! (Link)
• UK Government: When should I worry?  (Link)

United States
• Alabama: Flu-Like Cases Increasing Across State  (Link)

• Study Finds Rapid Flu Test Helps Care (Link)
• Rapid Testing to Diagnose Flu Leads to More Appropriate Care in ED  (Link)
• CIDRAP: Study hints at oral-fecal MERS-CoV transmission (Link)
• Photos: Vintage cold and flu ads  (Link)
• Avian Flu Diary: ECDC: Antibiotic Resistance In the EU - 2012  (Link)

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News Reports for November 14, 2012

by: NewsDiary

Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 15:50:03 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

• Forest dept scanner on migratory birds to detect bird flu cases during Kumbh (Link)

United Kingdom
• Influenza in London-Middlesex (Link)

United States
• CIDRAP: US - DHS contract focuses on social media as biosurveillance tool (Link)
• CIDRAP: Study - Flu vaccine rates in pregnancy stayed fairly high after pandemic (Link)

• CIDRAP: UK publishes whole-genome sequence of novel coronavirus (Link)

• New Live Vaccine Approach for SARS and Novel Coronaviruses  (Link)

• Canada: Editorial - The flu is back (Link)

• H (Link)

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News Reports for November 15, 2011

by: NewsDiary

Sat Nov 12, 2011 at 13:59:00 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

•  How the 'Spanish Flu' killed (Link)

•  Bird flu detected on Bangladesh farm (Link)

•  CIDRAP: Indonesia confirms H5N1 death in mother of 2 earlier victims (Link)

United Kingdom
•  Scotland: New hi-tech survey accelerates collection of vaccination data (Link)

United States
•  Health threats loom at Occupy protests (Link)

•  Human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells support productive replication of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses: possible involvement in the pathogenesis of human H5N1 virus infection (Link)

•  Recombinomics: Vague trH3N2 CDC Case Reporting Raises Concerns (Link)
•  Recombinomics: Cumberland Pig Scramble Raises trH3N2 Swine Exposure Issues (Link)

•  H (Link)

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News Reports for November 15, 2010

by: NewsDiary

Sat Nov 13, 2010 at 20:41:54 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links, and do not post articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Thanks!

•  ProMED: Avian Influenza (51): Germany, LPNAI, H5N2, Duck, Goose (Link)

•  Health dept without policy, funds to control H1N1 (Link)
•  Doctors ready to face second wave of swine flu (Link)

•  Reference Laboratory for Poultry Diseases yet to be upgraded (Link)

Saudi Arabia
•  Yong Ru Maijia pilgrimage of millions of believers (translated) (Link) original article (Link)

•   Between 70 and 80% rebound pneumonia and bronchitis in Cabimas (Link)

•  Recombinomics: Absence of Phylogenetic Analysis On Swine H3N2 Cases (Link)
•  Recombinomics: PB1 E618D in pH1N1 and Human H3N2 Triple Reassortant KS13 (Link)

•  H (Link)

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News Reports for November 15, 2009

by: NewsDiary

Fri Nov 13, 2009 at 23:08:03 PM EST

Reminder: Please do not post whole articles, just snippets and links. Thanks!!

•  Bahrain confirms 7th death, 22 cases and 3 critical (Link)

•  Unadjuvanted H1N1 vaccine approved for wider use (Link)
•  Canadian hospitals face Swine Flu nightmare, 1,324 admitted (Link)
•  Several BC hospitals at capacity, some overcapacity overflow (Link)

•  3 more deaths yesterday and 161 new cases of H1N1 (Link)
•  45th death recorded in Gujerat, 26 yr old woman (Link)

•  confirmation of 46th death (Link)

•  Confirmation of 11th death from H1N1, 143 new cases, 85 hospitalized (Link)

•  Thailand's North alerted of bird flu outbreak (Link)

•  A more virulent flu in the Ukraine? (Link)
•  Doctors learned why Ukrainians dying! (Link)
•  WHO's Fears Over Ukraine's Flu Ease (Link)

United Kingdom
•  Swine flu outbreak closes school (Link)
•  Scotland: Swine flu claims two more victims (Link)

United States
•  US: VOA officially confirms new CDC estimates of nearly 4000 US deaths from H1N1 (Link)
•  AZ: Arizona confirms 1st death in Graham County (Link)
•  OR: More Ferrets Diagnosed With H1N1 (Link)

•  Playing chicken with a nightmare flu

•  Cross-Reactivity to 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus (Link)

•  How the Swine Flu Has Spread: Google Flu Trend  (Link)
•  Recombinomics: WHO Evades Ukraine Sequence Questions at News Conference (Link)
•  Recombinomics: Ukraine Dead Increase to 299 - Still No Sequences (Link)

•  H (Link)

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News Reports for November 15

by: Nimbus

Sat Nov 15, 2008 at 00:20:12 AM EST

Open this diary to read today's news and to see a summary of yesterday's news.  
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